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Douse в предложении (на )

  1. And might not come back to douse my ears.
  2. Rothenberg, his father decided to douse the motel room with 3.
  3. Revealing her hands at the opportunity she said I douse them in coconut cream.
  4. Perhaps she should get a towel, soak it in cold water and douse his head in it.
  5. They quickly use the extinguisher on their flamethrowers to douse the fire, but it is too late.

  6. Not waiting to hear the fierce douse of water above in the giant bathroom, John grabbed my knee.
  7. Having destroyed the barracks, they douse the fire with the extinguishers, accessible by a trigger at the back of the weapon.
  8. Their attempts to douse it with water were fruitless as the arrow slit windows were just too narrow to throw sufficient water.
  9. Then, sure that her act had been unseen, she marched back to her place at the head of the table, to douse her bacon with ketchup.
  10. Before reaching the opening where moist clouds commingled with the mountains peak, he paused to douse a small hotel washcloth with chloroform.
  11. Byron took a few moments to compose himself , but then realised a lifetime of composing would not be enough to douse the heated nausea in his empty stomach.
  12. After this I scurried up the hill, stopped to douse the fire on look-out point number one, and then ran the rest of the way to the cottage to rejoin the girls.
  13. With nothing to douse the fire, the rest of the left flank follows him in his footsteps to the bitter end, some of them destroyed by the lasers before being roasted.
  14. Although she does not yet realise it, I think we both suspect she may be more powerful than you and I combined Bellack, and she will douse our magic like water on fire.
  15. Unlike the other members of the escort, he’d actually had time to clear for action—and douse every light—yet he was under no illusions about what must have happened.

  16. The first responders on the scene were two fire trucks from the Tokyo Fire Department, which were able to douse the flames before they could spread to the buildings along the narrow street.
  17. During the night a blizzard had covered the hillside with a thick blanket of snow, he led the horse out first and Athene finally followed in silence, the cold morning air seemed to help douse her temper a little.
  18. I douse the flames with the extinguisher hanging in the hall, but the room is already full of acrid yellow smoke and a horrendous stench, which Wingo and I soon discover is the smell of a plastic bag of burning shit.
  19. As he did with all pilots on their last mission, he was in his command jeep in preparation to meet Bannister in the revet�ment where fellow pilots would pop champagne and douse the man who had just flown his last combat mission and was going home.
  20. With a taste of the sky, then a sea-salty douse,.

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