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    1. Their consumption increases so fast, that, though in consequence of the increasing improvement of Jamaica, as well as of the ceded islands, the importation of sugar has increased very greatly within these twenty years, the exportation to foreign countries is said to be not much greater than before

    2. of the ceded islands

    3. (This has been discussed elsewhere) Natural endowment, however, is not ceded solely to the ―privileged

    4. The contract is ceded to the bank or whoever as surety and then the money is released and all goes well for a few months

    5. William Penn’s son produced an agreement with the Delaware people that ceded all land west of the Delaware River for as far as a man could walk in a day and a half

    6. Upper California and New Mexico were ceded to the United States

    7. If it remains doubtful that the animals have been endowed with some higher level of contemplative morality, it is quite possible that their human advocates have ceded their humanity

    8. In return, the newly formed republic ceded the Canal Zone to the United States on

    9. Walvis Bay was ceded to Namibia in

    10. His War Generals had advocated battle but after I destroyed half their legions in one blow without a scratch, they had ceded defeat

    1. As indicated above, such programs also featured a wise and ―knowing‖ mother who, although ceding ―authority‖ to the father, knew when it was the right moment to step in and run interference for her children…

    2. Venezia had made peace with the Ottomans by acknowledging the latter’s sovereignty over the lands they had conquered and ceding to them Scutari, whose garrison had held out against repeated attacks

    3. For PETA devotees to absorb for themselves the violence of nature on the loose while ceding the ethical high ground to its four-legged friends is an interesting artifice

    4. “Yes,” says the mist, its voice sounding fainter, the red magic ceding to pink

    5. “Yes,” says the mist, its voice sounding fainter, the red magic ceding to pink

    6. The second minor success, if selling one"s assets because of need can be so termed, was the ceding of our shop in Alexandria

    7. A dawn that was not welcome, ceding its grayness to sunlight, to noise in the street, to Karima's arrival and her comings and goings

    8. Will it not be in the power of the new State to insist on their right to jurisdiction over the territory, at least as far west as the Colorado, and to prevent the United States from ceding any part of it? For instance, sir, the United States may wish, as we have taken Florida as far as the Perdido, subject to future negotiation, to make this arrangement: to cede to Spain a certain proportion west for East Florida

    1. Six years later, the Spaniards decided to cede it to them

    2. Gautam toyed with the idea to cede the license of Ocean Organics for a price as Agarwala Chemicals had rescinded on the MOU in the meantime

    3. KK was Mwalimu’s best white friend and now, in retirement, a minor irritant to the Regional Commissioner in the north who could never shut the old man up because he was in permanent favour with all members of the First Family to whom he, KK, had promised to cede a sizeable bit of land on his coffee estate

    4. But, be forewarned, greater involvement of the general public is no guarantee of prosperity or goodness, and even if it were so, politicians will not cede their selfish desire to the public good willingly, and

    5. cede the initiative to the slave drivers

    6. Therefore, I cede the floor to Rheanna to tell us what she and the scholars have learned

    7. I managed to cede my parent"s flat which lay empty and derelict ever since they left Egypt many years ago

    8. His goal was to make her cede to him before the Knights, to show her that her ways weren’t necessarily the best, and that she wasn’t a better fighter than he

    9. The floor upon which you walk is only as solid as the respect you cede it

    10. Increasingly unwilling to cede creative control to anyone, in 1931 she founded her own production company and set about—very precociously for a woman in the 1930s—writing, producing, directing, editing, and starring in a film of her own

    1. Uretsky hastily finishes his introduction and cedes the stage

    2. The Winter War ends; Finland cedes some territory to the USSR

    3. The 6th article stipulates, "In order to re-establish peace on the most solid and lasting foundations and to remove every subject of dispute with regard to the limits of the British and French Territories on the continent of North America, it is agreed that for the future the confines between the dominions of His Britannic Majesty and those of his most Christian Majesty, (French King,) in that part of the world, shall be irrevocably fixed by a line drawn along the middle of the river Mississippi from its source, as far as the river Iberville, and from thence by a line drawn along the middle of this river, and of the lakes Maurepas and Pontchartrain to the sea; and to this purpose, the most Christian King cedes in full right, and guaranties to His Britannic Majesty, the river and port of Mobile, (now West Florida,) and every thing that he possesses, or ought to have possessed on the left (east) side of the river Mississippi, except the town of New Orleans, and the island on which it is situated, which shall remain to France

    4. In consequence of which His Catholic Majesty (King of Spain) by the 19th article "cedes and guaranties in full right, to His Britannic Majesty, all that Spain possesses on the continent of North America, to the east or the south-east of the Mississippi, including Florida, with Fort St

    5. L'Abbadie, which I will presently refer to, France cedes Louisiana to Spain, together with the town and island of New Orleans

    6. " This treaty likewise has not been published, but the part just referred to is cited in the treaty between the United States and France of the 30th of April, 1803, whereby France cedes to the United States Louisiana, as fully and in the same manner as she acquired it of Spain by the Treaty of St

    7. Twenty one years after, that is in 1783, Great Britain cedes her part to Spain, who thus becomes possessed of the entire province; one portion by direct cession from France, and the residue by indirect cession

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