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    1. and on the new moons, and on the solemn feasts of the

    2. As a tech he was forbidden by solemn oath on the holy book to mention that

    3. "Jaseem, I took a solemn oath," he said and closed the screen

    4. We have come unto Zion, a place where God has set apart a solemn assembly designed for the things that are truly heavenly

    5. With a solemn inclination of his head, he indicated his chair

    6. He also made a solemn vow to his wife later that evening that, willing or not, Cyberia would marry the very first man, be he prince or pauper, that pressed the buzzer on the security gates that separated the family mansion from the mean streets that housed the capital’s hoi-polloi

    7. Listen now boss, when it's sunset I'll begin the solemn rites asking Athena help us get rid of the looters

    8. She spread her arms and the people followed and when she began, they joined the solemn chorus, 'Mighty Athena, Goddess of Storm and Lightning, Protectoress of our homes and villages, Protectoress of Odysseus

    9. a solemn oath that whatever you have heard, and are going to hear,

    10. ‘First I must have your most solemn promise that I

    11. They both surrendered to the solemn charge laid upon them, and each personally, privately, vowed to maintain her equilibrium and promise of service

    12. She was cheerful, attentive, solemn, at times playful, and absolutely determined that Harry should acknowledge his intentions of future companionship before she departed

    13. Her eyes grew more solemn and her face was as serious as the grave

    14. “Harry I pledged my life and my undying love for you in a solemn oath after that tempest at sea on our first voyage

    15. "Our arrangements with our clients are solemn oath, even if our words about it are casual

    16. upon a solemn embassy to Rome; and though their city had then declined from its former

    17. after supper, and were comforted by the solemn service –

    18. have broken the solemn oath of your office

    19. Already, she was very fond of the solemn little boy

    20. The service was a solemn but happy

    21. enough, the solemn man showed no sign of distaste at her unsightliness

    22. All Hellas paid me solemn homage then,

    23. was revealed when no other could succeed,” Shaedrak said with a solemn expression on his face

    24. Her voice wavered with sorrow amid that solemn oath, but nothing in her was less than sincere in every syllable

    25. Weeping not a single tear, bearing not a single warm thought, not one solemn shred of reverence

    26. As she pondered, Tullius’ face grew even more solemn

    27. When Columbus, upon his return from his first voyage, was introduced with a sort of triumphal honours to the sovereigns of Castile and Arragon, the principal productions of the countries which he had discovered were carried in solemn procession before him

    28. The princes who have dared in this manner to rebel against the church, over and above this crime of rebellion, have generally been charged, too, with the additional crime of heresy, notwithstanding their solemn protestations of their faith, and humble submission to every tenet which she thought proper to prescribe to them

    29. I sounded so solemn

    30. it was on such a solemn occasion

    31. He was sitting alone; handsome, solemn, but alone

    32. They accused my government of sponsoring a terrorist attack,’ he said, sounding both indignant and solemn in careful measures

    33. She met his solemn gaze

    34. She gave a small, solemn nod

    35. Pushing through the forest there were few animals to be seen; occasionally a rustling among the bushes announced some lordly snake on the prowl, or a chatter and cracking overhead denoted that a solemn palaver of monkeys had been disturbed

    36. another shaped itself, solemn and beautiful in the altar light

    37. It was decided, after a solemn talk, that every child should go to its

    38. They took a solemn blood oath never to discuss the incident again but as we kept asking they decided to share with us

    39. and, approaching Nels, examined his partner's face with solemn scrutiny

    40. Sitting behind each of those machines, was an agent in national uniform reading the results with a Good Friday face so solemn that it scared even the most innocent

    41. Unfortunately, I was not able to participate in the Procession with the Mother to the little church of Lombillo on Sunday, after the solemn Easter Mass in the parochial church of San Martín, where I was baptized

    42. That night he was very solemn

    43. stated Chance Kemp in a soft solemn voice

    44. There was a great deal of complaining about whether or not they would see Christmas in the States, in accordance with what they considered to have been a solemn promise by President Truman

    45. He took on a solemn expression, as if praying or concentrating deeply

    46. “I do, Truman, it’s a solemn oath

    47. He otherwise looked quite solemn, his hands tracing the pages of the book he was engrossed in

    48. He could see the spirals that tempted the dominion of the sky, the arches that rose as if in solemn prayer to God, and the Holy Gate beyond which his purpose lay

    49. “I hope you’ll stay on until the end or else we will all lose,” said Giles in a suddenly serious, almost solemn way

    50. Like I said, I require only your solemn confidentiality on this

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    Synonymes pour "solemn"

    earnest sincere solemn grave sedate sober grand overwhelming impressive majestic stately imposing august awe-inspiring serious grim stern pensive intense deliberate thoughtful reflective dignified formal ceremonial ceremonious ritual staid sacred divine hallowed reverential holy devotional sombre austere heavy