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Bang в предложении (на )

  1. There was a loud bang.
  2. Bang bang on the door.
  3. A bang filled the cab.
  4. Was there a Big Bang?
  5. He waited for the bang.

  6. Bang your foot on the.
  7. Bang! The case is over!.
  8. Bang, there's a CCTV there.
  9. Bang bang on the door baby.
  10. I got a big bang out of it.
  11. I think you could bang that.
  12. I got a big bang out of that.
  13. There was a bang on the glass.
  14. Not with a bang but a whimper.
  15. The bang made everyone wince.

  16. It came down with a huge bang.
  17. Then there was a bang as his.
  18. Bang, bump, thump, and tumble.
  19. She then heard a loud bang and.
  20. Doc put his cup down with a bang.
  21. Bang bang bang on the door baby!.
  22. The garden gate was heard to bang.
  23. Let them stay out there and bang.
  24. I hear a bang, and the glass cracks.
  25. With a loud BANG, the job was done.

  26. With a bang of the gavel onto the.
  27. Bang, I didn't mean to offend you.
  29. Or the bang and thud of furniture.
  30. The lid fell shut with a deep bang.
  31. The loud bang of the door slamming.
  32. The bang of the rifle made him jump.
  33. BANG something fell down the stairs.
  34. This is what caused the so big bang.
  35. The most bang for your buck, ya know.
  36. The Big Bang in the Scheme of Things.
  37. Bang! She had run to slam her door!.
  38. And she put the phone down with a bang.
  39. The point the big bang started from.
  40. Also does the Big Bang guarantee that.
  41. Tam what was that bang? Mum asked.
  42. The door opens and it shuts with a bang.
  43. The wooden door kicked open with a bang.
  44. There was a bang and a shower of sparks.
  45. I heard the atlas fall open with a bang.
  46. A loud bang on the doors interrupted him.
  47. Janelle slid the window open with a bang.
  48. A loud bang wakes me up the next morning.
  49. The door to the study opened with a bang.
  50. You’ve had a nasty bang on the noggin.
  51. So trip on the cat and bang on the drum!.
  52. Bang! I heard the bullet strike the tree.
  53. Babies bang their heads against the wall.
  54. Bang, the gavel falls! The case is over!.
  55. I heard the front door open and bang shut.
  56. When revelation comes, it hits with a bang.
  57. When revelation hits, it hits with a bang.
  58. His bang up could not hold him back from.
  59. I wanted to bang my head against the table.
  60. Bang! Her right leg numbed from the impact.
  61. See you in the morning and I’ll bang.
  62. Each universe arises from a big bang, but.
  63. When revelation hits, she hits with a bang.
  64. Bang! He brought his gavel down on that fly.
  65. Doesn’t the Big Bang Theory with all its.
  66. The news broke with a bang all by itself.
  67. My heart started to bang against my ribcage.
  68. With a bang bang here and a bang bang there.
  69. When enlightenment comes, it hits with a bang.
  70. There was a sharp bang and the sound of bells.
  71. It had to be that which had made such a bang.
  72. The familiar, happy routine, bang, it's gone.
  73. She went to the door and began to bang at it.
  74. You''re going to get to go out with a bang.
  75. Bang and bang and the sound of the struck gong.
  76. There was a loud bang and she woke with a jolt.
  77. When they returned, bang bang they’d be dead.
  78. There never was a big bang, at as been assumed.
  79. Tracey closed the lid of her laptop with a bang.
  80. An idea that would give him a better bang for.
  81. Bang! This time I hit him, but did not kill him.
  82. The bang on the head had made everything a blur.
  83. Then, BANG! Bumpo slammed the door and locked it.
  84. There was a loud bang and everything went black.
  85. The mole's excursion into Latin sparked the bang.
  86. The coffins were stored at Bang Maruan Cemetery.
  87. This affair is truly going to cause a bang, sir.
  88. Science says the Big Bang created all the matter.
  89. It stroke somewhere mercilessly with a loud bang.
  90. The bigger the gamma, the more bang for the buck.
  91. Preceding the Big Bang (which created this local.
  92. Had that look been a gun, it would’ve gone bang.
  93. There was a loud bang and the boat lunged forward.
  94. The bang split the night with cleaver-sharp sound.
  95. It is one thing to say that The Big Bang was the.
  96. There is a Universe that started with the Big Bang.
  97. There was a loud bang and a whooshing roar as the.
  98. Here a bang, there a bang, everywhere a bang bang.
  99. Bang! A loud shot echoed through the small village.
  100. Other rockets produce a loud bang and colour balls.
  1. She was banging on the door.
  2. He twisted back, banging his.
  3. Someone was banging on his door.
  4. Someone was banging on the gate.
  5. Banging on the wall in a futile.
  6. A banging of the desk can follow.
  7. With her heart banging against her.
  8. After much banging, it tumbled over.
  9. The tail gun was banging away behind.
  10. And it slammed hard, banging the wall.
  11. More like a banging bit of slime mold.
  12. A loud banging on the door shocked them.
  13. I here scuffing and banging in my room.
  14. That was the shutter that was banging.
  15. She hit the ground hard, banging her hip.
  16. If they thought banging the senator’s.
  17. Renewed banging on the door makes her jump.
  18. Nevertheless, he once again started banging.
  19. After banging the gavel he looked to Lindsey.
  20. The monsters were banging on his office door.
  21. The crowd stopped banging their trishuls at.
  22. The banging stops and the silence is startling.
  23. They were surprised to hear a banging at the door.
  24. The banging and drilling was louder than ever now.
  25. Now he is in the elevator banging on the button!.
  26. Someone was banging a drum and others were dancing.
  27. All she can hear is shuffling, moaning and banging.
  28. Well, banging on what had once been his office door.
  29. He was sitting on the couch banging away on a laptop.
  30. Gloria could hear her banging around in the bathroom.
  31. Connery was interrupted by a banging on the cell bars.
  32. There was a lot of banging and noise coming from the.
  33. The door was glowing and a banging was coming from it.
  34. Probably it felt better, the way his head was banging.
  35. Danny began softly banging his head against the table.
  36. The banging on the door jolted Tracey from her fantasy.
  37. Frank turned, banging his hand against the wooden frame.
  38. Rocky blocked with Mike while banging out the bank hitch.
  39. As soon as the Dachshund stopped banging his head on the.
  40. Christina turns and leaves, without banging the door shut.
  41. This was danger and the loud banging Rory heard was his.
  42. Grandpa Wellbeloved is for banging their heads together.
  43. So you can keep banging her, like I believe you have been.
  44. She was banging on the door and calling out to my roommate.
  45. And Dot said, "There will be a lot of banging in the land".
  46. You know what that hammering and banging outside is for?
  47. I heard a loud banging noise again and again, over and over.
  48. First, Spalding was banging his secretary—real pretty girl.
  49. We would have all our bishops banging on our door in protest.
  50. From outside she began hearing clanging and banging noises.
  51. The powerful banging on the door motivated her to move upward.
  52. After several minutes of silence, he heard a loud banging on.
  53. Bun ran around in little circles of the cage purposely banging.
  54. The King interrupted the murmurs by banging on the floor of the.
  55. Open up! Batistuta yelled, whilst banging his hand on the.
  56. He’s a more sensible head that what you’re banging around.
  57. Then, he started banging on the door, while shouting out insults.
  58. Sing! Sing! they all sang banging their hands on the table.
  59. She must’ve done the banging to get Maurice out of the trailer.
  60. Millie, what's that banging noise? Put your grandpa on the phone.
  61. The wind was strongly blowing, banging against everything it met.
  62. All I could hear was a quiet banging noise at the back of my head.
  63. The truckie was already there, swearing and banging on the window.
  64. I don’t have much of a life here other than banging Rita and.
  65. There was a wild sirening on the phone and a whistling and banging.
  66. The Professor began banging at the computer’s keyboard, as if he.
  67. She keeps slamming the cabinet doors and banging the pots and pans.
  68. The Professor had given her a key to stop her banging on the door:.
  69. Sam heard a burst of hoarse singing, blaring of horns and banging of.
  70. He was going around with a hammer and banging nails into hydro poles.
  71. What were you doing in here? Banging it? Steve asked with a smile.
  72. Well that's because you've been locked away in here, banging Holly.
  73. Danny’s knees were weak, banging against each other under the table.
  74. We were interrupted by the sound of someone banging on the shop door.
  75. Let’s haul off, he cried, banging his shoulder against my head.
  76. She came by on Thursday, banging on the door and calling out for Tom.
  77. The lion-tamer, in a banging cloud of pistol-fire, bounded into the ring.
  78. She grabbed a pan from the cupboard and started banging it on the ground.
  79. The sound of a mighty gate closing on oblivion, tomb doors banging shut.
  80. Avoid slates and softer rocks, and test others by banging them together.
  81. Banging is a stress free life cos the OG’s got everything took care of.
  82. He would spend much time banging it and seemed to use it as a method of.
  83. No bloody way! he barked, banging the flat of his hand on the desk.
  84. Forget it, Aquarius said as banging quickly stopped , then started.
  85. The loud and incessant banging upon the wall was becoming very irritating.
  86. The tavern keeper had contemplated banging on Gareths door to inquire if.
  87. Gilmore, not looking where he’s knocking, starts banging on Duke’s head.
  88. The defendant’s motion is granted, says the judge, banging the gavel.
  89. Anxious about banging his sore knee, he could not discern anything in front.
  90. George and as if the Sphere agents had heard him, there was a banging at the.
  91. The Princess began screeching and straining and banging against the quayside.
  92. He continued banging on the glass separating the driver from him, to no avail.
  93. He felt awful, much worse than the days spent with a banging headache of late.
  94. He stomped down on it and heard banging sounds, He also felt it give a little.
  95. The blade is still in her pocket, banging up against the Tommy gun by her side.
  96. What was all that banging around upstairs about? Susan wanted to challenge her.
  97. He heard her feeding the cat, and then pots and pans banging away in the kitchen.
  98. Well Christine and I heard the bed bouncing and banging against the wall!.
  99. He gripped the umbrella, unconsciously banging it mercilessly against his thigh.
  100. How is that working for you honey? Is he banging his boyfriend on the side?
  1. He banged his gavel once.
  2. He banged the door shut.
  3. Someone banged on the door.
  4. Guns banged in the streets.
  5. The judge banged his gavel.
  6. The door banged behind him.
  7. He banged it several times.
  8. Standing, he banged on the.
  9. Mann banged on the cell bars.
  10. Mink banged away at the soup.
  11. The bill of his cap banged.
  12. Bones and boys banged a turn.
  13. I banged my fist on the table.
  14. The train shuddered and banged.
  15. A little banged up and bloodied.
  16. The top of his hand banged down.
  17. He banged a pliers on the counter.
  18. Again the kendo stick banged down.
  19. He banged his gavel as he seated.
  20. Screen doors banged one after the.
  21. A soldier banged on the rear window.
  22. His head banged against the coarse.
  23. He banged on the door and hopped in.
  24. How Miles must have banged her about.
  25. I banged the door open as I heard a.
  26. Mr Punnu banged his fist on the table.
  27. The major dents are all banged out.
  28. He banged his shin and bit back a yelp.
  29. We banged on the door and when nothing.
  30. He banged his forehead against the wall.
  31. Annie banged it behind her, and was gone.
  32. In fact, I banged my head on the ceiling.
  33. She laughed loudly and banged the counter.
  34. Merthin banged on the woodwork and waited.
  35. The cargo banged down and boxes broke open.
  36. The front door banged a few seconds later.
  37. Just then something hard banged against me.
  38. I banged my hand pretty hard on the fall.
  39. The truck rattled and banged over the road.
  40. My helmet banged painfully against my skull.
  41. He banged them together as hard as he could.
  42. I ran back to the house and banged the door.
  43. They banged on the ark with their fists and.
  44. He banged on the metal underside of the desk.
  45. He hustled the boy out and banged the door to.
  46. Rapp banged on it a few times before entering.
  47. A door banged wide in a little hut by the shore.
  48. Bernadette had banged her head in the collision.
  49. Everything jostled and banged around on the train.
  50. He had banged, apparently, on the steering wheel.
  51. She banged her head with the heel of her hand and.
  52. I banged on the window, but he couldn’t hear me.
  53. Curley jumped out the door and banged it after him.
  54. Donald’s SUV was banged up, appearing inoperable.
  55. Exultant, they banged a trio of shouts down the wind.
  56. LET US BE IN ORDER, Hap said as he banged the.
  57. I banged my head on the backrest in front of me and.
  58. Judge Marshall banged his gavel to adjourn for lunch.
  59. Since I sleep on concrete, I was a little banged up.
  60. My machine gun banged against my chin and shoulders.
  61. The other confessional door banged wide with a curse.
  62. He banged his fi st rapidly against the wall of the.
  63. Open up! Police! Ellie banged on the door again.
  64. Her heart banged against the hard tile underneath her.
  65. Celeste banged her chest with her fist and coughed.
  66. I rang the bell and banged at the door with my shoes.
  67. Ted stepped over to the window and banged on the glass.
  68. His hand banged against his nose, but it didn’t hurt.
  69. Carlus banged the table, and slowly they quietened down.
  70. She opened her mouth to argue, but the door banged open.
  71. Crom! I wonder if it was Zargheba who banged that gong.
  72. She banged the boxes against my head but took the advice.
  73. The door banged hard against the pink stucco front wall.
  74. It banged against the side of the bed with a muted clang.
  75. Joseph Martin nodded his head and banged his gavel again.
  76. Unfortunately for the Mastiff, he banged the side of his.
  77. She banged over and over again, but Anderson ignored her.
  78. I banged on the restroom door then threatened to break it.
  79. The policeman banged his truncheon against some metal and.
  80. Annabeth and I tumbled to the ground, banged up but alive.
  81. In fact, I was moving so fast that I banged into the half-.
  82. Colia promptly banged the door in their faces and locked it.
  83. His wife almost fell into the room as she banged on the door.
  84. He banged his head on the table and called himself an idiot.
  85. The army cheered and banged their weapons onto their shields.
  86. They came to the porch and banged on the main entrance door.
  87. Mike banged a portable radio that was standing at the monitor.
  88. He rang the bell, banged at the door and shouted his wifes.
  89. He leaped into the carriage after Nastasia and banged the door.
  90. Shut up! Krill banged his hammer on the little stone pad.
  91. He crawled forward a few feet and banged his fist on the wood.
  92. The door suddenly banged open with the wind as someone entered.
  93. The Judge banged his gavel and called for Lindsey to continue.
  94. It is so ordered! Hap said as he banged the gavel on the.
  95. Barely pausing to consider the consequences, Tom banged loudly.
  96. I banged the door closed hard enough to rattle the jars inside.
  97. Her pussy is damn near worthless; been banged all out of shape.
  98. He could have banged his head or broken an arm or something.
  99. The ceiling sloped down so much that he would have banged his.
  100. He probably yelled and swore and banged his fists on the table.
  1. The judge bangs his gavel.
  2. A few bangs later, he had.
  3. She bangs again and waits again.
  4. She bangs on the door and waits.
  5. Actually it is two bangs, not one.
  6. I noted an overabundance of bangs.
  7. More crashes, more bangs, more voices.
  8. His long bangs hung over his features.
  9. Her long bangs needed cutting and she.
  10. Joe Elegant was a pale young man with bangs.
  11. And that’s when the front door bangs open.
  12. Rhone tucked his bangs up under the brim of.
  13. Gary sat beside her, bangs hanging in his face.
  14. I bet he bangs off about you, she grinned.
  15. There were more bangs and the ship shook again.
  16. Several quick pullbacks from the bangs with the.
  17. Something bangs against the back window of the car.
  18. Her sexy bangs always helped to frame her delicately.
  19. He bangs the trays on the wall to loosen the food scraps.
  20. She went 'pfffff', in the way that made her bangs blow upwards.
  21. The lesser ones that wanted to be part of the bangs but were.
  22. The door bangs shut and I quickly move furniture up against it.
  23. He bangs on his clean clothes seven times before he puts them on.
  24. Without warning, there were three heavy bangs at the big double doors.
  25. One wore it straight and with bangs while another was curly and shorter.
  26. With a sudden series of loud bangs the three scientists quickly had their.
  27. Beneath tousled red bangs, her big green eyes scan the mess surrounding her.
  28. Her hair was in loose waves and a white bow pinned back her grown out bangs.
  29. One says something to another and the jamb splinters and the door bangs open.
  30. Sporadic bangs and a loud cheery voice invaded the silence, cutting through.
  31. You give Miss Bangs my respects, and tell her that she can’t be too careful.
  32. Gary parted his bangs from his face and shot her another one of his rare smiles.
  33. Before he leaves the shelter he bangs on it seven times to chase out the demons.
  34. His bangs concealed then revealed his dark eyes, depending on how the wind blew.
  35. Then what is our purpose? Gary asked, brushing the bangs back from his face.
  36. Her hair’s a little different, as she has bangs now, where she didn’t before.
  37. There's another series of bangs and more shouting from the other side of the door.
  38. The young man laughed manically as his black bangs cascaded over his wild gray stare.
  39. He watched as her bangs fell over her forehead and into her eyes and she swept them.
  40. Bangs hang down over your forehead, black bar of war paint set your eyes in deep shadows.
  41. There were a few more bangs and flashes, but we were better prepared and continued onwards.
  42. As he is entering the sophomore wing the closing door bangs against the side of the trolley.
  43. A door bangs in the house and my mother jumps – she jumps these days at the slightest noise.
  44. That was in the era of bangs and frizzes and heads of hair that resembled ill-used dish mops.
  45. We can stop at a gas station and ask for a map, Gary said, flinging his bangs from his face.
  46. The judge quieted the room with two hard bangs of his gavel and said, I’d like to hear this, Mr.
  47. A youth of about sixteen leaned against the brick wall of the school, black bangs hanging in his face.
  48. His Paul McCartney–type haircut frames his face, bangs sweeping low across the tops of his eyebrows.
  49. Her hair is cropped, moon face, she maintains her bangs through the therapy, she is in full remission.
  50. Behind Alicia, a little waist-high girl was giving them wide eyes from under her braided and beaded bangs.
  51. His face was red and wracked beneath the pale bangs sticking out beneath the brim of his plain steel cap.
  52. Do you want to do this with me? Victoria moves her red bangs out of her face and presents two pills.
  53. She has the front of her hair in bangs and the rest of her hair pulled back in a long dreadlock pony tail.
  54. Hayley took her mouth off and ducked at the last second, letting Austin shoot thin white ropes into her bangs.
  55. We all know our car’s idiosyncrasies; creaks, groans and bangs, and he felt that his was in some way faulty.
  56. Families of the girls are in the grandstands, Jane Bangs mother present, the only surviving member of the family.
  57. While he runs, the pouch full of shiny stones bangs on his bottom, tied to his waste from a strip of animal skin.
  58. She suddenly remembered to incline her head downward, using her white bangs and wet hair to conceal her features.
  59. The rat-a-tat bangs of the Fourth of July pyrotechnics overhead pumped adrenaline into my already overloaded system.
  60. She nervously brushed her blond bangs from her forehead and breathlessly exclaimed, "They are the two of them dead!".
  61. The bangs had now reached seven, and we had not the slightest doubt it was an attack of robbers, and so it proved to be.
  62. He leans forward and reaches out to shut the window, and that's the moment when several loud bangs pound against his door.
  63. As she groped for comprehension she became aware that there was a commotion going on inside the hall: yells, bangs, thuds.
  64. Armed with a dustbin lid, he'd stationed himself outside the lodge, while, from inside came the sound of crashes and bangs.
  65. Prompted by the mournful groan of burning timbers and clanking bangs, Johnny crouched down to suck feverishly at the clear liquid.
  66. The cut may be a short bob, a shoulder-length fall of hair, or even a waist-length style, and the hair may be cut with or without bangs.
  67. Bangs came, said Beth had symptoms of the fever, but he thought she would have it lightly, though he looked sober over the Hummel story.
  68. Her hair was clipped short, with those lesbian-like bangs I was trying to get her to clip by pointing out more attractive styles on other women.
  69. He almost had the feeling that Regan had planned it this way, that it was part of the same disappearing act as the cardigan and the drooping bangs.
  70. Tripping over the edge of the 'new' carpet Darren falls backwards onto the floor and bangs his head on the hard tiling that makes up the fireplace.
  71. The photo was different from the yearbook but not too: Diondra with the mousse-hard curls and the cresting bangs, charcoal eyeliner and pink lipgloss.
  72. William Bangs was reiterating this to his wife’s niece, who stood regarding his potato patch rather disdainfully through the glamour of a lorgnette.
  73. I like to picture her running into some self-impressed Williamsburg bitch, all Bettie Page bangs and pointy glasses, who owns the same poster ironically.
  74. Boys and girls flip over themselves, splash water over your face, your bangs hang right above eye level, you parry jets spewing from the mouths of play fighters.
  75. Blowing her bangs out her hair, she set her shoulders, held her head high, showing the world that Massie Block was capable of dealing with whatever it threw at her.
  76. It may do this very fast and provide an array of colours, shapes, whizzes and bangs, but every time a key is pressed it performs fundamental routines over and over again.
  77. Now Macklin bangs on the kitchen table and shouts, Order in the court! I said, order in the court! And the room erupts in a riot of whistles, catcalls, and stomping feet.
  78. He then notices a skinny taller girl with a very dark complexion, wearing a light framed glasses, a light colored dress, and bangs in front of her head, in the back of the group.
  79. Margarita quickly comes out of the door wearing her hair hanging around her back and shoulders with bangs on her forehead, a grey sleeveless and shoulderless shirt and black pants.
  80. A series of loud bangs caught Saddlebrook's attention, and when his vision cleared, he could see his Minion Droid clinging to the canopy of the craft, trying to catch his attention.
  81. Any way, there we were, in our cramped quarters when, on the thirteenth of April, 1940, yes it was past midnight so it was the thirteenth, we were startled by a loud bangs on the door.
  82. She was now forty-four years old, petite and thin, with reddish-blonde hair cut in a bob and bangs that still showed plenty of her freckles—Irish sprinkles, she had called them once.
  83. You have never heard of Frau Hoffmann von Hoffmansthal? She shook her head with the beautiful blond bangs, then added with a hint of reverence in her voice: She owns this place.
  84. However, my agents were able to ascertain that the civilian residents around Muroc have started complaining about what are most probably repeated supersonic bangs as early as six months ago.
  85. The Finnish minister of foreign affairs, who presided over the armistice talks, finally opened the meeting with three bangs of his gavel on the table, speaking first in English and then in Russian.
  86. We never shall be rich, and Plumfield may burn up any night, for that incorrigible Tommy Bangs will smoke sweet-fern cigars under the bed-clothes, though he's set himself afire three times already.
  87. Tired of dealing with your bangs? One mini makeover that takes care of the same old hairstyle is to style your tresses as usual and keep your bangs off your face by pushing it aside of pinning them up.
  88. Simply put, if a salesman experiences anger when on her own and bangs her fist and this then arouses her to peak performance then it is unpleasant-helpful in that context but totally harmful in most other cases.
  89. It also doesn’t help that Sarah is actually pretty even though she styles her dyed black hair long and straight with the bangs cut above her brow and has a fetish for black jeans and ugly puppy-patterned tops.
  90. Suddenly Holanam stopped laughing and pushed the bangs of his black hair out of his brown eyes as two dragons appeared in the valley far below them, so far away that they could barely be seen to be a black and a bronze.
  91. Answering his "I won't open" with three bangs with my fist on the door, and shouting after him that I was sure he would send Nastasya for me three times that day, but I would not come, I gave him up and ran off to Yulia Mihailovna.
  92. It was also necessary to fill the screenplays with corpses, creating a sort of limitation to the imagination of screenwriters: duels and ambushes are all alike after a while! Faces changed (not always), there were a few variations of bangs or sbonks, but things were more or less the same.
  93. It was as if, at moments, we were perpetually coming into sight of subjects before which we must stop short, turning suddenly out of alleys that we perceived to be blind, closing with a little bang that made us look at each other—for, like all bangs, it was something louder than we had intended—the doors we had indiscreetly opened.
  94. Then, when it's frozen you stiff, it plays that fine sweet soul-searching music that smells of fresh-washed frocks of women dancing on back-yard lines in May, that sounds like haystacks trampled into wine, all that blue sky and summer night-on-the-lake kind of tune until your head bangs with the drums that look like full moons beating around the calliope.
  95. She tries to settle her mind, tries to focus on an image of a candle flame burning at the center of her rib cage, a snail drawn up into the coils of its shell, but her heart bangs in her chest and pulses of fear cycle up her spine, and she is suddenly uncertain whether a sighted person in the foyer can look up the curves of the stairwell and see all the way to the third floor.
  96. As Kathy reaches the top of the second flight, suddenly a big large knife plunges hard, right into her abdominal! Kathy lets out a bloodcurdling scream! The knife, which is being held by a hand wearing a black glove and an arm wearing a long thick black sleeve, then plunges right into Kathy's chest! Kathy screams out in pain again! She is being stabbed! Blood splatters everywhere! The glove covered hand repeatedly plunges the large knife hard and fast into Kathy's chest and abdominal areas several times! Blood is all over Kathy! She continues to let out a horrible scream! The knife then plunges hard and fast into Kathy's neck! It plunges hard and fast into Kathy's neck several times! Kathy falls down the stairs and lands on the bottom of the flight! The glove covered hand and sleeve covered arm suddenly pulls the hallway door on top of the second flight and angrily bangs it open! The glove covered hand and sleeve covered arm angrily goes into the hallway, away from the staircase doorway, still holding the bloody knife as the staircase door slams shut! A second hallway door on that same floor suddenly bangs open, then slams shut!.
  97. Mark still refuses! Suddenly, Dana violently kicks Mark real hard in the groin! She jumps up and throws her entire arm across the air, banging it with such great force against Mark's head, knocking his whole entire body down to the floor! Mark bawls out in pain! Dana turns around and starts to head for Mark's front door again! Suddenly, Mark leaps up behind Dana and grabs her by the neck! He pulls her back into a choke hold! Dana violently elbows Mark real hard in the stomach and stomps her heel real hard on his foot! Mark screams and bawls out in pain again! Dana quickly turns around towards Mark! She takes her iron fists and throws several straight blows to Mark's face, busting his eye and breaking his nose! Then she swings her entire left arm around in the air and violently bangs her fist hard underneath Mark's throat, breaking his jaw and causing his entire body to leap up, lifting both of his feet off the floor! Dana's body spins around as Mark falls down to the floor again, yelling out in pain! Mark's nose and eyes are bleeding! He staggers as he tries to get up! He starts to fight Dana! Dana fights him back! She fights Mark with all her might! She fights him very fast as Mark violently fights her back! They both grab a choke hold onto each other's neck! They are rolling all over the place, knocking everything down in their path, making a lot of noise! Neighbors from next door and downstairs start to hear the commotion and the heavy banging, wondering what the heck is happening or what the heck is going on!.
  98. Dana and Mark continue to violently fight each other! They start to beat on each other real bad! Dana violently fights Mark using kick boxing and Hapkido! She punches Mark! She throws several straight blows to his face again! She elbows Mark! She kung fu's Mark! She knees Mark! She knees him real hard again and again in the groin area! Mark bawls over in pain! Dana throws Mark another uppercut under the chin, knocking Mark down to the floor again! Dana bends down and grabs Mark! She lifts him up and violently shoves him to the wall, banging his entire body hard against the wall! As Mark's body bounces back off the wall, Dana raises her knee and violently bangs her knee real hard against Mark's abdomen! Mark bawls out in pain again! Dana quickly spins her whole entire body around and kung fu kicks Mark's head and body real hard to the floor! Then she bends down and grabs Mark by the neck, putting him into another choke hold! Mark also grabs Dana by the neck, putting her into a choke hold! They both have a choke hold of each other's neck as they both roll all over the place again, knocking everything down within their path again! Then they both race right towards the wall at a very fast speed! At the last second, Dana suddenly pulls back as Mark's head slams hard into the wall! Mark yells out in pain as Dana grabs his head and violently bangs her knee against Mark's head, causing Mark's entire body to flip back real hard against the floor again! Dana bends down and grabs Mark by the neck again! She pulls him up by the neck and grabs his head, putting him into another choke hold! Then she grabs Mark's entire head and violently bangs her knee and fist against Mark's head again, causing Mark's entire body to flip back down to the floor again! Dana bends down and grabs Mark by the neck again! She puts him into another choke hold! Mark grabs Dana's neck again also! They both have a choke hold of each other's neck again as they both race towards the wall again at a very fast speed! This time, Dana's head hits the wall! She falls to the floor! She is sort of woozy! Mark starts to sit on top of Dana's body as she lays face up on the floor! His face, mouth and clothes are all covered with blood as he puts his entire body weight right on top of Dana's neck and chest! Then he unzips his pants and tries to force oral sex on Dana! He tries to jam his penis into her mouth! He tries very hard to jam his penis into Dana's mouth, but is having a hard time doing so because Dana has her mouth tightly shut! Her mouth remains tightly shut as Mark tries to force his penis into her mouth! As Mark tries to force his penis into Dana's mouth, she suddenly opens her mouth wide and bites down real hard onto his penis! Mark lets out a bloodcurdling scream! He is in pain! He tries to break his penis away from Dana's teeth grip, but she will not let go! Mark continues to scream out in pain! He is in agony! He then falls his body to the floor trying to break his penis away from Dana's teeth grip, but she still keeps biting down hard onto his penis, not letting go! Dana then holds her face downwards as she continues to bite down hard onto Mark's penis! She begins to draw blood! Mark continues to scream out in pain! He pleads for mercy! He kicks his legs real hard and starts to pound his fists real hard on Dana's back, but she still will not budge! Mark tries to use any hard object he can find within his reach to slam Dana with, but still, she will not let go! Dana continues to gripe down real hard onto Mark's penis with her teeth, drawing more and more blood! Mark's entire body is shaking! His face is red and sweating in pain! He continues to holler and scream out for mercy! He is in great agony!.
  99. The court room responds, the judge bangs his gravel,.

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