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    1. And a final note on Obama"s arrant hypocrisy: Since 2003, poor families in Washington D

    2. Falun Gong is an arrant heresy which is opposite to Buddhism

    3. lieves that Falun Gong is an arrant cult because what Falun Gong has

    4. I wasn’t- my feelings about myself are that “an arrant coward “would

    5. ‘And so was I! Did you want the whole meeting hijacked by a lot of arrant nonsense?’

    6. For arrant intellectuals to play with,

    7. And the most arrant social cowardice possible

    8. These supposed heroes were such arrant cowards, they thought the safest way to kill him was to hide outside a diner at night, and shoot him as he came out

    9. The English were such arrant cowards; that they did not dare actually establish their first forts on the actual continent of America

    10. Their parents are such arrant cowards, that they cannot face the pain of losing something they think they have become attached to and love

    11. The arrant Global hypocrisy about democracy is so obvious; that a monkey can see through it

    12. America has become a Nation of such arrant social cowards; that its own mass media censors itself

    13. Americans cannot and will not admit that they are a Nation of arrant cowards

    14. He himself was such a fucking coward… his Armed Forces were such arrant cowards… that even when they found out that Hussein’s crack Republican troops were even worse cowards than they were…they did not finish the job

    15. By the most arrant pile of magical bullshit miracles ever written to cover up the truth

    16. But he's an arrant knave

    17. —Kill the poys and the luggage! 'Tis expressly against the law of arms; 'tis as arrant a piece of knavery, mark you now, as can be offered in the 'orld

    18. Lord Bellars had treated me rascally and prov’d to be as arrant a Whoremaster as Lady Bellars had warn’d; still, I had felt ardent Affection for him—e’en if ’twas only to be dasht to Bits when I learnt of his Perfidy

    19. As for the Parisian populace, even when a man grown, it is always the street Arab; to paint the child is to paint the city; and it is for that reason that we have studied this eagle in this arrant sparrow

    20. At heart he was an arrant coward, which is the way with bullies among apes as well as among men; so he did not remain to fight and die, but tore himself away from them as quickly as he could and fled into the sheltering boughs of the forest

    21. Opinion was divided as to the bravery of the king of beasts—some maintaining that he was an arrant coward, but all agreeing that it was with a feeling of greater security that they gripped their express rifles when the monarch of the jungle roared about a camp at night

    22. 'Tis there that arrant fops display

    23. That is why there are so many "broad natures" among us who never lose their ideal even in the depths of degradation; and though they never stir a finger for their ideal, though they are arrant thieves and knaves, yet they tearfully cherish their first ideal and are extraordinarily honest at heart

    24. " This is a fine phrase of theirs, their mot d'ordre, their watchword, a phrase which these well-fed, fat friends of ours bring out at every minute, so that it has long ago bored us as an arrant Tartuffism, an empty form of words

    25. They looked upon me as an arrant fanatic

    26. Twenty years ago, in a drawing room, I dared in the presence of forty persons to moot the proposition that war was incompatible with Christianity; I was regarded as an arrant fanatic

    27. Next to her came Tay Ho, a son of Hastings, five years old, who might have divided honors with the favorites but for being an arrant rogue

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    arrant complete consummate double-dyed everlasting gross perfect pure sodding staring stark thorough thoroughgoing unadulterated utter