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    1. He could even see the connecting pieces where the electrical circuit was able to monitor the status of the door

    2. There are novel ways to get power, viral spy circuits in the hardware mask definition often get their power by rectifying electrical noise in the air around the circuit they're parasitic on

    3. So yeah, those masks were still in use when the Al-Harron wove its death spiral into Satan's World because the ones without the parasitic circuit hadn't been tested to work yet

    4. that the spy circuit was doing something that fixed a fundamental bug in the mask that was used in the production of the fabrication machinery

    5. Around the third night of my captivity in the apartment, late into the small hours, I heard a faint tapping coming from the pipe that connected the radiator in my room to the circuit of pipes that ran through the apartment

    6. But today there was a message from that circuit and he almost missed it because it had been so many years since there was any new data from the old hulk

    7. I studied how it's all done, the circuit designs to the lowest hardware level

    8. Almost as an afterthought Smith allocated a small portion of his dream time as the equivalent of a galactic closed circuit television system

    9. agreed that a combination of closed circuit television, internal

    10. “There’s a whole circuit,” he told her

    11. Lack of sleep and a surfeit of caffeine threaten a short circuit

    12. He made the full circuit and began his trek back to the Chelsea, reinvigorated and content in his newfound oasis

    13. They were on the party circuit, playing festivals in small towns down the rivers

    14. She had such a good basic understanding of physics and such intelligence that after an hour she was able to agree it could be possible that charged electrons in a microscopic crystal could handle energy more densely than an acoustic circuit could

    15. budge an inch as the car took off and did a circuit of the

    16. restarted in the circuit of European religious ideas by

    17. It was quite simple, he thought, some kind of safety circuit had cut in because the lid was missing

    18. “Could you bypass the safety circuit?”

    19. The silver panel clattered to the ground, exposing a circuit board of optronic nodes and fibre optic channels

    20. “But seriously, I was checking the computer sub-processor cores and found that core three has an extra circuit fitted in its secondary circuit bay

    21. By the time you get here I’ll have that rogue circuit out and have the processor core up and running once more

    22. Whoever reads the instructions (They are to be found in Tyrol's History of England) which were given to the judges of the circuit in the time of Henry II will see clearly that those judges were a sort of itinerant factors, sent round the country for the purpose of levying certain branches of the king's revenue

    23. I don’t know how it will respond to the destruction of the circuit in the computer

    24. Wires from both devices were wrapped around the rod, travelling to a circuit board at the other end which provided the interface to Mark’s battered-looking laptop

    25. circuit, maybe in the hope that it would make a

    26. Circuit Courts languished for a year, with none of those nominees ultimately even being granted a hearing

    27. If a circuit board went flooy and the game wouldn’t work the guy with

    28. Another delicate pressure from the drill's mini attachment revealed the circuit relay

    29. ‖tabloid‖ circuit, is offering his inestimable services to PETA as public spokesperson; exposing the ―harmful‖ effects of milk and other dairy products on preschoolers

    30. Close circuit television etc is common but all of this are useless unless the people inside is vetted properly

    31. “But that won’t cause a short circuit or an electrical outage,” he pointed out

    32. In Simple language, the law states that as voltage increases in a circuit, current also increases

    33. Or as resistance decreases in a circuit, voltage increases

    34. resistance is increased in the circuit

    35. Step4: As per Ohm’s law LED should gets bright when resistance is decreased in the circuit and gets dimmer when resistance is increased

    36. Step3: Switch on to test the circuit, If LED doesn't light up, switch off immediately and check the connections again

    37. Step3: Assemble circuit components over bread board and test the circuit with power supply

    38. Note: Don’t forget to use the push button instead of using normal On/Off switch in this circuit,

    39. light sensor in this circuit senses the car back light and turn on its indicator to

    40. This circuit can be used in many other ways

    41. The circuit is usually drawn in a symmetric form as a cross-coupled pair and each element of pair have two states (On and Off)

    42. Lets try to understand the functioning of flip flop by analyzing circuit given below

    43. The LED in this circuit flashes alternatively because each transistor is switched On and Off in turn due to C1 charging and discharging through R2 and C2 doing same through R1

    44. Step2: Assemble the circuit making sure that electrolytic capacitors are

    45. Step3: If all is well, Switch On the circuit and see if the LEDs are

    46. Step4: We have tried to simulate real circuit in the figure on left side

    47. Step3: Assemble the circuit, you can use a switch to turn

    48. Step2: Assemble the components and switch On the circuit

    49. In this circuit, You can also use a speaker instead of piezo

    50. use the circuit for further projects

    1. Some of the removed board is black and burnt where it has short circuited and the robots slot a new board in

    2. “Yes much the same way that you are going to control the other Hunters after their short circuited by the device that I’ve made

    1. I do not know how you cannot reach the conclusion that something is short circuiting in the mind of the typical Leftists

    1. The robots stood there for a moment, their circuits sputtering and shorting out, before falling over with a large, heavy clunking sound

    2. There are novel ways to get power, viral spy circuits in the hardware mask definition often get their power by rectifying electrical noise in the air around the circuit they're parasitic on

    3. He noticed that his warning circuits were unarmed and cursed himself internally for not keeping up his guard

    4. But Gabriella had been dust in her casket long enough to be forgotten, before the Lula's automated circuits began to thaw him

    5. Darryl's got some interesting transforms that show logic circuits can simulate the properties of fourth order condensates

    6. "At the very basic level,"Ava continued, "impulses travel these circuits in a steady state, the pulses circle their group of neurons and the pseudo-particle that emulates does not undergo a state change

    7. But know that when circuits are not wired correctly they will not function

    8. purchase to see if they have emotional short circuits

    9. She is still wired, but the circuits have hardened and she won't short out on him

    10. After several circuits he became aware of a

    11. They worked in music recording studio’s using frequency domain transforms of audio signals in fluidic circuits

    12. The sounds it made were like something from clashing analog circuits

    13. A myriad of computers were scattered throughout the large room and the faint smell of burned electrical circuits permeated the stale air

    14. circuits of the room he finally stopped and looked at

    15. But she didn't know it all did she? Wasn't there still something lurking in these circuits? Something Delos had found that she wasn't quite sure was real or not, wasn't quite sure was gone or not?

    16. During these months she also helped Brancettrabble advance the sensory interface between her circuits and his

    17. circuits in his brain working their formulas and strategies

    18. The ship’s computer was quite capable of detecting and analysing virtually any faults in any of its circuits but Peter had decided to check it over anyway

    19. “We’d better start by finding out how much battery power is left and getting it restored to the general circuits so we can get the lights on

    20. “I’ve reconnected battery power to the lighting and door circuits, sir,” reported Fletcher as they re-entered the shuttle bay, “One battery was still charged, the others were either smashed beyond use or flat

    21. shoulder as I wired, readjusted, reconnected and repaired the electronic circuits that to him must

    22. The level of precision was paramount: an electric screwdriver provided the exact amount of torque to each panel; intricate circuits soldered on before being sent for inspection

    23. Step3: Now use a common battery to power both the circuits as shown

    24. In most of the analog circuits this would give same results

    25.  Battery Operated and Safe circuits

    26. He made left and right-hand circuits at low level and checked out the marks on the ground

    27. “You overloaded the audio circuits

    28. communicator, but the water had shorted out its circuits

    29. and die; the blast having destroyed the electrical circuits

    30. bombing, Sector1’s mainframe computer and electricity circuits

    31. diodes were situated alongside the stations, the control circuits

    32. the electrical circuits of the district clearly affected by the collapse

    33. 19 The circuits of years, and the positions of stars:

    34. The time ripens when circuits of the cultural matrix that once fused moral thought to action dissolve, a few molecules at a time, and disconnect

    35. Could it be that too much heat prevents connections within electronic circuits and

    36. territory as well as in commercial circuits whenever the survival of those animals is only

    37. They smiled and waved to the cheering crowd on the dock as they flew overhead for three circuits of the ship, accompanied by Vertiwin and their security staff

    38. He said, “Adam and Regenc4 found a very minute break in one of the circuits

    39. The circuits had

    40. The laptop circuits got fried and there was

    41. Then electricity shot out of him, his circuits

    42. fried through its circuits

    43. The Ultra gave out a violent twitch, it circuits now

    44. The reality is that it is the disabling of specific brain circuits while maintaining other brain operations that allow us to both experience and assimilate the experience of the unitary state and other intermediate states

    45. Certain brain circuits that were “switched-off” allowed the

    46. circuits are restored and “switched-on” again in the carbon

    47. that can be used to short circuits and ordinary electro-

    48. as Alzheimer’s disease, circuits that are

    49. The filamentary currents wil form circuits that

    50. form circuits that carry dark electrical energy around the dark plasma body and obey

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