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    1. There was a little streak, it was getting bigger

    2. The glowing dot at the end of the streak faded to black, but it was still approaching

    3. ‘It’s that feminine streak I have,’ he said, drawing me towards him and kissing me

    4. Apollo feels pain streak across his face

    5. scoured clean by frost and ice, streak the walls of slowly

    6. It was just a blur, a white streak

    7. He was larger than most Ogatu, dark fur with the white streak down his mane signaled him as from the ‘First’ line

    8. He is from the ‘First’ line; marked with a white streak down his mane

    9. The red hawk keened once and a huge wolf with a thick black coat and a white streak

    10. A rosy red colour, it was shaped like a heart … a white streak crossed from upper right to lower left … she strove to remember what she had learned at school … the bottom bit was called the ventricle, at least that is what she vaguely recalled from a long forgotten, unattended at the time, biology lesson

    11. The hugging of hoodies and cash point fines are signs of a soft underbelly, of the yellow streak running through the modern world

    12. Ward commented that 'Spalding's Team' might return to their streak of pennants soon

    13. streak in him that simply enjoyed inflicting injury on others

    14. Jim looked over to her standing next to the window, "Yah, I'll bet she has a streak of respect running through her, Ha?" The girls didn't know what he was talking about and looked confused

    15. in the corner of the lunchroom, to end Heather’s flawless streak

    16. He had a roguish streak in him, and by now was

    17. a considerable streak of vanity (in the matter of wines,

    18. “I had a bad streak that’s all

    19. there were a good five hundred Silver Streak faithful braving the elements that

    20. Dumbfound she sat there, playing with the strap of her purse, trying to figure out what he’d ran off for, when like a streak of lightening Jim came bounding thru the door

    21. the state, and our season would be one for the Silver Streak record books

    22. "Then we have Yhohonshu," a plush and tall creamy-pale woman with tight white curls who's robe clung well, "and Kiethying," a tall gaunt man with a little streak of charcoal left in his beard, very like Althart but more somber of visage with straighter hair and beard

    23. Consciousness was more satiric, if not clinical, She had a more romantic streak in her interior Consciousness

    24. The fact of the Guild’s turnaround on her account had never escaped him, even as he fumed over her stubborn independent streak

    25. Before the movement ended a streak of multi-coloured light zoomed in, took the card and disappeared

    26. A few minutes later the streak of light was back

    27. noble streak, as he stood next to Jacob, shoulder to shoulder

    28. And the poor, sticky, stinking ape, unable to borrow a coat, had to streak down the street to retrieve them, followed by a jeering, hooting, mob of drunken mates

    29. the possessive streak into him

    30. Planet Earth now a light blue mass which darted across the screen so fast Jimmy wondered if he was able to capture it in his mind as an isolated sphere instead of a streak of blue

    31. Galeron allowed himself to smile, bringing his hand to his neck, wiping offhandedly at the streak of blood

    32. He studied everything that came into his sight; for Brubaker had a curious streak in him; and loved his fellow man more than he let on sometimes

    33. One girl had brown hair with a purple streak, the other black hair with a blond one

    34. Purple streak glanced at him as he turned from the counter

    35. The girl with the blond streak nodded

    36. Rachael paused again and Purple Streak took over

    37. “But she did sleep with him,” Purple Streak added, frowning when Rachael kicked her under the table

    38. “Yeah,” Purple Streak cut in, “She was always bunking off with Gary

    39. Twenty-five dollars worth of chips grew through a thrilling winning streak to eighty-seven, dwindled to thirty-four then in increments grew again to one hundred twelve before she quit

    40. Because while he could fly well enough, he had an arrogant streak that could kill him

    41. Rather, she kept it up, adding a part about going to a whorehouse with the guy, bringing tears of mirth to streak his cheeks

    42. spewed a steady streak of the worst swearing I’d ever heard

    43. Her ears were pure velvet and a white streak from brow to nose divided her face

    44. From the heart of the flower shot an energy beam; the yellow streak shot from the center of the lake, making a loud crackling sound

    45. For a bunch of ragtag bandits, they exhibited quite the streak of a rather unexpected professionalism; stupid nervous people with guns would’ve shot him dead

    46. could easily be interpreted as a disdainful streak in his nature

    47. Reminded of Throckmorten’s announcement of the new course at the college, Jason felt if not a scientist, then Marx might have had a poetic streak

    48. He looked towards Ravi’s face, which was submerged in darkness except for a streak of light that went from his right ear to his left temple

    49. smashed his head against the smooth tiles, a streak of blood

    50. Woke up cussing a blue streak and never stopped until he got his clothes back and checked himself out

    1. The sky is streaked a beautiful deep red colour across the horizon, the clouds tinted pink and red as they reflect the sun

    2. wiped at his tear streaked cheeks

    3. Kara stared at the sky in front of her, the blue of daytime now streaked pink and scarlet and orange … it was second nature to her to conceal that part of her life … but … but if she couldn’t do that, she’d have to face up to what she had lost …

    4. Her own face was streaked with strange colours but she was calm

    5. streaked windows forced their liver spotted hands to desperate

    6. She was plainly dressed but hearty with quite a bit of shine in her hair, which was mostly black but streaked with grey

    7. lightly streaked with grey and an untamed shock of black hair frosted

    8. Her face is streaked with saliva and drying vomit

    9. Maziel wiped his tear streaked face with her hand,

    10. It is as though an artist has painted gloriously surreal blue as far as the eye can see, then taken a brush, loaded it with most brilliant reds and pinks on his palette and streaked it across the lot

    11. Drawing a deep breath, he slowly raised his head to look into her frightened black eyes, streaked with her own tears

    12. She could see his cheeks were streaked

    13. " He pleaded with her, pulling her very close to his body, tears streaked from her eyes, instantly blurring all that surrounded her

    14. inspect the strangers, their cheeks streaked with sweat

    15. ever been, her breasts were full and round, and those parts of her skin that weren’t streaked with grime glowed with a healthy shine

    16. Dark hair streaked with grays whipped about, and his skin was very soon kissed by the moisture of the sea breeze

    17. ” I had never seen a more beautiful sight than my love standing there with her long back hair being blown by the wind and her Madonna’s face streaked by tears

    18. When I opened my back door, she streaked right in and she hasn’t budged since

    19. He couldn’t drag his eyes away from hers, examining the light grey swirls, flecks of blue and splashes of white that streaked out from her pupils

    20. Tears streaked down her face and fear made her features drawn

    21. Occasional clumps of cat grass, streaked up from the silvery grey sand

    22. It was still black out, but dawn wasn’t too far off; she could see streaked glimmers of grey on the horizon

    23. somewhat streaked with the removed grime and dirt

    24. The San Juan River ran streaked with blood, for the dead and wounded fell from its slippery bank into the water repeatedly

    25. Vasant smelt the pungent scent of his own fear as the cat streaked towards him

    26. The sky was streaked with red

    27. Long shadows streaked across the stone walkways

    28. The guard escorted Joseph from the courtyard, as Ruby ran to find her Mother; perhaps she could talk some sense into her Father? Ruby streaked away, running as fast as she could

    29. Yellow and black blurs streaked across the sky

    30. An open claw streaked towards his arm

    31. as one might wish, the streaked sky hardly poised against a question

    32. Everybody’s faces were red and streaked with tears of laughter and many still fought to breathe

    33. Christina stands next to my bed, her cheeks streaked with mascara-tinted tears

    34. Then lightning streaked a path down to the sea, and deafening thunder tumbled after it

    35. When Maggie looked down the earth was a dusky colour, streaked with the glowing silver of rivers, lakes, and the seas themselves

    36. The elderly woman was staring out the window, her face still red and streaked with tears

    37. His cloak was torn and his face streaked with ashes as a sign of mourning

    38. streaked down the volcano’s flanks and consumed all that lay in its path

    39. His brown streaked hair glistened under the glow of the moon, sparkling in it vivacity as the creature leapt and tore into my brothers

    40. as it streaked across the sky

    41. Her own tears streaked down her cheeks and I couldn’t bring myself to care, she walked past me paused a little and then darted outside

    42. 10 And it came to pass at the time that the cattle conceived, that I lifted up mine eyes, and saw in a dream, and, note, the rams which leaped on the cattle were ring streaked, speckled, and grisled

    43. 12 And he said, Lift up now your eyes, and see, all the rams which leap on the cattle are ring streaked, speckled, and grisled: for I have seen all that Laban does to you

    44. “Ah, but I don’t intend to run,” whispered Ahelos, and now Simon could see the glitter of the knife streaked with its black globules of blood as it came ever closer

    45. The tall one, dirt streaked and clothes torn, raised his head as if to survey what had befallen him

    46. A moment later new destructive energies streaked skyward from the dome, cast by those within it, further straining the alliance Shields

    47. Sol, in his first gleaming glance across the water of the new lake, struck Moshe’s newly opened eye with a brilliance more than equal to the bright messenger that had streaked across the sky the night before

    48. The tall one, dirt streaked and clothes torn, raised his head as if to survey what had befallen

    49. suddenly, it streaked over the top of the tower of fire and across the heavens, quickly

    50. brilliance more than equal to the bright messenger that had streaked across the sky the night

    1. As a result of the recent eruption of Vesuvio, the sunsets are fantastic … deep reds streaking across the sky, interwoven with oranges and greens, resulting in the most amazing displays

    2. Washburn's hoarse voice caught her attention from behind the fountain bar "You'd better sit down" he continued, streaking to her side

    3. It was a single comet streaking across the sky, fading as quickly as it

    4. Dingle had been called away by Grandpa to survey some goings on in Frica but on his return some weeks later came face to face with one of the silver tubes, at the time it was streaking some thousands of meters above the plateau

    5. Torbin got back on his chair and watched the forward display of the faint blue of the stars streaking towards him

    6. My brother-in-law, who lives next door, named her Smokey when he saw the black/brown/gold/gray torti streaking across our yards one summer

    7. In fact as she ran out of my room with tears streaking her face I felt like I might expire on the spot

    8. His hair a dark chestnut with what seemed like flames of red streaking through it

    9. When Amaranthe woke, early morning light slipped between the boards across the windows, streaking the maze of hanging papers with slashes

    10. By early light I would awaken to observe all four cats lying chin on hands, figuratively speaking, gazing with rapt attention at the magical sight of pearly light and mists streaking into the garden from the east

    11. His fingers brushed away the dust, streaking the dull red cover with brightness

    12. Hartstongue, his eyes wide, sweat streaking his forehead, nods

    13. on the island, where the streaking sheets would usually dissipate

    14. They could see the motor-boat streaking towards the mainland

    15. the room, leapt across the couch and slashed Daveda across the nose before streaking out of

    16. It disappears into His chest and exits out His back, streaking away over the top of the stadium and exploding somewhere in the unpopulated city beyond

    17. With sweat and blood streaking down his face, Jai stirred and sat up shakily next to Ceder in the bottom of the boat

    18. A female devil form came streaking out of the dream heaven

    19. The short hairs on his scalp prickled, and he stood for an instant undecided, certain that a move in either direction would bring death streaking at him from the bushes

    20. His answer came in the twang of the bow-string, the streaking flight of the arrow that sank to the feathers in his broad breast

    21. At this some of them were laughing so hard that tears rolled, streaking their dirty 48

    22. Streaking in from behind the mountain, the two warships laid the column to waste

    23. streaking down her cheeks and then totally lost it

    24. Carmen? Yeah, Carmen! And as Bruce watched, he saw tears running down her cheeks, streaking her make-up

    25. day shall arrive in a sheet of torrid thunder, massive streaking

    26. On the two bigger islets of Diaoyu Dao/Uotsuri-Shima and of Huangwei Yu/Kuba-Shima, the Chinese ground garrisons of the islets could only watch with growing apprehension the ballet of streaking missiles and explosions in the night sky, then the fireballs from the missiles hitting the nearby warships that were supposed to protect them

    27. exploding from the cave in a bolt of gold and black, streaking across the run and

    28. Would he care? She doubted it somehow; the man was colder than a streaking Eskimo

    29. lightning bolts streaking across the sky and striking the ground in a

    30. streaking into a purple glow over the mountaintop which looked

    31. were also torn, and he had similar wounds streaking across his flesh

    32. The ship was streaking

    33. She pointed ahead to a massive plume of fire streaking

    34. Now, the distant sun had set in the west, behind the Tinden Mountains, after having burned the skies with red, orange and pink streaking clouds

    35. Norah appeared from somewhere, managing to look polished and put together in her jeans and camp shirt, despite the paint liberally streaking her legs

    36. Through the rain streaking down her visor, I saw tears in her eyes

    37. One shaking hand reached out to grab some noodles, streaking back to his mouth so fast I could barely track it with my eyes

    38. Tears streaking her face, she brought her hands to her chest to secure her blouse

    39. Blood and water dripped off her chin, her face not as lovely now, with burns streaking over the pale skin

    40. They scattered as he dove through them, wings folded so his body was a red streaking bullet

    41. blood streaking from his mouth to his chin, opened

    42. Iratus was nearly blinded by the streaking turbo laser bolts that shot

    43. Streaking in uncontested, I was preparing myself to take the shot when I felt the

    44. jumped down the stairs, and she could hear the breaks streaking

    45. tires streaking and taking the turn a little too sharply, colliding

    46. She looked away, the silent tears streaking her face

    47. The missile was streaking head on with the bar-Seth and would crash into it within seconds

    48. shooting star streaking across the sky, and how it vanishes within a

    49. The car was moving before the doors were all closed, streaking back to the White House

    50. She wiped at a tear streaking down her cheek and sniffled

    1. Between the tall houses, she could see the sky, clear with streaks of cloud and sparkling with stars

    2. Warm in the heart of rain that streaks the glass,

    3. There was a storm crossing the desert, huge streaks of lightening raced across the night sky providing her with her own private show

    4. "Notice the light streaks here," he pointed to the ends of the blur that was probably the connecting filament

    5. what looked like explosions and streaks of light which looked, he

    6. that had eluded the Silver Streaks since baseball became a sport at the high school

    7. Two games that would either make the Silver Streaks immortal

    8. adding to the streaks of blood

    9. “Is that a dare?” she whispered when she came up for air, water droplets trickling down her ample wet breasts, her hair hanging in streaks down her forehead

    10. He had his left arm around her shoulders and was stroking her hair and face, coating her braids in red streaks from the blood on his hands

    11. Overhead, the sky was ceiled with streaks of purple

    12. Streaks of red in the dimming sky caught and held his attention for several seconds after tying up his horse

    13. Nobody spoke, and as Scott stared at the star mass he saw something curious: fluctuations of translucent violet streaks

    14. And then these jaggedy streaks filled with purple and became wider

    15. He felt no pain, but now strange shapes were flashing before his eyes: purple blobs, green dots, then orange streaks

    16. Streaks of pink, gray and silver looked like a master artist had swiped his brush across the sky as the end of day neared

    17. Although the blood streaks on the wall still made him wince, somehow they didn't seem as large as he had remembered

    18. She was a red-headed beauty with streaks of grey hair at

    19. I reached for my flak and flung it loosely around my body, not bothering to Velcro it together, and not caring to snap the chin strap on my helmet, as dust from 3 more explosions shimmered through the streaks of sunlight that darted across the room from small holes or cracks in the upper portion of the concrete block wall, near the ceiling

    20. The first streaks of dawn broke over the encampment and the scene was grim and stark

    21. A doubter of the integrity of casinos, he maintained as part of his personal faith that a pretty woman, whose excitement at winning draws a crowd to a table, has an unusual tendency towards long streaks of good fortune

    22. I journeyed and saw streaks

    23. I saw streaks of clouds in the sky, and a strange formation started to take shape

    24. Her hair was a big snarl, there was swelling and discoloration around her right eye and more at the side of her mouth, a sewn cut below her chin, her eyes were lined with red and dried streaks of tears lined her cheeks

    25. glowed with streaks of cherry red

    26. He just had time to see the stars turn into big white and multi-coloured streaks before he blacked out, his sight going into grey, tunnel-like circles with spots floating around in them, and then attenuating into nothingness

    27. While paneled in plates and sheathing of alloy metals of various sizes and textures, the fasteners were ferrous and left huge rust streaks on every seam

    28. She stayed until she had composed herself, and until the disclosing red streaks on her cheeks were gone, then she stood up and walked back to the camp

    29. I see the gray streaks in the woman’s hair and the end of the man’s hooked nose and the blue armband of a Dauntless traitor just beneath their shoulders, and recognize them both

    30. His fingers leave streaks of cold on my skin, invisible to the eye, and I think about wrapping his shirt around my fist and pulling him in to kiss me; I think about pressing myself against him, but I can’t, because all our secrets would keep a space between us

    31. “This is my mom, Stephanie,” she says, indicating a woman with gray streaks in her dark curly hair

    32. She had blonde streaks in her black hair, a lean body with mint green eyes

    33. Their shape was often snaking ribbons, but could also be balls and streaks

    34. Streaks of deep red had been sprayed across

    35. spewed streaks of molten red lava balls into the lagoon

    36. Monica noticed that Sadie had black curly hair peppered with white streaks

    37. manifold pattern of streaks and colours, so does the subtle

    38. The sun had completely disappeared and the last streaks of

    39. dying streaks of red

    40. It was an odd colour, purple with grey streaks

    41. Haskell fired two pengun flares up and forward of their position but both red streaks were absorbed by limbs and leaves

    42. His sparse hair was brown shot through with streaks of gray

    43. One of its eyes was torn out, leaving streaks of blood and yellow jelly in its place

    44. Streaks of crimson began to appear in front of Simon’s eyes and he knew the time he had was rapidly vanishing and in the turn of a story’s edge his chance would be gone

    45. Ralph hears his own ribs crack, and pain streaks through him as he is drenched in another man’s blood

    46. Streaks of red now could be seen rising through the black base

    47. The gentle streaks of water released from the refreshment of sky

    48. Simon could hear the cries of birds and great expanses of colour rushed past his eyes and were gone: blue, white and streaks of black, yellow, pink and cream

    49. Finally, the scribe stops as the sun is setting the sky alight with streaks of pink and orange and crimson, and stares at the scene behind them

    50. His words become the fierce wind and the horse’s mane the streaks of flame in the night sky

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