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Frasi con bid (in inglese)

  1. I bid you good day.
  2. Is it a bid by the.
  3. I had to bid my time.
  4. I bid you a good day.
  5. In a bid to keep the.

  6. This was in a bid to.
  7. Marco bid for this one.
  8. With that he bid them.
  9. Moses did as God had bid.
  10. Today, my top bid is $0.
  11. I bid a Danish shilling.
  12. But he did as he was bid.
  13. Go, bid the soldiers shoot.
  14. The Levis did as Moses bid.
  15. Bid the players make haste.

  16. If the put had a bid of 4.
  17. So Moses did as he was bid.
  18. So he was bid to stand by.
  19. We bid the island good-bye.
  20. When the bid and ask are $1.
  21. Connor and his friend bid.
  22. That should bid thee return.
  23. Jabar lays claim on the bid.
  24. If your stock has a BID $9.
  25. If the next bid is at, say.

  26. He bid me go to him and see.
  27. He bid me go work on swords.
  28. The Hebrews did as Moses bid.
  29. And Moses did as God had bid.
  30. And Samuel did as God had bid.
  31. Should you bid him discourse.
  32. Your maximum bid is a secret.
  33. I only told her I won the bid.
  34. His bid was met with eighteen.
  35. The keywords you wish to bid on.
  36. I bid not now enjoy a calm of.
  37. Retracting a bid is a huge no-no.
  38. I bid you come out before your.
  39. Your Computer Will Bid For You.
  40. Our master has bid us live long.
  41. You want to put in a bid?
  42. He bid us both farewell and left.
  43. Bid Ali Cogia bring his vase of.
  44. You could bid on PPC URL’s even.
  45. So be it! Just the laws which bid.
  46. Lady Bertram does not bid a dozen.
  47. I move up my bid again, to 10,221.
  48. Women aren’t allowed to bid on.
  49. She bid Laru a temporary farewell.
  50. The current bid price for the $27.
  51. Buy 500,000 shares on the bid!.
  52. The servants did as Absalom had bid.
  53. Ericsson’s sixth round bid of $1.
  54. Let's find something fun to bid on.
  55. On August 30, I had a bid set at 40.
  56. A look at a sample bid confirms this.
  57. I think its time to bid good bye.
  58. Who was that that bid him forbear?
  59. Rana seethed, but did as she was bid.
  60. But that bid for glory was a failure.
  61. The first buyers who bid a winning.
  62. And when I bid you thrust in a torch.
  63. By conscious choice, bid it farewell.
  64. Had bid her sigh for without hope—.
  65. Una slipped in to bid him good night.
  66. In this example, the bid price is $1.
  67. Strategy #4 Don’t bid high and early.
  68. Unusual Hold on the Bid play, 103-104.
  69. Mitali wanted to bid farewell to Sanju.
  70. So I selected the two I would bid for.
  71. When the hour came to bid good-bye—.
  72. Everybody! Even though Buyer A bid $13.
  73. When dawn comes, I will bid men sound.
  74. The bid price declined to as low as 61.
  75. And he did bid us follow to the temple.
  76. No point to bid for a spot on Page 2!.
  77. U, we see that it has a bid price of $9.
  78. But I bid you good-by for the present.
  79. If you like I will bid you good morning.
  80. Oxanna bid her to follow and the young.
  81. Therefore the future bid shows up as 25.
  82. How much to bid depends on your portfolio.
  83. He has sent for you, to bid you good-bye.
  84. In stocks below $5, buy mostly on the bid.
  85. You could start your minimum bid at $500.
  86. The Duke was here, and bid us follow him?
  87. Compare a $5 stock that trades $5 bid, $5.
  88. Not this, by no means, that I bid you do:.
  89. As soon as she bid her goodbye and Senada.
  90. With the love-juice, as I did bid thee do?
  91. Heathcliff bid me leave that labour to her.
  92. And the three hundred did as Gideon had bid.
  93. Pocketing the card, she bid Gerald farewell.
  94. It is your task to deliver the winning bid.
  95. He did as bid, for he was blind with terror.
  96. Kennedy has lost his bid for the presidency.
  97. The Princess still crying did as she was bid.
  98. Conversely, if the current bid price is $23.
  99. They bid good-night and went up to the nest.
  100. There are larger spreads between bid and ask.
  1. Doing your bidding is my.
  2. The bidding war had slowed.
  3. That is Doing their bidding.
  4. At the bidding of her mother.
  5. Both would do his bidding now.
  6. Madam, I am at your bidding.
  7. I have come at your bidding.
  8. The bidding was off and running.
  9. What had been a formal bidding.
  10. Enslaved by it to do its bidding.
  11. There is no proxy bidding, either.
  12. As is your bidding, your Holiness.
  13. Then, bidding me good-night, I was.
  14. They both raced off to do my bidding.
  15. Needing no third bidding, Simon did so.
  16. Brett didn’t need any second bidding.
  17. The bidding ran on with warming rivalry.
  18. I will not harm you if you do my bidding.
  19. You are simply thanking them for bidding.
  20. The auction sites have bidding increments.
  21. Hey, I’m bidding here, Bliss said.
  22. Register for a bidding account with them at.
  23. Only the desire to do her bidding mattered.
  24. Who wlll start the bidding at five hun-.
  25. And, bidding the man pick up the cradle and.
  26. Another red circle appeared, without bidding.
  27. Wait until near the end of the bidding period.
  28. She will be drugged before the bidding begins.
  29. Then you will need to select the bidding price.
  30. Long have I sought you, at the bidding of my.
  31. Secretly manipulating them to do their bidding.
  32. Register for a bidding account with them at….
  33. Throne Room and carry out his master’s bidding.
  34. Both families were up early, bidding us farewell.
  35. At this point, though, the bidding is only $202.
  36. His gavel pounded when the bidding topped out at.
  37. He began the bidding at $20 and it sold for $186.
  38. He is the one carrying out his master’s bidding.
  39. We realized we were bidding on the same property.
  40. So why does he start the bidding at only $1? Simple.
  41. Stephen, eager to do her bidding, went straight to Mrs.
  42. Then, without bidding, my mind beheld our journey ahead.
  43. See?! And that’s what I call Advanced Power Bidding!.
  44. Somehow she had bewitched the beasts to do her bidding.
  45. To register for a bidding account with FindWhat see….
  46. I am glad to have the chance of bidding you good by, Mr.
  47. They use puppets and intermediaries to do their bidding.
  48. Proxy bidding is an interesting feature of auction sites.
  49. As was mentioned earlier, there is no charge for bidding.
  50. Belt This auction item you are bidding on consists of the.
  51. They did his bidding, even at the cost of their own lives.
  52. Going into the bankruptcy, when Nationstar was bidding $2.
  53. At the same time, he raises his card, bidding on two-ninety.
  54. Why am I including so much information about bidding? Simple.
  55. Now let’s see where we can apply our bidding strategies….
  56. It was the very voice of Maple White Land bidding us good-bye.
  57. We’ve had no choice but to do the bidding of these monsters.
  58. Aye, General, a captain saluted and ran to do his bidding.
  59. What equivalent implied vol levels is he bidding and offering?
  60. As a respected bidding representative, you are perfect for this.
  61. The opening bid amount that begins the auction bidding during a.
  62. Calras turned to Ainatunarit’s Army who waited for his bidding.
  63. Once more the guard hustles him about, bidding him to make haste.
  64. Her worst fears were being realized as the bidding process began.
  65. It would have been more wonderful had he spoken without a bidding.
  66. Society, which was founded at Their bidding and for Their purposes.
  67. Then the husband, bidding farewell to all his friends, stretched.
  68. Th e next obituary ritual act is that of the body carry-out, bidding.
  69. Without further bidding the white lion picked the fish up in his mouth.
  70. His bidding was to be done without question; the prerogative of a dume.
  71. Auction : Type of sale where the price is decided by competitive bidding.
  72. He went to his colonel and asked for leave, and bidding good-bye to his.
  73. The bidding stayed at one cent for days, and that is what I bid as well.
  74. I am here to do her bidding, said Longleaf quietly, but with urgency.
  75. They are ready to do your bidding and for you to command as you see fit.
  76. When bidding on an item, you will sometimes see Reserve by the bid.
  77. That’s to help get me in the bidding, Garcia said, sliding it back.
  78. His own folk quail at him, and they would slay themselves at his bidding.
  79. Tammas departed, bidding farewell to the nurses as he passed their station.
  80. That we may do your will on this sphere as angels do your bidding in light.
  81. He seems to be a hard worker, so let’s start the bidding at one thousand.
  82. Or, imagine bidding over a million dollars on a house based on a listing….
  83. But Somerset had no intention of bidding her a final farewell in the morning.
  84. Now you might be wondering what would happen if the bidding never went above.
  85. This revelation allows Cass to participate in bidding on what he really wants.
  86. This means that you can have that spot by bidding the minimum required bid!.
  87. The bidding was brisk, and Will continued to share in it, remembering that Mrs.
  88. But before they could do his bidding, the first drift of the storm was upon them.
  89. When my brain says "Come!" to you, you shall cross land or sea to do my bidding.
  90. Sin once allowed to nestle in your bosom, will not be turned out at your bidding.
  91. In bidding his teacher farewell, Ganid said: Farewell, Teacher, but not forever.
  92. Believe it or not, without increasing their click through percentage, bidding 22.
  93. If you are bidding on an item, it must be because you are interested in this area.
  94. For point 3, I am bidding long for a decline back at the weekly level + 3 points.
  95. These discourage the conversion of negotiated transactions into bidding contests.
  96. After a few minutes, it looked clear that Boknas and Pregid were in a bidding war.
  97. Before the deal was completed, Texaco topped Pennzoil's offer and won the bidding.
  98. He smellsipped the cordial juice and, bidding his throat strongly to speed it, set.
  99. Upon her Lap, she held a Book into which she wrote at the Bidding of the Grandmaster.
  100. This resulted in a bidding war that led to a downward spiral of near-orgasmic deals.
  1. I do as he bids me.
  2. The inner Guru bids his.
  3. They were whaling the bids.
  4. And bids the tyrant Circumstance.
  5. Until next time, Expiscor bids you.
  6. And bids them lash him to the mast.
  7. What bids me to abandon hope of ease?
  8. Pippen: They were hitting the bids so hard.
  9. I decided to honor my more expensive bids.
  10. In that case, enter the bids only for these.
  11. The Gospel bids killing by an eye far an eye.
  12. She sends her love and bids you pray for her.
  13. The approaching dawn bids them one last dance.
  14. He quickly tips his hat and bids her good evening.
  15. He holds out his finger and bids the guards take Him.
  16. The bids didn’t pile up in response to this listing.
  17. She clicked on the section for bids and donations.
  18. The one who would follow, he bids go, for he is poor; the.
  19. The girl bids her mother to yield to the orders of the doctor.
  20. The top three bids though are often promoted across a network.
  21. Why I accepted your bids for crew members I will never know.
  22. Well, of course, Christ suffered, and He bids us suffer too.
  23. She bids on nothing but the two painting you’re interested in.
  24. Wait until closer to the end to make a determined series of bids.
  25. There were no bids for stocks! This was the time of maximum panic.
  26. And they had their hosts kill each other as if they were bids also.
  27. I kept trading the ticks in that move, knowing I could hit the bids.
  28. And each time the computer bids for you, it notifies you via e-mail.
  29. WIN was a stock where you could (erroneously) hit the bids like SGEN.
  30. In contrast, setting your bids on AdWords isn't quite that intuitive.
  31. I immediately lifted my hand at the auctioneers start off of the bids.
  32. My mistress bids you strike; more, she urges it, pleads for the blow.
  33. Invitations for Bids to make explicit that bidders were to specifically.
  34. Next, 40 cents doesn’t lift the offer, and then the bids start dropping.
  35. But you have no idea what other bids and offers there might be in the market.
  36. These quotes include the bids and offers for several in the money put options.
  37. The seller offered 250 garnet pendants for one cent, and the # of bids is 283.
  38. Some of these sit for seven to ten days with no bids while others are swamped.
  39. Each day, I received an update from eBay recapping my sales and my bids.
  40. Just before the auction is over you can put in bids and hope to get cheap stock.
  41. Thanks the guests for their visit and bids farewel with a smile and a courtesy.
  42. Nothing can ruin your trading career more quickly than backing out on your bids.
  43. The offers stopped lifting, and the bids stopped holding above the lifted offers.
  44. You can use one screen to bid and the other to watch a flurry of last minute bids.
  45. Meanwhile the master of ceremonies became an auctioneer and took bids for the girl.
  46. ARCA was eating up prints, he’d drop, and nobody would hit the bids lower than 15.
  47. Of course, there are also plenty of risers in bigger companies in the run up to bids.
  48. To keep up with the bids, keep hitting the reload or refresh button on your computer.
  49. The conditions under which cabinet bids are permissible are specified by each exchange.
  50. Resist the lazy Epicurean feeling which bids you never scrutinize your inward character.
  51. Trader B is much more precise with his entries and always bids at the bottom of the range.
  52. The idea here is that the longer a website bids on a keyword, the greater the chance that.
  53. Both bids were topped by Nationstar Mortgage Holdings, which also makes and services loans.
  54. Don’t necessarily be put off if many of the items on an auction site don’t have any bids.
  55. Higher bids, because he will probably be biased towards buying back options when he is short.
  56. In both of these auctions, he sold only 20 cameras at a time yet he had over 200 bids each time.
  57. If your heart bids you, come this evening to the inn of the Tillac d'Argent; you will find me there.
  58. Ava was glad to know that what Yellelle told her was true and the girl had the right to refuse bids.
  59. The one urges to adultery and corruption avarice and deceit; the other bids farewell to these things.
  60. I got bids from reputable insurance companies, and the insurance costs were driven down dramatically.
  61. If it is not met, the car will not sell at the end of the auction, even though it has received 29 bids.
  62. The auction on July 24th consisted of seven rounds of bidding with no bids received in the last round.
  63. If the counter bids or offers are all the same, the biggest bids or offers will probably improve things.
  64. The bids dropped out in a way that my intuition signaled a large short position was now the right play.
  65. If a large sell order hits this market, it will clear the bids and the price will drop much lower.
  66. The king and high priestess went back up the steps to their apartments after only a few bids were completed.
  67. Even though the auction has over three more days to run, the seller has more bids than he has supplies….
  68. A thin top means that there are not a lot of bids at these levels—look for the market rally to fail.
  69. After bids have been received, and before the award, bidders should not be allowed to amend their estimates.
  70. Good stocks drop in price frequently and speculation bids the price of crummy stocks high on a regular basis.
  71. Gangs of revenge-bent murderers and plotters, making their desperate bids for power, respectability and wealth.
  72. She bids you to remain within the institute�s walls until she returns, as she may not be able to stay for long.
  73. What’s the net effect of bids below a strike and offers above a strike, possibly from the same actual players?
  74. For that reason, Roger bids his warmest farewell to Melbourne in this unusual, but in this case appropriate way:.
  75. Both Foley and Rostenkowski lost their bids for re-election in the 1994 elections that swept the Democrats out of.
  76. At popular exchanges, at any given moment, thousands of bids and asks are submitted for a wide range of offered rates.
  77. A last challenge waited for Silas, the sum of all the pointless, violent bids for his attention over the last four days.
  78. And the forbidding principle is derived from reason, and that which bids and attracts proceeds from passion and disease?
  79. Combine that with the offers not getting paid, and a dropped bid at 39 cents, and you have your exit of hitting the bids.
  80. So is it with what the noble Prophet apprises the believers of; they are also orders, for he (cpth) bids and forbids, too.
  81. How come? When there is only one item for sale, the sites immediately notify the losing bidders when someone bids higher.
  82. They were often still in their nightgowns with their hair down, which was easily cut to prove they were available for bids.
  83. Some bids are called ‘hostile’, though it is the business on the receiving end of an unwelcome offer that is belligerent.
  84. At the auction that first day, she’d attracted higher bids than anyone, including one Cypriot who was a skilled woodcarver.
  85. In the following Verse, the Almighty bids His Envoy to exhort the disbelievers and to warn them of the acceleration of torture.
  86. In the following verse, the Almighty bids His Prophet to exhort the disbelievers and to warn them of the acceleration of torture.
  87. It is conceivable that the fellow might hold it back to see what bids come from this side before he tries his luck on the other.
  88. He was a great gunner alongshore, and owned a flock of live decoys for which he had refused bids as high as fifteen dollars each.
  89. On eBay, if an item receives 30 bids, it becomes a hot item and receives a favored position at the very beginning of the category.
  90. Or you can check the bids on your item and contact the second-highest bidder and ask if he is still interested in your merchandise.
  91. As it happens our cause has not been lost; it has been rescued by an extraneous development—known as takeovers, or take-over bids.
  92. These bids were required to exceed the stalking horse bid by the sum of the break-up fee, expense reimbursement, and minimum overbid.
  93. However, as bids and offers are made, the price at which an option is trading will represent an equilibrium between supply and demand.
  94. It’s always easier to get back in for the panic move when you see the stretch move and you can hit the bids and keep it tight.
  95. Berkshire has made two bids for Residential Capital, the bankrupt unit of Ally Financial that makes loans and collects payments on them.
  96. You can set up several campaigns, each one consisting of multiple ad groups with different keywords and bids associated with each group.
  97. For example, let’s assume that a competitor of Sites A and B above (Site C) bids 5 cents per click on an ad that only garners a 1% CTR.
  98. I just knew it right away and ended up just hitting the bids for 1,000 shares long and getting short 800 and making a really quick chop.
  99. In which case MMs are likely to simultaneously short options, lifting their bids and offers to get better pricing on the next batch of sales.
  100. Without tracking these variables and making decisions based on them, you will have no idea how to set bids; and will suffer as a consequence.

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