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Circuit en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The timer circuit is used.
  2. Repeat the circuit 3 times!.
  3. The circuit consists of two.
  4. She made one circuit round the.
  5. Repeat the circuit 3 more times!.

  6. My appearance on closed circuit.
  7. Perform the exercises as a circuit.
  8. The power supply circuit is to be.
  9. Hope is circuit braker of the psyche.
  10. I’m doing a circuit of the building.
  11. When the circuit detects a difference.
  12. And see if circuit produces some sound.
  13. The circuit is powered by a 6V battery.
  14. We have already created melody circuit.
  15. It was one of the best Circuit City had.

  16. The power supply for the circuit can be.
  17. But it would fry the circuit board and.
  18. Be patient with this circuit, As it re-.
  19. The circuit will give generate sound as.
  20. This circuit can be calibrated to adjust.
  21. The red lED1 indicates that the circuit.
  22. This is what is called a phantom circuit.
  23. He actually did follow the rodeo circuit.
  24. Step3: Connect the melody circuit to LED.
  25. The circuit uses only a handful of compo-.

  26. Could you bypass the safety circuit?
  27. This circuit can be used in many other ways.
  28. Step4: Switch On the circuit and touch ther-.
  29. New circuit designs, new chips, new software.
  30. Repeat the circuit 3 times (for a total of 4).
  31. There’s a whole circuit, he told her.
  32. Step4: Switch On the circuit and touch short.
  33. The heart of the circuit is a high frequency.
  34. The circuit of an inexpensive, compact, touch-.
  35. When power switch S1 is turned on, the circuit.
  36. Repeat the circuit twice more, for a total of 3.
  37. Some doctor was headed for the lecture circuit.
  38. The circuit basically functions as an oscilla-.
  39. Note: This circuit is capable of indicating up.
  40. On its third circuit, it was coming in to land.
  41. Then he made the circuit of the basin once more.
  42. The circuit of a water pump controller, as shown.
  43. Repeat the circuit 3 more times for a total of 4!.
  44. When the battery is connected to the circuit, the.
  45. When 9V is applied to the circuit, iC2 is reset by.
  46. This circuit, using a 555 timer iC, can be used as.
  47. The circuit uses a 555 iC wired as an astable mul-.
  48. Lab Note: While testing the circuit it was observed.
  49. This circuit can work from a power supply of regu-.
  50. The circuit presented here is that of a low-cost and.
  51. The circuit described here is very useful in checking.
  52. Thanks, everyone on the radio circuit said in a.
  53. This circuit is very useful in switching on/off a fan.
  54. By touching on plate, this circuit catches AC mains hum.
  55. Now you can show in the A circuit, like you should be.
  56. Step2: Assemble the components and switch On the circuit.
  57. All switches should be connected to circuit phase wire.
  58. The Fourth Circuit is loaded with Republican appointees.
  59. I rigged the circuit so if you remove components in the.
  60. Step4: After battery is connected, test the circuit with.
  61. The speaker and the circuit can be housed inside a small.
  62. We’d barely made a circuit when the music stopped again.
  63. Step3: Assemble the circuit, you can use a switch to turn.
  64. Or as resistance decreases in a circuit, voltage increases.
  65. He rides from lecture circuit, to repair site, to meetings.
  66. In this circuit, You can also use a speaker instead of piezo.
  67. He couldn’t wait for anything else to complete the circuit.
  68. Step4: After battery is connected, test the circuit with some.
  69. Step5: This is it, assemble the circuit on MY Kit and have fun.
  70. My office had it's own heating circuit and I liked being warm.
  71. This is a very useful circuit which can be used to test faulty.
  72. The circuit tor with the frequencies decided by capacitors C1.
  73. It forms a circuit, in a shape somewhat resembling a half moon.
  74. Good, said Owen, if these relief carvings are circuit.
  75. New circuit breakers needed to be installed in old transformers.
  76. It consists of a circuit of three supersets repeated four times.
  77. This circuit produces music when light in thrown and removed on.
  78. LETHAL CIRCUIT is the first in the Michael Chase thriller series.
  79. This represents whether a current in a circuit is flowing or not.
  80. Materials: Same as we have used in LED blinker circuit and Light.
  81. I wish the same could be said for all the parishes on my circuit.
  82. Lack of sleep and a surfeit of caffeine threaten a short circuit.
  83. The tuned circuit at Reception at fringe areas is poor and noisy.
  84. Transistor T1 prevents further oscillations after the the circuit.
  85. At almost the end of his circuit he stopped and probed the bushes.
  86. If you don't have a bundled microphone, the ones at Circuit City or.
  87. Step3: If all is well, Switch On the circuit and see if the LEDs are.
  88. It slithered wildly around the perimeter of the room, circuit after.
  89. Creating thus a dominating electric circuit, which consumes all the.
  90. As I was saying about this phantom circuit, it is used a good deal now.
  91. Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers on the electric line will prevent shocks.
  92. The output of N1 goes low only when logic on the logic circuit.
  93. Step4: We have tried to simulate real circuit in the figure on left side.
  94. Step1: In this circuit , just replace A and B with LDR as a light sensor.
  95. This circuit cannot be formed unless we operate in harmony with the law.
  96. A medieval Eleven Circuit pattern that looked like the Chartre labyrinth.
  97. If a circuit board went flooy and the game wouldn’t work the guy with.
  98. Step2: Assemble the circuit making sure that electrolytic capacitors are.
  99. He started off as a printed circuit board driller (the lowest on the job.
  100. In most cases, this is accomplished by a crossover circuit within the hub.
  1. I do not know how you cannot reach the conclusion that something is short circuiting in the mind of the typical Leftists.
  1. Some of the removed board is black and burnt where it has short circuited and the robots slot a new board in.
  2. Yes much the same way that you are going to control the other Hunters after their short circuited by the device that I’ve made.
  1. My circuits hum with joy.
  2. The circuits were burned out.
  3. My circuits pulse with terror.
  4. You overloaded the audio circuits.
  5. The voice circuits sprang to life again.
  6. My circuits are churning with suspicion.
  7. He sees circuits break apart and re-form.
  8. Suitable for lighting, not power circuits.
  9. The circuits have plenty of extra capacity.
  10. Then I feel another movement in my circuits.
  11. After several circuits he became aware of a.
  12. The laptop circuits got fried and there was.
  13. Then electricity shot out of him, his circuits.
  14. I’d made several full circuits of the cemetery.
  15. The filamentary currents wil form circuits that.
  16. Her circuits are roiling with waves of random data.
  17. The Ultra gave out a violent twitch, it circuits now.
  18. Silas took flight, doing circuits to survey the damage.
  19. As soon as I enter her circuits, everything grows still.
  20. Trimming these circuits to track properly was a nightmare.
  21. The circuits that held DeShawn’s mind are mashed to bits.
  22. My circuits hum with renewed energy, drowning out the fear.
  23. Zia’s wave crashes into the circuits occupied by the AI.
  24. I move toward her, venturing into the circuits between us.
  25. In most of the analog circuits this would give same results.
  26. The slave circuits were online and all ships were networked.
  27. Hawke said their circuits can’t be infected by the virus.
  28. Certain brain circuits that were switched-off allowed the.
  29. The beds warmed their hidden circuits, for nights were cool here.
  30. In it are circuits that send electrical pulses into the inner ear.
  31. We could reroute all the good circuits to fire the megaton missile.
  32. They tested all the wiring for short circuits and loose connections.
  33. Step3: Now use a common battery to power both the circuits as shown.
  34. You didn’t know what would happen when you jumped into my circuits.
  35. The sounds it made were like something from clashing analog circuits.
  36. The electric circuits in the helicopter cockpit seemed to be useless.
  37. Figure 4-18 Matrix switching uses a grid of input and output circuits.
  38. As we stride into the elevator, my circuits crackle with anticipation.
  39. He panicked at first, and the random noise of fear filled his circuits.
  40. In the meantime, Kandras had been checking and cross-checking circuits.
  41. This was likely due to a short in the circuits or a mechanical failure.
  42. I need to cut through your armor so I can connect my circuits to yours.
  43. The waves of noise are flooding her circuits and battering her memories.
  44. Frantic, I send a flood of signals to the circuits that control my radio.
  45. But know that when circuits are not wired correctly they will not function.
  46. If she cuts through your armor with that torch, it’ll melt your circuits.
  47. The numbers coursed through the electronic circuits, and the door slid open.
  48. In case of fire from electrical circuits, switch off the supply immediately.
  49. He said, Adam and Regenc4 found a very minute break in one of the circuits.
  50. Testing – Operate each of the dumper brake circuits at least twice prior to.
  51. You said it at least fifty times the last time we cleansed our neural circuits.
  52. We have the same kind of circuits that Sigma has, and we can think just as fast.
  53. They spent about twenty minutes on the diagrams and circuits and Panin made the.
  54. Unfortunately I’m no good with electric things like light switches or circuits.
  55. Repeat the following circuit three times with two minutes of rest between circuits.
  56. She is still wired, but the circuits have hardened and she won't short out on him.
  57. He pointed into the darkness and said that was where D1's brain and circuits were.
  58. After the run, while they were still warm, a couple of circuits of weight training.
  59. The city has six interior circuits of walls, and an outer wall which is the seventh.
  60. The AI made radio contact with DeShawn’s spare Pioneer and took over its circuits.
  61. He did a few circuits of the cage, plucking up the courage to pull the cover from it.
  62. Could it be that too much heat prevents connections within electronic circuits and.
  63. I’m not surprised that it paralyzed her circuits when she awoke inside her Pioneer.
  64. The device has two arrays of neuromorphic circuits, an inner unit and an outer unit.
  65. Patients failed to activate the ACC region, and related circuits during stress, regions.
  66. Rest forty-five to sixty seconds after the circuit, and repeat for three total circuits.
  67. He made left and right-hand circuits at low level and checked out the marks on the ground.
  68. It’s prying my thoughts and memories from my circuits and transferring the data elsewhere.
  69. She was gone a little longer than before, having made two full circuits of the hut this time.
  70. A second later he heard the telephone company tones, followed by an All circuits are busy.
  71. Back-up circuits prevent deactivation by attempting to bridge circuits with additional wires.
  72. I’m distracted by another memory, one of the millions of memories I saw in Zia’s circuits.
  73. Somehow they got cut off from the rest of my files and stayed hidden in my circuits until now.
  74. Now I can’t hear the AI’s voice or feel it probing the circuits of the cage’s inner unit.
  75. She chases Sigma across the network, smashing into the AI as soon as it reaches the new circuits.
  76. Switching on the circuits of the experimental pulse jet unit, Nancy then pressed the starter button.
  77. The next step is downloading that information into circuits that mimic the cells of the human brain.
  78. It should only take me about four hours at best, a couple of days if I have to rebuild any circuits.
  79. You press the channel button, but it is the TV circuits that switch, the remote just sends a signal.
  80. But with the rare waters flowing along their circuits, he had discovered a naturally-occurring locus.
  81. He dismantles the machine, stares into its circuits, lets his fingers trace the journeys of electrons.
  82. I was about to disable the last one when Sigma escaped from Zia and occupied the antenna’s circuits.
  83. They will just live off the electrical circuits and the heating sources of the building you live inside.
  84. Is there any chance you could jump into my circuits again? You know, just in case I have a problem?
  85. I stood beside Dad at one of the computer terminals and watched her calmly take command of her circuits.
  86. Will it actually be Shannon inside the circuits of her Pioneer? And will it actually be me inside mine?
  87. These projects have been picked up out of a list of nearly a thousand circuits that have appeared in EFY.
  88. DeShawn leaves some space for me in the circuits by pulling back to the other side of the control unit.
  89. Byron The maintenance sheets recorded a long history of burnouts and short circuits in this old computer.
  90. The disorder is triggering surges of panic in her circuits, which are filling with the random noise of fear.
  91. Although their intelligences run on electronic circuits, these hybrids still have human emotional responses.
  92. He noticed that his warning circuits were unarmed and cursed himself internally for not keeping up his guard.
  93. During these months she also helped Brancettrabble advance the sensory interface between her circuits and his.
  94. And as data flows through the circuits, the electronic brain will generate new thoughts based on these memories.
  95. He isolated my circuits, cutting the links that had connected me to the Internet and Unicorp’s other computers.
  96. They worked in music recording studio’s using frequency domain transforms of audio signals in fluidic circuits.
  97. But in the fast-changing world of integrated circuits, a company will need a large R&D budget just to run in place.
  98. The race was over two circuits just like the real thing and Stephen was at the finishing line to declare the winner.
  99. It’s the same image I saw when I shared Jenny’s circuits, when we dreamed we were kissing in the Shenandoah grass.
  100. Sore butt? Elfi asked, The feedback circuits work better with pain than pleasure because pain’s a survival.

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