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    1. "Why'd you pick Zharvai anyway?" he asked

    2. " She turned and bent over to pick up the quilt, making sure the guy in the boat could see her spreading

    3. He got picked on in school as a kid for stuttering, so my parents told me never to pick on kids, which is fine, but their reasoning was more out of fear that the kid might “snap,” not because it was the right thing to do

    4. I lean to pick it up, but Dad puts a hand on my shoulder

    5. autoresponder follows up with additional offers based on what the How to Pick a Shopping Cart System that Makes You Money

    6. It’s all pure profit! The Kick Start Shopping System makes it easy for your How to Pick a Shopping Cart System that Makes You Money

    7. Pick a bird house that allows enough room for the snails to enter, and one that has a lid that can be opened and closed

    8. She did it with machine-like precision, and it looked like she would have been able to pick them up all by herself if they didn’t cooperate

    9. We are free to pick up past interests and develop new hobbies

    10. The higher energy sources provide to the plants a quick pick me up, Higher energy food sources are easier to be absorbed then lower energy sources which require more energy to assimilate leaving the plant in a minus situation which in turn causes stress etc

    11. “I could just pick the lock,” Nancy offered

    12. Our approach to the situations will be more positive and will enable us to identify and pick up any opportunities

    13. He would stop on his way home from work to pick up his favorite cherry-flavored cigarettes and watch the girls dance from the curb

    14. Cockroaches utilize their antennae to pick up chemical signals from the air

    15. He stepped inside the house, and then went back outside again to pick up the paper that was just delivered and the thermometer gadget he had just used to open the door

    16. "Herndon; I've had a geosynchronous out there since 2267, its still operational," Ava in heaven said, "I have all the probes that can pick up its signature in close orbit, no point on the surface will be out of sight for much more than an hour at a time

    17. bent over to pick it up

    18. "But anyway, we pick it up at a warehouse on the docks, where's it gotta go?"

    19. I stoop and pick him up to give him a hug

    20. I pick up the phone before he rouses sufficiently to respond

    21. Flowers: Pick flowers, allow to dry on solar tray then grind into powder with mortar, place into panty hose and allow to soak for 24 hrs

    22. Half my mind concentrating on the job in hand, I reach for the phone and pick it up

    23. I pick up the phone

    24. ‘Do you honestly think it is a good idea, Mum?’ he asked, throwing the towel on the bed … I pick it up quickly … when will he learn that wet towels and beds don’t mix!

    25. Theo tried to pick him up but the man resisted

    26. He starts to pick up the sign

    27. It gave me a chance to pick up the pieces

    28. Pick one and let’s have a little drinkie and a proper

    29. As I’m filling the kettle, I hear the phone ringing and, seeing that Liz is still halfway to the house her hands full of boxes, I dash off to pick it up

    30. "I would have to pick someone on the expedition that I have a backup for

    31. He bends to pick up a long stick and starts beating idly at the nettles standing harmlessly along the fence line

    32. In the tiny society they had here, Morg would have her and Ava to pick from

    33. Even that far below a dirty old burner like that, she was likely to pick up some damage to her flesh, unless they were still running on fans and thrusters when they passed over

    34. "The containment will be hot awhile, I might pick up some neutrons from a dirty old thing like they were flying

    35. "I have all the probes out that can pick up its trace, no point on the surface will be out of sight for much more than an hour at a time

    36. The terminator reached his home on the ground, Ava waited until she was sure there was enough light for his station to pick up a station in Gengee City before she tried him again

    37. "He's gone to pick something up is what I think," he said

    38. Half afraid of what it means, I hesitate to pick it up

    39. I tried to pick at the frame of the grill so that I could steal a stray beam of light from the bulb in the corridor, but all that I did was aggravate the pin prick wound in my finger from the bullet hole in the trunk of the car that had brought me here

    40. ’ I said, looking at the expanse of modern building below me, trying to pick out the older buildings and imagine how it must have looked when Rose came here

    41. ‘I suppose it’ll take you a few days to pick up

    42. ‘Merry Christmas!’ my sister proclaimed, as I pick up the phone

    43. The pick of the litter is not easy to find

    44. "I'll have to pick some so it will be a minute

    45. "I learned something new and frightening in Alan's latest report yesterday," Alfred told her before she could pick up her book

    46. It had taken them some time to pick all the bits of gravel out of her skin … thankfully, there was no damage to her skull, though that was probably more luck than anything else

    47. She’d stayed seated until it stopped, uncertain and unfamiliar with the motion … yes, the bus had stopped and she’d risen, turned to pick up her bag … walked quickly down the gangway to the door … there’d been footsteps behind her … heavy ones – the men

    48. ‘Can you imagine it? Me living in a manor house with staff!’ he chuckled, stooping to pick up another stone and throwing it with some power towards the same rock where it smashed

    49. He handed me a pick and with a deep sigh (and because he was

    50. would be… “… now pick something that you really truly enjoy,

    1. He got picked on in school as a kid for stuttering, so my parents told me never to pick on kids, which is fine, but their reasoning was more out of fear that the kid might “snap,” not because it was the right thing to do

    2. Her side of the headboard was picked over, the light stuff was gone, a picture of a home in the inner canals remained, a feathered set of hair rings was gone

    3. Yes, the whole native data system is shut down for the forty or so hours of dark every week, no messages can be sent or picked up on the old crystals or the new

    4. It’s been picked really clean, but I think there’s some green ones still

    5. “This is why I hate facing people as weak as you,” Scar told her as he extended his hand and picked up his gun

    6. Liam picked up the putter, felt its weight in his hand, swung it a few times like a cricket bat

    7. While they were on the way back to the boat she picked up a news magazine because of the headline 'Killer Asteroid on the Way?' and found that "One of Cynd's larger asteroids was knocked out of orbit by an unobserved collision forty years ago and dropped into the gravitational well of the brown dwarf

    8. Johnny picked up his backpack and headed for the door

    9. But then she really didn't know what info he had picked up since they split

    10. "You save the camping gear we picked up," she said, "I hardly ever use it at the inns where I travel

    11. She had to share a cabin to afford passage to the next port, but the man she picked was more of Kulai's build than Herndon's or Jorma's

    12. doostEr picked up the wagon end of the harness and dragged it to the rockasaur's tongue

    13. ‘She rang because she picked up a bit of information this afternoon from her daughter

    14. coat, David picked up his darling girl, manoeuvred her down the stairs to the street

    15. For the rest of the evening they picked at their food, constantly

    16. He picked the right staging axes to bring, to use on a strap of smaller timbers that he hung from a little adapter pulley off the backbone

    17. Once the shiny Audi was out of sight he made his heavy way back into the station and fished an old battered phone from his pocket and selected a speed dial number that picked up quickly

    18. She picked up instantly

    19. It was right then that my son picked his moment to come to me with latest problem

    20. ‘Hello … you picked that up quickly

    21. As he picked them up a horned

    22. "The natives call this body 'NahniNarrulla,' 'Narrulla's Tear'," Ava said, "and I've picked that up

    23. The report Ava's radio had picked up from Sol said New Dallas had been destroyed within a half hour of releasing their first rock

    24. One of them picked me up by the shirt collar and shoved me against the wall

    25. You have to tell me what was on your tattoos and you have to tell me why they picked you

    26. "Is there some chance the real reason I was picked first was because of this android?"

    27. She picked a hot and lazy late summer day, though the date was well into October

    28. "He constantly picked on everything that I did, trying to find fault with it

    29. The catcher picked the ball up and easily threw Stewey out at first base

    30. picked up this morning when leaving his hut at first light

    31. She picked up a training bag and headed to the city's Southside and Ireland's only full roller derby rink

    32. OK crotch stain, you picked the wrong day to mess with WMD

    33. Rafa leaned in and picked me up by the lapels

    34. "For all you know he's picked up your sister," Herndon said

    35. He picked up with Christine in his second year … must have been about Easter, I think, she was a quiet girl, intelligent and not particularly pretty

    36. As he picked his way through the web, gently pulling himself along in the null-gees, his helmet highlighted the figures of his fellow reds outside, out on the ring

    37. He said he mapped in the specific point he picked for us to breach space based on tidal shifts in local stellar gravity

    38. I've picked you because you are the most competent of those who's sympathy I trust

    39. This detector had picked up a trace that was listed as that of the Al-Harron

    40. I washed feebly, forgetting to shampoo my hair, and when I returned to the cell I sat on my mattress and picked idly at my food

    41. They had to show him pictures before he would believe it, but the video of a theirops getting picked up in its jaws and chunked down in three bites was convincing

    42. All of them, the grown stone and the shaftwood, had vine covered balconies on almost every floor and the blooms were a deep magenta and last year's pods a rosy mahogany where they hadn't been picked already

    43. Then he picked up his whole empty rack in one hand and put it away

    44. He cut off one of the guards’ hands and picked up the torch that was

    45. What about before you came across? Renald had jumped to the conclusion that you were looking into the problem of illegal immigrants … what if someone had picked up on that and assumed it was correct … yes, that would present a valid reason for someone to try to kill her

    46. of a life less lived to remind us that the life that was picked out

    47. Angered by this the soldier picked up the hammer beside the coals and with

    48. Son picked up his sword and ran back to the temple with great haste

    49. ’ Kara said with determination as Iain picked up her bag and smiled at Angie

    50. Son picked up the dagger that the soldier had dropped and stabbed the

    1. ’ He said, losing interest and picking up some tool or other

    2. Ackers detached his keypad box and threw both it and his lock picking gadget into his backpack

    3. What would the future hold for him? Who was this Antiphone, really? What if she didn’t show up? Should he wait outside? He thought of that horrible child, picking his nose

    4. Instead of picking up my

    5. It is raining fairly hard and the wind is picking up

    6. One of the teachers is picking his nose

    7. A Bangladeshi man emerges from an outhouse, picking his way around pools of raw sewage

    8. "I could be a clone?" she asked, picking up on the very pregnant 'might have been' and worried that she was committing the greatest sacrilege the church knows

    9. But Leo wasn't picking up the phone so that was that

    10. ’ Molly said, picking it up

    11. She was looking back toward Herndon's place no more than twenty five miles from the old landing point when her scope started picking up something else in the area

    12. Despite the fact that everyone she’d spoken to played down the seriousness of the attack, Kara had worked out, by dint of garnering minute details from every staff member in the hospital she had come in contact with … as well as picking Angie’s brains and prising information out of the policeman … that she’d been extremely lucky to survive

    13. ’ He said, picking up her bag before JJ could ask any more

    14. ’ Iain said, picking up the teapot and pouring

    15. Easy picking” said Joe

    16. Picking up the envelope, she quickly extracted the sheet inside and read it; it was dated twelve years previously … how odd

    17. " Alan was about to wade into the water to start picking them

    18. ‘Used to what?’ he asked, picking up the tail end of my comment

    19. ‘He had Adamant with him?’ Deris asked picking up on that one fact

    20. in the lean months, picking at nets

    21. She went over to the pack and began picking up the stuff that wasn't pulped

    22. I remember the late summer clouds and us sitting on the shoreline picking out the best ones when he drew my attention to the water, 'See how the light from the sky colours the sea? The clouds are making the water grey, like slate

    23. Picking the Wings off Crane Flies

    24. "So what do you make of the fact that he's picking up signals from the impactors?" Alan asked, once all he had to do was stir

    25. “Right, it could be that this whole phenomenon he's picking up is part of a self-replicating network that was released by Brasil a hundred years after we left

    26. ’ He assured me, picking his way through the building as though he is familiar it … yet, I know he has never been here before

    27. They had quietly regrouped without Jake picking up on them

    28. Elizabeth helped Kate clean up the kitchen, and went around picking up all the excess glasses around the house

    29. Rather than picking her petals off one by one in the time honoured fashion of lovers everywhere, Tom elected, being in a romantic mood and disinclined to do harm to such a simple little bloom, to kiss each petal in turn

    30. “Ha-ha!” he shouted loudly, picking her up by the waist and swinging her around, “I knew you could do it! Your training does you justice little one!” Rayne laughed loudly with him

    31. socially responsible manner, picking issues on which they could

    32. years old, delighted in picking the legs off crane flies to see if they

    33. 45 he is picking up his bike and going home

    34. The hovel was open and a group of small multilegged animals was silently prowling thru it, picking at crumbs

    35. 'Mama's not picking up, I've tried ten times,' Omi said and threw his phone

    36. The Angels even slagged Washington, though there was nothing left there but scavengers picking at the ruins

    37. no prizes for guessing who's picking up the tab there!

    38. ’ Tracy said, picking up the phone again

    39. Carrying a glass of water because I’ve read a little about the risk of dehydration in this sort of scenario, I grab the newspaper and stuff it under my arm before picking up my mobile phone, and going off to my bedroom

    40. The fun he would have picking a new wife from the fairest in all the land

    41. ’ I said, picking up my plate

    42. He disappears downstairs with the tray and, picking up my boots and handbag, I move towards his bedroom where I avail myself of the facilities and wash my face … the me in the mirror is wide eyed and smiling … if a little nervously

    43. 'You feel you have got to know her then?' he said smiling, picking up on my slip of the tongue

    44. ’ He said, picking up his gloves

    45. “What are these ghosts?” Venna asked, picking at the horror like one fascinated with a deadly predator

    46. He hadn’t even tried to stop me picking up my overnight bag and storming out of the house

    47. 'Sorted yourselves out?' Bill enquired, taking his seat and picking up a mug

    48. They could see Bekthi out in it, picking a few of the early blue beans

    49. She cast a scathing look at Chrissie before picking up her plate

    50. ” Picking up a small candle like the one under his tea, he lit it on the other and lead them thru one of the black doorways

    1. Dad said that only a weird, sad man picks up prostitutes

    2. He picks up the pale, doll-headed child and holds the babe to his chest

    3. One of my hands reaches for the saucer and picks it up

    4. He picks up his cup and drinks some of the nearly cold tea in it

    5. He raises an eyebrow at me doubtfully but, all the same, picks up his car keys and makes for the door

    6. If he picks up his coon dogs by the

    7. Bush stops one of the balls with his hand, picks it up, looks at it closely

    8. John picks up a book lying nearby, throws it at the wall

    9. John picks it up, opens it

    10. He picks it up slowly and begins to examine it, carefully turning it around and around in his hands while he looks at it

    11. John picks up one of the coffee cups, looks inside at the dried coffee on the bottom of the cup

    12. Majeed tries to stand unsteadily, picks up his I-POD lying on the roof of the bus

    13. He picks up his wedding band off the counter, regards it for a moment, slips it on

    14. David and Hamo picks up their bags, walk over to a shiny new Mercedes limo

    15. He picks up a dented and scarred 35mm

    16. John picks it up and soon they are sailing the football back and forth along the length of the cabin

    17. She picks it up, folds it and hands it to me

    18. Laughter pricks and picks its way

    19. I am too tired to reply, hunched over my gg’s head, automatically following Wiesse as he picks his way through street after street and, at long last, through the gates of his villa

    20. picks up a microphone and asks the boys

    21. SAMANTHA: Here, you didn't like this? Now, is this better? And this? I can fix this one too! You happy now? And these are too provocative? Here! (She picks a pair of scissors and slashes more clothes

    22. He picks his way carefully along the deck by the light of the stones now hanging on the rail

    23. We follow him as he picks his way through the pines, our footsteps muffled by the layer of pine needles underfoot

    24. ’ He said, his temper flaring as he picks up the tent and soaks his hosen in the process

    25. Grinning despite himself, he comes over and picks it out for me, then stands helplessly by while I, woman fashion, drape his wet clothes by the fire so that they will dry off

    26. The phone in the staff room rings and Julie, one of the teachers, who happens to be nearest it, picks it up

    27. ’ He sits looking at me for a moment, and then picks up my notes and reads through them

    28. He picks the phone up on the second ring,

    29. He picks up his glass and takes a long drink

    30. My dad’s gotten into the latest automated stuff so we never have to do anything more than sign when Jake picks up the barrels

    31. ’ He said, pausing by the side table where cutlery is neatly bundled up in napkins - he counts out sufficient bundles and hands them to me then picks up a handful of condiments, all packaged in their plastic bags

    32. With which words, he picks me up and carries me up to the stairs … at least that is the intention … he has a spot of bother opening the door to the stairs one handed and has to put me down again … so much for romantic gestures …

    33. She seems slightly bothered and Alastair picks up on this

    34. Dave picks me up just after eight

    35. He picks up a set of kitchen measures and selects the one marked up as tablespoon sized

    36. Shaun leans forward and picks up one of the sachets, turning it over in his hands, watching the yellow powder spill back and forth within

    37. Jock reaches down by his chair and picks up a plastic food container full of sachets of bright yellow powder, which he puts on the desk in front of Shaun

    38. Billy smiles at Bex and the ladies, and excuses himself, picks up his beer and walks over to where Ted is sitting

    39. She leaves him with his thirty-two inch view of the world, picks up her bag and heads out into the bright blue sun-stream of possibilities

    40. As he picks up his bag and heads out to his car, Julie finds herself hoping so too

    41. After a minute or two of staring at the box he picks up his mug of tea and hurls it at the wall

    42. Jock returns to the conservatory, picks up his tea cup and drains it in one, setting the back of his throat on fire

    43. From the door he picks up a new litre and a half bottle of Coke

    44. He puts his coat on, picks up his wallet from the mantelpiece where Ken has been testing for dust, and follows the boys out of his top floor flat

    45. Maggie picks up the tights and the plaster wrapping and puts them in the bin under the wash basin

    46. Collar up, he picks up the pace and pushes past a small family group, muttering curses under his breath, and disappears into the hospital foyer, where the interminably waiting stewed tea and bun brigade stand and stare

    47. He picks one out of the ether

    48. Alex puts the pistol back into his waistband, picks up the drink and the bottle and walks back into the bed sitting room

    49. He smiles again, picks up the sheet of paper his printer’s just produced, and passes it to me with a pen

    50. Who could … oh … Alastair often picks Jo up for these band things … and, of course, he brings her home afterwards … he never parks his car by the house

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