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Bang в предложении (на )

1. There was a loud bang.
2. Was there a Big Bang?
3. A bang filled the cab.
4. Bang bang on the door.
5. He waited for the bang.
6. Bang your foot on the.
7. Bang! The case is over!.

8. I got a big bang out of it.
9. Bang, there's a CCTV there.
10. Bang bang on the door baby.
11. I think you could bang that.
12. I got a big bang out of that.
13. The bang made everyone wince.
14. Not with a bang but a whimper.
15. There was a bang on the glass.
16. Then there was a bang as his.
17. Bang, bump, thump, and tumble.
18. It came down with a huge bang.
19. She then heard a loud bang and.
20. Bang bang bang on the door baby!.
21. Doc put his cup down with a bang.
22. The garden gate was heard to bang.
23. Let them stay out there and bang.
24. The lid fell shut with a deep bang.
25. Bang, I didn't mean to offend you.
26. Or the bang and thud of furniture.
28. With a loud BANG, the job was done.
29. I hear a bang, and the glass cracks.
30. With a bang of the gavel onto the.
31. The bang of the rifle made him jump.
32. The loud bang of the door slamming.
33. BANG something fell down the stairs.
34. The Big Bang in the Scheme of Things.
35. Bang! She had run to slam her door!.
36. The most bang for your buck, ya know.
37. This is what caused the so big bang.
38. And she put the phone down with a bang.
39. The wooden door kicked open with a bang.
40. Also does the Big Bang guarantee that.
1. She was banging on the door.
2. He twisted back, banging his.
3. Someone was banging on his door.
4. Someone was banging on the gate.
5. A banging of the desk can follow.
6. Banging on the wall in a futile.
7. With her heart banging against her.
8. After much banging, it tumbled over.
9. The tail gun was banging away behind.
10. More like a banging bit of slime mold.
11. And it slammed hard, banging the wall.
12. I here scuffing and banging in my room.
13. A loud banging on the door shocked them.
14. That was the shutter that was banging.
15. If they thought banging the senator’s.
16. She hit the ground hard, banging her hip.
17. Renewed banging on the door makes her jump.
18. Nevertheless, he once again started banging.
19. The crowd stopped banging their trishuls at.
20. After banging the gavel he looked to Lindsey.
21. The monsters were banging on his office door.
22. The banging stops and the silence is startling.
23. They were surprised to hear a banging at the door.
24. The banging and drilling was louder than ever now.
25. Someone was banging a drum and others were dancing.
26. All she can hear is shuffling, moaning and banging.
27. Now he is in the elevator banging on the button!.
28. Well, banging on what had once been his office door.
29. He was sitting on the couch banging away on a laptop.
30. Gloria could hear her banging around in the bathroom.
31. There was a lot of banging and noise coming from the.
32. Connery was interrupted by a banging on the cell bars.
33. The door was glowing and a banging was coming from it.
34. Danny began softly banging his head against the table.
35. Probably it felt better, the way his head was banging.
36. The banging on the door jolted Tracey from her fantasy.
37. Frank turned, banging his hand against the wooden frame.
38. Rocky blocked with Mike while banging out the bank hitch.
39. Christina turns and leaves, without banging the door shut.
40. As soon as the Dachshund stopped banging his head on the.
1. He banged his gavel once.
2. He banged the door shut.
3. Someone banged on the door.
4. Guns banged in the streets.
5. He banged it several times.
6. The door banged behind him.
7. The judge banged his gavel.
8. Mink banged away at the soup.
9. Standing, he banged on the.
10. The bill of his cap banged.
11. Mann banged on the cell bars.
12. Bones and boys banged a turn.
13. I banged my fist on the table.
14. The train shuddered and banged.
15. A little banged up and bloodied.
16. The top of his hand banged down.
17. He banged his gavel as he seated.
18. Again the kendo stick banged down.
19. He banged a pliers on the counter.
20. A soldier banged on the rear window.
21. Screen doors banged one after the.
22. His head banged against the coarse.
23. He banged on the door and hopped in.
24. How Miles must have banged her about.
25. Mr Punnu banged his fist on the table.
26. The major dents are all banged out.
27. I banged the door open as I heard a.
28. He banged his shin and bit back a yelp.
29. We banged on the door and when nothing.
30. He banged his forehead against the wall.
31. Annie banged it behind her, and was gone.
32. She laughed loudly and banged the counter.
33. In fact, I banged my head on the ceiling.
34. Just then something hard banged against me.
35. The cargo banged down and boxes broke open.
36. Merthin banged on the woodwork and waited.
37. The front door banged a few seconds later.
38. I banged my hand pretty hard on the fall.
39. The truck rattled and banged over the road.
40. I ran back to the house and banged the door.
1. The judge bangs his gavel.
2. A few bangs later, he had.
3. She bangs again and waits again.
4. She bangs on the door and waits.
5. Actually it is two bangs, not one.
6. I noted an overabundance of bangs.
7. More crashes, more bangs, more voices.
8. His long bangs hung over his features.
9. Her long bangs needed cutting and she.
10. Joe Elegant was a pale young man with bangs.
11. And that’s when the front door bangs open.
12. Rhone tucked his bangs up under the brim of.
13. Gary sat beside her, bangs hanging in his face.
14. I bet he bangs off about you, she grinned.
15. There were more bangs and the ship shook again.
16. Several quick pullbacks from the bangs with the.
17. Something bangs against the back window of the car.
18. Her sexy bangs always helped to frame her delicately.
19. He bangs the trays on the wall to loosen the food scraps.
20. She went 'pfffff', in the way that made her bangs blow upwards.
21. The lesser ones that wanted to be part of the bangs but were.
22. The door bangs shut and I quickly move furniture up against it.
23. He bangs on his clean clothes seven times before he puts them on.
24. Without warning, there were three heavy bangs at the big double doors.
25. One wore it straight and with bangs while another was curly and shorter.
26. With a sudden series of loud bangs the three scientists quickly had their.
27. Her hair was in loose waves and a white bow pinned back her grown out bangs.
28. Beneath tousled red bangs, her big green eyes scan the mess surrounding her.
29. One says something to another and the jamb splinters and the door bangs open.
30. Sporadic bangs and a loud cheery voice invaded the silence, cutting through.
31. You give Miss Bangs my respects, and tell her that she can’t be too careful.
32. Gary parted his bangs from his face and shot her another one of his rare smiles.
33. His bangs concealed then revealed his dark eyes, depending on how the wind blew.
34. Before he leaves the shelter he bangs on it seven times to chase out the demons.
35. Her hair’s a little different, as she has bangs now, where she didn’t before.
36. There's another series of bangs and more shouting from the other side of the door.
37. Then what is our purpose? Gary asked, brushing the bangs back from his face.
38. The young man laughed manically as his black bangs cascaded over his wild gray stare.
39. He watched as her bangs fell over her forehead and into her eyes and she swept them.
40. Bangs hang down over your forehead, black bar of war paint set your eyes in deep shadows.

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