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    1. We searched the area and, as I said, we found the gun in the hedge bordering your property

    2. It was bad enough when we heard about the … the shooting … and then they found the gun in our hedge, but we could handle that … it’s him … he’s acting so strangely now … it’s scary

    3. Have You not made a hedge around him, around his household, and

    4. I catch a glint of water behind round the edge of a beautifully clipped yew hedge

    5. ’ He said, pointing out the holes which are now appearing in the hedge

    6. I’d not realised just how close the lane is to the ridge of the hill, but now we’re the other side of the hedge, I can see that the land drops down quite steeply to the road below

    7. Beyond the hedge and the ubiquitous, unforgiving, waist-high nettles, chunks of ballast gravel, sharp and stained, emited a slight haze of heat, baking the old timber sleepers laid a hundred years ago, counting off the miles between Blue Anchor and Watchett

    8. She lost her balance and her grip on her handbag as she stumbled and tripped over her own feet, falling backwards into a beech hedge that bordered one of the suburban gardens

    9. Miss Jones heard the sound of footsteps following on behind the young man and as she pushed beech leaves out of her face she was able to make out three other young boys heading towards where she lay suspended in the hedge

    10. I go over to the hedge while Alastair gathers up his music and locks the car

    11. backwards into a beech hedge that bordered one of the suburban

    12. she lay suspended in the hedge

    13. He grew what he could and grazed the rest of the land, there was a nice hedge of queen’s rike growing up between the garden and the field now

    14. It was surrounded by a good tall hedge of leshin, glory-bean and pem-berry

    15. Now this was prime property, growing a lot on it’s house and hedge in a very compact area, a property several could live from in need

    16. with rosemary planted as a hedge between the garden and the

    17. She meant to give him a little shove on the arm but her languidity level was so high she missed and set herself on a giggling crooked course between the hedge flowers

    18. out over the hedge and crashed with a thump into

    19. eye ran along the well-trimmed beech hedge separating the stables

    20. Through an opening in the hedge, he became aware of a narrow

    21. As she came in sight of the cliff, she saw that a gap had been ripped in the hedge of bushes which bordered the drop to sea level

    22. It takes two attempts to reverse the car out of the hedge

    23. Alex pauses in the shadows of a box hedge on the opposite side of the road as Ted fumbles for his keys under the last of the working street lights, takes another hit on his flask and pushes open the gate in the small front garden of one of the villas

    24. Fair enough, he thinks, as Alex gets out of the car to watch the entrance to the house through a gap in the hedge

    25. Billy and Alex have to hug the kerb, walking along the hedge line, as much to keep out of the way of oncoming cars as to keep out of sight

    26. He watches as Alex motions down the line of the hedge towards the pillars

    27. The drive itself is relatively long, running from the road to level with the back of the house where there is a fence dividing the drive from the back yard where I have a washing line and small shed, but the drive is not very wide and I have become adept at positioning the car in just the right place so I have room to get out without having to clamber through the hedge which separates this property from Sally’s

    28. Maybe he didn’t get behind the hedge in time?

    29. I lean over the hedge and ask her how the weekend went

    30. Seconds later the hedge trimmer did the same

    31. I tossed the phone into the rosemary hedge and

    32. These I set up to dry within my circle or hedge, and when they were fit for use I carried them to my cave; and here, during the next season, I employed myself in making, as well as I could, a great many baskets… (‘The life and strange surpising adventures of Robinson Crusoe,’ Daniel Defoe – 1719 – Heirs of Anderson, pub

    33. There was nothing so VERY remarkable in that; nor did Alice think it so VERY much out of the way to hear the Rabbit say to itself, `Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!' (when she thought it over afterwards, it occurred to her that she ought to have wondered at this, but at the time it all seemed quite natural); but when the Rabbit actually TOOK A WATCH OUT OF ITS WAISTCOAT- POCKET, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Alice started to her feet, for it flashed across her mind that she had never before see a rabbit with either a waistcoat-pocket, or a watch to take out of it, and burning with curiosity, she ran across the field after it, and fortunately was just in time to see it pop down a large rabbit-hole under the hedge

    34. On stormy nights, when the wind shook the four corners of the house and the surf roared along the cove and up the cliffs I could see him leap and run and pursue me over hedge and ditch; it a nightmare

    35. Columella, who reports this judgment of Democritus, does not controvert it, but proposes a very frugal method of inclosing with a hedge of brambles and briars, which he says he had found by experience to be both a lasting and an impenetrable fence ; but which, it seems, was not commonly known in the time of Democritus

    36. Our Councils at the leading hedge of teckino

    37. They descended one hundred and thirty two steps before arriving at a small white gate set within an enormous conifer hedge

    38. He shrank back into the hedge, trying to make himself as small as possible

    39. And then a terrible beast with huge teeth and massive snorting nostrils pushed its head into the hedge and stared at him

    40. "I think perhaps a non magical hand might attempt this hedge

    41. A short branch whipped out from the hedge and struck him across the chest

    42. An enforcer stepped out of the shadows of the hedge

    43. things to be seen were the berries on the holly hedge, in the little

    44. Glancing over his shoulder Alex could see that the cat’s were running after him and he piled on some more speed, gulping lungfuls of air as he neared the hedge

    45. Vaulting over the low hedge, Alex threw himself through the open shed door and slammed it shut behind him, leaning his forehead against the rough woodwork, heaving and coughing as he tried to recover his breath

    46. Whereby they have also begun to build up a hedge about themselves, because of their intent

    47. The ostrich squawked indignantly and in an effort to dislodge the two policemen, ran headlong through a nearby hedge

    48. As the triumphant bird made off through a flock of grazing sheep, it left behind two pairs of weakly waving legs stuck high in the prickly embrace of a hawthorn hedge

    49. "So that's why you were so keen to clip the hedge yesterday

    50. Tyres squealed behind him as the car took the corner in a four wheel drift, its bodywork brushing along the hedge

    1. Parable: There was a certain householder, which planted a vineyard, and hedged it

    2. The garden is long and thin, hedged on both sides with an old, mossy path of paving slabs running down the middle from a small patio area by the house

    3. The trees, the neatly hedged off fields, cattle who seemed serene and oblivious to the troubles of the world

    4. “Well, it’s that, uh,” he hedged

    5. No wonder, then, that the minute I finish cutting the hedged bamboo I am preparing to go back to the other end and start again

    6. 7 He has hedged me about, that I cannot get out: he has made my chain heavy

    7. It’s divided into sections; the hedged area with swings and benches and footpaths paved with quarried flagstones

    8. 21:27-40 Neither do I tell you by what authority I do these things; So what do you think of this? A certain man had two sons and he came to the first and said: Son go work in my vineyard today; He answered and said: I will not but afterward he repented and went; and he came to the second one and similarly he answered and said: I will go sir; and he did not go; Truly I say to you that the tax collectors and the prostitutes go into the Kingdom of God before you because John came to you in the way of righteousness and you did not believe him but the tax collectors and the prostitutes believed him; and you did not repent afterwards when you had seen it so that you might believe him; Hear another parable: There was a certain householder who planted a vineyard and hedged it round about and dug out a winepress in it and built a tower and let it out to hired farmers and went into a far country; and when the time of the fruit drew near he sent his servants to the hired farmers that they might receive the fruits of it; and the hired farmers took his servants and beat one and killed another and stoned another

    9. “Probably it would be better if he listened to the recording,” Katherine hedged

    10. The Sheriff paused and Angela could almost hear the tumblers in his head rolling about as he hedged his thoughts

    11. “What makes you think he’ll do that?” she hedged

    12. Lyndon hedged but later instructed Estes to tell Wallace to go talk with the man and see if there could be a deal made, and to do whatever had to be done to take care of the problem

    13. “Before I depart, never to bother you again,” Tammas hedged, “Is there

    14. "I don't know," he hedged, knowing full well that it could mean only one thing--

    15. “Yeah, about that,” Cecily hedged

    16. Nothing much to tell,’ he hedged

    17. ‘Does he? How can that be? I hardly know him,’ Nicky hedged

    18. ” she started darting in and out and up and down the paths that were hedged with wildflower rows

    19. "I don't know him well," he hedged, "but … are you sure it was him Blunt mentioned?"

    20. This great avenue, hedged in on the sidesby thousands of chairs

    21. All history shows that such an arrangement, however hedged in by the most solemn treaties and declarations, cannot last

    22. Shadows stand at hedged distances, everyone, it seems, obeying the same summons to come out into the night

    23. But that shoulder, which rose to the height of the fifth wall, was hedged with great ramparts right up to the precipice that overhung its western end; and

    24. The Company camped beside the Stone, but they slept little, because of the dread of the Shadows that hedged them round

    25. The later the trade, the more intense the hedging nearer to expiry vis-à-vis a more stale position that suddenly gets near the money and in play and was likely hedged long ago

    26. This would lead me to conclude that the mere existence of SKF did not have all that much impact on XYZ trading, especially since much of the SKF volume represents quick trades up and back and is never hedged with actual stocks

    27. I have never once hedged with a basket of actual financial stocks, and I doubt I am alone in this

    28. Spreads offered more security because it was buying one option and selling another, meaning part of the position was already hedged and the trader likely had to sell less underlying to hedge the position entered

    29. When you bought those options, you hedged NOTHING!”

    30. A gold mine which has hedged its future productions will not rise with the price of gold

    31. Ford was much more expensive than GM, so the obvious idea is to buy GM and sell Ford for a lovely hedged position

    32. In this position, our follow up procedure is similar to the “Free Trade” in that our option purchase is hedged by the sale of a further out-of-the-money option if the market moves in our favor, and the short option we had originally sold is repurchased and profits taken

    33. If hedged positions drive you crazy because you know you'll have a losing side as well as a winning side, then perhaps you should trade options more as a speculator - forming opinions and acting on them accordingly

    34. That way all risks are hedged

    35. “No one has proven that they aren’t real,” I hedged

    36. Naked options: short positions not hedged with other option or stock positions

    37. But the hedged trader is covered for this loss by being short half as many lots of the spot product which have fallen 10 cents

    38. Spot price movements can be relatively easily hedged away (by delta-hedging), whereas changes in implied volatility can only be hedged using other options

    39. The option to be hedged has a delta

    40. A call option with a delta of 50% (½) needs to be hedged with 1 lot of the spot for every 2 options

    41. This effectively hedged his profits and locked in gains of nearly 50 percent, excluding his 15 percent dividend yield and the premium income he got writing puts and calls

    42. Swann also learned that the stock was being ignored because most of its gold production had been hedged (meaning, they had presold it) at fixed prices ranging from $550 per ounce to $750 per ounce, severely impairing the profitability of the company

    43. Said CEO Paul Bibby, “The elimination of hedged contracts is transformational for OceanaGold

    44. If the market remains close to its current price, a position that is hedged by selling at-the-money options will show the greatest amount of appreciation

    45. Initially, rather than calculating the theoretical value of an option, Black and Scholes tried to answer this question: if the stock price moves randomly over time, but in a manner that is consistent with a constant interest rate and volatility, what must be the option price after each moment in time such that an option position that is correctly hedged will just break even? The answer to this question resulted in rather intimidating-looking equation

    46. Any residual deltas can be hedged away with the underlying contract

    47. In theory, each strip must be dynamically hedged to remain delta neutral

    48. We know from synthetics that an in-the-money option hedged with an underlying contract is equivalent to an out-of-the-money option of the opposite type

    49. Collar A long (short) underlying position that is hedged with both a long (short) out-of-the-money put and a short (long) out-of-the-money call

    50. The stock can miss earnings expectations and fall precipitously, allowing you to sell the shorter-dated option, and then short covering moves the price back higher, leaving the longer-dated option at little risk or far enough out-of-the-money that it can be protected or hedged cheaply

    1. between the stone walls that backed the hedges, and although the track showed no

    2. The hedges are all leafless now, except where an evergreen is to be found

    3. ‘Yes, it’s a pity they don’t lay the hedges properly any more

    4. ‘Yes, I learned quite a lot about laying hedges from one of the gardeners at the school I used to work at

    5. ‘Very much so, his hedges were always properly laid, even if he had to swear like a trooper at the younger men to achieve a proper result

    6. Across the green of the hedges and the field beyond, she could just see the sparkle of the sea

    7. 23And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel

    8. they caught a glimpse through the hedges, there was nothing to see

    9. just the singing of the birds in the hedges for company

    10. being barely visible between the hedges

    11. It seemed that the hedges had got badly overgrown

    12. stood out along the line of the hedges

    13. He wound up just watching the noontime wee-flutters and listening to the charraspas on the hedges that lined the canal for quite a few hours

    14. boundary of the grounds, with high and thick hedges through which

    15. that was little more than a thickening of the hedges that flanked the

    16. Yards fronted the path with either flowering hedges or storage sheds

    17. After a while he left the road and walked close to the hedges and shrubs

    18. Had some intrepid botanist trudged the weary path, he or she would have eventually reached the mount, and had the mist dispersed they would have spied in the mounts lee a large green hollow ringed with hedges and 'Dingles House' which its red brick and slate roof set in a substantial garden beautifully landscaped with all manner of tall trees, shrubs and lawns

    19. The sprays of flowers on the fences and hedges that lined the path seemed dedicated to the grief she felt

    20. Rolling downs, hedges, apple trees

    21. Most of it was blocked by overgrown hedges and fallen tree limbs

    22. smooth and even hedges, though still leylandi

    23. As they hurriedly entrenched, the enemy poured from the woods, and finding cover behind rocks and along hedges, fired steady volleys that would have proved terribly effectual when the troopers were beyond the hill, and probably have driven the American lines back demoralised

    24. The house, half glimpsed between the hedges, revealed itself to me as I passed between them

    25. That spoke well for their chances, I thought; cruising through the hole in the hedges and turning her out onto the road under the trees

    26. The lot was surrounded by hedges

    27. It was just a smooth clearing in the jungle, albeit one with a recognizable concrete patchwork visible through hedges of tall weeds and with buildings in use still along the southern perimeter line

    28. Now, its cast shadow seemed to forbid entry while the hedges at either side of the lane, appeared to lash out with their thorns

    29. 23 These were the potters, and those who dwelt among plants and hedges, there they

    30. She strode across the white cobblestones and scaled the hedges that bordered

    31. 40 You have broken down all his hedges; you have brought his strong holds to ruin

    32. and fro by the hedges; for their king shall go into captivity, and his priests and his princes together

    33. As it turns out, Audrey hedges, and then finds it in her heart to

    34. great grasshoppers, which camp in the hedges on the cold day, but when the sun arises they flee away, and their place is not known

    35. The courtyard was wonderfully landscaped and gardened, symmetrical to the left and right of the main path, with smaller paths, benches, flower beds, hedges, and ponds, though different species had been used on either side

    36. 23 "The Lord said to the servant 'Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in that my house may be filled

    37. A certain man made a great supper and invited many and sent his servant at supper time to say to those who were invited come over; because all things are ready now and they all with one consent began to make excuses; The first said to him: I have bought a piece of ground and I am in need to go and see it; I beg you to have me excused; and another said: I have bought five yoke of oxen and I go to prove them; I beg you to have me excused; and another said: I have married a wife and therefore I cannot come; so that servant came and showed his lord these things; then the master of the house being angry said to his servant: Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city and bring in here the poor and the maimed and the crippled and the blind; and the servant said: Lord it is done as you have commanded and yet there is room; and the lord said to the servant go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in so that my house may be filled; because I say to you that none of those men who were invited shall taste of my supper

    38. On Saturday, May 17, 2003, New York Times reporter Chris Hedges was booed off the stage at Rockford College in Illinois

    39. “War in the end is always about betrayal,” Hedges opined

    40. Unkempt about those hedges blows

    41. Over the hedges skipped a club beat infused with the time of night: midnight

    42. As a result the enemy became bolder, hopping their swift planes over hedges and hillocks to harass us

    43. was like a park, with acres of green lawns, wel -tended trees and hedges,

    44. Thorny, disheveled rose hedges lined the entrance to the Abyssal Cairn

    45. In a matter of hours they reached the wild rose hedges before the Abyssal Cairn

    46. wind blow the small animals away from their nest which sat on the grassy bank behind the hedges

    47. The hedges moved with the wind and their young cygnet wasn't in front of it in the

    48. The father swan looked at the ruffling hedges, flapped its wings towards the policeman’s arms

    49. but also its green leafs started to float into the hedges that lay behind them

    50. always does though with its overgrown hedges and unmown grass, rank

    1. The top of the hedgerow is a mess of shattered branches – the hedging machine has been along here

    2. The grass had recently been mowed, and the hedging recently

    3. Headlights sweep away beyond the hedging at the front of the house

    4. After all, there WAS a certain divinity hedging a minister, even a poor, unworldly, abstracted one

    5. He was accompanied by his beautiful Italian assistant, Angela, It was clear that hedging had its benefits

    6. Athene thought it more probable that they feared the father and were hedging their bets in case he came after them to wreak vengeance

    7. Hedging costs money in the form of insurance premiums, and lower return on investments

    8. Max was also hedging his bets and creating an alibi in Ray

    9. At first glance, it appeared that Enron was placing money lost in hedging

    10. good job of hedging the Delmons in from all sides

    11. Hedging : Protecting assets from currency fluctuations

    12. And that Cam knew too, and for some reason, Cam was hedging

    13. statements,” again, hedging the bet

    14. He pulled the receiver out from under his jacket and went to throw it into the laurel hedging behind the gatepost

    15. ” Like a teenager hedging her words, distancing herself

    16. He was wearing an embroidered shirt with small mirrors sewn into the fabric over a scoop-necked Mickey Mouse T-shirt, some beads and a wooden cross on a length of twine, along with the gold Sacred Heart and Saint Christopher on a chain that he had always worn, as if hedging his bets against more fashionable deities

    17. For instance, the cost of fully hedging a complex portfolio with options can easily run over 10 percent on an annualized basis

    18. In simple buying or selling transactions (excluding spreading and hedging, which we will get to in a minute) the buyer is willing to part with the money because he believes the asset will offer him more value in the future than the money he gave up

    19. This is a simple example of a hedging transaction, and more complicated examples exist in all markets

    20. So if we have boatloads of calls outstanding relative to typical volume in the stock, it stands to reason that we will have more natural stock sellers hedging those calls

    21. The later the trade, the more intense the hedging nearer to expiry vis-à-vis a more stale position that suddenly gets near the money and in play and was likely hedged long ago

    22. Can Math Solve This Hedging Problem?

    23. Part of the reason for this change in trading patterns is that some of the portfolio hedging trades formerly conducted with VIX options are now being redirected to options on double inverse ETFs

    24. hedging with, 105–107, 113–116

    25. Skew is a term for how cheap or expensive calls and puts are relative to ATM options in reaction to hedging activities

    26. This is not always the case, but if you take a look at the structure of SPX, you can see how hedging activities affect the volatility surface

    27. Hedging activities are not constant, and at any given time calls and puts can become overpriced or underpriced

    28. Retail traders lack the ability to trade and execute many hedging strategies

    29. One method is for very active traders that I call “pay the decay,” and the other is for less active traders that I call “delta/gamma ratio hedging

    30. When I asked my host whether his traders were hedging or speculating, he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Yes

    31. Companies crisscross the thin line between hedging and speculating, using inside information

    32. While some currency trades serve the hedging needs of importers and exporters, most transactions are speculative

    33. Gold is a good asset for hedging against inflation and also for asset preservation during times of global turmoil

    34. Unlike commercial users who are using the markets for hedging purposes, speculators are simply interested in making profits; thus, they tend to move the markets in different ways

    35. Although independent traders like you and me can and do trade the futures markets, most players in the futures markets are large commercial entities that use the futures markets for price hedging

    36. Generally, the OTC market isn’t suitable for individual investors who seek speculative opportunities because it consists primarily of large commercial users (such as oil companies and airlines) who use it solely for hedging purposes

    37. Hedging gives these commercial enterprises the opportunity to reduce the risk associated with daily price fluctuations by establishing fixed prices of primary commodities for months, sometimes even years, in advance

    38. Consider a few examples of entities that use the futures markets for hedging purposes:

    39. To get a better idea of hedging in action, consider a hedging strategy that the airline industry uses

    40. Phelps Dodge has an active hedging program, in which it enters into agreements with other market participants through the futures markets, to hedge against price risk

    41. However, not all hedgers are created equal, and Phelps Dodge has taken some hits in the past as a result of its hedging activities

    42. As with the other agricultural commodities discussed in this chapter, the CME offers a futures contract for those interested in capturing profits from wheat price movements — whether for hedging or speculative purposes

    43. A big thing to watch out for is hedging

    44. Watch out for hedging or you can back the wrong mine; one without the zippy share price you crave

    45. The bomb is their statement that the hedging position with their bank is crippling them and they might have to dilute through an issue of shares

    46. FTSE 100 is a liquid index used for hedging currencies, commodities and you name it

    47. This is because of the different uses of options between traders who use options for speculation and hedging

    48. With the “In-The-Money Debit Spread” the trader knows that not only is his risk limited, but actually he is hedging some of his losses by the gains on the option he sold

    49. This often happens in volatile markets as there is an increased demand for these “more active” options for speculation and hedging

    50. Then we’ll tackle the hedging because it can have a dramatic impact on the specs

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