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    1. What we cannot do is administer the land

    2. "But you can administer this territory?" Carlton asked, sweeping his finger around the area they intended to purchase and ignoring the other hundred million square miles of this planet that was habitable by humans

    3. A med panel can administer medications to keep one awake, but cannot remove the need for sleep

    4. The medic finds a vein and despite the distraction of rapid motion caused by hanging drip lines he is deft and assured as he inserts a catheter into her forearm, hooks up a bag of saline and begins to administer four hundred micrograms of naloxone through the intravenous connection that is keeping Bex in touch with the physical world around her

    5. Surely she wouldn’t administer the punishment, herself

    6. A praetor, therefore, was appointed to administer it in his stead

    7. According to his medical records, he instructed the nurse to administer mortal blood, type B positive

    8. of who could administer the Lord’s Supper or the

    9. Helen came back into the room with a covered tray she told me she would administer Rosie’s pain medication now and that it should see her through until tonight and that she would see me later

    10. I was not even aware he had taken my arm to administer it

    11. No, Bush's guilt is largely a matter of pure incompetence as an administrator, not very different from the many failings he had in appointing people to administer Iraq, and indeed in prosecuting and planning the quagmire of the Iraq War

    12. In addition, while students in Italy, the Cardinal Archbishop of Turin came to Grugliasco to administer the sacrament of confirmation to many young people in town, among them, José Diego who asked me to be his sponsor

    13. “Oh, make no mistake Tyrpledge; my rank, office, and related trappings of my status as Arch-minister still hold and I expect you to diligently administer the proper respect

    14. Colling placed a telephone call to the aid station and asked for one of the regimental doctors to give permission to administer penicillin for what appeared to be a strep throat

    15. “The Donatists were extreme rigorists, holding that a priest could not validly administer the sacraments if he were in a state of sin, emphasizing purity as an indispensable quality for church membership

    16. the community to administer aid programs at salaries and fees that consumed the lion"s share of

    17. government to administer the programs which have some variances from state to state

    18. grant and allow Washington State to administer Medicaid instead of being bound by ObamaCare

    19. regular basis for the UN to administer the distribution of foreign aid in addition to their other dues

    20. It is commanded by the state-owned bureaucracy that legislates on behalf of the economic area to administer the Country

    21. The organizations administer and always conduce all its activities through Usuarist Projects that allocate the resources and tasks dynamicalally

    22. It declined every further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer such lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion

    23. This because all the acquisitions that the organization does to accomplish its purposes won’t belong them, in other words, the organizations only administer the generated wealth to obtain the profit through its rendered service

    24. At some point in time all of us dog owners need to administer some dog behavior training

    25. They always arrived late, and the teacher would be waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs with a belt in hand to administer his punishment, as readers of Odyssey to Opportunity may remember

    26. Administrators would fail in their quest to administer billions of free-moving particles, billions of free-moving individuals

    27. Legislatures and voters pass laws they believe will benefit society; executives must fairly administer and defend those laws; and courts must impartially interpret the laws

    28. Air quality has been one of the EPA‘s major areas to regulate but EPA administer Carol Browner stated, ―…existing emissions inventories and air quality modeling to date… simply do not provide a sufficient analytical foundations from which to draw accurate results‖

    29. I asked Stan Wright why the El Paso office of the Defense Contract Management Agency did not administer PSL’s contracts

    30. For wherever violence is used, and injury done, though by hands appointed to administer Justice, it is still violence and injury, however colored with the name, Pretences, or Forms of Law, the end whereof being to protect and redress the innocent, by an unbiased

    31. (At the time Britain had a mandate from the League of Nations to administer Palestine

    32. “Since there are millions of them, the twenty-one of us won’t be able to administer the oath to all of them, but it’s important that the process be begun by senior leaders of The Just Alliance, in order to show the seriousness with which we regard this matter, and to show that they will be treated with respect if they comply

    33. We’ll administer the oath to the dominant and leading members of those races, then delegate the swearing of the rest who wish to accept our offer

    34. week before I asked the doctor if I could simply administer the shots myself, which would

    35. to administer the injections, and every day it hurt like a bitch all the same

    36. “It is time to administer the potion

    37. The only course open to you, the judge, is either to resign your post, and thus dissociate yourself from evil if you feel that the law you are called upon to administer is an evil and that in reality I am innocent, or to inflict upon me the severest penalty if you believe that the system and the law you are assisting to administer are good for the people of this country and that my activity is therefore injurious to the public

    38. He was about to administer the spray when

    39. Church organization to administer to his spiritual and sometimes to his

    40. thus another Triangle is formed, to administer the powers of the Logos down

    41. The Adjuster more and more was able to bring up in the mind of the Son of Man shadowy memories of his Paradise experience in association with his divine Father ere he ever came to organize and administer this local universe of Nebadon

    42. I would administer material wealth as a wise and effective trustee of the resources of one generation for the benefit and ennoblement of the next and succeeding generations

    43. 3 "And so, my friend, if you would be a faithful and just steward of your large fortune, before God and in service to men, you must approximately divide your wealth into these ten grand divisions, and then proceed to administer each portion in accordance with the wise and honest interpretation of the laws of justice, equity, fairness, and true efficiency; albeit, the God of heaven would not condemn you if sometimes you erred, in doubtful situations, on the side of merciful and unselfish regard for the distress of the suffering victims of the unfortunate circumstances of mortal life

    44. He had had to get the Doctor from his nursing home to come in and administer a sedative to a hysterical Jenni

    45. This distinction of procedure refers to the relations of the kingdom of believers to the kingdoms of secular government and does not nullify the right of social groups of believers to maintain order in their ranks and administer discipline upon unruly and unworthy members

    46. “Ensign, please bring the Rabbi back to administer the oath

    47. “Technically, since I am not an active duty Federation officer, I can't administer the oath

    48. Keller, please administer the third dose

    49. I was directed to administer every one

    50. ‘Give you a clue? Righty-ho then, here’s a clue for you!’ Then, returning to his native accent, he continued, ‘If you can scrub decks or administer medical assistance you can stay, for the time being

    1. With a great deal of very tedious effort he was able to trace Linshere to a proxie cherub account administered by a diagnostic link

    2. Thank the gods you know the cure, I will have it administered quickly

    3. Oxygen is administered and brows are wiped to clear sweat-covered strands of hair from closed eyes

    4. It ended with a very simple little story of ways to cross a river, meant to be administered to a child about one decade old

    5. The pinkie promises, forgotten in all the excitement, are now administered

    6. which will be administered on the following Saturday

    7. He is standing in the classroom in which the test will be administered, looking out the window and talking to a reporter from “The Courier” who is there at his “behest

    8. Evans jumped as the first electric shock was administered through Alex’s body

    9. Justice was then said to be administered gratis

    10. Or someone tampered with the bag before it was administered

    11. However, the kitten would need frequent medication, administered

    12. Obama was killed by one shot to the head yesterday, said shot administered by a Navy Seal, God bless him

    13. The nurse administered a hypo-spray; he fell asleep before the stasis chamber lid was reattached

    14. election, Barry Goldwater said that, if he won the election, immediately after having been administered the oath of office by the Chief Justice he would look him in the eye and tell him: „Warren, you"re under arrest

    15. The nurse administered the injection

    16. Neither does legalizing drugs promote the health of an individual otherwise under the influence of mind altering, physically debilitating drugs, in whatever manner or conditions such drugs are administered

    17. Once the determination was made to deny us admission to the museum, I calmly spoke to them in Spanish and let them know how disappointed I was of the manner in which they administered that cultural center of such historic significance and that I was going to write an article to let the world know what I considered an “inconceivable administrative ineptitude”

    18. administered every twenty-eight days for two years

    19. “The Last Supper is the sacrament administered to a dying Catholic,” you had to hear it in that pedantic, Indian-Oxford accent

    20. test administered as part of the hiring process the cops use

    21. Care and comfort was administered but the illness drained the body of any energy and fight

    22. There would be consequences, and the rest of the group tensed, before retribution was administered

    23. A perfunctory call had been placed, just to cover all bases, to the City of Limon Police Department, technically independent, but administered by the Port Authority

    24. The doctor was still dressing the eyes of the driver after having administered some sedatives for the excruciating pain that would follow the end of the adrenaline rush

    25. from across the river and administered the vows of sanyas

    26. The act is administered by the EPA and was

    27. 5 billion) are also administered by this

    28. All of these programs are administered at

    29. The $40 billion that is transferred to the states each year is totally administered by the states that even determine where and how it is spent

    30. It will be administered by the Health Human and

    31. The simplest answer to this is to eliminate Medicaid at the federal level since it is administered at the

    32. regulated? In every case the states have these organizations and in fact most of them are administered at

    33. It is administered by the states and the

    34. All the products and services of the agreed organizations become available and they are administered by own organizations through Usuarist Projects

    35. This innovative coin will be created and administered in a systemic way

    36. She administered my aptitude test

    37. That standard will be an intelligence test, administered to all adults when the present leader reaches fifty-five or begins to decline in brain function in a demonstrable way

    38. This was a case diagnosis of rapid deterioration before treatment could be arranged and administered; it would stand up on its own merits

    39. Therefore, a scientifically and centrally administered society can succeed only if a State were to mesh collectivism with scientism

    40. Once the mob finishes its assault, an Occidental Union official stands up and says, "Priest, the Honourable Occidental Union Administrators have already administered your case, and they have judged you guilty

    41. All functions relating to activities currently established, mananaged and administered by a Federal Department or Agency needs to be reviewed: [I do acknowledge the need (a) for the States to collectively establish standards, that need to be adhered to within all of the various States; and (b) I believe in a ‘small’ federal structure, whose size / functions should be established and funded through a Federal Budget; focused on our defense and international relationships (trade and defense related); but even so, if we must employ a greater breadth of agencies, we should require a ‘review and confirmation’ by a Convention of the States every 25 years

    42. The Endangered Species Act is administered by the Environmental protection Agency

    43. immediately administered a mix of oxygen and the lung re-building

    44. The “short version of PSL’s false firing rationale” was that I had hacked off a minor contract specialist (not THE ACO) at NASA’s Wallops Island, VA, facility which administered PSL’s sole source high altitude balloon contract that was performed from a site in SE TX (Palestine—nothing holy about it or them)

    45. Despite this paper change, due to my newness to the lab and its contracts, I initially had no alternative but to rely heavily and frequently upon Stan for his advice concerning the minute details of those contracts which he had formerly administered

    46. Nevertheless, I contend that the State of Connecticut executed Michael Jay just as surely as if they had strapped him to a gurney and administered lethal injections

    47. administered with an adequate level of oxygen in the inhaled air, in such a way as to

    48. read the directions, and administered it to Joseph

    49. Then, after a slight pause, he administered one to each of the rest of the crew as they passed by

    50. Then, after a slight pause, he administered one to each of the rest of the crew as they passed

    1. responsibility was administering the law - however ill-

    2. to find him administering the same purgative to both the

    3. Other than administering to him during potty breaks, he was to Alec the perfect companion

    4. He was, therefore, obliged to abandon the administration of justice, through the greater part of the country, to those who were capable of administering it; and, for the same reason, to leave the command of the country militia to those whom that militia would obey

    5. I finished my beer and the Beth and I went upstairs together she went into Rosie’s room where Dr Durkin was still administering to her and I went back to my room

    6. Recall Clinton"s midnight pardons? Thank Eric Holder for bypassing the attorneys who were tasked with administering the process

    7. She took out of her medic case a cafine/taurine infuser, administering the highest single dose

    8. The pension application process turned out to be kind of mean and arbitrary as well, with every government employee, charged with the responsibility of administering those pensions, taking great delight in conspiring to deny those benefits to anyone that actually needed them

    9. Agrippa seemed to have regained some measure of self-control, now that the machine had finally understood how it had indeed failed to execute its task, which looked liked it boiled down to hosting the game and administering the rules

    10. the main function of administering and distributing subsidies and sending money to the states to

    11. Another nurse came in to bring Bob a headache pill; she told us that Mary was administering med’s to a new patient and that she would be in later to check on Bob

    12. Also, it is new project style that executes new art of administering, without figures of the leader, manager, politician or boss

    13. It is a form of administering the activities for tasks in the new Coordenational Structure

    14. We’ve had hundreds of viewers call in and praise you for administering first aid until the paramedics arrived,” she said

    15. And eventually the law must vanish altogether, as political parties must vanish, as even the State must vanish—until we are left with just a group of Administrators administering every aspect of life and society

    16. The nurse administering the injections explained that the first two

    17. Any of us can be conditioned in this way to enjoy such experiences, to lose our dread of them, to eagerly anticipate experiencing or administering pain and bondage

    18. should be implemented from the start to avoid problems with administering your list

    19. , it was enough for Triad to continue administering the grant programs at the two Universities

    20. Soon every lawn had circles of singing, dancing elves, and at the center of each were those who were administering comfort, and those receiving it

    21. By then he was familiar enough with the music to improvise bass harmonies in counterpoint to the melody, and as he found himself administering to a pretty young elfess, he sang to her joyously and wordlessly, simply using various vowels to play with the notes

    22. Few officers have been more creative in administering the multi-tasked guardians of inland and coastal waters than the eclectic E

    23. She had always thought of herself as a caring, compassionate woman, administering her god’s will, but the truth was suddenly obvious

    24. 3 For days they talked about this problem of manifesting mercy and administering justice

    25. 3 Understanding all of this and knowing that the Master refused to work in defiance of his established laws of nature in so far as his personal conduct was concerned, you know of a certainty that he never walked on the water nor did anything else which was an outrage to his material order of administering the world; always, of course, bearing in mind that there had, as yet, been found no way whereby he could be wholly delivered from the lack of control over the element of time in connection with those matters put under the jurisdiction of the Personalized Adjuster

    26. Travis watched as Stavka's angel of mercy went on her way administering death

    27. They entered the media center and the boys introduced the girls to the center specialist who would be administering their placement exams

    28. administering it told us that all of the puzzles

    29. Their mistakes were numerous, including grinding out conclusions, administering the survey to the wrong sample of people and having a study that may have been a turnoff to many individuals

    30. Maybe this is a result of the variation of the training of each, which is long, but each involves different approaches to what the people in health care will be administering

    31. had to have a full time person administering it and assisting the programmers using it

    32. Why couldn’t the original work be done without administering that needle that

    33. She went silent for a few steps, then said, “Through administering these lessons, teachers realized that every individual was a window to the world, with a slightly different perspective; therefore there was something to be learned from each member of the society

    34. How is that a way to spend your life, being a vassal of the state in charge of administering violence

    35. “The difficulty is in administering the right anesthetic and dealing with complications

    36. ‘’SHUT UP! You owe your present throne strictly to your bloodline and have shown precious few personal abilities or skills in governing or administering your kingdom

    37. appeared to be the one who was administering the remnants of their cheap cider

    38. I thought I might have a sore neck tomorrow from all the disapproving head-shaking I was administering to this crowd

    39. Smith is administering her treatment, since none of us can, but we are monitoring her remotely

    40. He was dehydrated to the point that she wanted to start administering fluids intravenously, which she did

    41. She opened her kit on the floor, retrieved her tricorder, and began administering first aid

    42. Prior to the administering of the powder the volunteers showed one

    43. Administering the liquid form of the Resurrection Pills completed the job

    44. They cannot, or will not, perceive that the ceremonial actions in administering the Lord's Supper, about which the clergy disagree, are not mere ornamental trifles, as some suppose

    45. Peace, cessation of controversy, free thought, and liberty in administering sacraments, are excellent things to talk about, and the)-look beautiful at a distance

    46. administering floggings they avoided the action of killing so long as

    47. By this word “Am’ma”, the Almighty wants to attract our attention to that which He overwhelmed this universe with, out of His sympathy, compassion, and charity in addition to His supplying it with provision, administering justice in it, directing it within wisdom, and such like of the other perfect meanings which are folded beyond His supreme attributes without which this universe cannot be regulated, even cannot be existed or move

    48. “The ladies on the pillows will now be first at administering oral pleasure to their partner

    49. administering a strong, full kiss on her polished lips without any permission

    50. The rest of the black men open a trunk marked with a red cross and begin administering “first aid

    1. Eventually he tags a valve in one of the collapsed veins in her hand and administers adrenaline

    2. The minority of shareholders or manager of financial organizations concentrates and administers this amazing money supply with total power to make decisions on the society, without running the risks because who answers for the loss is the investor or the Central Bank when a Bank breakage

    3. Bank3Sector is the way that integrates and administers the amount of material and monetary resources that will be collected by the producing units of social services (NGO, cooperative, foundation, institute, association, public organisms, etc

    4. e) Elaboration of norm that administers the Virtual

    5. Aggregate “Real” administers the income that is

    6. Matthews?” He follows her to the lab where she administers a series of tests

    7. ing society that administers vU-

    8. Someone administers it for you

    9. V series when Dr House gets a flash diagnosis five minutes before the show finishes, having spent most of the episode faffing [messing] around discussing Lisa Cuddy’s menstrual cycle, then abruptly announces that it’s not an infection and administers the patient drugs that miraculously cures them and they bugger off home

    10. It was the best thing he could have done, far more soothing than the most eloquent words, for Jo felt the unspoken sympathy, and in the silence learned the sweet solace which affection administers to sorrow

    11. Amongst us a simpleton, possessed by the demon of hate or cupidity, who has an enemy to destroy, or some near relation to dispose of, goes straight to the grocer's or druggist's, gives a false name, which leads more easily to his detection than his real one, and under the pretext that the rats prevent him from sleeping, purchases five or six grammes of arsenic—if he is really a cunning fellow, he goes to five or six different druggists or grocers, and thereby becomes only five or six times more easily traced;—then, when he has acquired his specific, he administers duly to his enemy, or near kinsman, a dose of arsenic which would make a mammoth or mastodon burst, and which, without rhyme or reason, makes his victim utter

    12. Each state administers its own 529 plans, and while you can invest in one from out of state, it’s usually best to select one from your own state so you can qualify for state income tax deductions and have the potential to receive matching grants and scholarships if they are offered

    13. Now Jaume roves the Tyrant’s Head as Imperial Champion and leader of the Companions, and Carles administers the county in his stead as seneschal

    14. It is the custom! Then he administers the other blows with less severity, above all if he has been well paid

    15. The pseudo-Christian is obliged to do nothing or to abstain from nothing for his own salvation, since the Church administers to him everything of which he has need

    16. The Church baptizes him, anoints him, gives him the eucharist, confesses him, even after he has lost consciousness, administers extreme unction to him, and prays for him,—and he is saved

    17. Speaker, I am much less anxious what description of citizens administers the affairs of the country, than that they should be well administered; that it should protect the liberty, give to labor its just reward, and promote the happiness and prosperity of the citizens

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