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    1. Son continued to elude attacks, countering them and using the weapons

    2. I am feeling shattered now from both struggling with the terrain and the stress of pursuit, a fact which does not elude my fellows

    3. Just as God helped Joseph and me elude Herod with Jesus thirty years before, so too, did Jesus escape

    4. successfully elude his Union Army pursuers

    5. If she ducked into a building and slipped out the back door, maybe she could elude them

    6. I pride myself that James Bond couldn’t follow me if I knew that was his intent and I wanted to elude him

    7. “You, Tobias—or should I call you Four?—managed to elude me,” she says quietly

    8. The meaning of this sequence of memories continued to elude me

    9. Hopkins wanted to check on the rate of ostracism, but that would elude him

    10. “The Islamist Holy War,” whatever was wished—continued to elude most Americans for

    1. Oceans, however, eluded tiny Archimedes

    2. At first sleep eluded him, but the exertions of the day finally caught up and he

    3. She eluded him when she left the room, and he thought he was good

    4. had somehow eluded the black hole between his lips for the last day and a half

    5. Sleep eluded him, because of the girl in

    6. that had eluded the Silver Streaks since baseball became a sport at the high school

    7. But still, sleep eluded him; in truth, it wasn't Gypsum's presence that disturbed him

    8. They had chased him, but he had eluded them

    9. Something different about him, although any rational analysis of it eluded her

    10. In stealth mode they themselves seemed to have eluded detection

    1. Rayne continued excitedly, “this way it explains to the young ones where you came from and also eludes to Divine Intervention

    2. 4 Father, the key eludes us

    3. 9 And the key… it eludes us!

    4. attach emotion to the goal, it eludes you

    5. But what if chance were already a known, that only seems to be unknowable because it eludes even the sharpest of our present measuring tools? From the little that I know of the study of fractal geometry, it is largely the observance of turbulence within fluid dynamics

    6. He doesn’t trust anyone who moves around as much as I do and eludes his spies with such ease

    7. Physicists, he points out, have been pursuing the nature of physical reality for much longer than neuroscientists have been probing the brain, but the nature of reality still eludes them

    8. relation eludes us more so than both the unknowable object in-itself and the ineffable

    9. Whatever support we hope to find is insecure and leaves us; and if we pursue it, it eludes our grasp, and continuously glides away from us, forever evading us; nothing waits for us

    10. Said more simply, Capitalism creates an economic surplus that always eludes the socialists

    1. She succeeded in eluding everyone

    2. aesthetical point of view, eluding the reality, the

    3. It was a terrible night, and sleep kept eluding me as I thought about Toby and that girl

    4. His face was a mask void of emotion when he said, “Please understand that I have not been sent to satisfy humanity’s insatiable curiosity or solve mysteries eluding this planet’s greatest minds

    5. frail and eluding as it was

    6. weeks? Could I begin planning ways of eluding them long-term,

    7. Well, I was really eluding to how Siddhartha sees a stone with love because it is

    8. Rory sat in his office at “The Circle” going through the Drug files for the umpteenth time – something was eluding him…something was there on the edge of his mind…something?!… His thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of his secretary bringing a tray of tea and sandwiches for his lunch, which she deposited on his desk and left the office closing the door softly behind her

    9. I did the Sherlock Holmes and went through her shit finding a note scribbled on a pad of hers eluding to the fact she wanted to have a secret relationship with said named dude

    10. O you fables spurning the known, eluding the hold of the known, mounting to heaven!

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