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    1. Every copy was thumbed and smudged with sweat and grime where avid but confused readers had tried and failed to glean the document's meaning from its empty pages

    2. Filth and grime littered the clothes and colourless face, the face that once rested on my pillow

    3. realised that he must have been covered in grime and filth after his

    4. that grime onto his pot bound body

    5. was thumbed and smudged with sweat and grime where avid but

    6. Even Billy is aware of the odour; stage sweat, the remains of half cleaned Leichner, disinfectant, grime, sleep and sheer bloody terror

    7. She wiped the grime from my ears, eyes, and mouth

    8. She ran over to him and lifted his head from the mud, wiping the dirt and grime

    9. ever been, her breasts were full and round, and those parts of her skin that weren’t streaked with grime glowed with a healthy shine

    10. She was still wearing the clothing she’d had on at Temple, which was covered in blood, sweat, and grime

    11. The hospital, which predated the surrounding buildings by at least a hundred years, stood out from the turn-of-the-century warehouses and it's once sparkling granite facade was dulled by decades of grime

    12. The salt and grime had completely

    13. It wasn’t even the cutting that worried her, it was the filth and grime that he’d worked into the wounds

    14. somewhat streaked with the removed grime and dirt

    15. After some searching, she found a closet with cleaning supplies cowering under grime dating back to the Bronze Era

    16. The hot water washed away the grime covering her body but not the terror that kept pushing itself into her mind

    17. On the way back to the car I noticed a marigold in the flower beds alongside the pathway that was struggling to survive amongst the ash and grime from the fire

    18. Tattered and covered with grime

    19. It was night in the Blue, which would hide his grime covered face from view and give him a chance to get cleaned up

    20. He stared at his dirty hands, grime in the lines of his palms

    21. to a minimum, fearing the inhalation of the soiled grime that he

    22. grime on her face

    23. The smog of dust and grime had all but dissipated as the trio

    24. mirrors, his hair matted to his head with sweat and grime

    25. Forest, its green scales tarred by the dust and grime of its resting

    26. Rain washes away the dirt and grime

    27. Once she’d extricated herself from the grime of traveling

    28. waterfall and carefully scrubbed the dirt and grime out of what had

    29. A small amount of the precious water supply was brought forth, and carefully applied to the worst of the dirt and grime on the two men’s faces and upper bodies, which appeared to provide a modicum of cooling in the increasingly torrid midday air

    30. It came away soaked with sweat and grime from the construction

    31. Ever since he had been removed from the grime and gore of combat, he had become a bit pedantic

    32. serrated wal , coloured in a dull navy grime and mold beginning

    33. He cussed himself for forgetting oil for the padlock but it proved easy to open, some corrosion and grime having been removed by its recent operation

    34. walls were black with grime and the shower curtains were thick with mildew

    35. His tears slowed in the paths cut through the grime on his cheeks, and he answered Lovern’s questions

    36. Trapped in the mud, covered with slime and grime

    37. His eyes were glazed and red rimmed, and the grime on his cheeks was streaked with tears

    38. His face was covered in grime and sweat

    39. By the time he was done he'd have dirty hands, grime under his

    40. I lit a fire in the barbecue with all the useless drawings and paintings and while Jon washed off some of his soot and grime, grilled the meat and vegetables

    41. Images of tiny, sandaled feet, soiled with the city’s soot and grime shot through his head; a piteous street-child buried in the filth of the most merciless city in the world

    42. Josh Freeman came home covered in mud and grime

    43. street grime it was difficult to tell whether he was a dark-

    44. The lack of privacy didn’t concern Siri, and the promise of a cold shower to slough away the sweat and grime of the desert was welcome

    45. The water had washed away some of the dust and grime from Lucky’s uniform to reveal a military insignia and the corporal, realising that Lucky was a Chinese officer, stooped down in order to examine him more closely

    46. He savored the feeling of the dirt and grime being lifted off his skin

    47. Streets were stained with blood and grime

    48. Once he soaped up with the foamless bar of soap, he scrubbed the muck and grime off his with the pad

    49. ” At this he hoisted up the cuirass and revealed a roll of flab with an old scar across it, just visible through the layer of grime that covered his belly

    50. No, that was just dirt; underneath the grime, it was evident that Fishmael was almost albino in his paleness, having shunned smuglight for so long

    1. carry rolls of dirt grimed cloth,

    2. Bits of bush clung to his trousers, dirt grimed his hands and, no doubt, his face

    3. We changed trams I town and caught one up to Higherscrop we both looked out the window at the dull grey smoke grimed terraced mill houses that permeated the district

    4. Blacksmiths with grimed and hairy chests environ the anvil,

    5. And moving masses as wild demons surging, and lives as nothing risk'd, For thy mere remnant grimed with dirt and smoke and sopp'd in blood, For sake of that, my beauty, and that thou might'st dally as now

    6. And Lor-a-mussy me!" cried my sister, casting off her bonnet in sudden desperation, "here I stand talking to mere Mooncalfs, with Uncle Pumblechook waiting, and the mare catching cold at the door, and the boy grimed with crock and dirt from the hair of his head to the sole of his foot!"

    7. These thin legs appearing under the big jacket gave him a rather grotesque appearance, which was heightened by the fact that all his clothes, cap, coat, waistcoat, trousers and boots, were smothered with paint and distemper of various colours, and there were generally a few streaks of paint of some sort or other upon his face, and of course his hands - especially round the fingernails - were grimed with it

    8. Because it was so cold he was wearing his jacket with the ends of the sleeves turned back to keep them clean, or to prevent them getting any dirtier, for they were already in the same condition as the rest of his attire, which was thickly encrusted with dried paint of many colours, and his hands and fingernails were grimed with it

    9. Sergey Ivanovitch had long ago finished dinner, and was drinking iced lemon and water in his own room, looking through the reviews and papers which he had only just received by post, when Levin rushed into the room, talking merrily, with his wet and matted hair sticking to his forehead, and his back and chest grimed and

    10. Brakelight smearing the grimed tiles

    11. We clinked cans reflexively and then sat silent on our matchingly grimed deck furniture, gazing down toward the expressway, lost in our respective thoughts

    12. Signs for the Verrazano are grimed but legible

    13. He pushed his way through the tangled twigs with many a slap in the eye; he was greened and grimed from the old bark of the greater boughs; more than once he slipped and caught himself just in time; and at last, after a dreadful struggle in a difficult place where there seemed to be no convenient branches at all, he got near the top

    14. Sergey Ivanovitch had long ago finished dinner, and was drinking iced lemon and water in his own room, looking through the reviews and papers which he had only just received by post, when Levin rushed into the room, talking merrily, with his wet and matted hair sticking to his forehead, and his back and chest grimed and moist

    15. I particularly remember one thin, tall fellow, a cabinet-maker, as I found out later, with an emaciated face and a curly head, black as though grimed with soot

    1. "Grimes you would be the most foolish

    2. Grimes whose hayfever had suddenly taken a turn for the worst

    3. Grimes shook his head

    4. Grimes was doing his best extracting his sticky hands from her shoulders as he tried to comfort her

    5. Look even the Grimes and the Clothiers are dancing

    6. Grimes as he backed his bicycle into the Post Office door

    7. Grimes and the Innkeeper all rolling a barrel of finest brew up the incline

    8. Grimes in between two slurps

    9. Grimes eventually arrived at Granny’s gate to find Beauty already waiting patiently for him

    10. Grimes, “don’t see much of it here, still Fizzicist did need a new gate, that one hinge affair he had rigged up was not a good idea

    11. Grimes carefully pulled up the window and peered out

    12. Grimes, it being the larger and cleaner than Mr

    13. Grimes bent to pick it up and replace it but Morton bellowed to leave it where it was

    14. Grimes to Mr

    15. “Not the window Grimes, its the board above it I’m after, got to tack this banner up

    16. Grimes just managed to snatch the hammer away

    17. Grimes grabbed for the banner

    18. Grimes stopped for breath

    19. Grimes reckoned there was little difference between them and approved of neither, for every time they harangued one another, his Harvest Festival Poster flapped around the window in sheer terror, leap-froging less sensitive Government notices who stayed sublimely cool, obviously they had heard it all before

    20. Grimes ever said anything and that was ‘GO AWAY’

    21. Good, he can take little Snooty back to the village, its Mrs Grimes dog

    22. Grimes in tow

    23. Grimes was beating her hall carpet out in the street when three men approached her

    24. This citadel resembled a French chateau rather than the Moresque forts of Spain; but the guns made little impression upon it, and I rode back to El Pozo, where Battery A, Captain Grimes, was entrenched on a ridge opposing San Juan

    25. By the guns, Captain Grimes and Lieutenants Conklin and Farr were ranging, the cannoneers stood by their pieces, and at one minute to eight, No

    26. Grimes fired fifteen more rounds, and failing to evoke reply, he also ceased fire, and his men fell, exhausted by their efforts in the hot sun

    27. Grimes had two of his boys with him like always

    28. Grimes was about to step to Wisdom when he realized who he was with

    29. Grimes and his buddies turned around and proceeded to head to where they were going

    30. "One day, someone is going to put that Dog to sleep," Grimes told his boys as they headed up the block

    31. "Fuck this," Grimes said pulling out the Smith & Wesson from his back waistline

    32. "I am about tired of that little nigga thinking he run half of Brooklyn because he runs with Ice Cream's little crew," Grimes stated his disgust

    33. "Man, fuck you," Grimes said to Low-key with a hard stare

    34. "But he will soon enough," Grimes remarked and leaned against the store window they were standing in front of

    35. "Word is Grimes is trying to see you," Raymond informed

    36. "Nice jacket," Raekwon said admiring the brown leather jacket Grimes had on

    37. "Thanks, picked it up on Twenty-Eighth Street," Grimes said

    38. "Where your girls at?" Grimes inquired looking around the empty house

    39. "I bet you I know where they're at," Grimes said smiling

    40. "You bullshitting me?" Raekwon asked grabbing Grimes by the collar of his jacket

    41. "I spotted your chick in the car with someone that wasn't you," Grimes said adjusting the collar of his jacket

    42. "The Dog," Grimes answered

    43. "You think I would come over here with some bullshit, huh?" Grimes looked hurt

    44. Raekwon considered what Grimes was saying to him

    45. Grimes just shrug his shoulders as Brian handed Raekwon the cordless phone that was lying on the couch

    46. "What time she left with her girlfriend?" Raekwon inquired looking at Grimes

    47. He pointed it at Grimes

    48. "Man, I swear I know what I saw," Grimes insisted

    49. "Listen, come with me," Grimes said

    50. "Stop kidding," Grimes said

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