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    1. when he slew the Egyptian

    2. How many campfires could they slew it to while Narrulla was overhead? She wasn't thinking of that, she said, "I think I can understand something of what you feel coming here

    3. "It will take some time," Heymon said, "it's still a two second round trip to the point, the nearest halo object will take over a second of slew time in the tangler

    4. The nearest impactor is several more seconds of slew time

    5. "The longer we wait, the more slew time we'll have to the impactor," Heymon pointed out

    6. "Reggie'll need good slew coordinates," he answered, "who's programming those?"

    7. Emboldened by this, the young warrior attacked and slew the second bug quickly with wide stabbing motions

    8. She slew bug after bug, leaping and gracefully turning in mid-air only to come down in the midst of them swinging her sword with devastating results

    9. Naria immediately recognized how young this particular Scather was, and stopped before she slew him

    10. 6And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them

    1. No; as soon as the probe slewed into alignment with the next facet, he popped back into existence, more substantial than ever

    2. Gritting his teeth, Contin pulled the wheel in the opposite direction, managing to get the car back onto the road, where it slewed from side to side, the tyres smoking as he stamped on the brakes

    3. But just as that thought entered his mind, his wife slewed the car around the next bend, and there in front of them was a long straight stretch of road

    4. The jeep slewed its way down the red mud jungle track

    5. The Opel slid to a stop when it encountered the first wagon slewed across the road, one of its wheels off, and the driver waving his arms excitedly at the car

    6. Yigal repeated the maneuver but let his line pay out as the stern slewed around

    7. Steering them sharply off the roadway, the chariot slewed

    8. The shuttle slewed wildly to the left, but partially corrected itself as the damaged after edges of the wings caused increased drag

    9. The shuttle slewed around some as it came in but maintained its heading

    10. The car slewed across the road as gales of laughter came floating from the vehicle

    1. The bike roared across the field, slewing onto the wide central path, spewing stones in all directions

    2. The rider re-holstered his gun, slewing the bike onto the driveway, kicking up stones as he headed towards the main gates

    3. That’s when Hartle wrenched the controls in a great slewing arc, watching as a field of stars swept past his view

    4. The grenade’s damage to the patrol boat had apparently befuddled its crew, and it dropped back, slewing away from the Syrena

    5. from slewing into the current

    6. as a silver BMW spat across her lane at high speed, slewing through to the slow lane to

    7. But Steelkilt and his desperadoes were too much for them all; they succeeded in gaining the forecastle deck, where, hastily slewing about three or four large casks in a line with the windlass, these sea-Parisians entrenched themselves behind the barricade

    1. While I was battering away at the pyramid, a sort of badger-haired old merman, with a hump on his back, takes me by the shoulders, and slews me round

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