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Steer in a sentence | steer example sentences

  1. He jumped in to steer.
  2. He used his knee to steer.
  3. He lets me steer the boat!.
  4. We steer clear of that stuff.
  5. We had some steer manure and.

  6. And love will steer the stars.
  7. I would steer clear, I decided.
  8. And we can’t steer the Rover.
  9. So steer clear of that joint.
  10. But Brahmins steer the community.
  11. You'd better steer clear of Midge.
  12. If he had needed a steer, all he.
  13. Let us steer clear of those lights.
  14. Gideon knew how to steer a vehicle fast.
  15. It can steer us to happiness and freedom.

  16. I think we should all steer clear of.
  17. The dream again had begun to steer south.
  18. If you steer clear of integration, there.
  19. Anastasia, you should steer clear of me.
  20. Ferguson’s buddy gave us a bum steer.
  21. I would not creep along the coast but steer.
  22. Because it had surfaced and maybe would steer.
  23. I will be here to steer the ship for you!.
  24. I’d just steer clear of the whole subject.
  25. If you want to steer a ship, you work the rudder.

  26. Tom and I met on the highway where the steer was.
  27. What Worst Practices should you steer away from?
  28. Liam tried to steer her away from what she would.
  29. And the Elde found fit to steer clear of this fate.
  30. Intention can steer our boat toward a safe harbor.
  31. It was our job to steer them away from it, anyway.
  32. I wasn't trying to steer the ship I'd got but the.
  33. Neil tried to steer away, but when he saw that it.
  34. Steer clear of coffee shops to stay on top of things.
  35. I grab Caleb’s elbow and steer him down the hallway.
  36. If I were you I’d tell your boys to steer clear too.
  37. Cap decides to steer closer to shore for a better view.
  38. That’s an interesting way to steer a conversation.
  39. Ahead slow, give your self time to steer around any.
  40. You should steer clear of places like Basildon and Harlow.
  41. He makes it a point to steer clear of me, not looking my.
  42. Let them butcher that steer and roast the flesh and eat it.
  43. I don't say anything, but steer the horse over to the altar.
  44. I prefer to do without, and steer by a compass that's true.
  45. As for ordinary fixed income investments, they steer clear.
  46. In order to land at any given point one must steer beyond it.
  47. If you are wise, you’ll steer clear of both these extremes.
  48. This is a very short guide but should steer you the right way.
  49. The STEER Model ensures that on-the-job coaching is formally.
  50. Steer coaching originated as a coaching model for on-the-job.
  51. I steer my car around the bend and take the road to the left.
  52. But most inconveniently for us, the ship can no longer steer.
  53. Let them try to kill a full grown steer with their bare hands.
  54. Benjamin called back, We can steer the whole line from here.
  55. Hence, the STEER model is at its best when there is a need for.
  56. Amy was using the treasure hunt to steer us back to each other.
  57. Steer then with good strong hand and wary eye O helmsman, thou.
  58. But it would sure help if we could steer the jury somewhere else.
  59. Most investors steer clear of boring companies with boring names.
  60. The next day they began to steer a steady course eastwards; and.
  61. Tony keeps waving no and tries to steer me towards the exit.
  62. Let them see how hard it is to kill a full-grown steer with a gun.
  63. I can steer it, if I want to go in the direction the wind allows.
  64. Steer away from funds that concentrate in only one industry or area.
  65. The clock's been ticking & ticking & ticking so once you steer to it.
  66. As that leader, surely he could steer the world back onto its tracks.
  67. There are different kinds of fat, but the ones that you want to steer.
  68. As we returned to shore, Nikos encouraged Alessandra to steer the boat.
  69. I steer away from this question, mostly because I feel bad for having.
  70. He already lets me steer in the driveway sometimes, Joey continued.
  71. So, the way that I steer clear of engaging in those activities is to.
  72. Uneven distribution of the cargo also makes the ship unsteady to steer.
  73. If rice is what you crave, then steer toward brown rice, which offers.
  74. Not to mention the fact that galleys could steer directly into the wind.
  75. Shenandoah, and that they should steer westward to avoid a confrontation.
  76. This makes me steer with my fingertips, but at least I’m not skidding.
  77. There are wild animals about, but they normally steer clear of humans.
  78. He threw Giametti on the floor, then cuffed him like a steer at a rodeo.
  79. They made that other corner with Knume using his tackle to steer a little.
  80. What’s all this equipment for if you can’t steer the balloon?
  81. Although we try our best to steer clear of these low points, they are an.
  82. If you are not experienced in this type of marketing, I would steer away.
  83. Shall we steer our horses over the boundary? suggested Cherry, in a.
  84. Val saw an opportunity to steer the conversation where she wanted it to go.
  85. What with the driver around, I had no go but to steer clear of your curves.
  86. Surely Thomas had the sense to steer clear when he was clearly outnumbered.
  87. Which Kate edits, I add, hoping to steer the conversation away from me.
  88. He could use a ‘big brother’ there to help steer him, and keep him safe.
  89. I tried to steer the conversation elsewhere, So can you help or not?
  90. He worked out a route that they hoped would steer them clear of the Japanese.
  91. In James 3:3-5 it says: if you want to steer a horse, you put a bridle on it.
  92. The steer was missing so he told me it had caused a wreck over on highway 18.
  93. I like to steer the boat each day rather than plan ahead way into the future.
  94. Matthew managed to steer it clear of a car that was parked on the other side.
  95. He found that the best way to steer Jeff was to simply tug on his coat sleeves.
  96. But relax! the Laws of Attraction will help you steer clear of such misfortune.
  97. Along here you just have to steer between the banks and don't hit another ship.
  98. I really should steer clear of mines altogether but it’s hard to do a blanket.
  99. Although you never refuse outright, you just adroitly steer around the subject.
  100. Blueblood witnessed the carnage and opted to steer clear of the valiant giants.
  1. The use of the steering.
  2. They were steering their ideas.
  3. The steering wheel was not working.
  4. Willie sits on the steering wheel.
  5. Wheel: the steering wheel of a ship.
  6. A young steersman steering with care.
  7. Cuppernell began steering the plane.
  8. EAS - Electrically Assisted Steering.
  9. It is a matter of steering direction.
  10. The steering wheel didn’t feel real.
  11. Nick gripped the steering wheel tightly.
  12. He drums nervously on the steering wheel.
  13. I gave the steering wheel a vicious jerk.
  14. I put my both hands on the steering wheel.
  15. Donovan sat staring at the steering wheel.
  16. Her head is resting on the steering wheel.
  17. The steering oar handle is much too short.
  18. Shit! Amar smacks the steering wheel.
  19. Just watch the steering wheel movement on.
  20. Leaning on the steering wheel in exhausted.
  21. Steering Committee of the Amarillo Chamber.
  22. Steering the boat to a wharf, Dad jumped out.
  23. Her fingers tightened on the steering wheel.
  24. Tom patted the steering wheel under his hand.
  25. Deville said, strangling the steering wheel.
  26. They can’t hold the steering wheel steady.
  27. Without any steering, you should be able to.
  28. She slapped her fingers on the steering wheel.
  29. You don’t have to choke the steering wheel.
  30. His head arises from his steel steering wheel.
  31. She watched his hands on the steering wheel.
  32. It was in the cab under the steering wheel.
  33. Christian hits a button on the steering wheel.
  34. Richard touched a button on his steering wheel.
  35. His huge stomach pressed against the steering.
  36. Lewis lifted a hand from the steering wheel to.
  37. Nothing about their steering, strictly personal.
  38. Smith smacked the steering wheel with both hands.
  39. In an instant, he was behind the steering wheel.
  40. I think we're steering off topic a bit with this.
  41. Amy grips the steering wheel and narrows her eyes.
  42. Amy stops so quickly she bumps the steering wheel.
  43. He had banged, apparently, on the steering wheel.
  44. Chevalier's hands tightened on the steering wheel.
  45. Mood-enhancing steering wheels didn't come cheap.
  46. He slammed his fists on the steering wheel again.
  47. I saw the chauffeur's hands on the steering wheel.
  48. On the steering committee of the conference was Dr.
  49. He stared at the steering wheel for a few minutes.
  50. Harris twitched his fingers on the steering wheel.
  51. Janet was sitting behind the steering wheel, but.
  52. Burton smashed his free hand on the steering wheel.
  53. Lisa sighed and put her head down on the steering.
  54. He slams his hand down, hard, on the steering wheel.
  55. He let go the steering wheel and pointed out to sea.
  56. He willed his clammy hands onto the steering wheel.
  57. The dead man was slumped behind the steering wheel.
  58. Put your hands on the bottom of your steering wheel.
  59. Grabbing the steering wheel, I yanked it towards me.
  60. Ciere grabs at the steering wheel, holding it steady.
  61. What the hell? Janelle beat the steering wheel.
  62. Smell the upholstery, sit in it, hold the steering.
  63. He created the CSC, or the Concert Steering Committee.
  64. Is there not a Steering God that has arranged them?
  65. My hands trembled on the steering wheel the whole way.
  66. He was gripping the steering wheel pretty tightly now.
  67. Justin’s hands locked tightly on the steering wheel.
  68. She groans as loud as the steering pump on the LC as.
  69. Grant said and held on tightly to the steering wheel!.
  70. You can do everything from outside including steering.
  71. With his left hand he held the bucking steering wheel.
  72. Doyle began steering the conversation in his direction.
  73. They can operate their steering jets manually and dock.
  74. There, slumped over the steering wheel, sat an old man.
  75. I glanced up at the wheelhouse and saw no one steering.
  76. Devon does so, his fingers tight on the steering wheel.
  77. He was indeed exceedingly good behind a steering wheel.
  78. Vinny kept both his hands on the steering wheel at the.
  79. I moved over and he took my place at the steering wheel.
  80. Kevin spun the steering wheel and the car slid sideways.
  81. Is not there a Wise Potency and a Great Steering Might?
  82. I let go of the steering wheel and placed it on her leg.
  83. Vinny's hands shake incessantly on the steering wheel as.
  84. He was pulling the steering wheel and pretending to drive.
  85. He tugged on the steering wheel case and it crumbled apart.
  86. He took his thumbs off the pads on the steering wheel and.
  87. Damnit, Chevalier hissed, and hit the steering wheel.
  88. Amigo rested his head on the steering wheel then began to.
  89. A woman leaned against the steering wheel, shoulders taut.
  90. Steering them sharply off the roadway, the chariot slewed.
  91. Certainty comes from God when the spirit does the steering.
  92. I rented a car that had the steering wheel on the wrong side.
  93. Slapping the steering wheel, Locke couldn’t stifle a laugh.
  94. Pat peered over his steering wheel and onto the calm highway.
  95. People drive using their horn instead of the steering wheel.
  96. Puller tapped the steering wheel as he stared straight ahead.
  97. Carroll tightened both of his hands on the car steering wheel.
  98. Christian hangs up by pressing a button on the steering wheel.
  99. In time, she was able to lift her head from the steering wheel.
  100. The two women grabbed each other instead of the steering stick.
  1. Roman steered the van off.
  2. He steered her toward the.
  3. The raft was steered by a.
  4. He steered the horse toward it.
  5. Doc steered him towards the bed.
  6. She steered back to the highway.
  7. Who was it steered it into a pond?
  8. Frank steered his car behind the kid.
  9. The canals!” Crumley steered me out.
  10. His two assailants steered clear of him.
  11. If I had left it alone and steered the.
  12. Charly steered her toward the dining room.
  13. Rauros steered his Lykanthros mount south.
  14. The boat fired into life and Watson steered.
  15. I steered the Pinto with one hand and pulled.
  16. Thomas steered the conversation in a different.
  17. Helm: The instrument by which a ship is steered.
  18. He steered around every bend with apprehension.
  19. Robert took her arm and steered her toward the.
  20. The sergeant steered a frosty look her direction.
  21. He steered Jason to the pool area, into the deep.
  22. With my arsenal ready, I steered toward the mansion.
  23. I hit both brakes and steered us into a tight U-turn.
  24. Halon changed course again and steered toward Chram.
  25. Adam steered the conversation into another direction.
  26. The fact is this; if he would have steered away from.
  27. Williamson steered him outside, then blew his whistle.
  28. Fagone steered us in the right direction at the outset.
  29. She steered her thoughts elsewhere before she did both.
  30. Andrew had steered the conversation exactly as he wanted.
  31. As Penn steered the boat along the river, he kept close.
  32. We steered the raft away from them whenever we saw them.
  33. The elevator opened and Mitch steered the gurney inside.
  34. Andrew steered the giant robot toward the massive monster.
  35. Not once in all these years had he ever steered me wrong.
  36. They gently steered Haven into the privacy of the inner.
  37. She quickly steered her niece to a chair before the fire.
  38. The other campers steered clear of me as much as possible.
  39. They steered courteously to either side of Rob and Karyl.
  40. He said no more on the subject and steered Elowen towards.
  41. With this, he took Tom by the arm and steered him towards.
  42. She took the girl’s arm and steered her towards the priory.
  43. He steered the boat to where Whitton and Dave had fallen in.
  44. A gas station loomed on her right, and she steered toward it.
  45. Silya steered Miika to the right and merged onto the next road.
  46. She counter steered, treating his hit like a bad patch of ice.
  47. Without a word, Rave steered her around the edge of the grove.
  48. He steered the car to the side of the road and shifted to park.
  49. The ship steadied as Thorn steered it 200 feet above the trees.
  50. He took Harry by the elbow and with very little effort steered.
  51. Turning the key in the ignition, he backed up, and then steered.
  52. One more reason why the course of his destiny had been steered.
  53. He took Ellie by the elbow and steered her away from his brother.
  54. Set course: giving the helmsman the desired course to be steered.
  55. The horse was being steered through its reflexes, like a machine.
  56. In both cases I have steered them toward value-oriented managers.
  57. Bonner steered the Roller from near the train with roaring tires.
  58. Mitch now steered the car for the exit at the far end of the lot.
  59. Two letters and two secrets steered her future, now one is missing.
  60. Dawley gently steered us back to the main topic, staff organizations.
  61. My co-counselor seized the moment and steered the conversation from.
  62. He steered me to the bed and we lay together, his kisses gradually.
  63. One of the black-haired men steered them through sparkling blue water.
  64. Samantha’s inclinations had steered her to more mundane activities.
  65. I don’t think you’ve ever steered me wrong, Alex said with.
  66. Stacey steered the old car along the dusty roads toward the lava flows.
  67. She steered Clayton toward the bar with a solicitous hand at his elbow.
  68. It wouldn’t be so bad if they steered clear of those with low income.
  69. Noah steered the car out of traffic and stopped at the side of the road.
  70. With great skill and experience, Father steered our boat into the cove.
  71. Without answering, Sparrow steered the canoe to the bank and stepped out.
  72. He quickly steered to the left and slowed down to thirty miles per hour.
  73. He laid the body in the bottom and Maiorescu steered to his motor yacht.
  74. Leigh wrestled the car into gear with a curse, then steered back to the.
  75. We steered away from them aiming instead for the mouth of the Yuma River.
  76. I intercepted her dream-self and steered her to a park filled with sunshine.
  77. Thorn shut down the engines and steered the nose of the craft into position.
  78. She laid a firm hand on her shoulder and steered her back towards the door.
  79. Al steered with one hand and put the other on the vibrating gear-shift lever.
  80. Steered by his rapier, he glides to the door, his wild harp slung behind him.
  81. He was being steered into the tunnel entrance as though he were a prize fish.
  82. The car purred with power as I floored the gas pedal and steered between the.
  83. Grobut expertly steered the Transport Ship to its fourteenth and final position.
  84. The captain tried to calm him saying the boat was steered by an automatic pilot.
  85. Instead of taking Rachel directly to her room, Suwanee steered her into the bar.
  86. The man at the rudder steered toward it, and the women bent to their oars again.
  87. A few wrenching movements with the steering wheel, and it was free to be steered.
  88. He could see that she had never done anything like this before so he steered her.
  89. But he recovered artfully and quickly steered the conversation onto safer ground.
  90. Liv wrapped her arm around Ailia’s shoulders and steered her toward the entrance.
  91. Athena’s cabin steered Annabeth to the front so she could share in the applause.
  92. Leaning forward, I steered us as best I could in the direction of the parked cars.
  93. He steered the boat down into the mist, until he could see only a few yards ahead.
  94. FIVE FLOORS UP, Pulaski steered the kid down a hall and across an open-plan bullpen.
  95. This time he was both seen and heard, and the tartan instantly steered towards him.
  96. He steered me over to an old off-white Peugeot 405 parked under a shade tree nearby.
  97. Daphne took the reins and steered Pearl out of line, hoping to get in behind Chief.
  98. She left only reluctantly, steered away by George’s persistent pressure on her arm.
  99. Jacob said exactly six words to me as he steered me out of the house the next morning.
  100. As Bernie steered the truck toward the office, Chuck asked if there was street parking.
  1. Nothin but steers and queers.
  2. I take it he steers by his nose.
  3. He steers his feet to-ward the left.
  4. The pensive steers around the physique.
  5. You ain’t give me no bum steers yet.
  6. Steers are bulls that have been castrated.
  7. Dave steers towards the path of least resistance.
  8. Steers are usually fed low quality feed in order to cut.
  9. Willie scratches his rump as he steers the blimp towards a.
  10. Hormones are administered to steers for the enhancement of.
  11. The torch of doubt and chaos, this is what the sage steers by.
  12. He makes out the store fronts ahead, and steers towards them.
  13. By turning his long-gone shoulders, he steers the car around.
  14. Although he/she looks and acts funny the animal that he steers.
  15. John points southwest and Dave steers the boat in that direction.
  16. Houston knelt down beside the carcasses of the steers that were.
  17. Helmsman: the person at the wheel; the person who steers the ship.
  18. Confucius said, If the captain steers north, his seamen will follow.
  19. Instead he simply starts the Volvo and steers it out of the parking lot.
  20. Johanna steers us toward the rendezvous point, where she saw Uriah and Cara.
  21. These are the heavenly lights by which mankind steers its way through the ages.
  22. Is it the will of the Dark Tower that steers us? All my choices have proved ill.
  23. It is reported that three prime steers were slaughtered in their camp yesterday.
  24. It steers investors seeking higher returns to stocks with higher standard deviations.
  25. Superstition steers the crews’ attention to the folklore every sailor knows by heart.
  26. Taking my arm in his, he leads me into the hallway and steers us toward the living room.
  27. Cristal, do you believe in kismet? A predestined moment, where fate steers your life.
  28. Them steers like ta jumped straight up offun the ground, then cut loose in all directions.
  29. The 4H and FFA clubs throughout the region show hogs, lambs, steers, rabbits, and other animals.
  30. We have a small herd for milk and a couple of beef steers getting ready for slaughter this fall.
  31. Then he steers it toward the southwestern corner of the lab and aims his main gun at a third T-90.
  32. He swings his prayer beads lazily back and forth while he steers the bus with his knees and smokes a cigarette.
  33. That is the belief that a given child is a blank slate, and he will become whatever his environment steers him to.
  34. It was as if the Primagnons were pushing a small herd of unruly steers with some sort of sophisticated cattle prods.
  35. It is faith that steers us through stormy seas, faith that moves mountains, and faith that jumps across the oceans.
  36. If you ponder it; you shall find it a connected unit directed entirely by one Hand that steers it upon such discipline.
  37. He “toots” the steam whistle and “blows” the horn as he steers the flower covered flotilla away from the cheering port.
  38. This answers their questions, but also steers the readers towards opting in to learn more about my particular work from home option.
  39. Klarman, recognizing how much rides on those kinds of bets, especially when leverage is employed, steers clear of that kind of hedging.
  40. This example focuses on diversification and deliberately steers away from average returns (which happen to be higher for the strategy style composite).
  41. Faith is not achieved merely through speaking, through being mindful and witnessing that the Almighty is the All-Hearing and the Omniscient force who steers every motion.
  42. I’ve come to a full stop in the middle of the pavement but he takes my elbow and, jolting me back into motion, steers me towards the park that backs onto our office block.
  43. His knowledge (cpth) was directly obtained from the Presence of Al’lah, who is the Manager and the One who steers the reins of heavens and earth at the top level of perfection.
  44. You wanted four, you’ve got four, he shouted as the blade of the machine despatched the last of the Hereford steers to the same fate as Lorene Eagles and Wannenburg Morne.
  45. Wouldn’t a fleet of computer-controlled cars be vulnerable to hacking, and what happens when some cyber-terrorist steers every vehicle west of the Mississippi into the Grand Canyon?
  46. It was the principle on which the helmsman steers his ship, and the seaman manages his sails; the principle on which boats are made to pass ferries by the oblique action of the current.
  47. It says much for Karen’s power in the classroom, that Lucy mumbles a ‘sorry’ in my direction … before I can respond, Karen grasps my elbow and steers me away towards another group.
  48. The carcases of several sheep lay bloated in an ungainly heap in the middle of a paddock together with the inert shapes of two steers, on their backs with legs protruding like four poster beds.
  49. It would have been very easy for someone to ride up and cut out a couple of steers, then ride up into the canyon over the last couple of days while the hands were bringing down herds from the high country.
  50. If you have believed in Al’lah who dominates the heaven with its constellation and steers all this universe, remember then the Doomsday when you will stand between the Hands of this Grand Creator who observes everything.
  51. To take it for granted that human life is to follow the direction indicated by Christ would be like expecting the boatman, who, crossing a swift river, steers almost directly against the current, to float in that direction.
  52. This finite aim contains all our future intentions that steers and motivates us all to toil, labor, slave and do whatever is deemed necessary for us to accomplish out an aim which cannot ever be stipulated or expressed out into a logical statement or term over here.
  53. In a pirate, man-of-war, or slave ship, when the captain is rowed anywhere in his boat, he always sits in the stern sheets on a comfortable, sometimes cushioned seat there, and often steers himself with a pretty little milliner's tiller decorated with gay cords and ribbons.
  54. What terrors gnash their teeth out here? What was Papa so anxious to protect her from? They make one turn, then a second, and then Madame Manec steers her left where Marie-Laure does not expect her to, where the city walls, furred with moss, have been scrolling along unbroken, and they’re stepping through a gateway.
  55. Reaching this point and achieving this witnessing – that is to say, witnessing that there is no God except Al’lah and believing in Him – creates a kind of feeling of awe inside one’s spirit for the greatness of that supreme Will, which controls this universe and steers it with science, wisdom, potency and mercy.
  56. You're familiar with some of them, such as the thermometer, which gives the temperature inside the Nautilus; the barometer, which measures the heaviness of the outside air and forecasts changes in the weather; the humidistat, which indicates the degree of dryness in the atmosphere; the storm glass, whose mixture decomposes to foretell the arrival of tempests; the compass, which steers my course; the sextant, which takes the sun's altitude and tells me my latitude; chronometers, which allow me to calculate my longitude; and finally, spyglasses for both day and night, enabling me to scrutinize every point of the horizon once the Nautilus has risen to the surface of the waves.
  57. From Vincenzo Cartari's Images of the Gods (1571) and a letter of Annibale Caro (1562) we have the following description of the Moon-Isis: long and abundant hair, lightly curled; on her forehead a polished object with snakes on either side and ears of corn above; a garland of wood and sunflowers or other flowers; a dress, to either her feet or her knees, very thin, and showing the colors white, yellow and red; or a shining black dress (black, white, yellow, red: the colors of the alchemical Great Work), decorated with stars and a central moon, flowers and fruits hanging from the border like tassels; bare arms; a lighted torch in her right hand and two snakes in her left; or her left hand holds a golden vase, decorated on the base with palm leaves, and with a snake-like handle, looking swollen with venom; she is in a chariot drawn by two horses, one white, one black, or drawn by a mule, or by steers with small horns and a white spot on the right flank.
  58. And by that way wend the herds innumerable of bellwethers and flushed ewes and shearling rams and lambs and stubble geese and medium steers and roaring mares and polled calves and longwoods and storesheep and Cuffe's prime springers and culls and sowpigs and baconhogs and the various different varieties of highly distinguished swine and Angus heifers and polly bulllocks of immaculate pedigree together with prime premiated milchcows and beeves: and there is ever heard a trampling, cackling, roaring, lowing, bleating, bellowing, rumbling, grunting, champing, chewing, of sheep and pigs and heavyhooved kine from pasturelands of Lusk and Rush and Carrickmines and from the streamy vales of Thomond, from the M'Gillicuddy's reeks the inaccessible and lordly Shannon the unfathomable, and from the gentle declivities of the place of the race of Kiar, their udders distended with superabundance of milk and butts of butter and rennets of cheese and farmer's firkins and targets of lamb and crannocks of corn and oblong eggs in great hundreds, various in size, the agate with this dun.

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