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    1. There was a little streak, it was getting bigger

    2. The glowing dot at the end of the streak faded to black, but it was still approaching

    3. ‘It’s that feminine streak I have,’ he said, drawing me towards him and kissing me

    4. Apollo feels pain streak across his face

    5. Apollo feels pain streak across his face

    6. scoured clean by frost and ice, streak the walls of slowly

    7. It was just a blur, a white streak

    8. He was larger than most Ogatu, dark fur with the white streak down his mane signaled him as from the ‘First’ line

    9. He is from the ‘First’ line; marked with a white streak down his mane

    10. The red hawk keened once and a huge wolf with a thick black coat and a white streak

    1. The sky is streaked a beautiful deep red colour across the horizon, the clouds tinted pink and red as they reflect the sun

    2. wiped at his tear streaked cheeks

    3. Kara stared at the sky in front of her, the blue of daytime now streaked pink and scarlet and orange … it was second nature to her to conceal that part of her life … but … but if she couldn’t do that, she’d have to face up to what she had lost …

    4. Her own face was streaked with strange colours but she was calm

    5. streaked windows forced their liver spotted hands to desperate

    6. She was plainly dressed but hearty with quite a bit of shine in her hair, which was mostly black but streaked with grey

    7. lightly streaked with grey and an untamed shock of black hair frosted

    8. Her face is streaked with saliva and drying vomit

    9. Maziel wiped his tear streaked face with her hand,

    10. It is as though an artist has painted gloriously surreal blue as far as the eye can see, then taken a brush, loaded it with most brilliant reds and pinks on his palette and streaked it across the lot

    1. Between the tall houses, she could see the sky, clear with streaks of cloud and sparkling with stars

    2. Warm in the heart of rain that streaks the glass,

    3. There was a storm crossing the desert, huge streaks of lightening raced across the night sky providing her with her own private show

    4. "Notice the light streaks here," he pointed to the ends of the blur that was probably the connecting filament

    5. what looked like explosions and streaks of light which looked, he

    6. that had eluded the Silver Streaks since baseball became a sport at the high school

    7. Two games that would either make the Silver Streaks immortal

    8. adding to the streaks of blood

    9. “Is that a dare?” she whispered when she came up for air, water droplets trickling down her ample wet breasts, her hair hanging in streaks down her forehead

    10. He had his left arm around her shoulders and was stroking her hair and face, coating her braids in red streaks from the blood on his hands

    1. As a result of the recent eruption of Vesuvio, the sunsets are fantastic … deep reds streaking across the sky, interwoven with oranges and greens, resulting in the most amazing displays

    2. Washburn's hoarse voice caught her attention from behind the fountain bar "You'd better sit down" he continued, streaking to her side

    3. It was a single comet streaking across the sky, fading as quickly as it

    4. Dingle had been called away by Grandpa to survey some goings on in Frica but on his return some weeks later came face to face with one of the silver tubes, at the time it was streaking some thousands of meters above the plateau

    5. Torbin got back on his chair and watched the forward display of the faint blue of the stars streaking towards him

    6. My brother-in-law, who lives next door, named her Smokey when he saw the black/brown/gold/gray torti streaking across our yards one summer

    7. In fact as she ran out of my room with tears streaking her face I felt like I might expire on the spot

    8. His hair a dark chestnut with what seemed like flames of red streaking through it

    9. When Amaranthe woke, early morning light slipped between the boards across the windows, streaking the maze of hanging papers with slashes

    10. By early light I would awaken to observe all four cats lying chin on hands, figuratively speaking, gazing with rapt attention at the magical sight of pearly light and mists streaking into the garden from the east

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