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    1. Memory is the worst affected by hunger as the brain requires a minute-to-minute supply of glucose for its normal functioning

    2. All of those parts of the picture are affected by aging

    3. Description of Disease: Canes turn brown from tips, plants most affected in colder climates, right after winter protection is removed, not a disease itself but can led to disease attack

    4. If the body movements are shaky with trepidation, physical aging has affected the person

    5. main part of kidneys was already affected in the womb”… We were

    6. not to be affected by people’s reactions; call things that are not as though

    7. this is very simple: the life of God comes back to the very affected

    8. garments affected, and the smell of fire was not on them

    9. been affected by this flu!” Yes, many people may have, but this flu will not

    10. The rest 98% is affected by the unconscious, which is genes, as well as other external imponderable factors

    11. We will be affected but we will survive it

    12. After an excruciatingly difficult fifteen minutes in which she tied herself in several knots, she gave up trying to explain stone technology only to get horribly bogged down virtually immediately in the various historical differences that had affected modern day cultures … comparative history had not been her strong point

    13. niece’s arrest and realizing how it must have affected her

    14. affected by the flash

    15. Michael was hovering protectively near her, but she wasn’t affected like the others

    16. The production of collagen is affected when the skin is exposed to reactive oxygen

    17. Ash was only a dog, yes, but his death had affected everyone

    18. Andrew was deeply affected by the tale of Ash and his heroic death

    19. That small act so affected him that he quickly turned around

    20. Her red hair was stunning, framing her face in such a way that he was affected deeply

    21. The hole has been fixed and your studies will not be affected

    22. “Such a terrible, terrible waste; you can understand how deeply this affected us all

    23. It epicentred in Bhuj, though it affected many parts of

    24. Based on the principle that everything is energy and that our energy is affected by everything that we come into contact with, Krystalya Marie‘ has developed an entirely new method of

    25. These changes had affected her more than he had thought

    26. Create an Energy Shield - a flexible, protective force that allows you to remain in a space filled with fear and negativity without being affected by it

    27. is affected by it

    28. her tears flowed, she said, “Oh, yes, that affected me

    29. to one instantly affected the other, with no regard to

    30. you are dehydrated the testing will be affected in the

    31. affected by his trapped emotion of hatred

    32. The musicians are in a holding pen above the dance floor, the music flows about the room and all are affected by it

    33. Turning she looked up at Kai and for the first time he could see how deeply she had been affected by the attack

    34. ‘I reckon that tummy bug has affected your brain, Sarah

    35. “We have adepts that have learned their own minds so well that they can tell which neuron is affected by a state change,” Daedelus told her

    36. ’ Ann said, her face reflecting how much this fact has affected her

    37. ’ I said, equally affected by the concept of having to go home but loathe to show it

    38. How it had affected my view of God

    39. Only Andy was affected by Chas’s death and not attempting to hide it in any way; his face was paler than usual, his eyes flicked from face to face as he tried to emulate his fellows in their insouciance

    40. Despite the usually rather relaxed attitude affected by the

    41. affected not to have heard the sound

    42. ‘Mr Simthwaite left the hostel during the night after you left, Mr Hust, it appears that this affected Mr Hartley-Jones’ sanity …’

    43. Making a show of speaking to the constable sitting by the door, Jarvis affected not to be concerned that the other man was ignoring his arrival

    44. ‘Yes, from what we can piece together, it seems that the failure of the project affected his mind, it appears that he dug up the body of your brother and hauled it into the hostel to the bedroom he shared with his wife

    45. His common sense said that was a very foolish thing to do, considering how her physical presence affected him

    46. game that for the past hundred years no matter who you were affected you in some

    47. Rubbing her forehead, she wondered if the bump had affected her more then she’d thought

    48. At times our bodies cannot contain all of God and we are physically affected by his presence

    49. Mil ions of people were affected here by the winds blown in from Chernobyl

    50. I was with a YWAM team on a mission trip in Haiti, which is a country heavily affected by voodoo

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    affected unnatural moved stirred touched overwhelmed impressed tender concerned assumed insincere feigned pretentious pretended simulated