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    1. Many are of the opinion that we should not discard such theory

    2. What is that force that attracted all the particles required to build men? How come they were free to be used in our composition and why will they, one day, part from us and join another organism? Why has the elusive intelligence that presided over our formation made us temporal? Is it a “use and discard” concept as some thinks of? Why does that powerful force that firmly held billions of particles together give up after 50, 70 or 100 years? Why does that force keep an interest in our organism only while it is living as a human being abandoning us afterwards?

    3. She paused for a moment and wondered whether she should discard the robe now or wait till later

    4. “Well we believe, June and I, that to understand societies and civilizations you need to appreciate their valid or positive points, not just discard all that they did

    5. He could discard these memories like old video recordings, documents of his former life

    6. They had to carry their effects or discard them

    7. By the sheer stupidity of the brain eaters, one could discard the idea of gaining the wisdom of the

    8. The hook sent her reeling off the table, but somehow she used her hands like a fourteen year-old gymnast and turned her fall into a somersault that send her almost flying across the kitchen and a few feet away into the small living room where the TV was still on, showing a very familiar guy with wiry hair, smiling on a beach, wearing silly red shorts and surrounded by a plethora of large boobs that I wasn’t able to simply discard as trivial under the circumstances

    9. Celina regretted wearing her formal robes, but was unwilling to discard them

    10. A decision was taken to discard all bones with tarnish marks on them, into the holes which belong to the crematorium

    11. Eventually, he would discard her

    12. his dream of a family when the father discard accused her publicly of

    13. The things that Sierra could easily discard as old and unworthy, were the same things that Manda yearned to give new life to

    14. M: Discard all traditional standards

    15. Q: In order to find the reality, one should discard all that

    16. unreal and discard it

    17. Memories and old hopes, which he knew he would have either to discard or resurrect in a new way very soon

    18. In this time I have come to understand, somewhat, the thought processes of mankind and so do not ignore the highly possible discard response to this communication

    19. This round part is ‘spose to shuck the kernels off and discard the cobs

    20. and often obliges us to discard old solutions and to look for new ones

    21. remove and discard the cinnamon stick, and transfer to a serving platter

    22. “The plan had always been to discard Groat’s wife

    23. ” June would agree, promise to discard the robe, and show up months later wrapped within its tatters

    24. Wearing rubber gloves, remove & discard the stems of the habaneros & other peppers and cut them in half

    25. So there was only one other explanation, and it was one which my mind desperately wanted to discard

    26. (A) A dream can be many things and many times people discard them, this is why the ‘dream’ is not remembered

    27. There is much that can be accomplished in terms of skills and abilities in your physical existence and some of these will also better equip you when you return to your home, once you discard your physical body

    28. adopting the term, only to discard it

    29. “The initial mind-set you’re after is to become aware that you are the recipient of a non-physically oriented experience, which you can control if you discard descriptions, and keep your thoughts focused on the new circumstance

    30. " But still, she turned a deaf ear to these words and had but one thought: Discard fame, material interests and emotions, you'll gain the Consummation in the heaven

    31. “The initial mind-set you’re after is to become aware that you are the recipient of a non-physically oriented experience, which you can control if you discard language descriptions, and keep your thoughts focused on the new circumstance

    32. He attempted to recall where the thought had come from, hoping that if he could pin down its source, he might be able to dig it up like an old root and discard it on his mental rubbish tip - like the trash facility on his computer

    33. We have so much information, much of it meaningless, so we toss it and in the process also discard phone numbers we look for later

    34. the truth as the scientific method and having the preparedness to discard falsity in order to

    35. He was able to unclip from his hang loop and discard his harness before the glider started sinking

    36. circumnavigate the filters intended to automatically discard the junk

    37. Discard all that is vulnerable to death

    38. You cannot live life fully with it and you cannot live without it; you can discard it, occasionally

    39. Discard is a term used in card games when you reject one card to, hopefully, replace it with a better one

    40. you discard the first, and abandon the second, you can then move in any direction

    41. They further advise us “If you receive applications for "preapproved" credit cards in the mail, but discard them without tearing up the enclosed materials,

    42. ” Wickland paused and, upon seeing that Ed was about to interject, continued, “However, having said that, I cannot completely discard Mr

    43. biblical descriptions of the beast and Antichrist are indeed striking, but on the other hand previous insights of Christians into other sources of beast and Antichrist are still poignant and it would seem rash to discard them without further reflection

    44. He picked up the brown wrapping paper, preparing to discard it into the trash basket

    45. This little earner had been an afterthought on the part of Wolf and his associates who had been prepared to depart New Zealand shores with Clegg’s fortune and discard the pittance of private vehicles and beach craft registered to the estate

    46. But where Fred Chickweed would have allowed his eroding spirits to drag him down, to discard his chosen course, to quit in the face of daunting odds, Ferdy Chicken would have none of it

    47. discard the most beautiful dreams that come into their mind simply

    48. discard a plan or a project just because someone said that it would

    49. He would have to discard the crossbow in the trees along the way

    50. Walking casually and without hurrying, Mick returned to his hotel where he changed and gathered up his clothes to discard piecemeal later

    1. What can you do? How can you make yourself heard when no one will listen? How can you be redeemed when you feel like your role in life is to be discarded and forgotten? You light the kerosene stove for dinner

    2. I discarded the wilder fancies, settling instead on asking for the small and the mundane, settling on things that might make me just a little more human

    3. So had it been when the great one’s son was born of a strong peasant girl chosen for the task and then discarded, a dry husk blown away on the winds of maternal fate

    4. She had gone out in her cotton nightrobe, now discarded in a sodden heap at the base of the mast

    5. Between them they manhandled the two ruffians to the rubbish store, threw them in and rammed the door shut, using a nearby length of discarded metal bar to jam the door firmly

    6. Catwhiskers had once again discarded into the furnace his latest

    7. In my wanderings I actually find a discarded fold-up bed and try to sleep on it under a ramshackle stone building on the edge of a public park but after only half an hour my own snoring wakes me and so with dry throat I wander back to the Flea Market area and even at this hour am greeted with early morning hellos from the traders and completely seduced by the mouth-watering aromas of hot sesame cakes and sugar-dusted doughnuts, of pastries and fresh coffee

    8. The potato should be discarded when it either grows very hard like a stone or else becomes soft and wrinkled, and should be replaced by a fresh one, but make quite sure it is a winter-crop one

    9. With my clothes discarded on the sand, I threw myself forward in a flash of temporary insanity, and to my amazement I wasn't afraid

    10. However, the men soon discarded their outer garments, warmed by the labour of digging - the sweat marking dark shadows on their t-shirts

    11. Otherwise she will be like the discarded Guang donkey, helpless before the forces of nature, and never recognized as the helpmate to mankind she was meant to be

    12. gotten out of it in a hurry; the blankets lay discarded across the foot-rest in a dishevelled heap

    13. discarded, and the majority was half blitzed thanks to Brunno’s punch

    14. She had barely entered the room, all hung with discarded cargo nets, when she did a double-take

    15. discarded all but one

    16. “Unlike the discarded Guang donkey, helpless before the forces of nature, and never to be recognized as the helpmate to mankind he was meant to be, you are each, now, no longer helpless

    17. But it's said that they were discarded because of their lack of use

    18. “They will be in the discarded shipping containers with the shredded materials

    19. She discarded both the hibernation and lost basin theory, believed the part about the slavery, and was amused by his love for Luray

    20. Did he, I pondered, have a room somewhere stacked high with old drink cans, newspapers and discarded condoms, all carefully labelled and lovingly watered every day?

    21. He noticed wild growth mixed with all sorts of discarded items, probably going back over the years

    22. He had discarded the tainted ern blade he had used to escape Lanshire, but he asked Gerill for another, and the sword was readily given

    23. All of a sudden one of the sailors who were sat near to me pulling on his oar slumped over looking like a discarded rag doll

    24. I bent, pulled weeds and discarded them

    25. I discarded my sandals and stretched my toes, glorying in the feel of grass between my toes

    26. " Bradlee casually tossed Percy over the black railings into the basement patio, where it blended in with the raw concrete floor that never saw sunlight and the discarded parts of an old

    27. Would one of them be discarded to make space?

    28. His attempt at making love to her started off well enough, but by the time they had discarded most of their clothes Rosemary began to panic and the atmosphere between them shifted

    29. Perhaps people wanted to believe that somehow this war would be peacefully resolved; memories of a familiar and secure world too powerful for such a life to be discarded for something which was, in people’s perception, unreal and untested

    30. This article fails to inform readers that the former place an intrinsic value on human life as being fashioned in the image of God and precious to him, while the latter treat the individual as something to be coerced, beaten, discarded, and murdered, with absolutely no value to be attached to human life

    31. He thought of all the food he had wasted, all the drink he had discarded, the sunlight he had never appreciated, the time he had wished away

    32. Pictures of sculls abounded, black sedition trousers, black sweatshirts, the uniform of all Goths, were discarded on the floor with the rest of this previous weeks clothing

    33. So much of his original self had to be discarded in order to form a functioning nervous system

    34. The Sam Browne belt and safari suits were discarded before I arrived, which is a pity according to some

    35. That, I can tell you, took some appropriating, for the Army had discarded their R1 (SLR) rifles and bayonets five years previously for what they called the R4, and what the rest of the world calls the Galil Assault Rifle

    36. I had thought of several options, and discarded them, as I was basically sure that Harold Gibbons would be able to buy or bully his way out of just about anything

    37. So few wagons had been shipped that there was no transportation for their effects, and as regiment after regiment was rushed to the front, the men, labouring in the sweltering heat, discarded articles mile by mile, until they had nothing but the clothes they stood upright in, and the route of the advance resembled the trail of a retreating army

    38. Along the now disused trail between Daiquiri and Siboney, overcoats and blankets were rotting by the wayside, and some of the “boys” told the ragged pacificos of this discarded treasure which was useless to the army

    39. So thick was the cover that the American officers knew nothing of the foiled charge, though I followed the line of retreat later by the carcasses of accoutred horses, torn clothing and discarded equipment

    40. We slept where we could, Sir Brian securing two discarded blankets, under which we bivouacked in the sopping grass with some degree of comfort

    41. By that time the SAP discarded their wooden batons, and was issued with sjamboks (whips)

    42. The new members swore by it until they got seriously embarrassed on the mean streets, and then discarded theirs also

    43. Sally had been a sweet maid, friendly and helpful, and now undoubtedly her father had used and discarded her as one more casualty in his line of conquests

    44. Darkburst knew that pine martens sometimes reared their young in discarded crow's nests, so it was probable that this female was on her way to feed her kittens

    45. By using old discarded formula1 tyres they reduced the foot pressure of the search vehicle (called Pookie or something) they could safe drive over any landmine without setting it off

    46. standards risen in recent years; a great, big house furnished with all the modern conveniences, purchasing or leasing a new car every couple of years, a television in every room, showcase furniture, expensive trips abroad, extensive wardrobes, routinely dining out, consumer products purchased and quickly discarded, electronic gadgets, exercise equipment, cell phones for each family member, casino gambling, so on and so forth

    47. A distant light cast a crosshatch of shadows over cobblestones and mounds of discarded vegetable cuttings

    48. It was a precious and private moment when I discarded the braces and experienced a new freedom that most people said would never happen

    49. �I am sorry that I can't produce the pants and sweat jacket, for I discarded them in the clothes barrel at the Homeless Center

    50. The Redskin's logo was hanging by a loose thread so I ripped it off and discarded it in the first trash barrel I came upon

    1. "You might have actually saved us by discarding that claim slip

    2. Discarding medicine under the pretext that ‘it is not natural’ is rejecting help offered by the Master of the Universe

    3. “I do not use men like tools, discarding their lives

    4. Grindel sucked at a worm for a moment, then discarding the empty skin, he beckoned the badger nearer

    5. " Discarding it, I sucked at her nipples through her bra

    6. It is the discarding the false that opens the

    7. Moreover, as interpreters began to collect different interpretations of biblical texts, they tended to deal with conflicts between authorities by harmonizing such opinions rather than simply keeping some and discarding others…

    8. On occasion, smugglers have fired back at or over the heads of Coast Guard crews, and have tried to ram the cutters while discarding bundles of contraband which usually float to the surface, providing incriminating evidence

    9. and discarding the rest, no one is there to see what we throw

    10. He rolled out and pulled on socks and boots, discarding the idea of changing underwear and bathing anything other than hands and face

    11. ‘What is this?’ cried Azeth shooting bolt upright in his saddle in surprise, he watched aghast as the lead warrior calmly strolled out towards his advancing force, discarding his shield and spear in favour of two shining swords

    12. Discarding the long lances into the mass of men, the horsemen switched to the long cavalry sword that each man carried, to hack and slash at the heads that peeked above the rims of their shields as they rode along the front ranks

    13. Discarding his usual prudence, Detective Inspector Kareltin stood

    14. He didn’t mind discarding the remaining sedatives, or being called upon to deal with Dominex’s sick volunteers another way

    15. She placed the heavily brown Q-tip in a contamination bag (fearing discarding it might spread bacteria that would affect the wildlife) when she was finished and went into one of the pockets on her vest

    16. But at that time, I was fooled by Li Hongzhi, and the only thing in my mind was to gain "Consummation," discarding the emotions between husband and wife, between

    17. ����������� The meeting really took off from that moment and went on for hours, with the bulk of it used by Laplante to explain new concepts such as multilayered and ceramic armours, discarding sabot projectiles and sloping of armor

    18. self, by discarding ego and abandoning individuality, is a person who has great inner strength

    19. bank checks and other financial statements that you’re discarding,

    20. “Possibly,” Wickland conceded, having previously considered that possibility but discarding it as having too many flaws

    21. What does this say about scientists’ pretensions to being champions of truth? Indeed, the materialistic model is a classic case of bad science: discarding any information which contradicts its preconceived assumptions

    22. Aesthetic images of attractive forms are most desired by all of us but discarding the fibers that had wound up our initial frame render us a spectrum void of any type of heritage

    23. An old-time NGO associate, though, insisted that a highly ambitious Kejriwal had a habit of using people and then discarding them

    24. killing the female child at birth or discarding the female baby are common

    25. They paused before one of the larger boulders on the side of the path and ate their meal, discarding the bones along the ground

    26. The Surati should remain all the time on its toe linked with the soul discarding the

    27. By desiring the next and discarding the rest, we have created a culture of continual material disappointment

    28. tie it off discarding it on the floor for the trash later

    29. “Then, I shall enjoy your blood thoroughly before discarding your empty corpse in this pit beside us

    30. Belatedly he remembers discarding them decades ago

    31. His brain was racing, examining pieces, discarding them, picking them up and scrutinising them again, searching for others

    32. But the sun is discarding excess heat it cannot manage to incorporate into its cooling system

    33. We see this discarding as heat coming from the star in the liquefied state of light

    34. It is a culture of impermanence, discarding, and an insatiable appetite to replace what was thrown away

    35. Discarding the excuse

    36. Discarding it for this new

    37. Discarding the thought, nothing could justify their presence

    38. discarding ideas as they popped into her mind

    39. Discarding the temptation, it too

    40. � These are the relationships of having, of possessing and discarding, not of being, of acceptance and continuity

    41. "� All the chasing after the material, the buying and discarding and buying and discarding over and over again, serves only as the ephemeral activity of the choice of living in a equally disposable lifestyle rather than making a real individuating choice about the life we choose to live

    42. was in the process of revamping old belief systems, discarding some while building others

    43. I thought for a minute, going through options and discarding them just as fast

    44. Tear or shred your charge receipts, copies of credit applications, insurance forms, bank checks and other financial statements that you're discarding, expired charge cards and credit offers you get in the mail

    45. Cheap xerography blurred the images, and Samantha’s prose was likewise loose, a trying on and discarding of styles

    46. In his yearlong journey through the digestive system of the nation’s most prestigious prep schools, William had been trying on and discarding various selves, but with this latest incarnation, there was an element of recklessness, of testing to see how much she was willing to put up with

    47. "Sit down," she added, placing herself on the nearest chair, and throwing off her bonnet and gloves, with an instinctive discarding of formality where a great question of destiny was concerned

    48. If Dante killed Walker he would have wiped all the prints off before discarding the weapon

    49. My interest in discarding this life—well, that’s a topic worthy of another conversation

    50. The downside is the loss of information, but if our measurements are not equally precise, perhaps it is noise rather than useful information that we are discarding

    1. He had picked up walking sticks, of sorts, no doubt factory discards, and handed one to Kaitlyn

    2. that was fun, like it had been last time, collecting shopping from checkout discards, and sometimes

    3. She grabbed one of Larocka’s discards from the waste bin and pocketed it; later, she might need to emulate that writing to send a note to Hollowcrest

    4. Tuskar withdrew his toothpick and flicked it into a corner of the room where it landed in a pile of similar discards

    5. In case the beneficiary person belongs in more than one nonprofit organization in the current system, the new systematics considers only one vinculum with the Project and it discards the others

    6. as a man digging a well discards what is not water, until he

    7. It discards all information that is unscientific

    8. cal entity) for a while, it discards its appearance and he perceives nothing,

    9. Joey spotted the robots reaching for their discards guns

    10. He therefore discards that and accepts this

    11. cording to Krishn, the Soul discards an old body and enters into a new

    12. Rule 1: Applying rule to the above pairs, where weight exceeds knapsack capacity discards the pair

    13. As the Soul discards his old body, he at once assumes another, and

    14. That was what Father Carroll did; he built and maintained a family of America’s discards

    15. Material contracts heat into condensed space in order to maintain cooling levels and when there is an overflow it discards the coolant that it cannot use

    16. lf the packet is destined for a system on the segment from which it arrived, the bridge discards the packet because it has already reached its destination

    17. If, for any reason, the packet passes through routers enough times to bring the value of this field down to 0, the last router removes it from the network and discards it

    18. The switch immediately discards any packets with errors; those without errors are forwarded out through the correct port

    19. If the frame’s CRC check fails, the recipient considers the packet to have been corrupted by a collision (or other phenomenon) and silently discards it

    20. Any system receiving a frame with a value of S for this indicator immediately discards the frame

    21. Normally, a NIC examines the destination address in the data link layer protocol header of each packet arriving at the computer, and if the packet is not addressed to that computer, the NIC discards it

    22. Behind him, he saw his clothes, like the discards of a careless child, strewn on the parquetry

    23. Even as I watched, the last of the noxious clot was sucked into the vents, and I stood abandoned in a room where but a few minutes before an unspeakable strata of discards and half-born fetuses had lain sucking at sins, spoiled bones, and souls to send forth beasts in semblance of beauty

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    Synonyms for "discard"

    discard throwing away cast aside cast away cast out chuck out dispose fling put away throw away throw out toss toss away toss out eliminate jettison exclude

    "discard" definitions

    anything that is cast aside or discarded

    (cards) the act of throwing out a useless card or of failing to follow suit

    getting rid something that is regarded as useless or undesirable

    throw or cast away