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Streak in a sentence

My depressive streak.
Tobias's evil streak.
But he has a hard streak.
She's on a wild streak today.
the possessive streak into him.
He had that streak in him too.
streak zoomed across the clouds.

he left a streak of cloud behind.
- The man behind the Streak brand.
One to let this dominant streak.
It is more of a wild streak.
A winning streak can end suddenly.
I had a bad streak that’s all.
He’s developed a ruthless streak.
It was just a blur, a white streak.
When guys streak around campus,.
Joey looked up at the glowing streak.
A streak that is in you too, Corina.
It has put a streak of meanness in.
The girl with the blond streak nodded.
Even the most stubborn streak, he.
It was that damned stoic streak again.
He doesn’t want to break the streak.
Like her friends, she had a wild streak.
Apollo feels pain streak across his face.
Thereafter followed a 17 day winning streak.
Lo and behold, he goes on a winning streak.
But then I see another Raven streak past me.
The ship was streaking.
streaking the gray of the sky.
streaking down her cheeks and then totally lost it.
blood streaking from his mouth to his chin, opened.
She looked away, the silent tears streaking her face.
I wiped the tear streaking down his cheek with my thumb.
She pointed ahead to a massive plume of fire streaking.
She wiped at a tear streaking down her cheek and sniffled.
A female devil form came streaking out of the dream heaven.
The other girl looks up, too, tears streaking down her face.
They could see the motor-boat streaking towards the mainland.
Hartstongue, his eyes wide, sweat streaking his forehead, nods.
streaking into a purple glow over the mountaintop which looked.
jumped down the stairs, and she could hear the breaks streaking.
day shall arrive in a sheet of torrid thunder, massive streaking.
on the island, where the streaking sheets would usually dissipate.
Through the rain streaking down her visor, I saw tears in her eyes.
tires streaking and taking the turn a little too sharply, colliding.
were also torn, and he had similar wounds streaking across his flesh.
shooting star streaking across the sky, and how it vanishes within a.
lightning bolts streaking across the sky and striking the ground in a.
Iratus was nearly blinded by the streaking turbo laser bolts that shot.
It was a single comet streaking across the sky, fading as quickly as it.
It ascends slowly at first, fighting gravity, but soon it’s streaking upward.
His fingers brushed away the dust, streaking the dull red cover with brightness.
Streaking in from behind the mountain, the two warships laid the column to waste.
Tears streaking her face, she brought her hands to her chest to secure her blouse.
His hair a dark chestnut with what seemed like flames of red streaking through it.
exploding from the cave in a bolt of gold and black, streaking across the run and.
Would he care? She doubted it somehow; the man was colder than a streaking Eskimo.
streaked across the sky.
Grimy and streaked with.
as it streaked across the sky.
The sky was streaked with red.
They streaked along his cheeks.
They streaked past a black door.
Blood streaked both her cheeks.
wiped at his tear streaked cheeks.
Her face was streaked with tears.
Worry lines streaked his forehead.
Meteorites streaked across the sky.
The stars ahead streaked by faster.
His face was streaked with tears.
Shooting stars streaked across the.
Their faces were streaked with dust.
An open claw streaked towards his arm.
His face was streaked with tear tracks.
She could see his cheeks were streaked.
In hair that’s streaked with sunlight.
Dried blood and tears streaked his face.
face streaked with tears and mud and snot.
The dog streaked ahead and David followed.
Her blond hair was now streaked with gray.
From the rain – the paint had streaked.
The shaft of fanlight streaked with rain.
Its black whiskers streaked lines in the dirt.
behind him as they streaked towards the surface.
Amazingly, some kid streaked through the crowd.
dying streaks of red.
Streaks and flashes.
There were streaks.
The streaks of blood.
wind streaks and sand dunes.
You have to cut bad streaks.
"Those streaks," she thought.
I journeyed and saw streaks.
adding to the streaks of blood.
with blonde, punk streaks in it.
Sandy hair with purple streaks.
glowed with streaks of cherry red.
with white-hot streaks of lightning.
All traders will have losing streaks.
have seen winning streaks in our life.
streaks of tears running down her eyes.
Streaks of lightning stabbed the city.
Streaks of white ran through his beard.
Frances looked at the streaks of blood.
Streaks of tacky blood matted the grass.
I saw the streaks of blood along her thighs.
We’re not going over 4 game losing streaks.
Streaks of deep red had been sprayed across.
I stared at her black hair with blonde streaks.
It was an odd colour, purple with grey streaks.
The sea was emerald blue with streaks of green.
Her hair was mostly gray with wispy red streaks.
I had streaks of early knockouts that lasted weeks.
Streaks ran down the tree like rust colored tears.
Warm in the heart of rain that streaks the glass,.

Synonyms for streak

bar streak stripe run blotch