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    1. His britches were black, with a purple stripe down the

    2. The white stripe down his mane told Rayne immediately who he was

    3. He stood back and I saw the second stripe on his sleeve so I said

    4. It was a navy blue single breasted suit with a grey pin stripe

    5. Out came Stripe, the tabby kitty, and Sally Anna, the black kitty

    6. ” He then drew a stripe on my arm with chalk saying this will be confirmed when things are a bit more sorted out but it is a genuine promotion

    7. I did as he told me hardly daring to believe that I had been promoted and looking every now and again at the chalk stripe on my arm

    8. ” I thanked him and looked at the fading stripe on my sleeve and wondered if it even meant anything anymore as I had seen nothing more of any of the people who had left the trench and for all I knew they could have been dead

    9. Reese’s eyes flashed with concern, and Galeron spun at him, drawing his sword across Reese’s arm, leaving a red stripe as Reese did not quite evade the move

    10. The car jerked to the side, yanking the wheel out of her hands as it lunged across the center stripe

    11. He had a single stripe on his shoulder, but we hadn’t been properly introduced

    12. The trees shook as an army of Fairies, bearing the red stripe of the Brant section, appeared

    13. Each Brant Fairy had a red stripe painted across their cheeks

    14. This Wyvern had brilliant green scales and a bright purple stripe that ran the length of its snout between the eyes, and over the back of its head

    15. It was only when he saved up all his money, from odd jobs and cutting lawns, and bought himself an old Triumph Spitfire, and fixed it up and painted it in a custom British Racing Green, with a white stripe up the hood, that he stepped out from his father’s shadow

    16. Only the last golden red light could be seen in a stripe in the horizon

    17. A golden stripe of sun was still in the west

    18. They both looked to the east where the light made the first golden stripe over the horizon

    19. polished cotton Roman stripe, white dotted Swiss with lace

    20. Blakely, she noticed, was dressed in a dark blue stripe suit

    21. It was also red with a white stripe and black interior

    22. “Now, stripe or polka dot,” she asks as she models in polka dot five inch heels

    23. before, and b) put a horizontal red stripe across the top of my visitor’s

    24. of this or that piece of New Deal legislation were of the same stripe as the witnesses who appeared in opposition to the court-packing

    25. Juana said that her husband was one of the greatest rascals in the world, and that Antonio was another of the same stripe

    26. “You know, Stripe and Scout are a formidable pair of guards, and we stand behind the Wards of The Nine Valleys, and so I should feel your trove to be secure

    27. “He said that unicorns used the direct light of the source to power their spells, or rather he said that the psionics that he and Stripe used worked that way

    28. I had a nice talk with her today while Mark was out seeing that Stripe and Scout were well housed and fed in the stable

    29. Seeing that Stripe had padded over to make his re-acquaintance with their owners, Scout flew over, landed on Mark’s shoulder, and loudly called for his share of attention

    30. That training will also include our learning to work closely with Stripe and Scout

    31. ” Above the lightest pink color was a stripe of

    32. When I consider that Stripe and Scout are your weapons as well, I can think of worse choices to have beside me, come what may

    33. Stripe stood proud and calm between Talia on his right and Mark on his left

    34. ” Talia said with a formal manner, as she and her party all bowed respectfully in unison, including Stripe and Scout

    35. In the forest around Shinosa there are wild cats, nothing so huge as Stripe here, but still big enough to kill and eat a person if they get a chance

    36. Before Talia had finished the Speaking, Stripe and Scout were already announcing the arrival of friendly visitors with psionic signals and proud calls

    37. Scout hopped down to the ground beside Stripe so he could receive his equal share of scratches and attention, and Mark gladly obliged as he and the ancient white drake regarded the joyous reunion

    38. ” Mark said as he set her down, then crouched and laid his hands on Stripe and Scout’s heads

    39. “Ha! I did it!” she laughed, then let herself settle to the sand as Scout abruptly flew off, and Stripe loped into the jungle

    40. The snow-raven is at first nothing more than a flash of white against a blue and white sky, a brighter colour than the clouds, with a dark stripe crossing the shape of the bird leading the way

    41. “Oooh, look, there’s Stripe!” Mark’s cousin Vimma exclaimed, and the six-year-old girl ran fearlessly over to the huge cat, closely followed by the rest of the young children

    42. “It’s all right, Stripe was trained to guard our children with his life

    43. “He’s absolutely magnificent!” Nilla stated as the entire group moved over to admire Stripe, and to make sure the children behaved themselves with the powerful feline

    44. “How about you kids introduce our new friends to Stripe and Scout?” he asked

    45. They were surprised by a knock on the cottage door as they were just going to bed one night, and it was surprising because they were expecting no visitors at that time, and Stripe had not announced his detection of any visitor’s arrival in his patrolled area, and Sheramiv had not asked if an unexpected visitor should be admitted

    46. 12 I pray you I pray you O God of my father and God of the inheritance of Israel Lord of the heavens and Earth Creator of the waters King of every creature hear you my prayer: 13 And make my speech and deceit to be their wound and stripe who have purposed cruel things against your covenant and your hallowed house and against the top of Sion and against the house of the possession of your children

    47. the sides a red, white and blue stripe ran from the nose to the towering tail which was

    48. The g reen stripe means you are a new Pri, explained the attendant

    49. I'm sure we can give a good account of ourselves, but if we were to be hit by twenty or thirty men of the stripe of our escort, I'd be concerned for the outcome

    50. One lone purple stripe ran horizontally, at the top of the wall, around the room

    1. Over the next three or four days a succession of busy city types, who had invested in this run down part of the city in an attempt to make a killing on property prices in a rising market, brought around baskets full of striped shirts, frilly blouses and flimsy briefs to be ironed

    2. A winch, emergency oars, and the blue and white striped flag of Greece

    3. baskets full of striped shirts, frilly blouses and flimsy briefs to be

    4. tent made of a striped blue material

    5. "A red and white striped hat box" She interrupted him

    6. Turning, she striped the remaining portions of the house the same way, boxing everything

    7. By the time the kids came home, she’d striped the small table in the front room of the pictures and created a desk for herself

    8. He definitely looked different wearing a light suit, striped shirt and a wide tie

    9. Mackintosh he wore a tweed suit with a waistcoat and a striped tie, all large and baggy to suit his overweight frame

    10. male in the litter, a short-haired, striped tabby

    11. When she arrived at the door to her tent, she saw a golden light burning within, Terese’s dark braid and perfect posture a silhouette against the striped canvas wall

    12. When he arrived at Wil and Hayley’s tent – a red and white striped wall construct with a golden light within – twelve Guardians stood around the door to the tent

    13. Sitting on some crates overlooking the harbor, Porge had a patch over one eye and a striped shirt, whereas Dumpus wore a tri-corner hat and a red scarf around his thick neck

    14. “He wears a striped blue top underneath layers of furs and heavy chains around his neck

    15. She wore, white shorts with a red-white striped tank top and, atop her head, a wide straw hat completed the outfit

    16. Today"s offering included an off the rack lightweight charcoal gray suit, white button downed collar shirt and loosely knotted black and gray striped tie

    17. He was wearing the same pale blue and white striped seersucker wash and wear suit that had been so popular in the eighties

    18. The biggest was a v-shaped formation, which looked like a club, due to the striped colours of their knee-length silken t-shirts

    19. A black and white striped pole served as a barrier on their end of the bridge, and Colling could see its twin at the bridge’s north end

    20. The second NKVD man returned the passports and other papers to Colling, touched the visor of his cap with his finger, and shouted for the striped pole to be raised

    21. You've nothing but those two pairs of striped stockings you hate so

    22. " The striped stockings were thick, heavy, coarse, ribbed stockings of blue and red which Aunt Martha had knit for Faith in the winter

    23. "You'll have to wear the striped stockings after this," said Una

    24. You know how they laugh at Mamie Warren for her striped stockings and call her barber pole and yours are far worse

    25. She got on the hated striped stockings before Jerry and Una arrived, so that for the time being none of the occupants of the manse knew what she had done

    26. crossing the room to the striped rug he had agreed to sleep on,

    27. ” Sierra picked up a pair of black and white striped jeans that lay on her bed

    28. I was immediately accosted by a blond behemoth in khaki slacks, blue blazer, white shirt, and striped tie

    29. It was human sized with prison type striped patterns that

    30. I do remember driving into ND stadium on a two-lane road where the cops had made both lanes one way going into the stadium with a wooden orange diagonally striped barricade between lanes

    31. On the porch stood Balen, looking exactly the same in her ornate blue striped gown and bright red braid, and Sheramiv, the elfess who had spoken for those who’d Compelled his wedding vows at their swearing two nights past

    32. He wore a long-sleeved trubenized shirt with a striped necktie

    33. She wore a striped t-shirt and denim jumper

    34. Both men wore the striped camouflage pants and jackets known as tiger suits

    35. A sturdy man near the center, dressed in a short reddish cloak over a byrnie—mail vest—and with striped blue and gray leggings cross-strapped up to his knees, advanced his pony a few paces

    36. A striped yellow cat walked out of the darkness, rubbed against my legs, and purred

    37. His blue and white striped shirt covered the black belt that ran smoothly around his waist

    38. He wore a blue and white striped shirt

    39. Hell, I would have used that line had I not been fighting back the urge to puke all over her pin striped uniform

    40. The ball looked to be filled with clear water, for inside was a dazzling blue and white striped jesterfish who moved about by swimming such that his ball rolled forward, back, and side to side

    41. All he pictured was a small weaselly man in white and black striped clothing carrying a bag of swag, face obscured with a strip of black cloth with the eyes cut out

    42. The front garden was immaculate, with a neat striped lawn and well kept flower beds, the best in the street

    43. They watched as the man opened the door and helped the woman with the white striped of hair out of the x-trail

    44. Seamen gaped up at him, as they stood to the sweep and striped sail of a high-prowed, broad-waisted galley

    45. It was guided by the long sweep from the poop, and propulsion was furnished mainly by the broad striped silk sail, aided by a jibsail

    46. Thank God he wasn’t wearing those silly striped trousers

    47. Young boys dressed all alike in white knickers and striped shirts with numbers on their chests and nine of them to the team

    48. the green and white striped computer printouts

    49. green and white striped computer printout

    50. The boxes of green and white striped financial

    1. The carriage was around by the time she had everything ready, He had a very pretty keda the color of a chipmunk with five dark manes and spotted stripes down his back

    2. that “by His stripes we are healed”

    3. By His stripes we are

    4. to fully receive your word that by your stripes my family and i were healed

    5. When I got the revelation that by His stripes I was healed 2000 years

    6. When the statement “by His stripes we are healed” gets

    7. creep into our soul: did God really say that by His stripes I was healed?

    8. that, “by His stripes I am healed””

    9. Bahkmar could never say this, but Moamar looked a lot like the one named Kiethying except for the pin stripes and turban and maybe fifty years

    10. Before me was this huge massive head, black as night with silver stripes on the ridges of its nose

    11. carnival stripes, as he called us in, one by one, with a smile

    12. The feathers round its eyes are beautifully marked with delicate black stripes

    13. 'The nine stripes in our flag symbolize the nine Muses, the goddesses of art and civilization although we have many theories like that, if you are interested,' Alessandra put her arms round her brother

    14. I looked down at the stripes in the sea and out as far as the horizon with its line of silver light

    15. according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes

    16. 48But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with

    17. To their father they presented two new sails for the sailboat; one mainsail, sewn with two broad red and one white horizontal stripes with the name of the boat embroidered in the white space: “MUUDA'NEE'” (donkeys)

    18. Black and yellow stripes

    19. The brown and green stripes on it reeked

    20. In this way, the village of Trouble Valley has a similar effect as the stripes on an Earthling Lighthouse, and no, I will not develop that point

    21. Liz walked calmly to the edge of the roof and then turned to face the men, the stars and stripes clad her in its glory

    22. different? Were the horizontal stripes on his shirt now

    23. types) and some will have "few stripes" (only God knows)

    24. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed

    25. The male tabby was long-haired with brown and gray stripes

    26. with tabby stripes and green eyes and claws out

    27. Tiger stripes patterned its head and face

    28. clear view, and it raised the Stars and Stripes

    29. The other ship hoisted the Stars and Stripes, and the

    30. " By this time we admired our Sergeant and would not want to embarrass him anyway—we had learned to detect the twinkle in his eye, and now saw the good man behind the stripes

    31. Many of us have earned our conventional stripes from the school of ―hard knocks‖, (an idiomatic expression that implies an

    32. Unlike most cats Alex had seen it had unusual markings, the spots and stripes reminding him of a Scottish wild cat

    33. Eyes widening, Grindel studied the familiar shape tossed carelessly on top of the sickening mass, the black and white stripes still plainly visible through a thick coating of congealed blood

    34. It is always amusing to me to see pictures of a soldier with a few diagonal camouflage stripes across his face only

    35. It would be a proud face, with bold black stripes down each cheek

    36. Leaning closer she studied the deep furrows in her snout, the grey hairs liberally sprinkled throughout the black stripes on her cheeks

    37. Between them, Darkburst, head thrown back, the white fur on his throat separated into ruffles that exposed the pink skin beneath in thin stripes

    38. Unfortunately the red and white stripes of the road cones clashed outrageously with the cardboard coffin he'd made, having painted it a bright fluorescent-green with a job-lot of paint pinched from somewhere

    39. It was empty, stripes of light from the street lighting shining through the thin curtains, reaching far into the corners

    40. �Steve, wear your nice tie with the red stripes on it today

    41. As I did, a silver haired man wearing Gucci driver moccasins, a large gold Rolex, no socks, pleated tan chinos and a designer shirt in vertical white and blue stripes appeared

    42. As the Henschel pulled up, and Colling dropped down from the cab, Blackshear greeted him effusively, and Colling noted that the Negro wore sergeant’s stripes

    43. The fact that Stars and Stripes and all the Stateside papers and newsreels were full of news about the upcoming trial in Nuremberg of the principal Nazi leaders seemed to reinforce their belief that the war really was over, and there was no reason for them not to be sent home and discharged

    44. When he came back from Austria, Sergeant Ferguson presented him with his technician fifth class stripes, and told him that Major Harris had followed Colonel Harrington’s advice

    45. That afternoon, however, they had just driven through the camp gate when Elizabeth spoke, “I saw an interview with some soldier in Stars and Stripes where he said the Russians were the best soldiers in the world

    46. Colling sat several seats away, attempting to concentrate on a Stars and Stripes that he had brought with him, while glancing continually in Elizabeth’s direction

    47. The paint of her freeboard was stained with broad orange rust stripes running over faded, ancient white

    48. Alternating with the rust stripes were black, dripping runs of greasy oil, giving her the overall coloring of a seagoing Bengal tiger

    49. Colling let out a small sigh of relief when he heard the fluent use of the language and saw the two gold stripes on the sleeves of the man’s coat

    50. He spent the rest of the evening studying the sheet of paper that Quarles had given him and reading old issues of Time, Newsweek, and Esquire and more recent copies of Stars and Stripes that were scattered on the benches in the waiting room

    1. "A plain three and three, an oldish Vilbark I think, maybe a Lorovin with the striping long polished off

    2. A wind suddenly pushed Nathan into the water striping his attention from her

    3. The morning broke brilliantly across the countryside, striping Rosebud's face with beveled

    4. • FC-3 This layer defines additional services such as the striping of data across multiple signal lines to increase bandwidth and the use of multiple ports with a single alias address

    5. Disk striping is a method for enhancing the performance of two or more drives by using them concurrently, rather than individually

    6. Technically, disk striping is not RAID at all because it provides no redundancy and therefore no data protection or fault tolerance

    7. A RAID 3 array is a combination of data striping and the storage of a type of ECC called parity on a separate drive

    8. The use of striping on the data drives enhances I/O performance, just as in RAID 0, and using one drive in the array for parity information adds fault tolerance

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