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Discard in a sentence

Eventually, he would discard her.
M: Discard all traditional standards.
Discard all that is vulnerable to death.
Discard all the data from this physician.
They had to carry their effects or discard them.
Some use abuse and discard their parents at will.
The plan had always been to discard Groat’s wife.

When it is fat-saturated, discard the towel; it is a.
Perhaps the new Captain will choose to discard her.
If it hurts, you might even discard some possibilities.
Ping had pierced his fan and he was forced to discard it.
Discard al but 1 tablespoon of the bacon fat from the pan.
And the number one tool to discard a share at this point?
When ready, remove the lid and the outer leaves and discard.
Q: In order to find the reality, one should discard all that.
Many are of the opinion that we should not discard such theory.
Discard the remaining material that pulls from the sieve.
He would have to discard the crossbow in the trees along the way.
Then decide: Give it a test drive with real money or discard the idea.
In this syndicate don’t discard the TV stations and the printed press.
How could he discard those he loved and expect them to put up with any.
This round part is ‘spose to shuck the kernels off and discard the cobs.
Celina regretted wearing her formal robes, but was unwilling to discard them.
It is better to forget unnecessary elements & discard them from life immediately.
He picked up the brown wrapping paper, preparing to discard it into the trash basket.
However if you discard the falsifying of facts that I charge Newton with, physics will.
He could discard these memories like old video recordings, documents of his former life.
Cut through belly and discard guts, remove head and neck (some have poison sack in neck).
Discard the outer bark and insert the soft and pliable inner layer under the outer clothing.
How many theories do I form, only to discard each in turn! It is all so utterly unthinkable.
Members may discard the newsgroup’s flyers unless they are genuinely interested in the area.
It is not you being glued or not being glued to the Earth that I discard when I question the.
The last I discard; this nation never would submit; nor are there many people in it that would.
She paused for a moment and wondered whether she should discard the robe now or wait till later.
He was able to unclip from his hang loop and discard his harness before the glider started sinking.
You cannot live life fully with it and you cannot live without it; you can discard it, occasionally.
So there was only one other explanation, and it was one which my mind desperately wanted to discard.
By the sheer stupidity of the brain eaters, one could discard the idea of gaining the wisdom of the.
It is not you being glued or not being glued to the Earth that I discard when I question the mass idea.
We then randomly select 50 percent of the stocks available on each of those dates and discard the rest.
Discarding the excuse.
Discarding it for this new.
Discarding the temptation, it too.
It is the discarding the false that opens the.
Belatedly he remembers discarding them decades ago.
I do not use men like tools, discarding their lives.
Discarding the thought, nothing could justify their presence.
You might have actually saved us by discarding that claim slip.
Discarding his usual prudence, Detective Inspector Kareltin stood.
Discuss the possible advantages and disadvantages of discarding these data.
I thought for a minute, going through options and discarding them just as fast.
We see this discarding as heat coming from the star in the liquefied state of light.
The Surati should remain all the time on its toe linked with the soul discarding the.
If Dante killed Walker he would have wiped all the prints off before discarding the weapon.
My interest in discarding this life—well, that’s a topic worthy of another conversation.
But the sun is discarding excess heat it cannot manage to incorporate into its cooling system.
Grindel sucked at a worm for a moment, then discarding the empty skin, he beckoned the badger nearer.
In the present example, this would mean discarding all the data from the first half of the year 2000.
The stricter the filtration, the higher the probability of discarding promising trading opportunities.
Then, I shall enjoy your blood thoroughly before discarding your empty corpse in this pit beside us.
It is a culture of impermanence, discarding, and an insatiable appetite to replace what was thrown away.
So after discarding any shares with too many red negative words, the next thing is to weed out some more.
By desiring the next and discarding the rest, we have created a culture of continual material disappointment.
Cheap xerography blurred the images, and Samantha’s prose was likewise loose, a trying on and discarding of styles.
His brain was racing, examining pieces, discarding them, picking them up and scrutinising them again, searching for others.
Possibly, Wickland conceded, having previously considered that possibility but discarding it as having too many flaws.
Discarding medicine under the pretext that ‘it is not natural’ is rejecting help offered by the Master of the Universe.
They paused before one of the larger boulders on the side of the path and ate their meal, discarding the bones along the ground.
He didn’t mind discarding the remaining sedatives, or being called upon to deal with Dominex’s sick volunteers another way.
An old-time NGO associate, though, insisted that a highly ambitious Kejriwal had a habit of using people and then discarding them.
It examines, it scrutinizes, it analyzes; then it puts together once more, it proceeds by means of reduction, discarding all hatred.
He rolled out and pulled on socks and boots, discarding the idea of changing underwear and bathing anything other than hands and face.
The downside is the loss of information, but if our measurements are not equally precise, perhaps it is noise rather than useful information that we are discarding.
But at that time, I was fooled by Li Hongzhi, and the only thing in my mind was to gain "Consummation," discarding the emotions between husband and wife, between.
Then, on the way out to the other world, one dies of thirst and exhaustion, but the other crawls on, discarding most of the treasure he has grown too weak to carry.
Aesthetic images of attractive forms are most desired by all of us but discarding the fibers that had wound up our initial frame render us a spectrum void of any type of heritage.
She placed the heavily brown Q-tip in a contamination bag (fearing discarding it might spread bacteria that would affect the wildlife) when she was finished and went into one of the pockets on her vest.
Tear or shred your charge receipts, copies of credit applications, insurance forms, bank checks and other financial statements that you're discarding, expired charge cards and credit offers you get in the mail.
What does this say about scientists’ pretensions to being champions of truth? Indeed, the materialistic model is a classic case of bad science: discarding any information which contradicts its preconceived assumptions.
On occasion, smugglers have fired back at or over the heads of Coast Guard crews, and have tried to ram the cutters while discarding bundles of contraband which usually float to the surface, providing incriminating evidence.
Obama that has been discarded.
The ancient texts were discarded.
His body was somewhere discarded.
I have not discarded that mindset.
He had discarded his heraldic mask.
What should be discarded is the 24/7.
I bent, pulled weeds and discarded them.
Cell phones will be discarded, computers.
Now it lay discarded on the floor somewhere.
His favourite magazines couldn’t be discarded.
In the above (7, 7), (8,9) pairs are discarded.
Would one of them be discarded to make space?
He seemed to have discarded time like a garment.
He had discarded an ace and received a one-eyed.
Marcus, an idea he had discarded quicker than his.
The fishermen iced the cod and then discarded the rest.
The naval infantry had discarded a line of empty boxes.
They discarded the plane idea in favor of escape by boat.
The waste in time, effort, money, and discarded objects.
Neutrality is a word which is has been discarded by Islam.
Matt had found the guts out of an old, discarded newspaper.
Piles of discarded books lay stacked on the floor of the.
A watering can lay discarded on the grass twenty yards away.
If any part of your order is unfilled, it will be discarded.
She thought about taking a bath but soon discarded that idea.
The palace was littered with arms discarded by fleeing guards.
He discarded the remaining contents of his mouth onto the path.
The boy was but a vessel, a pawn to be played with and discarded.
The more impressionable sisters have all now discarded the mask.
And then the Meliorans cast him out, discarded him, beat him….
The things that she took were in the process of being discarded.
Minor moves are discarded because of the limited gain potential.
The ground underfoot was littered with discarded raffle tickets.
Samples that come out negative are discarded and reported as such.
Caleb had discarded his wet clothing and lay by the smithy fi re.
Lezura discarded the troublesome thoughts with a sigh and a shrug.
Catwhiskers had once again discarded into the furnace his latest.
He had discarded the plate-armor for the more familiar chain-mail.
Picking up a discarded newspaper he fished in his jeans for money.
Immediately after his return to Spain that year, he discarded his.
He therefore discards that and accepts this.
It discards all information that is unscientific.
Joey spotted the robots reaching for their discards guns.
As the Soul discards his old body, he at once assumes another, and.
That was what Father Carroll did; he built and maintained a family of America’s discards.
Behind him, he saw his clothes, like the discards of a careless child, strewn on the parquetry.
He had picked up walking sticks, of sorts, no doubt factory discards, and handed one to Kaitlyn.
Any system receiving a frame with a value of S for this indicator immediately discards the frame.
Rule 1: Applying rule to the above pairs, where weight exceeds knapsack capacity discards the pair.
Tuskar withdrew his toothpick and flicked it into a corner of the room where it landed in a pile of similar discards.
The switch immediately discards any packets with errors; those without errors are forwarded out through the correct port.
She grabbed one of Larocka’s discards from the waste bin and pocketed it; later, she might need to emulate that writing to send a note to Hollowcrest.
If the frame’s CRC check fails, the recipient considers the packet to have been corrupted by a collision (or other phenomenon) and silently discards it.
Material contracts heat into condensed space in order to maintain cooling levels and when there is an overflow it discards the coolant that it cannot use.
If, for any reason, the packet passes through routers enough times to bring the value of this field down to 0, the last router removes it from the network and discards it.
In case the beneficiary person belongs in more than one nonprofit organization in the current system, the new systematics considers only one vinculum with the Project and it discards the others.
Normally, a NIC examines the destination address in the data link layer protocol header of each packet arriving at the computer, and if the packet is not addressed to that computer, the NIC discards it.
Even as I watched, the last of the noxious clot was sucked into the vents, and I stood abandoned in a room where but a few minutes before an unspeakable strata of discards and half-born fetuses had lain sucking at sins, spoiled bones, and souls to send forth beasts in semblance of beauty.

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