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    1. prayer his disease first abated

    2. In a moment the glow began to abate

    3. The pain didn't abate

    4. Although between us two the stories and the jokes and the games continued unabated, nonetheless the days merged together and we all grew tired of this necessary but wearing role-play with the guards

    5. Her snow white body lay naked and revealed to the world of men for the first and only time, and she found, for a moment or two, that the urgency of her other bottomless hunger abated

    6. The rest of the Hold would follow after the storm abated

    7. his hunger will never abate, but he also knows the love of a small

    8. and imprecations continued unabated, and as the young man tried

    9. Alex sits in silence, watching Billy until the spasms abate

    10. The rains marched through as if they were iron instead of water, and when in an hour or two the wind abated enough for me to look around, my wagon had floated off, the horse had bolted, and I was knee deep in a stream of runoff where my tent had been

    11. Spelman, not realizing that the storm at sea had abated and the ship once again sailed on smoothly

    12. ’ As the wind and rain continued unabated outside,

    13. Without pausing to allow them time to think, he was whirling, spinning, and jabbing at them with ferocity and strength, unyielding and unabatedly

    14. The wind and snow had abated as Jean trudged dejectedly

    15. The hooligan menace had abated dramatically, and there was a new found civic pride in the younger members of the community

    16. It had abated by the time he rode into the

    17. sound of traffic abates, the pace becomes more relaxed

    18. She went on for half an hour unabated – without a word

    19. began to abate and a light appeared up ahead

    20. abated, and the Dutch countryside grew more and more

    21. every waking moment, and the gradual abatement of the

    22. Church continues to pray for that night, it has continued to abate

    23. Mass he could – but still his guilt had not abated

    24. Jean’s discomfort had abated a little, and the world

    25. bowed and the self-recriminations continuing unabated

    26. unabated as they climbed out of the plains and upwards

    27. By solarup, the storm clouds and shrieking wind had abated, and last nights soup had been revitalized with fresh stormwater

    28. His fear began to abate slightly when

    29. the flood had largely abated

    30. As the rain abated the small group from Troyes were able

    31. ‘What’s that?’ The rain had already abated and the

    32. ” The sobs had abated, but Izzy’s voice sounded dead

    33. The gray morning had not abated the rolling thunder, though no lightning was seen to burst above

    34. “Deni, dear, you remember I cautioned you about making a habit of staring into the eyes of a Lascorii?” Deni nodded, embarrassed that her new little habit hadn't abated

    35. But if, at any time, this deduction or abatement of customs, which is to be made as aforesaid, shall in any manner be attempted and prejudiced, it shall be just and lawful for his sacred royal majesty of Portugal, again to prohibit the woollen cloths, and the rest of the British woollen manufactures

    36. 15, this indulgence was a good deal abated, and it was enacted, " That no part of the duty called the old subsidy should be drawn back for any goods of the growth, production, or manufacture of Europe or the East Indies, which should be exported from this kingdom to any British colony or plantation in America; wines, white calicoes, and muslins, excepted

    37. The winds gradually abated

    38. When the aforesaid process is allowed to go unabated, the ego literally takes command of the conscious self

    39. The heat of the sun finally abated a little

    40. Finally the winds abated and sand slowed its swirling

    41. The independent provisions, however, which in many places have been made for dissenting teachers, by means of voluntary subscriptions, of trust rights, and other evasions of the law, seem very much to have abated the zeal and activity of those teachers

    42. When the landlord chose to occupy himself a part of his own lands, the rent might be valued according to an equitable arbitration of the farmers and landlords in the neighbourhood, and a moderate abatement of the tax might be granted to him, in the same manner as in the Venetian territory, provided the rent of the lands which he occupied did not exceed a certain sum

    43. It might be of importance, however, that the abatement of the tax should encourage him to cultivate to a certain extent only

    44. When a certain portion of the produce is to be paid away for a tax, the farmer computes as well as he can, what the value of this portion is, one year with another, likely to amount to, and he makes a proportionable abatement in the rent which he agrees to pay to the landlord

    45. If any province complains of being assessed too high, it may, in the assessment of next year, obtain an abatement proportioned to the overcharge of the year before ; but it must pay in the mean time

    46. If the malt tax were to be raised to eighteen shillings upon the quarter, it might be necessary to make some abatement in the different excises which are imposed upon those particular sorts of low wines and spirits, of which malt makes any part of the materials

    47. According to this policy, the abatement of the taxes upon the distillery ought not to be so great as to reduce, in any respect, the price of those liquors

    48. When the snow abated, she turned up her nose as well as her tail at any invitation or coaxing to remain indoors

    49. She rolled on her side, curled up, letting the tears flow unabated

    50. The bitter cold gradually abated, but it remained cold enough for the men to wear their overcoats when outside the passenger car

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