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Chunk в предложении (на )

  1. They had a chunk of.
  2. I did miss a chunk of it.
  3. Jason bit off a chunk of D.
  4. He helped himself to a chunk.
  5. It was only a stone or a chunk.

  6. Harry tore a chunk of rye bread.
  7. That’s a fair chunk of my life.
  8. The huge chunk of rock sails to.
  9. A big chunk of our income would.
  10. He had a nice chunk of change so.
  11. In other words, a new chunk loses.
  12. A few more tugs removed a chunk of.
  13. View of the Chute at Mauch Chunk, 9.
  14. There was a bite-sized chunk missing.
  15. A big chunk of something translucent.

  16. She was eating a large chunk of fruit.
  17. Then he tossed the chunk of dirt away.
  18. Damn rat gave me a chunk of old cheese.
  19. Brazil provides a large chunk of this.
  20. I ripped a chunk off a chocolate doughnut.
  21. I spotted him standing on a chunk of basalt.
  22. Spock pulled off a chunk out and sniffed it.
  23. Look at the chunk of Earth which supports you.
  24. He would have to eat a big chunk of humble pie!.
  25. So buying a decent chunk of Walker Crips means 1.

  26. Janelle sliced of a huge chunk of the bread and.
  27. Len figures he's a 5 overall, but likes to chunk.
  28. Instead they cut out a good chunk of my rear end.
  29. I just took a chunk out of the plaster in the hall.
  30. Dunk lifted the skewer and bit into a chunk of meat.
  31. The very next day he spent a sizeable chunk of his.
  32. A teensy little chunk of ice could do immense damage.
  33. I swallowed the chunk of apple I had been chewing on.
  34. Frosty pipes extended past two huge troughs of chunk ice.
  35. You can make a good chunk of change just from this method.
  36. Park, where the etiquette is to sit-out a big chunk of the.
  37. The biggest chunk of the money had gone for the helicopters.
  38. A Noiburst tore off a chunk of metal off the mech’s chest.
  39. I sighed and bent down to move another chunk of cobblestone.
  40. Her knee hit the solid chunk of wood with a nauseating thump.
  41. With the help of Danny’s power plant a large chunk of the.
  42. He told me later that a chunk of shrapnel had struck my chest.
  43. The second-biggest chunk of the money was carried by Westwood.
  44. Once a chunk has been completely mastered, it becomes a bit.
  45. Cutting a chunk out of my EVA suit leaves it with another hole.
  46. Garnish with the chunk pineapple and the zest, slice and serve.
  47. It had a chunk out of its shoulder and limped as it charged us.
  48. The lion raked me with its claws, ripping off a chunk of my coat.
  49. A brain is a chunk of tissues affective for processing functions.
  50. It’s a chunk of a larger bed, just like the shelf of the falls.
  51. A small but still lethal chunk of the car came swirling at Robert.
  52. Cayden threw a chunk of red clay across the room at Hayden when Ms.
  53. And what about when we jump? What’s to stop that chunk of rock.
  54. Erm, I feel like I’m missing a decent chunk of the story here.
  55. Every chunk he sent flying, regrew by the time his next blow fell.
  56. In that case, your tight stop will salvage a good chunk of profits.
  57. I'm not this chunk of crud’s brother, he said, pointing to Leon.
  58. This simple shot is very easy to chunk short or blade over the green.
  59. Twisting its powerful neck the animal ripped a chunk of living flesh.
  60. The force knocked off a chunk of the stone Lezura has been sitting on.
  61. I have to spend quite a chunk of time with her, so I may as well know.
  62. A good chunk, but it’s worth it to be able to leave the way we did.
  63. Listen, one-hundred-and-five tonnes of gold is one big chunk of wealth.
  64. See the stripy chunk in assets? That’s the amount of negative equity.
  65. Drop a 2 inch by 1 inch chunk of raw fish or a raw shrimp into the tank.
  66. It had a mottled brown three-foot-long chunk of steel through its chest.
  67. Naturally, the upkeep of the two properties takes a chunk of the income.
  68. I reached for the thick chocolate bar and took a massive chunk out of it.
  69. Shit! I swore as the chunk of stone went rolling away out of reach.
  70. Eventually, a huge chunk of the country breaks off and floats out to sea.
  71. The massive chunk they’d carried forth with them as a shield was no more.
  72. There's a new abrasive big chunk of a guy at the centre who I like cal ed.
  73. Like a lot of millennials today, Marco graduated with a big chunk of debt.
  74. I’ve robbed it of all critical components and a big chunk of its canvas.
  75. When you've got a chunk done, let me know and I'll have a look through it.
  76. But 20% of a $250,000 home is $50,000, and that’s a fair chunk of change.
  77. If you have a nice chunk of extra cash to look forward to each year, think.
  78. Jane picked up a fork and speared a chunk of cod, wrapped in the spicy sauce.
  79. To his left, Kate was sleeping calmly, a large chunk of the bed between them.
  80. Even a small chunk could damage its hull, which would be a bit of a disaster.
  81. The fork speared a dripping chunk of beef bourguignon that oozed brown gravy.
  82. The metal slammed bone into porcelain, and broke a chunk off the toilet bowl.
  83. Rob broke off another chunk of bread and tore at its tough crust with his teeth.
  84. THE MUEHLERS’ HOME was on a decent chunk of land, four hundred acres at least.
  85. The bike unleashed another burst of gunfire that ripped out a chunk of the mech.
  86. That would provide a really nice chunk of additional revenue that we could use.
  87. His hideout? I paused with a chunk of homemade bread half way to my mouth.
  88. Ralph looked down at his trencher and speared a chunk of pork cooked with ginger.
  89. He near tore a chunk out of Captain Macy’s Sergeant but he fell when he did it.
  90. A big chunk might even penetrate your thick defensive shell and damage your brain.
  91. As they hit the station I saw a chunk of the enemy spirits disappear from the army.
  92. Just understand that taxes ultimately will take a chunk out of your 401(k) returns.
  93. The plateau was gradually lifting up towards the rocky ridge with the chunk missing.
  94. Outside the station I knew another large chunk of the enemy had just been wiped out.
  95. On this morning following the impression of having regained use of a big chunk of my.
  96. Real Estate Agents, but the term fell short of describing this little chunk of para-.
  97. Like a big lumpy, chunk of beef with veins all around it, about the size of a fist.
  98. Map showing the position of Coal Beds now exposed in the Mauch Chunk Coal Region, 9.
  99. They took a huge chunk of skin off his back, there's no way he could have survived it.
  100. My ex blew a chunk of what was left and forced me to leave the business with my mate V.
  1. He was like a drunkard after chunking out time.
  2. Chunking is the process of looking at groups of words using our peripheral vision.
  3. As we reduce the other to a negative stereotype, we are chunking down into toxicity.
  4. Chuckling to himself the Cajun picked up a can of mixed scratch feed and casually distributed it in front of the coop, chunking a handful into the back of the empty bird domicile.
  1. She chunked into the heavy glass pane next to the broken one, as she hung on to the side of the tower.
  2. They had to show him pictures before he would believe it, but the video of a theirops getting picked up in its jaws and chunked down in three bites was convincing.
  1. It broke away in chunks.
  2. He imagined chunks of flesh.
  3. She began to hurl chunks of.
  4. Chunks of wall flew into the sky.
  5. I shear off large chunks of my hair.
  6. There was chunks of flesh and blood.
  7. Chunks of stone fel from the ceiling.
  8. Chunks were torn out where the ax hit.
  9. Huge chunks of black rock began falling.
  10. Clods: Two or more solid chunks of earth.
  11. Chunks of plaster melted off the ceiling.
  12. Chunks of plaster rained from the ceiling.
  13. He cut big, uneven chunks out of her hair.
  14. Detonators removed the chunks of ice and.
  15. How soldiers with chunks of raw deer meat.
  16. A few more swings freed a couple of chunks.
  17. Suddenly, in chunks, it flashed back to him.
  18. Red chunks stuck to the barbs as they came out.
  19. I’d kept a few of the largest chunks in my hand.
  20. Chunks of onion were scattered all over the planet.
  21. Great chunks of ice floated and swirled in the water.
  22. Also new to me were some meaty chunks mixed with the.
  23. The floor was littered with chunks of concrete, steel.
  24. He began slicing chunks off the remaining piece of stone.
  25. Cut tomato, onion, garlic and red bel pepper into chunks.
  26. Considering there’s two chunks missing? Not too bad.
  27. None of us can easily process large chunks of information.
  28. They feasted on huge chunks of crabmeat and chugged down.
  29. Method: Peel and core the apples and cut them into chunks.
  30. Oh jeez, he’s got two huge chunks of his arm missing.
  31. Hairballs (trichobezoars) are chunks or balls of hair that.
  32. My heart felt as though it was trying to pump chunks of ice.
  33. Along the shoreline were cracked and broken chunks of cement.
  34. Splatters of blood and chunks of flesh sprayed his body and.
  35. Process until combined but chunks of onion are still visible.
  36. Then I chiseled out a billion little chunks between the holes.
  37. Some chunks of the wood smashed against the house and broke a.
  38. Chunks of metal cascaded dangerously close to the Alliford Bay.
  39. All these ill-conceived doings bit huge chunks out of my study time.
  40. A little later, they came to a sea filled with great chunks of ice.
  41. She heard a crash as giant chunks of the wall came down around her.
  42. She watched the chunks being pulled out of her get bigger and darker.
  43. Here, too, erratically drifting chunks collect from the ice breakup.
  44. She would then spray water in the basin, get the extra chunks off the.
  45. To further stabilize it she stacked chunks of firewood around the pot.
  46. Whole chunks of his life flashed through his mind in a vague delirium.
  47. There were chunks of missing tiles and potholes in the concrete floors.
  48. Wished I could roast marshmallows over it instead of chunks of venison.
  49. The can exploded into chunks, spraying Payne and the Sycler with petrol.
  50. Chunks of solid ground, trees, buildings, and statues constantly flew.
  51. Even from where he sat he could see the Marilium chunks in the red dirt.
  52. Everyone could hear the loud thumping as chunks of sand fell to the floor.
  53. It wasn’t working and large chunks of time were simply unaccounted for.
  54. Large chunks of rock and debris ripped through the battleship’s defenses.
  55. The cooks left the stoves where they were boiling beans and chunks of beef.
  56. Some are massive pock-marked boulders and others are mere chunks of debris.
  57. Some chunks were so large I could see clearly that they’d once been bones.
  58. Been here centuries, now these idiot men are carving great chunks of it out.
  59. I wrung out the pain and hurt into huge chunks of tears and wails of despair.
  60. Nord approached an old training post, cuts and chunks of wood missing from it.
  61. The food was brought out – a plain stew with only a few chunks of meat in it.
  62. You can cut holes in a line, then chisel out the remaining chunks between them.
  63. Small chunks, the size of half-dollars fall onto the back carpeting of the SUV.
  64. It’s a grid of twenty-five chunks of foam on rods placed on top of a building.
  65. As it crushed into his belly he felt another round of chunks explode beneath him.
  66. Robert cut the remainder into bite-size chunks and divided it evenly between them.
  67. He watched them charge into the coral like mechanical diggers and bite off chunks.
  68. His stomach heaved, bringing up purplish chunks, his throat burning from the acid.
  69. He’d wiped himself down with chunks of snow, his head was smoking from the cold.
  70. It helps traders to profit by taking chunks out of the middle of important trends.
  71. She placed it on the floor and Gary tossed in chunks of meat filling it to the rim.
  72. Over the years I’ve found that change is best made gradually and in small chunks.
  73. He took away chunks of me with blasé swipes: my independence, my pride, my esteem.
  74. She clawed at the opening, tearing chunks of rock free until she could push through.
  75. He was lowered into them for a second, a couple took great chunks of his lip and face.
  76. Luckily we were over Mediterranean Sea as some fairly large chunks of it are missing.
  77. His tail lit and wiggled, puffing out huge chunks of cinder that lit the woman on fire.
  78. The sand people came up and retrieved the body of their beloved that was in big chunks.
  79. She was on Carter like a wildcat, biting, kicking, tearing chunks from her in a frenzy.
  80. I have taught those who took months to master time and had me tearing out chunks of fur.
  81. If we try to use an if statement it will break up the output into word chunks like this.
  82. She cuts the rest of her pancakes into small chunks and arranges them into a smiley face.
  83. Made of chunks of meat and onions, it was cooked slowly until the liquid was boiled off.
  84. A fighter plane, shedding bits, pieces and chunks, all aflame, as it turns end over end.
  85. The flames that started in the lounge were voraciously consuming huge chunks of the city.
  86. And chopping her into bite-size chunks if that’s the way the story goes, said Yuki.
  87. The seafloor in this forest was strewn with sharp chunks of stone that were hard to avoid.
  88. Several massive chunks of the planet headed in the general direction of the rescue mission.
  89. The little mud warriors turned into chunks of ice, but this was not going to hold for long.
  90. He blasted out, one barrage of flames after another, obliterating large chunks of the giant.
  91. Chunks of ice, rocks, and water plunged at least five hundred feet into the head of the river.
  92. See that vast chunks of the neurochemical reactions that comprised her identity were redundant.
  93. The robot reaches the bottom of the rubble pile, its footpads stomping the chunks of concrete.
  94. Then the smoke was only smoke, drifting up from the fire of tamarisk chunks, thinning and fading.
  95. The car's headlights picked up increasingly large chunks of debris across the abandoned motorway.
  96. A few hot chunks of lead and blown-off fragments of metal hit him in the cheek and left shoulder.
  97. S’ilindsa continued to pound away at the giant, every strike cleaving large chunks off his body.
  98. You cannot be a successful fade trader without capturing big chunks of moves when you are correct.
  99. I died when I was seventeen, he eyed the bowl and fished into it, pulling out chunks of meat.
  100. Important! Cut the roast into a couple of large chunks and sear the sides in a very hot frying pan.

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