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    1. Son continued to elude attacks, countering them and using the weapons

    2. I am feeling shattered now from both struggling with the terrain and the stress of pursuit, a fact which does not elude my fellows

    3. Just as God helped Joseph and me elude Herod with Jesus thirty years before, so too, did Jesus escape

    4. successfully elude his Union Army pursuers

    5. If she ducked into a building and slipped out the back door, maybe she could elude them

    6. I pride myself that James Bond couldn’t follow me if I knew that was his intent and I wanted to elude him

    7. “You, Tobias—or should I call you Four?—managed to elude me,” she says quietly

    8. The meaning of this sequence of memories continued to elude me

    9. Hopkins wanted to check on the rate of ostracism, but that would elude him

    10. “The Islamist Holy War,” whatever was wished—continued to elude most Americans for

    11. At any rate, I kind of feel lost in a story where I’m pretty sure I should know the plot but your silence causes it to elude me

    12. “Well as I told you, he follows you to catch up with me since I always elude his spies

    13. “It is better that you do not elude them

    14. Neither years nor distance can mind elude

    15. That delightful small island satisfies well the human desire to elude the problems of civilization in search of a simpler way of living

    16. That would not have been the first port of call of the liner were it not for the captain’s decision to change the itinerary to elude a storm that was following them during the whole trip but never caught up with them

    17. What puzzled Roger was a question that seemed to elude a reasonable answer

    18. Was it a language? Did the markings mean anything? He seemed to radiate light as he stood before the room, the world, with an air of self-assurance that would elude the most confident of men

    19. and that was beginning to elude her, as well

    20. Some astrophysicists have suggested that the missing galaxies elude observa-

    21. ” The irony of the cliche doesn’t elude him

    22. protagonists were able to elude apprehension

    23. How does it continue to elude you, Themistokles? I have little patience for this and Guardon none at all

    24. They decided that this particular mystery of life would have to elude them for the near future at least

    25. `You killed someone for reasons that seem to elude me

    26. He desperately wished to find and succor Natala, who he was sure needed aid badly; but harried as he was by all the warriors in Xuthal, he could only run on, trusting to luck to elude them and find her

    27. Several times during the day both Jude and Ruth endeavored to elude the vigilance of the Pharisees in their efforts to send word to Jesus, but it was of no avail

    28. Jesus sought to elude his critics and the crowd which followed him that he might be alone with his apostles this day

    29. Here, he knew, he might elude his hunters, but for that hellish bird that squalled incessantly above him

    30. They elude themselves

    31. After safely tucking the shell wrapped in his handkerchief in his inner pocket where it would not elude him, Feltus marked the spot where he had found the object by sticking a stubby pencil he had in his pocket into the loose soil then pulled himself to his feet, having decided to explore the meadow ahead for any further evidence

    32. Besides that, she obviously had failed to learn from the mystery novel, or she would have realized that she had been seen in the lobby last night during her venture, but in light of this he recognized that her crafty selection of elevators and pathway during her journey was perhaps intended to confuse or elude any followers and spies

    33. Who could be so unnoticeable as to elude their watchful eyes when they entered the room after breaking down the door?

    34. the weather had conspired against them to allow their assailant to elude

    35. The passage had to be close, and if she could get there, she would be able to elude her enemy

    36. She dropped to her knees in despair, hoping there was someway they could elude the patrollers

    37. was going to elude her attacker

    38. head back causing the strand of hair to elude her face

    39. he could elude him

    40. multiple dimensions, and infinite scale and timeless existence will always elude us

    41. They’ll seek death, but it will elude them

    42. Don, in an attempt to elude her, reached for the door as Cecily regained her composure and stepped in his way

    43. Depression and anxiety often elude us when we are experiencing the “highs” in life, but when the trials come, such as the death, unemployment and sickness; sometimes it is not as easy to see who we are in Christ

    44. Chattel slavery and cheap labor an unwelcome introduction into capitalism…captured Africans stripped of all personality and humanity…a mechanism of an oppressive system of human sorrows…victims of avarice and self-appointed superiority…pregnant slaves shackled to fears, her naked breasts heavy with tears, her seed in jeopardy of annihilation in a nation that defended the enslavement of Africa’s babies because black skin made it so…no place to go but Heaven… with the connection to Africa stricken from the reach of her children… but the royalty that flows through the veins of her offspring has managed to elude the ad¬versary’s thievery…it remains unscathed, needing only recognition of its presence…the Transatlantic and watery graves, but those that survived became chained up slaves, yet the royalty remains

    45. Chattel slavery and cheap labor an unwelcome introduction into capitalism…captured Africans stripped of all personality and humanity…a mechanism of an oppressive system of human sorrows…victims of avarice and self-appointed superiority…pregnant slaves shackled to fears, her naked breasts heavy with tears, her seed in jeopardy of annihilation in a nation that defended the enslavement of Africa’s babies because black skin made it so…no place to go but Heaven… with the connection to Africa stricken from the reach of her children… but the royalty that flows through the veins of her offspring has managed to elude the adversary’s thievery…it remains unscathed, needing only recognition of its presence…the Transatlantic and watery graves, but those that survived became chained up slaves, yet the royalty remains

    46. There had even been a time when he’d doubled back, crisscrossing his own trail before scampering up the stream to elude the strange visitors who’d invaded his beloved forest

    47. But his instinct told him to elude the men, to remain unseen

    48. of dust surrounding an individual who cannot elude it, as their every attempt only sustains

    49. In such instances, perhaps what we successfully elude is then reflected in the state of

    50. circumstances that are of interest to the masses, and yet would possibly elude the collective

    1. Oceans, however, eluded tiny Archimedes

    2. At first sleep eluded him, but the exertions of the day finally caught up and he

    3. She eluded him when she left the room, and he thought he was good

    4. had somehow eluded the black hole between his lips for the last day and a half

    5. Sleep eluded him, because of the girl in

    6. that had eluded the Silver Streaks since baseball became a sport at the high school

    7. But still, sleep eluded him; in truth, it wasn't Gypsum's presence that disturbed him

    8. They had chased him, but he had eluded them

    9. Something different about him, although any rational analysis of it eluded her

    10. In stealth mode they themselves seemed to have eluded detection

    11. somehow eluded their foe, but Jhordel’s words echoed in his mind

    12. It was so obvious; why had it eluded him all year? He kept trying to insinuate his ideas, but he crashed against walls everywhere he turned

    13. Other words eluded me

    14. The words eluded me, they simply banished themselves within the confines of my brain, to rather confuse me than to help me

    15. Knowing the history of Second World War and having read Machiavelli, they should understand that “war is not eluded: it is only postponed with advantage to the others”

    16. This judgment can be deduced from the Machiavellian principle that “war is not eluded: it’s only deferred with advantage to the others”

    17. How fast they can do it in a Biff eluded me for the time being, but this test shouldn’t take too long

    18. We fought a number of encounters, but our quarry still eluded us

    19. We have eluded their pursuit

    20. But that was merely the means to far greater a prize, the complete knowledge of which still eluded him despite all the years of studies and inquiries, both his and his master’s

    21. All he could make of everything was that there was much more behind the Ruling Council than their rule of tyranny and oppressive dogma, something which eluded him still

    22. Molo felt a real answer still eluded him so he insistent on asking once more:

    23. It was not very much unlike the smell often found in blacksmith shops and forges, though its exact nature eluded him

    24. The physics of it's collapse eluded me but there was no time

    25. The heavens still beckoned but that Essence eluded him

    26. He assumed that the small force was a decoy, although he could not imagine how the main enemy force had eluded the scouts

    27. She reached for Cuauhtzin, but he eluded her and flew over to Mathilde’s shoulder startling her considerably

    28. She was full, warm, comfortable, but sleep eluded her

    29. Those who have just eluded us may be the very ones that I have been told to watch for

    30. With few exceptions the silence that would guarantee their safety reigned supreme as the patrol disappeared into the mist of early morning, oblivious of the larger quarry that had eluded them

    31. When it did, Simon reached further out of the window and tried to catch those vast wings, but again the raven eluded him

    32. Those who have just eluded us

    33. morning, oblivious of the larger quarry that had eluded them

    34. The answer still eluded me, or so I thought

    35. as it eluded me then – lying in the dark, shaking my head at how

    36. Yes, that Holy Grail which has eluded wise men throughout the ages, is yours, free in the closing pages of this book!

    37. We suspect that there is a massive warehouse somewhere but at this stage it has eluded us

    38. But that special one… the one act that breaks through and hits the Big Time, still eluded him

    39. It was the Queen I recognized, but how I knew eluded me

    40. She strained to hear the contents of the 1-sided conversation but it eluded her, so she readjusted her skirt and took out the tiny mirror

    41. But David eluded the spear, shocked and stricken with fear

    42. 11 Until the crowing of the cock brought Peter to his better senses, he had only thought, as he walked up and down the porch to keep warm, how cleverly he had eluded the accusations of the servants, and how he had frustrated their purpose to identify him with Jesus

    43. No man alive had ever eluded my charms but what a way for karma to get back at me: the only man I was to love didn’t love me

    44. the "medical professionals" who had just eluded me

    45. She had become firmly convinced that the Swordsmen were not at fault, but who was driving the assault eluded her

    46. tranquility that eluded him in the home of his paternal grand-

    47. One day, when Aureliano Segundo reproached her unjustly, she eluded the trap and put things in their proper place

    48. Trying to squelch the torment, he sank deeper into the parch-ments and eluded the innocent flattery of that aunt who was poisoning his nights with a flow of tribulation, but the more he avoided her the more the anxiety with which he waited for her stony laughter, her howls of a happy cat, and her songs of gratitude, agonizing in love at all hours and in the most unlikely parts of the house

    49. As the elevator doors closed and the operator asked her which floor, she sighed in relief at having eluded that man for the time

    50. who eluded me and taunted me with their beauty and unattainability,

    1. Rayne continued excitedly, “this way it explains to the young ones where you came from and also eludes to Divine Intervention

    2. 4 Father, the key eludes us

    3. 9 And the key… it eludes us!

    4. attach emotion to the goal, it eludes you

    5. But what if chance were already a known, that only seems to be unknowable because it eludes even the sharpest of our present measuring tools? From the little that I know of the study of fractal geometry, it is largely the observance of turbulence within fluid dynamics

    6. He doesn’t trust anyone who moves around as much as I do and eludes his spies with such ease

    7. Physicists, he points out, have been pursuing the nature of physical reality for much longer than neuroscientists have been probing the brain, but the nature of reality still eludes them

    8. relation eludes us more so than both the unknowable object in-itself and the ineffable

    9. Whatever support we hope to find is insecure and leaves us; and if we pursue it, it eludes our grasp, and continuously glides away from us, forever evading us; nothing waits for us

    10. Said more simply, Capitalism creates an economic surplus that always eludes the socialists

    11. the answer still eludes me to this day

    12. “Your majesty, all I can say at the moment is that this dream is important to the future of your kingdom, but the meaning eludes me

    13. On bad days, my muse eludes me as easily as Pan's shadow and no matter which keys I press, “blah, blah, blah” appears on the screen

    14. Whenever we try to pin down the essence of matter, it eludes us

    15. Man's conceit often outruns his reason and eludes his logic

    16. Sleep eludes him as images of the bald headed man walking down the road conjure up in his mind

    17. “Only what he let me see, which wasn’t much, sometimes his reasoning eludes me, I think it has to do with his programming

    18. Yet it is also the spring that often eludes us when it comes to inspiration for decoration

    19. Thus in order to explain out these kinds of factor a method of a synchronized fashion have to be adopted out in order to explain out properly these factors that eludes our grips but could be versed out from the shadow that they all leave behind them

    20. Beth Johnson-Angelo and then killed himself in the same way to make some type of statement which presently eludes me

    21. Are you convinced that Beth did not commit a very bizarre type of suicide to make some kind of statement which still eludes most of us?"

    22. In the beginning despite efforts the form of God eludes

    23. It completely eludes me why so many place so much value on where some long-dead relatives were born and so little on where they, themselves were born, live, work, love—and will likely die and be buried

    24. It shall open a pathway to true and everlasting happiness that eludes us

    25. method of sales still eludes me) And I don't think it involves selling

    26. With any luck, we can intercept him before he eludes us again

    27. running around like a chicken without a head and the truth eludes them even after three centuries of lying

    28. It eludes the hunter

    29. The sages and scientists of ancient Egypt knew much that still eludes modern researchers

    30. That you may not sorrow over what eludes you, nor exult over what He has given you

    31. That which eludes this verse and any verse,

    32. The prolonged and tumultuous argument that ended by herding us into that room eludes me, though I have a sharp physical memory that, in the course of it, my underwear kept climbing like a damp snake around my legs and in-termittent beads of sweat raced cool across my back

    33. " Perhaps they were; or perhaps there might have been shoals of them in the far horizon; but lulled into such an opium-like listlessness of vacant, unconscious reverie is this absent-minded youth by the blending cadence of waves with thoughts, that at last he loses his identity; takes the mystic ocean at his feet for the visible image of that deep, blue, bottomless soul, pervading mankind and nature; and every strange, half-seen, gliding, beautiful thing that eludes him; every dimly-discovered, uprising fin of some undiscernible form, seems to him the embodiment of those elusive thoughts that only people the soul by continually flitting through it

    1. She succeeded in eluding everyone

    2. aesthetical point of view, eluding the reality, the

    3. It was a terrible night, and sleep kept eluding me as I thought about Toby and that girl

    4. His face was a mask void of emotion when he said, “Please understand that I have not been sent to satisfy humanity’s insatiable curiosity or solve mysteries eluding this planet’s greatest minds

    5. frail and eluding as it was

    6. weeks? Could I begin planning ways of eluding them long-term,

    7. Well, I was really eluding to how Siddhartha sees a stone with love because it is

    8. Rory sat in his office at “The Circle” going through the Drug files for the umpteenth time – something was eluding him…something was there on the edge of his mind…something?!… His thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of his secretary bringing a tray of tea and sandwiches for his lunch, which she deposited on his desk and left the office closing the door softly behind her

    9. I did the Sherlock Holmes and went through her shit finding a note scribbled on a pad of hers eluding to the fact she wanted to have a secret relationship with said named dude

    10. O you fables spurning the known, eluding the hold of the known, mounting to heaven!

    11. ” He hesitated by the preacher and sniffed as though he detected the faintest trace of a substance familiar to him but at the moment eluding his tired senses

    12. pursuing posse, battling the elements and time in hopes of eluding the

    13. The officers stirred around like cattle eluding the crack of the

    14. Nathanael: I think what he's eluding to is the idea the jesus of nazareth was

    15. Seeing no other alternative to eluding the ghost of death, she fused herself with

    16. Only, the snitch kept eluding her

    17. was eluding me at home

    18. Before she could respond, a redheaded teenager raced into the room, completely bypassing (and eluding their attempts to grab her) the agents standing guard, and upon spotting Kathy, the girl pivoted and rushed over to her side

    19. The words I was searching for were eluding me

    20. After being unsuccessful in suicide, she used all this information to frame Cameron, because she had miraculously escaped death by eluding Walter and Kal and she wanted to go on living as a free person

    21. have been eluding the problem now for three hundred years

    22. and logic eluding as crop circles that are not in the fields when the sun sets and are there when the sun

    23. O you fables spurning the known, eluding the hold of the known,

    24. The young man willingly believed that the Huron deliberated on the most eligible manner of eluding the vigilance of his associates

    25. When they engaged, some little time was lost in eluding the quick and vigorous thrusts which had been aimed at their lives

    26. When October 1, 1948, came, she went to the restaurant, apparently eluding her pursuers

    27. Those dark, shifting patches, alternately catching and eluding the eye, altered their place always away from the harbour, with a suggestion of consecutive order and purpose

    28. the skill of the blockade boats in eluding the Yankee fleet as it did upon the soldiers at blockader

    29. He saw no way of eluding Featherstone's stupid demand without incurring consequences which he liked less even than the task of fulfilling it

    30. Casaubon had taken a cruelly effective means of hindering her: even with indignation against him in her heart, any act that seemed a triumphant eluding of his purpose revolted her

    31. ducking and eluding him the smaller orc with a yelp darted back into the

    32. ’Twas agreed that after the Meeting, Isobel and Joan should put me on the Road to London (from which I had stray’d in eluding Mr

    33. “Excuse me, Madam,” says he, eluding her Embrace, and feeling along the damp Stone Walls for me

    34. Your only salvation lies in eluding it; but if it comes sideways through the opposing water, then partly owing to the light buoyancy of the whale boat, and the elasticity of its materials, a cracked rib or a dashed plank or two, a sort of stitch in the side, is generally the most serious result

    35. France met the offer by the famous letter of Cadore, of the 5th of August; in which, with more than conjurer's skill, this disciple of the Jesuits brought together and united both present and future; he revoked and did not revoke; he gave up the decrees and yet retained their operation or effects; he made the revocation both absolute and conditional; absolute for obtaining the President's proclamation, conditional for the purpose of eluding performance; absolute for drawing our property within his clutches, conditional for retaining it, to fill his coffers and fatten his minions; in fine, sir, the letter was one thing, or another thing, or nothing at all, as artifice might suggest or future events render necessary

    36. But experience has shown that, in all colonial governments, officers situated at a remote distance from the tribunal to which they are responsible, too frequently "feel power and forget right;" and, by eluding the vigilance of rigid investigation, are enabled to practise acts of oppression with impunity

    37. How are they to be supplied with the article of salt? Believe me, sir, the morality of no part of the United States, or of any nation on earth, will restrain persons under such circumstances from eluding the laws

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