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    1. That does it, the tears start flowing and, with an audible sob, she buries her face in her hands, giving in to a thoroughgoing bout of emotion

    2. Each day the six new apostles were put in the hands of their respective nominators for a thoroughgoing review of all they had learned and experienced in preparation for the work of the kingdom

    3. Courage is the confidence of thoroughgoing honesty about those things which one professes to believe

    4. In the long answer to Andrew's question the Master entered upon a thoroughgoing discussion of the whole subject of human superstition

    5. Seek the company and friendship of thoroughgoing Christians

    6. He was very earnest and thoroughgoing about it, and the affair took quite a long time

    7. Delthak’s six-inchers could do that … if the thoroughgoing destruction of the Evyrtyn locks hadn’t barred the ironclad from the canal

    8. In recent decades, the mental health community had come to embrace Buddhism in an increasingly thoroughgoing way

    9. Perhaps he suspected me of jesting with him, yet, being a thoroughgoing Patriarch, and being, as well, caught off guard by Flattery—that Universal Lubricant—he tumbl’d headlong into the Pit of Philosophical Disputation

    10. Broadly speaking, the quantitative factors lend themselves far better to thoroughgoing analysis than do the qualitative factors

    11. It follows therefore that in any thoroughgoing study of an individual company, the analyst should consult the original reports and other documents wherever possible, and not rely upon summaries or transcriptions

    12. Although his judgment is usually sound, his knowledge of securities is likely to be somewhat superficial, and he cannot be expected to spare the time necessary for a thoroughgoing analysis of his clients’ holdings and problems

    13. The instability of individual companies may conceivably be offset by means of thoroughgoing diversification

    14. With full allowance for these pitfalls, it goes without saying, none the less, that security analysis must devote thoroughgoing study to corporate income accounts

    15. If, for example, he discovers that a certain steel common stock has been earning about twice as much on its market price as the industry as a whole, he has a clue to work on—or rather a suggestion to be pursued by dint of a thoroughgoing investigation of all the important qualitative and quantitative factors relating to the enterprise

    16. 1 This subject is treated at what may appear to be disproportionate length because of the growing importance of privileged issues and the absence of thoroughgoing discussion thereof in the standard descriptive textbooks

    17. As a matter of business practice, or perhaps of thoroughgoing conviction, the stock brokers and the investment services seem wedded to the principle that both investors and speculators in common stocks should devote careful attention to market forecasts

    18. A commercial banker may not be a thoroughgoing expert on security values, but he is experienced and conservative

    19. The whole field of “special situations” would come under our definition of investment operations, because the purchase is always predicated on a thoroughgoing analysis that promises a larger realization than the price paid

    20. A thoroughgoing Rasputin

    21. The fears of the more poetical Sophia Ivanovna, that Dmitri, with his thoroughgoing, resolute character, having fallen in love with a girl, might make up his mind to marry her, without considering either her birth or her station, had more ground

    22. Lady Vernon-Harcourt, to sight and hearing, seems almost a typical and thoroughgoing English woman, but Mrs

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    exhaustive thorough thoroughgoing arrant complete consummate double-dyed everlasting gross perfect pure sodding staring stark unadulterated utter