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    1. round about unto Illyricum, I have fully preached the

    2. Another round of profiling type questions fol owed:

    3. 2Chl: 17:10 : And the fear of the LORD fell upon all the kingdoms of the lands that were round about Judah, so

    4. Ezek: 34:26: And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to

    5. “Birds eat many different types of insects year round

    6. For the Birds: Birds eat many different types of insects year round

    7. They're born round

    8. Grabbing my shoulders, he turned me round to face him

    9. ’ He said, ‘Paul Jarvis and I suggested it would be better all round if she kept away from the police station, though he has been keeping her up to date on what is going on

    10. She said that Henry can’t remember seeing the gun again after that - though she did emphasise that he didn’t get round to going through the stuff until the weekend before Joanna was shot

    11. At one point, I nearly rang Emma, but thought better of it, she’d only feel that she had to come over and the last thing I want is for her to come round here and see me in pieces

    12. the ticking of the clock attracts my attention and I watch the minute hand as it slowly moves round the clockface steadily using up the minutes of my life

    13. One farmer tells us that providing food for his family all the year round ‘shouldn’t be a problem’, but that meat is only served once every two months

    14. ‘Your mother just happened to call round and the subject just happened to come up … and she just happened to mention it to you?’ I said archly

    15. ’ My persistent daughter commented as she steers the empty buggy round a corner

    16. As soon as Barney sees me, he bounds forward and throws his arms round my legs, nearly tripping me up

    17. ‘Surely, they weren’t seriously seeing you as the perpetrator?’ he asked glancing round at me as his hands are busy washing the dishes under the hot tap

    18. He twisted round in his chair, caught the attention of one of

    19. He opens the door of the state trooper’s car, takes out the shotgun, pumps a round into the chamber and fires it in the air

    20. driver climbed out and walked round the rear of the car, where he opened one of the

    21. He always hated being told but, invariably, by the time we had argued it through a couple of times, he came round to my suggestion, pouncing on it as though it was a new idea he had just had

    22. He swilled the brandy round

    23. ‘Not really …’ I replied, casting my mind round the options I have just been considering

    24. of a flying car with wings, which would be bloody useless round here, what if it could

    25. (= She went round and dropped the ball

    26. I’ve never met her, though we have spoken on the phone … and I thought it might help if I could go round and perhaps talk to her

    27. Her hands gripped opposite edges of the round table top

    28. I have had to explain where the house is to Liz … Stephen obviously hasn’t got round to telling her where he lives yet … honestly!

    29. ‘Not now, but there used to be a massive coal industry all round Radstock and up towards Bath

    30. The tautness I noticed round her eyes when I first saw her has disappeared now … again, I debate how rough the last few weeks have been on this woman

    31. ‘… and then Stephen showed me round the annexe

    32. He spun her round, stepped towards her, took the lead, and off they sped,

    33. Laughing, he chases her round the kitchen, as I, keeping well out of the way, watch

    34. Theo pictured a round, pale friendly face at the other end

    35. They do tend to crowd round

    36. I spin round to see Stephen walking through the gates and across the drive, newspaper tucked under his arm

    37. ‘I didn’t go round that side of the car

    38. on his mobile phone as they went round, detailing the state of disrepair in almost

    39. ‘No, I don’t think so – the cut is too smooth round the edges

    40. Concerned, I hurry over to where she is sitting and, putting one arm round her shoulders, give her a hug

    41. Trying to comfort her, though horribly aware that there is nothing I can say which will make things better, I sit beside her uttering soothing noises, one arm round her shoulders as she sobs for some minutes

    42. Johnny spun round slowly on the heels lf his patent leather shoes

    43. round and taking in the lustre and the opulence of the ballroom

    44. She writes down the address as I read it from the sheet of headed paper which Stephen chased after me with as I was reversing round his car

    45. twisted round him like a winding sheet

    46. “Oh, bugger”, he muttered, twisting round to face the door

    47. Must come up and have a look round sometime

    48. Very basic it was, but I didn’t miss any of the stuff in storage … I recall I made a decision to get rid of all the clutter once we got it all back, but you know how it is … you never get round to it, or else it has sentimental value and you can’t bring yourself to throw it out

    49. They were running in Ceres with a backup in Vesta, but we lost touch before there was a ten year round trip in our communications

    50. ‘Look, my office is only round the corner from where you are – fancy coming over and telling me about it? I can rustle up some coffee

    1. rounded adult – surely that should be the aim of every parent today

    2. But when he rounded the corner, a shadow passed over his face

    3. It was too rounded to be a kite, it was more like a wevn in shape

    4. She had such a smooth and rounded face, her nose was straight, small, and only a bit pointed

    5. Iain’s car was a small rounded cheerful red vehicle

    6. These would come until they rounded the next bend

    7. As they rounded the corner and came up the hill, they could see in the distance a lot of dark ominous clouds and lightening across the sky

    8. At the bottom was a final shell fragment and as he removed it he saw a perfectly rounded silver egg

    9. As they rounded the bend to the opening, Oreo came up the other side

    10. The range ranchers also began to move; their herds of Kuyou were rounded up and they began the journey to the safety of the South

    11. Just then Rayne and Sera rounded the corner laughing lightly, ignoring the men on the landing

    12. They rounded a headland and Ava gasped

    13. The beach was not as pretty as hers, and was made of rounded pebbles instead of soft sand, but it was still cooling after the heat of the day and not so crowded that she felt self conscious

    14. As they rounded a bend in the road, they caught their first sight of

    15. Only as they rounded the bend in the causeway did the true scale

    16. Mickey rounded on Chas and retaliated with one of his great fists, lifting the man off his feet and sending him crashing to the floor

    17. He could still see the expression on his mother's face, hands on her hips, and the apron over her huge rounded belly fluttered in the breeze as her uncle turned to face her and promised to guard 'her boy' with his life

    18. The Deep Runner VII had rounded South Dromedia point and was on the outer Dromedian arm before they even came on deck

    19. After laying the checks on the small kitchen table, that Beth had rounded up to give the stainless kitchen a touch of home

    20. His eye never left hers as he rounded the truck, by the time he climbed in his side it was obvious that he understood

    21. After nearly an hour they rounded a corner and found the dots of lanterns stretching another two miles of straight khume ahead of them

    22. The demons rounded a bend in the road, and, like a wave of darkness they flowed toward the one-armed man

    23. As he rounded the corner Viktor jumped out the door holding a tool like the one Klowa had found in the clothing

    24. ’ The two men rounded the corner of the wall

    25. They had just rounded a spur when Jacques (who was

    26. For the most part, the courtyard was now vacant, the gardeners having rounded up most of the wildlife, as well as any edible plant life, to be immediately delivered to the kitchen, prepped for storage and added to the keep's list of supplies in anticipation of a lengthy siege

    27. more anxious as he watched the flock being rounded up

    28. He rounded on Grandpa and shot out a fist, which curiously curled back into his own face

    29. After she rounded that large island, she’d call Homer above

    30. She sent Miklos and Eugenia aloft with the rounded

    31. rounded another bend, the situation became clear: they could see not one but two large bears up on their two hind feet, swiping and roaring at a lone man

    32. They rounded a couple bends further and came face to face with a small band of like-garbed Naud---evidently the supervisors of this collection of 'cells

    33. ” She rounded the last turn in the corridor and stepped onto the bridge

    34. As she rounded a small bend, still following the fox, the source of the music became clear

    35. She had to trust in her leader’s good faith, but it was something which would haunt her conscience until either the men of the Manes were rounded up or the young woman and her brother were otherwise rendered as safe as possible

    36. He looked at the rounded sandstone of the strange, old building with the little bridge over the street that many of his fellow university students talked about as being such an architectural masterpiece

    37. He rounded a slight bend and spotted a small cove about four feet up the hillside

    38. About eight metres up the side of the mid-section several of the hull plates had been blown outward leaving a rounded hole where the edges had melted during entry into the atmosphere

    39. Near the end of the second day, we rounded a rock

    40. Torbin, in spite of his tritanium-alloy body, felt the increasing repulsion force as he got nearer the ‘slow-down’ field generator – an egg-timer shaped device from which jutted hundreds of rounded off silver cones and a network of cables and plastic pipes

    41. ” I was seething all the pent up frustration of the last few months was poring out of me now and still I had not finished as I rounded on him again saying

    42. As he rounded a corner into a room far

    43. ” He continued as we rounded a corner, “the dude with the hood thinks you’re hot shit

    44. Both are rounded and both hairy but thinning

    45. When they rounded a corner, three of the deadly assassins stood tall in their cloaks of shadows, wielding swords of blood red fire

    46. As I rounded the corner of the house, aching and on the verge of tears, I glanced at movement toward the doghouse

    47. Those with thin, rectangular, or square face shapes look best with hoops and rounded designs, while earrings with a wide bottomed design are ideal for heart-shaped faces

    48. The dark rounded tables outside the inn were crammed with patrons of all classes, sitting and drinking and smoking their pipes under the balcony in the lamplight that poured from the round glass windows

    49. The woman was mortal and of middling years - plump faced with rounded curves, dark eyes, and a pinched nose that reminded him of a sparrow

    50. His hair was cropped short and a thick bull neck propped up his rounded head

    1. Ava had never been south of the Yakhan before, unless you count rounding Dromedia point as south

    2. He forced himself to take another step, and another, until, rounding the corner of

    3. The red earth gave way to green vegetation in spotted areas, and after rounding a corner they came out onto a beautiful green grassy plain

    4. motivated…when it comes to rounding up

    5. They crossed the conservatory of a lobby and were soon out and rounding a corner, striding up Clarke Street toward the River Bridge

    6. from second (the winning run) was now rounding third

    7. During the past month, the mage Brice had spent most of his time rounding up anyone and everyone who had enough mage blood in them to ignite a candle

    8. Then, rounding another corner, he stopped in his tracks

    9. “Destruction of the Dark Brotherhood has been the touted objective, but they secretly have been funneling resources into rounding up the Manes

    10. The away party, trying to keep up with Mim and Yula, was just rounding the last bend in the path approaching the ruins of a very ancient-looking stone building

    11. “Sarah"s little belly is rounding out, but it"s still quite a while before the anticipated birth

    12. The idea seemed to dawn upon Orion as he shouted, “If that is so, they are innocent men! We cannot kill them! They must be arrested and sent for trial!” The Guardians began rounding up the survivors and marching them into a line

    13. rounding Cape Horn in mid-September, there were a number of

    14. Finally he abandoned the chase and started rounding up the goats

    15. Of course the cost of rounding up fifty people was higher than

    16. ” Flesh’ailer pointed at the first large shape rounding the harbour mouth

    17. Rounding the corner of the house, she quickened her pace, high heels tapping on the paving stones

    18. Rounding some bushes Dawn shot two more cats crouched together in the centre of the track

    19. Rounding a thick bed of reeds, Brock slid to a stop and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Grey clinging to a rock in the middle of the river

    20. Rounding a sharp bend in the path, Soffen could not help but gasp aloud at the sight that greeted her

    21. Rounding the corner of the bar, he came to an abrupt halt and stared hard at the floor for a few moments, his face twisted in concentration

    22. Rounding another tight bend, he saw that the road straightened out for a long distance and throttled the bike up, grinning as the surge of power whipped the wind around his body

    23. Just two years prior to the North Korean invasion, Rhee led a brutal campaign that destroyed most of the island of Cheju, killing 75,000 and rounding up 100,000 dissidents

    24. Rounding a corner, she was surprised to find herself back at the park

    25. The road curved to the left, sharply enough so that anyone rounding the curve would not have a clear line of sight in the direction from where they had just come

    26. Some results were: I got trained in writing Afrikaans correctly (rounding off my years of self-instruction); I got a basis in Tswana, one of several African languages that swirled around the city where we lived – and also encountered the bizarre notions of the lecturer (“They pronounce the word this way because they’re too lazy to do it another way

    27. Henry’s forces came up shortly and after rounding up the prisoners, we turned back toward the capital

    28. The next few days were spent rounding up as many as we could find

    29. We joined him there and found him rounding up all the men who could move and soon had them leaving the likely trap and on the way toward Reggio

    30. "How are you today, Monica?" asked the bushy red-headed man upon rounding the corner behind the receptionist

    31. Where the rounding Pi curving lines

    32. After rounding a curve, he saw the name Crabtree on a mailbox, and he announced loudly, �We're finally here, kids

    33. Rounding the corner she picked up speed

    34. Their ever-more-lowly mud-brick forms slowly rose up the low elevation that was a continuation of the headland they were now rounding

    35. racing the boat at full speed down the river, rounding a

    36. a continuation of the headland they were now rounding

    37. Rounding the limbs beneath that robe of white,

    38. Rounding off our family, of course, is Poes-Woes, who is as fluffy and spoiled and ill-

    39. "He also told me that they are rounding up Greek Jews

    40. "They are rounding up everyone and sending them to the town square! They posted an announcement that our brothers who were caught last night will be hanged! I was told to come here and tell you

    41. Ignacia laid in bed every night hoping, and not hoping, to hear his rusted wheels rounding on the high wire

    42. We were high fiving the crowd as we went by the endless sea of carnival rides and games, past the rollercoaster, the Ferris Wheel, and rounding the bend towards the stadium

    43. Rounding a corner they saw lights

    44. Rounding the corner, there was a magnificent bronze and black Celtic Knot Irish Cross Plaque with the name of the Church, St

    45. Isolation exercises are useful for "rounding out" a routine, by directly exercising muscle groups that cannot be fully exercised in the compound exercises

    46. Conan looked to see Amalric's lancers rounding the western ridge, but they did not come, and the pikemen began to reel back under the shocks

    47. Immediately following the confirmation that it had been a bomb, a grenade, that had blown up Vicky Brannan’s car and killed DC O’Brien, officers were dispatched across the region to start rounding up the usual suspects and a few of their followers

    48. Her rounding eyes were fixed up on the ceiling

    49. “He said he was rounding up some of his old

    50. As I write this, I think back to those days I was hiding in the bathroom? I asked that big magical question: what the hell was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I watch the race? Why did I get so totally caught up with the physical aspects of my heart pounding with the anticipation of the horses coming out of the starting gate and rounding the turn to come home

    1. The old Jeep rounds a corner, out of sight

    2. ‘She didn’t survive infancy though – there was a nasty strain of measles going the rounds and she caught it

    3. All our kids had every had to fear was not having the latest iPad, iPod or whatever else was doing the rounds of teen popularity

    4. “Alright then…early in the morning you say? And you can say that accurately and honestly ‘cause in all the 8 inspection rounds you religiously did last night, Williams was sittin’ there, in the pink, smellin’ of roses

    5. Tig didn’t have time to look away from his assigned sector off the ‘dragger’s right shoulder, but Parker must have hit something with those rounds because he caught a flash out the corner of his eye

    6. rounds spread thin by the base of the glass

    7. rounds of the village

    8. The silence below was suddenly broken as several rounds of explosives went off and six of the ugly monsters burst into the camp snarling and growling

    9. He made his rounds and returned to the main house to check on his guests

    10. rounds of the bank's courtyard

    11. He truly enjoyed strategizing and planning moves; and much to the surprise of Alexei, he won most of the rounds they played

    12. The jug of cider did the rounds – several times; its effect becoming more and more obvious as the food was consumed

    13. Nothing much to report, just the usual backhanders in the gentlemen's lavatory, rounds of drinks and shouts and bravado

    14. “I still have my rounds to complete,” he explained apologetically,

    15. ‘It’s been going the rounds for thirty odd years, sir

    16. He gradually became the face of Livingson Mercantile to delivery men and wholesalers when they passed through on their rounds covering their sales and delivery territories

    17. He picked it up and emptied all twelve rounds into the heart and head of his

    18. On one of my rounds I tuned the corner and there it was,

    19. One girl even reached behind Kaha and grabbed it like it was the manual over-ride of the main airlock and said ‘ah, cute’ and kissed him right on the tip, then continued with her social rounds

    20. The watchmen found me as they made their rounds about the city

    21. The watchmen found me as they made their rounds in the city

    22. wondered if they were doing the rounds of German

    23. Then all five of us did the rounds of the town

    24. The high velocity rounds punched through him and exited out of his back in a spray of red mist

    25. Five thousand five hundred rounds

    26. They had also taken thousands of rounds of ammunition

    27. Axel had taken the second revolver and eighty rounds of ammunition

    28. Patrick took the other and they both removed the block in the magazine so that, instead of the legal two round limit, they could load a full five rounds plus one up

    29. Dom reloaded his rifle with five more rounds

    30. After the seventh reload, the rounds started to cook off in the barrel

    31. She wouldn't hurry to get back into the rounds of practice and recording sessions, the arguments over why this or that word didn't quite convey the meaning and this or that riff was too twinkly or too dominant

    32. He had the one belt of 200 rounds, leaving the rest of the ammo on the bed

    33. “Well my husband is out on his rounds, but will be back for his lunch in an hour

    34. Like others in her village, Nerissa’s family had eaten meals from rounds of bread that Mother baked

    35. from the pantry, on his rounds, had stopped to watch the

    36. After finishing their customary rounds at the tavern, they stopped outside before parting ways for the evening

    37. If he remained patient and gave them ample time to make their rounds, they would leave him sparklingly spiffy and free of all unwanted vermin or other elements that could do him harm over time if not paid attention to and taken care of

    38. The men in the black overalls hadn't seen her on their rounds

    39. Upon returning, Penelope could see a busy Praefect making the rounds, stopping to speak to his men as he encountered them as well as the ornery physician and the Quartermaster

    40. There are normal y rounds, as well as a referee who is there to call the bout and stop it if need be

    41. elimination rounds of the most popular

    42. C then made his rounds and started reading all those stories

    43. C as always, continued with his rounds of reading, without passing any comments

    44. “Badly wounded Sir in the boat as we were coming into the beach looked like he took a couple of rounds in the chest

    45. This was not simply a matter of the heat and dust that was now blowing around our mouths burned and had the brassy taste of cordite in them from the rounds we had fired

    46. “I know that feeling all too well lads and it’s alright Elijah can’t blame you for what’s happening either anyway I must be off on my rounds so cheerio boys and I will no doubt see you later?” He set off down the trench asking others about water and as we watched him go we knew that he was in for some serious ear bashing for his trouble

    47. 303 rounds could cause the Turks had been knocked down like a lot of Aunt Sallies at a fairground only they weren’t made of wood

    48. “I will tell you another thing one of them was gut shot and you lot have no idea how bad that is the pain is terrifying and that Turk had one of the worse I have ever seen the rounds had ripped through his stomach shredding it

    49. Our hero status did not last long however as the story of the Sappers finding the machine guns started to make the rounds then they were the heroes not that I was bothered they were welcome to it

    50. 92mm weapon that held five rounds in its magazine and was a bolt action like ours it weighed about nine and half pounds

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    daily round round round of golf circle one shot unit of ammunition rung stave troll round of drinks beat bout turn cycle rhythm fill out flesh out round off round out round down brush up polish polish up assail assault attack lash out snipe labialise labialize orotund pear-shaped rotund circular around spherical ring-shaped complete finished entire full whole unbroken accomplished sonorous open candid frank outspoken plain honest fair ring orb globe curve cross-piece tread course period revolution series succession