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    1. "You might have actually saved us by discarding that claim slip

    2. Discarding medicine under the pretext that ‘it is not natural’ is rejecting help offered by the Master of the Universe

    3. “I do not use men like tools, discarding their lives

    4. Grindel sucked at a worm for a moment, then discarding the empty skin, he beckoned the badger nearer

    5. " Discarding it, I sucked at her nipples through her bra

    6. It is the discarding the false that opens the

    7. Moreover, as interpreters began to collect different interpretations of biblical texts, they tended to deal with conflicts between authorities by harmonizing such opinions rather than simply keeping some and discarding others…

    8. On occasion, smugglers have fired back at or over the heads of Coast Guard crews, and have tried to ram the cutters while discarding bundles of contraband which usually float to the surface, providing incriminating evidence

    9. and discarding the rest, no one is there to see what we throw

    10. He rolled out and pulled on socks and boots, discarding the idea of changing underwear and bathing anything other than hands and face

    1. What can you do? How can you make yourself heard when no one will listen? How can you be redeemed when you feel like your role in life is to be discarded and forgotten? You light the kerosene stove for dinner

    2. I discarded the wilder fancies, settling instead on asking for the small and the mundane, settling on things that might make me just a little more human

    3. So had it been when the great one’s son was born of a strong peasant girl chosen for the task and then discarded, a dry husk blown away on the winds of maternal fate

    4. She had gone out in her cotton nightrobe, now discarded in a sodden heap at the base of the mast

    5. Between them they manhandled the two ruffians to the rubbish store, threw them in and rammed the door shut, using a nearby length of discarded metal bar to jam the door firmly

    6. Catwhiskers had once again discarded into the furnace his latest

    7. In my wanderings I actually find a discarded fold-up bed and try to sleep on it under a ramshackle stone building on the edge of a public park but after only half an hour my own snoring wakes me and so with dry throat I wander back to the Flea Market area and even at this hour am greeted with early morning hellos from the traders and completely seduced by the mouth-watering aromas of hot sesame cakes and sugar-dusted doughnuts, of pastries and fresh coffee

    8. The potato should be discarded when it either grows very hard like a stone or else becomes soft and wrinkled, and should be replaced by a fresh one, but make quite sure it is a winter-crop one

    9. With my clothes discarded on the sand, I threw myself forward in a flash of temporary insanity, and to my amazement I wasn't afraid

    10. However, the men soon discarded their outer garments, warmed by the labour of digging - the sweat marking dark shadows on their t-shirts

    1. He had picked up walking sticks, of sorts, no doubt factory discards, and handed one to Kaitlyn

    2. that was fun, like it had been last time, collecting shopping from checkout discards, and sometimes

    3. She grabbed one of Larocka’s discards from the waste bin and pocketed it; later, she might need to emulate that writing to send a note to Hollowcrest

    4. Tuskar withdrew his toothpick and flicked it into a corner of the room where it landed in a pile of similar discards

    5. In case the beneficiary person belongs in more than one nonprofit organization in the current system, the new systematics considers only one vinculum with the Project and it discards the others

    6. In case the beneficiary person belongs in more than one nonprofit organization in the current system, the new systematics considers only one vinculum with the Project and it discards the others

    7. as a man digging a well discards what is not water, until he

    8. It discards all information that is unscientific

    9. cal entity) for a while, it discards its appearance and he perceives nothing,

    10. Joey spotted the robots reaching for their discards guns

    1. Many are of the opinion that we should not discard such theory

    2. What is that force that attracted all the particles required to build men? How come they were free to be used in our composition and why will they, one day, part from us and join another organism? Why has the elusive intelligence that presided over our formation made us temporal? Is it a “use and discard” concept as some thinks of? Why does that powerful force that firmly held billions of particles together give up after 50, 70 or 100 years? Why does that force keep an interest in our organism only while it is living as a human being abandoning us afterwards?

    3. She paused for a moment and wondered whether she should discard the robe now or wait till later

    4. “Well we believe, June and I, that to understand societies and civilizations you need to appreciate their valid or positive points, not just discard all that they did

    5. He could discard these memories like old video recordings, documents of his former life

    6. They had to carry their effects or discard them

    7. By the sheer stupidity of the brain eaters, one could discard the idea of gaining the wisdom of the

    8. The hook sent her reeling off the table, but somehow she used her hands like a fourteen year-old gymnast and turned her fall into a somersault that send her almost flying across the kitchen and a few feet away into the small living room where the TV was still on, showing a very familiar guy with wiry hair, smiling on a beach, wearing silly red shorts and surrounded by a plethora of large boobs that I wasn’t able to simply discard as trivial under the circumstances

    9. Celina regretted wearing her formal robes, but was unwilling to discard them

    10. A decision was taken to discard all bones with tarnish marks on them, into the holes which belong to the crematorium

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