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Tenuous в предложении (на )

  1. It threatens to tear our tenuous.
  2. The other is tenuous to say the least.
  3. But there is a tenuous link between the.
  4. A tenuous peace at best, Sarek said.
  5. The boy looked awfully tenuous with acne.
  6. Investing on the basis of forecasts is tenuous.
  7. These trees have tenuous leaves and soft tissues.
  8. Had tenuous connection with the people in your day.
  9. If Cedar died his hold on Hemlock would be tenuous.
  10. They only had a tenuous affiliation with each other.
  11. For his mouth began to slide a tenuous blood thread.
  12. The trust I have with these people is so tenuous.
  13. It may be tenuous, but it beats searching all of Mexico.
  14. And the other one is, what did you call it, tenuous?
  15. All this put me in the tenuous position of swimming upstream.
  16. You base a lot of your theories on Darryl's tenuous arithmetic.
  17. I could get a fiber, but it leaves the connection more tenuous.
  18. They would see to the passage of all into the tenuous safety of.
  19. And Alistair? Was he even a threat, with his tenuous nature?
  20. His evidence was tenuous, but it certainly didn't point to God's doing.
  21. It danced inside her, small and tenuous, but part of something eternal.
  22. It is an exciting and also a tenuous time for teachers, when a student.
  23. Even more tenuous than the shape of the curve is the fact that we are making.
  24. They would see to the passage of all into the tenuous safety of the main camp.
  25. I was the only one who knew our true mission, and it was a tenuous one at best.
  26. I breathed a prayer of thanks to my Maker as I felt it’s thin, tenuous thread.
  27. With that, he broke with the tenuous existence that he had created in the village.
  28. She reached for the banister, but her falling weight was too much for her tenuous grasp.
  29. He kept his eyes fixed on the moonlit space of marble, on which a tenuous shadow hovered.
  30. The pain of Lauras bolting gradually faded but a tenuous shadow never completely left me.
  31. There was more debris, much of it floating in a tenuous cloud far from the initial find of the.
  32. But then wasn't that the way of all trends? Through tenuous, unverified arteries they came to be.
  33. But then, wasn't that the way of all trends? Through tenuous, unverified arteries they came to be.
  34. We reached a soft hill where a tenuous breeze was rocking the thin grass that covered a big extension.
  35. The island was nothing more than a sandy spit, connected to shore by a tenuous thread of bamboo slats.
  36. This distinction may seem rather tenuous to the layman, and it is not commonly accepted on Wall Street.
  37. The billowing cloud was still flowing up from the area but now it had a tenuous, harmless look about it.
  38. But then he took some deep breaths and tried to understand, keeping ahold of his tenuous grip on reality.
  39. But he at least now had something to go on, and a possible, if tenuous, link between all this and his uncle.
  40. He stopped abruptly as his mind strove manfully to connect the tenuous strands of the case to the latest information.
  41. The knowing of only one person in the town of his birth was what deflated Matthew that day and that was tenuous at that.
  42. She seemed ghostly, her sculptured profile softened by a tenuous blue light, and he realized that she was crying in silence.
  43. In any case, when my wife was home for a few days, our pent up sex drives exploded and renewed our increasingly tenuous union.
  44. Where healthy trolls might, upon reaching land, have tried to kill and/or eat anything that moved, now they were more tenuous.
  45. Because of this tenuous conclusion, Johnny promised himself he'd not let the kitty go out of his sight before it was divvied up.
  46. I lunged for the gun again and managed a tenuous grip on the handle, but Bailey had recovered and she kicked it out of my hands.
  47. There was a Beerhouse car hire company and several tenuous links between ‘Noah’, ‘beer’ and ‘houses’, but nothing else.
  48. His sources had dried up, shied away and all he had were tenuous threads that suggested directions but which bore no definite signs.
  49. It was like a shock wave to the Irish in England and seemed to shatter the accepted feeling they had there, however tenuous that was.
  50. Anxiety had bubbled in Joe’s belly all morning, but it started now to give way to a tenuous sense of calm, more determined than nervous.
  51. As his hand touched the bars, a sharp shock knocked him backwards into his companion and both hit the floor breaking my tenuous hold on their minds.
  52. But with quantum physics, even this tenuous result would be superseded by the atom itself not really being anything that exists until it is measured.
  53. Midrash allows great scope of commentary on Biblical text, with only the most tenuous connection or even with no apparent connection at all to the actual text.
  54. Sending out his anima, the Teller sought the old Custodian's aura, locking his thoughts onto the tenuous contact, flooding Grey's mind with his own determination.
  55. The hall was illuminated by hundreds of small lanterns and its tenuous flames were competing with the gigantic light of a lamp that was rocking in the way of the roof.
  56. Slight and tenuous, she slipped from my embrace, and secretly kissing my hand, she went to Michael and laid her hands on his shoulders and looked across the table at Mona.
  57. The speed of her reactions and the complete lack of hesitation takes Rapunzel by surprise, and this new shock on top of all the others is the final crack in her tenuous grasp on self control.
  58. As always, the bubble would have a rational precipitating factor, but investors should remember that the link between economic growth and equity market returns is quite tenuous (see Chapter 16).
  59. He slashed ferociously at sounds and movements he heard or imagined he heard in the darkness near him, and once his sword cut through some yielding tenuous substance that might have been cobwebs.
  60. We had come to a tenuous agreement, mostly because I was sulking, that I would just move straight to my new office, which was conveniently cattycorner to his office, instead of going to my old station.
  61. Along with these tenuous feelings went a shroud of coldness emanating from the cave deep below Fire Rock, the cave where even now, a beautiful orb span madly, gathering speed as its destiny neared completion.
  62. The words 'Gale Force' was introduced into the language by one strong limbed poet who tried to clamber over the ramparts to reach the tenuous safety of a large clump of scurry bush, only to be thwarted and bowled back over the edge at his every attempt.
  63. I tried to kick him in the nuts to shut him up before he would say anything to deteriorate the already tenuous atmosphere or broach subjects that would only lead to more questions; I failed though, wildly flailing my leg as if something horrible was chewing on it.
  64. She told them about the political situation, how the Warlord of Pennsylvania had moved his forces all the way to the Potomac as soon as the Nigerians went home, using the judges and their constables and a tenuous membership in the Commonwealth of Laurentia as a facade of legitimacy.
  65. His grasp of current events was therefore even more tenuous, and it was not until a couple weeks afterward, stopping into the post office in town to pick up his mail, that he would find his Order to Report for Armed Forces Physical Examination, covered in stamps marked FORWARD.
  66. Yet, the tremendous expansion of viewership of the Fox News Channel proves that people want to hear both sides of political and international news, and this confirms the tenuous position of the one-sided presentations by ‘liberalism’ through its voices in the many major news outlets in the visual media.
  67. These trees have tenuous leaves and soft tissues, therefore their veins shrink and their movement stops in winter of which causes their leaves to fall down; otherwise, the water in the tissues of their leaves will become frozen when the cold becomes bitter which causes the tubes of their veins to burst and die.
  68. Why, I too was guilty of laying the superstructure of ‘Imperial Infrastructures’ over the tenuous foundations of Rajan Builders; wonder how I suffered no qualms in gambling with the public monies to raise my domestic stock; but my love for my woman and the luck of the investors might have helped me succeed in my unethical venture; whatever, it was then that I lost my soul and became a devil’s slave, though I didn’t realize it then.

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