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    1. see any change in my situation? Does He care about me?

    2. wishes they can get divine aid to change their situation

    3. "The pace of change

    4. ” They are offering shelter for the poor and hungry as long as you change your beliefs to fit their expectations

    5. No matter how hard you try to change it, unless you come up with a new way to measure time, you have 24 hours in your day, seven days in

    6. These changes are quite minimal until menopause — the most dramatic organic change that a woman undergoes as she ages

    7. You can't change the fact that highly stressful events happen, but you can change how you interpret and respond to these events

    8. Accept That Change Is a Part of Living

    9. do, in that moment, to change what they have

    10. A lot of the people that you associate with right now might not be ready for change in their lives

    11. Now, trust me, when you’re married or in a relationship or anything you are committed to, you are going to have challenges that change your mood

    12. The time doesn’t change, your priority changes

    13. open to conversation, open to change

    14. “Keep the change

    15. Figured it’d be a change of pace

    16. “Dogs are the worst at accepting change

    17. Vedanta is not a topic of books but just our vision to make a cognitive change to the way we respond to situations

    18. produce power that will change your life

    19. your faith connects into that word it can change your life

    20. It emphasized both syllables with an exaggerated change of pitch going from really high to really low

    21. Reducing stress levels in these cases, then, requires not an elimination of stressful situations (which is impossible), but a change in the way stress is handled

    22. Today I would like to suggest to them that this change of terminology could represent a change in perspective

    23. At the same time, it is quite possible that we work with the new elements in such situations and strike new relationships, find new vocations and even change our existing view of life and its purpose

    24. Venna did not initiate a request to change partners for Noonsleep either

    25. The question remains--when your grandchildren seem to have developed a different system of right and wrong than those of your youth, what is the proper response? Young in every generation have necessarily to change the way of life to get over stagnation and prosper

    26. With time--and patience--you'll be surprised at how much a rebellious grandchild can change

    27. “But I would have had a much easier job of it if you hadn’t opted to change the mission parameters by staying upstairs to monitor the team that I was already monitoring

    28. It didn’t change that he loved the silly cunt

    29. " She was never going to change his mind

    30. , and/or to add a small amount of fish emulsion to the water and to change it every month or so as needed

    31. This itself is a big change that can translate into success

    32. There may be a change in fund objective

    33. Codicil: A minor change in the will

    34. If it is a minor change, it is referred to as a codicil

    35. When writing the change, you have to state why you are making it

    36. How could this have happened? "Did those monsters on third shift do this to you?! Who was it? Was it Harry? I told him not to change the settings! They're perfect the way they are!"

    37. Smiling to myself happily at having identified the noise, I change direction for the front door

    38. · Woman can change topics without loosing the sequence

    39. Changes in a person's usual behavior and routine can indicate a change in health and mental status

    40. Peter had some money in his coat pocket all of a sudden, though the change had fallen through the hole at the bottom and had spilled out all over the sidewalk

    41. We are not here to change this relationship however we are to better ourselves and our environment

    42. While he goes off to shower and change, I mull over what he said … and more importantly, what he didn’t say

    43. As against this in the west many scientists were killed or jailed or forced to change their hypothesis simply because the religious leaders did not accept them

    44. “Keep the change”, he said quietly and then added, “What gentleman?”

    45. Address and phone is likely to change

    46. That allowed her to change the subject, she gave up grilling him for fear of doostEr talking of her fetish for virgins in front of Estwig

    47. Only sixty eight percent of aluminums change hands without being tested, seventy nine percent of the aluminum that changes hands is shipped between financial institutions in sealed and indexed plastic pouches

    48. Then one afternoon at work everything started to change

    49. I can change any of my projects and

    50. i believe the Word of God is so powerful that it can change the life

    1. Accepting circumstances that cannot be changed can help you focus on circumstances that you can alter

    2. The world has changed so comprehensively that we can no longer deal with our day-to-day problems by simply using our bodies’ physical powers

    3. “Have you changed your hair or something? You look different?”

    4. Now, that has all changed

    5. He'd reproduced an artifact from his old culture, a culture that had changed beyond his recognition while he lay frozen between the stars

    6. She changed the subject to his camp and gushed about that a bit, the whole point being to find out where he got the money

    7. " She must have seen Ava looking distracted, "Sorry, I guess I haven't really changed much in the last couple years

    8. She changed her clothes as an excuse for putting her bag back in the boat with her other clothes and the maps

    9. No one will deny that life has changed drastically in the past two generations

    10. “I don’t know,” he said at last as he took off his spy outfit and got changed into school clothes

    11. This will not only lock up money without giving any return, it also would mean loss when the design is changed when you finally need it

    12. Emperor Constantine, they said, had changed the date of the Sabbath as a compromise to appease the pagans who celebrated their heathen debaucheries on Sunday

    13. Textures mingled and changed,

    14. It’s just that everything changed when my father got home

    15. I was a practically shy lad, and nothing much has changed over

    16. First he changed the wheels on the rockasaur because wider wheels put more surface on the soil than the huge but narrow wheels of the rough ground rig

    17. It was a lot of greasy work getting them changed though

    18. simply sex that changed my gift

    19. As the pressures of coping with my changed mental state

    20. He hadn't changed his suit in 8 years and had hairs like toilet brush bristles growing out of his nostrils

    21. Her expression never changed, being that of the sublime feline smile

    22. He closed his eyes and stopped his ears for a moment, but nothing changed when he

    23. She was beginning to feel that it had been a century and a half and a lot had changed in the Biology Base

    24. Nothing has changed since then

    25. He changed the world in making them what

    26. Things had changed there too

    27. Continuing his good work, I encourage her to get changed out of her formal suit and to come and help me in the garden

    28. "It is little changed, a fad went by and the price of communication came down

    29. But even if the views from the windows changed, the magic carpet would still land on what she already called Morg's beach

    30. What has changed? We keep going to doctors, we

    31. Betsy's tone changed

    32. And that encounter radically changed his life

    33. "They still steal now and then, but when you get right down to it," Ava said, "There's no way to explain it other than admit that the wizards of the Kassikan have changed human nature

    34. the shades of dark void rippled in the non-light, Smith found that His tastes changed

    35. I believed that God has not changed

    36. changed the fabric of time and space, as He formulated infinite varieties of life and

    37. ‘Nothing changed there, then

    38. ‘When we last talked about it, things were different … they’ve changed now …’ he lets the sentence hang, almost nervously

    39. ‘Yes, they have changed now

    40. ‘The village must have changed a good bit in your lifetime, Henry

    41. ‘When was the battery changed last?’ I asked, scouring my mind for possible reasons for this

    42. I realised that they must have changed the guard

    43. The half-meter-long, patch of dim over the deck of the bridge changed directions, heading for Tipperary

    44. Despite the warmth of my feelings for The Kid I started to become emotionally numb, existing only when the wavelength of light changed or my nerves pinched my soul under Smiler’s latest onslaught

    45. He thought maybe it was the angle they flew at that hid the gun towers, but now, they’d come closer and changed their angle of approach and he still thought they looked under-gunned

    46. According to his publisher, I have done “a very good job, but the book has changed style”

    47. Its appearance changed little from month to month, except when they looped around it two and a half years ago

    48. The tempo of the journey changed, becoming one of short, slow crawls rather than the monotone long-haul of the open road

    49. He says he has thought a lot during these seven months we haven't met, he has changed his way of life, and he wants to see me again

    50. The sheer closeness of other bodies, of living, breathing fellow travellers, completely changed my view of the world

    1. These changes are quite minimal until menopause — the most dramatic organic change that a woman undergoes as she ages

    2. Changes in family and social environment are taking place at a fast rate within the lifetime of individuals

    3. The time doesn’t change, your priority changes

    4. tune you become to your intuition, based on what you want, the faster you will begin to see positive life changes happen

    5. Additionally, because of lifestyle changes and a lower metabolism, it is important to consider how we eat as well as what we eat

    6. For many of the survivors, their quality of life changes forever

    7. The loss of balance that leads to serious, injury-producing falls can be traced to age-related changes in the brain, diminishing vision, inner ear problems, weakening of the legs and trunk and/or the declining reliability of sensory mechanisms that let the brain know where the limbs are in space

    8. All of that sensory information is deteriorating as you get older because of loss of sensory cells and changes to the sensory receptors

    9. That’s one reason fall prevention programs aimed at seniors point out the need for appropriate lighting throughout the home to clearly define changes in floor surfaces or levels and to eliminate both shadows and glare

    10. A failure to recognize changes in old relationships and making appropriate adjustments can be misread as indifference

    11. However, if you have an unusually large weight in insects every amount of red spiders per plants, its time to make a few changes!

    12. This causes major changes in the PH levels of the soil effect-ing nutritional absorption by the plants

    13. "Well this changes everything," she said

    14. "This changes nothing," he said

    15. A lot of changes would entail a new will being drawn up

    16. Changes in a person's usual behavior and routine can indicate a change in health and mental status

    17. Tell your older relative about the changes you observe and ask what he/she may be experiencing

    18. We are not responsible for any such changes

    19. ‘I’d like to believe that you are not, Mrs Wynell, but, all the same, I would be happier if …’ he lets the sentence hang, then changes direction suddenly

    20. Only sixty eight percent of aluminums change hands without being tested, seventy nine percent of the aluminum that changes hands is shipped between financial institutions in sealed and indexed plastic pouches

    21. If the positive ends in -y, it changes to -ier and -iest

    22. days up in the offices coming up with tweaks and changes, some new designs and

    23. solution? It changes its appearance

    24. himself be in touch with God, the faith captures his heart and changes

    25. creates, changes and corrects everything… God gives us instructions:

    26. Ava looked stunned, "You've seen the structural changes so far and heard a little introduction to the science I've been working on

    27. and active, because He is still the same, nothing changes in Him and He

    28. She knew that somewhere there were files that she could file compare to backups to notice Glenelle had made changes, but she wasn't here when it was done and might not notice

    29. I promise to let her know if the situation changes at all

    30. "This is a pretty good rendering, did you or your sister give this to them?" Glenelle asked, still sensitive about the changes they had made on this planet

    31. In a moment the scene changes with an unexpected and

    32. You showed us histories and nothing changes

    33. In spite of our effort to make this world a better place, nothing ever really changes

    34. I love listening to them talking about how things were when they were younger … some of them have seen tremendous changes in the way even the simplest things are done and their stories about the village are fascinating

    35. Suddenly, the woman changes form again: She is holding an infant in her hands now and she hasn't got wings anymore

    36. The wind blows again and the landscape changes completely

    37. Those first few days beyond the delirium saw further changes take place

    38. I only explained that when a book is translated into another language, it inevitably changes style

    39. " Before I can reply, Apollo quickly changes the subject, "What happened to her? And I can only respond with my ignorance

    40. " Nathan laughs, and you can detect a slight hint of anxiety, "Okay, well where are they?" Sabrina's voice changes in tone when she replies

    41. Over the first few days, as my body healed after the beating and I grew more confident, I noticed some subtle changes in the sound of the place

    42. Leak: A well hidden secret of yours will finally be revealed and this will cause negative changes in your life

    43. If you dream of painting your house, you will soon feel the need to make changes in it

    44. Faith changes the individual

    45. Faith changes a person from unrighteous to righteous, thus it is more than trust

    46. Ship's foreman Nlara was with them, she usually took charge of the sleep shift, but the journey was so leisurely that there was often a half-hour between trim changes

    47. Waterfall: It is a sign of positive changes and good opportunities in love and business

    48. Her hair was plastered down with rain, but it wasn't very cold, even now, and there were enough trim changes to keep her warm

    49. You can share the major successes, you can include them in major changes that are going to come in the near future and you can even interact by asking your followers and customers for suggestions as to how you can improve your business and the quality of service you offer to them

    50. changes to "I know what is the

    1. But then James's body began changing again

    2. With this sort of mind-set, retiring, changing jobs, or moving to a smaller place are not likely to significantly reduce stress levels – the stress will be there whether it is imposed externally, or whether you have to manufacture it

    3. ‘Any messages for me?’ he asked, changing the subject and finishing off his meal

    4. ’ Stephen said, changing the subject

    5. Changing the behavior of the ants is a very important factor in controlling many pests in the home and garden as well as controlling the ants themselves

    6. We are not in this world to passively drift with the tides of ever changing events, to aggressively fulfill useless desires in a vain attempt to express limited personal powers

    7. If this becomes a habit, we shall soon find our reactions to the affairs of life changing and that we are beginning to think the thoughts that the soul thinks

    8. ‘Do you fancy a cuppa?’ I suggested, changing the subject as, conveniently, we arrive at the tea tent

    9. People’s idea of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ keeps on changing from time to time, from nation to nation, from family to family and from person to person

    10. some pretty nifty solutions for the rapidly changing requirements of the good old

    11. “That’s what it’s about, really, changing the shopping experience

    12. It was changing in shape and sound, it lay down a little more

    13. In the end, he’d badgered Liz and I into showering and changing and took us both out to the local pub for a meal

    14. ’ He said, he paused, his expression changing

    15. ’ He said changing direction again

    16. ’ Stephen said, changing the subject abruptly

    17. ‘What are you going to do with yourself, Liz?’ Stephen asked, changing the back pack he has over his left shoulder to the other shoulder

    18. Now - apart from changing fuses and wiring plugs - electricity, I don’t touch

    19. We are using the large room behind the stage area for changing … men on the left and women on the right with a row of mobile clothing racks down the middle, where we each have our personal designated areas to hang our costumes, giving some sort of modesty division, though to be honest, who the hell wants to gawp? As the play takes place in the present day, the clothes are not really costumes anyway, but, all the same, my character has certain things she has to wear – some my own and some provided by wardrobe

    20. agree to some change in the local church/congregation That is not the changing of doctrine

    21. Now that he was present in this space but not calling on any of them, the houris took turns changing to other appearance settings and coming forth to undress for them

    22. ’ I said changing the subject to something less contentious

    23. This is still the norm, but times are changing

    24. The passage the Lancers and the breaching ship and the junks had to traverse was less than 650 meters wide and constantly changing shape

    25. addiction, changing our focus to hit the target that will give us

    26. God is never changing

    27. The channels and sandbars upstream and the configuration of the swamp itself were constantly changing

    28. It looks as though he is singlehandedly changing the culture of your world, Karal – did you realise how far-reaching the effect of your action has been?

    29. Note! If you have a health problem that may restrict your ability to exercise, check with your doctor before beginning or changing your exercise habits

    30. The prisons keep changing,

    31. the chains keep changing,

    32. Yaag works by changing the sensitivity of nerve cells to neurotransmitters, if you know what that means

    33. Mighty was the song from that volcano, a massive, thunderous drone, chords actually changing too fast for some ears to pick from the static, each cycle of the wave was a different note, in the chords chirping above

    34. ’ I said, changing the subject slightly

    35. He is physically changing, aging so to speak

    36. ' Nuran had chopped hers off flat just above her shoulders the week before changing shifts

    37. ‘Yes … your uncle is still active?’ he asked, changing the subject slightly

    38. new operation without changing the classes of the elements on which it operates

    39. This was where he would be forced to speculate on what sort of device or being was performing all this quantum state changing

    40. ‘How’s Sam?’ He’s more than a little choked up and is obviously changing the subject to defuse the emotional atmosphere for his own benefit

    41. I saw Karen the other day, she mentioned how her situation is changing

    42. “Oh my, look at that blouse,” exclaimed Rayne changing the subject, “can we go in and see if they have it in my size?” Mistress Sera laughed and both women went into the shop arm in arm

    43. It was a two-hour dive over changing terrain with Tarak pointing out areas of interest

    44. He didn't know her, but people had been changing their personifications a lot lately

    45. They sailed round and round the island, changing boats often whenever one reached the end of its era

    46. Changing the subject of our conversation back to

    47. Seeing what was happening in there didn’t require any energy, changing what was happening did

    48. ’ She replied smiling as if at a fond and very private memory before changing the subject again

    49. “You're changing the subject and letting me go without a reprimand? Thanks, love

    50. Oh how I love this man! I smile at him and he relaxes a tad, his expression changing to one of warm, deep joy

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