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Wad в предложении (на )

  1. With a wad of cash.
  2. I tossed the cops a wad.
  3. Help me blow my wad.
  4. Jimmy handed over a wad of dollars.
  5. Mr Murtha gave me some money--a wad.

  6. Raf pressed a wad of unos into my hand.
  7. Samara found an old newspaper in a wad.
  8. Sticks on yer boot like a wad of spit.
  9. Greta saw you with that big wad of money.
  10. I handed Bob the wad of bills in my pocket.
  11. He noticed she wad avoiding the broccoli.
  12. The man checked the wad below table height.
  13. She continued to chew slowly on a wad of.
  14. After a while, you build a wad of cash in.
  15. I spit out another wad of blood and nodded.

  16. Thabo wobbled back to the booth, threw a wad.
  17. After a few chews, she spit out a wad of hair.
  18. A harried looking woman chewing a wad of gum then.
  19. Rajji mama took out a wad of notes and gave it to.
  20. Junya looked and saw a huge wad of cash on the floor.
  21. Jimmy reached into his pocket and produced a wad of.
  22. She stared at the wad of cash, her wages for the week.
  23. McLean pulled out a wad of bills and slapped them on.
  24. Abraham worked his jaw, as if chewing a wad of tobacco.
  25. Tina bit down on her lower lip and counted the wad of.

  26. Tina pushed the wad of cash closer to him hoping he'd.
  27. He came out smiling with a wad of notes in his pocket.
  28. So that this whole enormous boneless mass is as one wad.
  29. Instead Clarence pulled a wad of papers out of his coat.
  30. It was like catching a rumpled, drenched wad of material.
  31. I placed the wad of money in my coat and then reached for.
  32. He retrieved his card, and handed the wad of notes to Will.
  33. He hacked up a wad of phlegm and spit it into a nearby bowl.
  34. Gerald reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash.
  35. He said reaching in his pocket and pulling out a huge wad of.
  36. She shuffled ahead of him, with a wad of tape over her mouth.
  37. Carl hacked up a wad of phlegm and launched it out the window.
  38. Without warning, Rooster spit the wad of gum out of his mouth.
  39. He pressed a wad into her hands and pulled her into his chest.
  40. Sonja looked at the wad of cash Brian was holding in his hands.
  41. Pretty Boy, here, this large wad of twenty dollar bills is.
  42. The man next to him hocked up a big wad of spit and let it fly.
  43. Minho shook his head, spat a big wad of something nasty to his left.
  44. I said I was and she asked me if I wad run to which I replied that.
  45. Nathalia looked at the wad of sheets covering his groin and grinned.
  46. Give me your shimmy, Melanie, and I’ll wad it around his head.
  47. She rolled off a wad of paper towels and soaked them with cold water.
  48. A ‘large wad of cash’? How large? David sure is interested in it.
  49. Do you know what this is? he asked, holding a wad of black tar.
  50. I lifted the flap of the envelope and saw a wad of twenty pound notes.
  51. I shot my wad the minute I touched you, before I could even get it in.
  52. The letter was from Jacob Perlman, and there was a wad of cash inside.
  53. He pulled out a wad of hryvnias and peeled off several high value notes.
  54. Just wad it up old boy, and toss it in the rubbish, don’t you know.
  55. CONNIE DABBED AT her eyes with a wad of tissues and continued her story.
  56. Dolly took the wad and put it in her golden handbag without counting it.
  57. I pulled a wad of cash, Sure? I promise I’ll leave you a great tip.
  58. He stepped up to the counter and pulled out his wad of gold drig strips.
  59. The yellow tie man pulled out a wad of dollar bills from his coat pocket.
  60. Bobby reached in his coat pocket, producing a thick wad of money folded.
  61. Audrey lurched out of the stall and Jeff handed her a wad of paper towels.
  62. I passed the exam with flying colors—and a wad of tobacco in my cheek.
  63. I dug a wad of dollars out of my pocket and threw the money on the table.
  64. With that wad of cash I think we should get a room at a hotel for the.
  65. Jesse Plowshare pulled out a wad of handwritten notes and began to speak.
  66. Reaching in her top, Molly took out a wad of folded bills and counted out.
  67. Peter hadn't been there for awhile and now he wad there with his new woman.
  68. As I spent a wad of cash on one cable, Kim was back at my house trying his.
  69. Shit, she shouted as she threw the wad of paper towels toward the door.
  70. The four looked at the wad of dollars that Spock had now laid out on the bed.
  71. Yes, he replied with a pained expression, handing over the wad of drig.
  72. Lorna pushed her out of the door after pressing a wad of money into her hand.
  73. I try to swallow but it feels like I have a wad of cotton balls in my throat.
  74. Dolly finished her shopping and paid for three new suits with her wad of notes.
  75. Another small boy, recruited with the promise of a wad of rolled up banknotes.
  76. This would allow them to keep their wad down without being sick in the process.
  77. I embraced the Uzbek woman and gave her a wad of bills I hadn’t even counted.
  78. Her hand closed on the wad of bills and the picture of her mom, but nothing else.
  79. Watching Tom I saw the wad of muscle back of his shoulder tighten under his coat.
  80. The wad was so big that when he entered a hotel he could wave it in the faces of.
  81. In slow motion, she pulled from it a fat wad of American one hundred dollar bills.
  82. It is tough with congealed tendons—a wad of muscle—but still contains some oil.
  83. He offers it to Russ, who grins, spits out his wad of chewing tobacco in a trashcan.
  84. I suggest that you add a small wad of peanut butter in the middle of the sticky mat.
  85. He took out the wad of notes from his jacket pocked and counted out fifteen hundred.
  86. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a wad of gold strips and quickly counted them.
  87. Mitchell pulled out a wad of one hundred dollar bills and then slid one to the young man.
  88. Then, two weeks later, I caught him coughing a wad of bloodstained phlegm into the toilet.
  89. Marcus is sitting on the floor by the sink with a wad of paper towel pressed to his mouth.
  90. Anything that might lead to a big wad of notes will have a magic effect on his powers of.
  91. When he came back he brought them enough to last them for a day or two, a wad of uncut leaf.
  92. So, they still haven’t found that ‘large wad of cash’ … I wonder where it could be.
  93. Emerson and Falcon stuffed the wad of cash inside their jackets and grinned at their new boss.
  94. Another grunt followed by a wad of spit that landed just shy of Clayton’s shiny black boots.
  95. She spotted LP pushing a wad of notes into his wallet and asked, How much did you win?
  96. Then he stepped out and handed the bouncer a twenty to park the car, flashing his wad of bills.
  97. Carla knew of a dozen ways to take out a wad of paper, undetected, so she assumed he would too.
  98. Instinctively, he grabbed at the gun and wad of cash on the table, then darted for the bedroom.
  99. Sadie pulls a large wad of bills out of her purse and asks, Do you have money? Here, I insist.
  100. It's his first time see? said the other sucking his wad red beneath the shadow of his brim.
  1. Wadding up the paper, he stuffed it in the can.
  2. The powder charge and its wadding will be beneath.
  3. Accepted, he said, wadding the napkin and tossing it down.
  4. Bits of wadding and metal fragments had to be removed from the eyeball.
  5. She softened: "Get me some wadding out of the middle drawer," she said.
  6. She won in a thunderstorm, Rothschild's filly, with wadding in her ears.
  7. Berty ignored him as he rammed the wadding and poured in a palm-full of shot.
  8. As lint was lacking, the doctor, for the time being, arrested the bleeding with layers of wadding.
  9. With the smoldering wadding, he touched the corner of the crinkly vellum and it went up in flames.
  10. He covered his outburst by wadding the wrapper into a ball and shooting it towards the nearest trashcan.
  11. I sponged the wound, cleaned it, dressed it, and finally covered it over with cotton wadding and carbolised bandages.
  12. By holding the weapon in the light and looking down the barrel I can see the wadding that would hold a lead ball in place.
  13. The outer mist penetrated thither and diffused itself like a whitish sheet of wadding vaguely spread by invisible fingers.
  14. When she takes her hand away the fabric of the plaster is already showing a small brown stain where the blood has soaked into the wadding.
  15. How could he point a gun at a human being and pull the trigger with as much thought as I might give to wadding up a piece of scratch paper?
  16. The markets thrive on taking the rules and ideals that govern general society, wadding them up into a ball, setting them on fire, and then shoving them down a new trader’s throat.
  17. Did a holiday-maker with a wife and, say, four children have to bring six sets of bedding with him? Six sets of Teutonic bedding, stuffed with feathers? Six pillows, six of those wedge-like things to put under pillows called _Kielkissen_, and six quilted coverlets with insides of eider-down if there was a position to keep up, and of wadding if public opinion could afford to be defied? Yet the lodging-houses were full; and that there were small children in them was evident from the frequency with which the sounds that accompany the act of correction floated out into the street.
  1. I handed her the wadded cablegram.
  2. His wadded coat and cap with peak.
  3. I wadded the cable and shoved it in my pocket.
  4. I wadded up a paper napkin and threw it at her.
  5. Jacob wadded up the grim missive and tossed it.
  6. Clutched in her hand was a wadded piece of paper.
  7. I toss the wadded paper into a battered trash can.
  8. He wadded it in Kleenex and flushed it down the toilet.
  9. The boy lay covered by his coat and an old wadded quilt.
  10. Bast wadded up her bal of yarn and tossed it down the steps.
  11. She tore one of my sleeves off, wadded it into a ball, and.
  12. There was the group of women who wadded out into the water.
  13. I wadded it up in a ball and put it at the corner of my tent.
  14. As it is, the quickest of us walk about well wadded with stupidity.
  15. He took off his priest‘s robe and wadded it up in a ball as a pillow.
  16. I rolled up the whole thing (wadded up, really) and took it out to the rover.
  17. The sheets were wadded into a ball where Rich had left them at the foot of the.
  18. Standing slowly, he peeled the latex off his hands and wadded them into a ball.
  19. In his overcoat pocket was a plastic bag containing the wadded jeans he’d found then.
  20. He took the note off the storm door, wadded it up and threw it in the rubber wastebasket.
  21. I wadded the torn sheets into a ball and deposited them in the trashcan behind Roy’s.
  22. He was sitting in a parti-colored, wadded dressing-gown, rather dirty and frayed, however.
  23. Searching through his dresser, she discovered her old reliable, wadded up in the top drawer.
  24. He stripped off his damp jeans and Fruit of the Looms, wadded them up and pushed them into a bush.
  25. Against the other wall stood a big bed, very clean and covered with a silk patchwork wadded quilt.
  26. The woman took a mirror from a wadded handkerchief in her pocket, breathed on it, and smiled in welcome.
  27. He wore a horrible old yellow frock-coat, which was worth many millions, being all wadded with bank-bills.
  28. A young officer, without moustache, in a new, short, wadded summer coat, was pouring water into the teapot.
  29. I got off my horse and, leaving Cuauhtzin on the saddle, undressed and wadded into the tidal water up to my neck.
  30. He was sitting in an office with his school tie wadded in his pocket, his packed bag already on the rug beside him.
  31. Only then the young man in the wadded overcoat observed that this gentleman in the raccoon furs certainly was upset.
  32. For crying out loud, Stef! Mitch jerked the box from the corner with both hands and held up the wadded papers.
  33. When this was done, Eugenie opened a drawer, of which she kept the key, and took from it a wadded violet silk travelling cloak.
  34. The little gentleman had, however, vanished into the darkness, leaving the gentleman in the wadded overcoat in a state of stupefaction.
  35. She wadded up a handful of paper towels and soaked them, dripping the water over Guntram’s neck and shoulder until she could see skin.
  36. The next thing he knew, he was on top of her, pinning her down and stuffing a wadded up tee shirt into her mouth to silence her screams.
  37. The coat in itself was a very good one, it kept me warm; but it was wadded and it had a raccoon collar which was the height of vulgarity.
  38. Only old hunchbacked Foka—bare-footed, clad in some sort of a woman’s wadded nightdress, and carrying a candlestick—opened the door to us.
  39. Ambrose Butterwell has never been what you might call decisive, Ser Maynard said, as he wadded up three strips of silk and dropped them in the wine.
  40. He was very badly dressed : in an old wadded overcoat, with a little fur collar of mangy-looking raccoon ; it was too short for him and obviously second-hand.
  41. He wore an old wadded coat, top-boots and goloshes, and was carrying two pots of milk and two round boxes made of birch bark, which he placed in front of Rintzeva.
  42. This would have made people run after him in the street, had not his daughter covered him up, whenever he went out, in a vast bishop's wadded cloak, which concealed his attire.
  43. When Becky wakened, and she sat upright staring aghast, her face still smudged with traces of tears, beside her stood a little figure in a luxurious wadded robe of crimson silk.
  44. Moreover, I had on my shirt, a waistcoat of yellow silk, embroidered and wadded, which I had cut out of a woman’s petticoat, and over that again a large collar, lined with ermine.
  45. Karmazinov was wearing a sort of indoor wadded jacket with pearl buttons, but it was too short, which was far from becoming to his rather comfortable stomach and the solid curves of his hips.
  46. Grasping the tines of the red-hot fork with a piece of wadded pant leg Elise seared the weeping lesion, letting out a terse ―shit,‖ as the cautery instrument cooled in the oozing flesh and had to be returned to the hot coals.
  47. It was all one great sweep, one great roll of earth up to heaven and of heaven down to earth, fresh and free and with a quality in the air of clear bright hardness she thought adorable after the wadded effect of the climate at home.
  48. But as she was staring at the rumpled sheets on Ben’s bed, with the airplane pattern, and remembering him asking for new sheets—plain sheets—about a year ago, she notice a wadded plastic bag jutting out from underneath the bed frame.
  49. I stood before her crushed, crestfallen, revoltingly confused, and I believe I smiled as I did my utmost to wrap myself in the skirts of my ragged wadded dressing-gown--exactly as I had imagined the scene not long before in a fit of depression.
  50. I stood before her crushed, crestfallen, revoltingly confused, and I believe I smiled as I did my utmost to wrap myself in the skirts of my ragged wadded dressing-gown—exactly as I had imagined the scene not long before in a fit of depression.
  51. One chintz rug, another of wadded silk, four roubles; one pelisse fox skin lined with red ratteen, forty roubles; and lastly, a small hareskin 'touloup,' which was left in the hands of your lordship in the wayside house on the steppe, fifteen roubles.
  52. So that in all the towns about they were found wearing his long wadded merino overcoat and black frock-coat, whose buttoned cuffs slightly covered his brawny hands—very beautiful hands, and that never knew gloves, as though to be more ready to plunge into suffering.
  53. With this idea he put on his wadded winter overcoat with its catskin fur collar, slung his satchel round his shoulder, and, regardless of his mother's constantly reiterated entreaties that he would always put on goloshes in such cold weather, he looked at them contemptuously as he crossed the hall and went out with only his boots on.
  54. There he made me sit down on a chair by the writing-table, sat down himself in an easy chair, wrapped round him the skirts of his old wadded dressing-gown, and assumed an official and even severe air, in readiness for anything, though he was not my chief nor Ivan Matveitch's, and had hitherto been reckoned as a colleague and even a friend.
  55. The knives were not sharpened, nor the floors waxed; there were iron gratings to the windows and strong bars across the fireplace; the little Homais, in spite of their spirit, could not stir without someone watching them; at the slightest cold their father stuffed them with pectorals; and until they were turned four they all, without pity, had to wear wadded head-protectors.
  56. He had a glimpse, too, of the figure of the old man with a sickly face, in an old wadded dressing-gown, tied round the waist, who had made his appearance before the fire in a little shop buying sugar and tobacco for his lodger, and who now, with a milk-can and a quart pot in his hands, made his way through the crowd to the house in which his wife and daughter were burning together with thirteen and a half roubles in the corner under the bed.
  57. In the grate there was a glowing, blazing fire; on the hob was a little brass kettle hissing and boiling; spread upon the floor was a thick, warm crimson rug; before the fire a folding-chair, unfolded, and with cushions on it; by the chair a small folding-table, unfolded, covered with a white cloth, and upon it spread small covered dishes, a cup, a saucer, a teapot; on the bed were new warm coverings and a satin-covered down quilt; at the foot a curious wadded silk robe, a pair of quilted slippers, and some books.
  58. Villain! Yes, I know that you call us that, you rich gentlemen! Stop! it's true that I became bankrupt, that I am in hiding, that I have no bread, that I have not a single sou, that I am a villain! It's three days since I have had anything to eat, so I'm a villain! Ah! you folks warm your feet, you have Sakoski boots, you have wadded great-coats, like archbishops, you lodge on the first floor in houses that have porters, you eat truffles, you eat asparagus at forty francs the bunch in the month of January, and green peas, you gorge yourselves, and when you want to know whether it is cold, you look in the papers to see what the engineer Chevalier's thermometer says about it.
  1. BLEARGH—the beasts chucked out wads of.
  2. He opened the box, removed wads of packing and looked inside.
  3. We pushed wads of piastras onto him and then a few miles down the.
  4. It was always lying around all over the place, wads of it.
  5. A quick search revealed wads of cash and a variety of drugs in the man’s pockets.
  6. The third floor was the trading floor, where wads of folding money and small packets of powder changed hands.
  7. Shortly afterward, he pulled out $60,000 in cash, folding it into two wads and placing them in each shorts pocket.
  8. The oilcloth seats were frayed and split, so that the coil spring stuck through, and wads of horsehair hung from the holes.
  9. She and her junior colleague Toby Tyler were alone in Scully’s office and ready to head for home with their wads of notes.
  10. Mickey Kevin reported this news as he chewed heavily syruped wads of toast His mouth flapped open in a rubbery, half-smiling circle.
  11. Some muffled grumbling could be heard from inside, but they pretended not to hear what was said, as they inserted the wads of cloth at both ends.
  12. Then he keyed the magic numbers into the magical money machine and watched in absolute wonder as the machine spewed out huge great wads of ten-pound notes.
  13. As he lay there, feet tramped outside, livid faces appeared again at the door, and Louie felt himself struck with rocks, stabbed with sticks, and slapped with wads of spit.
  14. The swamp men were lean bearded giants in homespun, coon-skin caps on their heads, their rifles easy in the crooks of their arms, their wads of tobacco stilled in their cheeks.
  15. The bathroom was as gross as the rest of the place, mucked with mold, the toilet perpetually running, wads of toilet paper smeared with lipstick dotting the floor around the trash-bin.
  16. So she carried what she could with her, tucked into her corset, and hid small wads of bills about the house, under loose bricks on the hearth, in her scrap bag, between the pages of the Bible.
  17. They lopped great wads from her past, and huge excrescences from her present, and by the time that she had reached the last act, the audience sat dazed at the delicate beauty of her character.
  18. The unending noise in Roller Alley was so bad that some Rollers deliberately deafened themselves, but he’d never had the courage to do that, preferring to stuff cotton wads in his ears instead.
  19. Unsuspicious of harm, while their rough cheeks were bedewed with tears in parting from their friends and country, their powder-horns empty, rods mislaid, wads too large, guns not primed—all was confusion.
  20. We became close and she was a really nice girl at first plus she past the shifty bitch test which was a process where you leave counted wads of cash in ya pocket that are all bunched up so they look like you havent counted them.
  21. Five of the six men in the adjacent room were sitting around a large table, counting dollar bills piled on the table before putting elastic bands around the counted wads and then stuffing the wads in a large sports bag set on top of the table.
  22. Rick Del Rio even at his worst was never in that league, but because he worked at Private Investigations and was charged with a felony, his trial made for a sexy story that could be sold to celebrity magazines and supermarket tabs for big wads of cash.
  23. And what would he do anyway, up front behind the bullet-proof glass screen? He was not much good at Maths, so didn’t want to be involved in handing out cash to customers or counting it when local builders and other tradesmen brought in wads of dirty notes at the end of the week to be paid in.
  24. I don't think he saw me - and took out the altar stone and put it in his bag; then he burned the wads of wool with the holy oil on them and threw the ash outside; he emptied the holy-water stoop and blew out the lamp in the sanctuary, and left the tabernacle open, and empty, as though from now on it was always to be Good Friday.

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