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Imprint in a sentence

Your imprint in the world.
imprint that was clean and new.
longing is the living imprint.
imprint the pattern on her memory.
imprint in the ground after another.
Maybe what you saw was an imprint.
causes impurity: man’s imprint on.

which hadleft its imprint on his face.
Patty lifted the pen to read the imprint:.
imprint them upon the minds of their students.
My back and buttocks wore the imprint of his.
Her finger reached a small imprint of a forest.
everything gives off a multidimensional imprint.
Clara started to refuse, but the imprint of her.
Published by Point, an imprint of Scholastic Inc.
Imprint your souls with the beauty of her skin.
History always bore the imprint of the historian.
of the heart, are wont to imprint on the yielding mass.
The slap stung, producing a perfect imprint of her hand.
That silk cushion bears the imprint of some one's hips.
negative experiences imprint somewhere in the body).
We want to imprint into the baby’s conscious and subcon-.
frantic desperation as she felt the pulsing imprint of his.
that sense had left a profound imprint of fear in her bones.
and peel it off with the imprint when he puts them down?’.
Sendak himself needed to imprint the memory chips with the.
anyhow stomped on the ground to create such a deep imprint!.
The ground is rutted with the imprint of old tractor wheels.
them, Unless I shall see in His hands the imprint of the.
negative imprint, but a positive one, meaning: it wasn’t a.
imprinting made it easy.
Thanks to this imprinting, he is in.
She can feel the hardness of grass imprinting.
that burns retinas, imprinting images and colours.
Only a shape is transmitted in the process of imprinting.
It cracks the glass, imprinting broken rings in the windshield.
I slapped into his front, imprinting the lewd picture on his stomach.
more independence, but she will never fully recover from the imprinting.
of required psychical states but their imprinting as well, thus turning.
Because of his imprinting, he found the biologically produced smells the most.
This alone wil have a positive impact on my old negative imprinting.
currently experiencing in life (including negative imprinting) is there.
point field’ are constantly imprinting a record of the shape of everything as.
Ironically, Gerrid's unusually recent synaptic imprinting may have aroused suspicion.
The analogy of a seal imprinting wax may be helpful in understanding the overall process.
This is a great practice to clear non-‐truthful negative imprinting that is.
regiment of anti depressants to imprinting them on a new mate, which doesn’t always take.
Childhood imprinting of not feeling good about her body has created a negative association.
Each time an experience occurs similar to the first experience, it will further reinforce this imprinting.
Once I pass'd through a populous city imprinting my brain for future use with its shows, architecture, customs, traditions,.
The closest it has ever come to obtaining a body was by imprinting a full copy of itself in Mac as an unformed fetus while it possessed her mother.
The bailiff entered with a solemn expression, carrying the heavy cast-iron imprinting seal, which he placed at the right end of my father’s bench.
This was done by imprinting children with moral codes and instilling a fear of authority that shaped them into law- abiding and hard-working citizens.
He drew rein, and as they slowed he was on the point of imprinting the desired salute, when, as if hardly yet aware of her own modesty, she dodged aside.
It is the exclamation, the bursting of pipes, the change of simple into complex, the release of ratios and relations, the imprinting of existence upon the Void.
Before she’d left, early this morning, she’d kissed his cheek as he slept, imprinting the knowledge of her whereabouts in his thoughts where he could not miss it when he woke.
If all subatomic matter in the world is interacting constantly with this ambient ground-state energy field, the subatomic waves of the [zero point] field are constantly imprinting a record of the shape of everything.
Your Kelvan imprinting gave you the ability to process a great deal more information than the average human and consequently, when you plugged into this machine, you tapped into not only the group of hostages here, but you tapped into a.
" So saying, Madame de Saint-Meran extended her dry bony hand to Villefort, who, while imprinting a son-in-law's respectful salute on it, looked at Renee, as much as to say, "I must try and fancy 'tis your dear hand I kiss, as it should have been.
imprinted deeply within us.
This is indelibly imprinted.
was imprinted on the seal.
She imprinted on you?.
imprinted on the back side, 1959.
The imprinted cuckoo infant will.
This behaviour is imprinted deep.
This imprinted wax was the seal,.
Imprinted on the fabric of eternity.
She imprinted on you, Glor said.
thus permanently imprinted on his mind.
were imprinted permanently in her mind.
Bafflement was imprinted upon his face.
The tension at Moorhen had imprinted the.
Annelle imprinted her heart into my soul.
with gloom was imprinted on his countenance.
His face was imprinted with a red boot mark.
image of her face to be imprinted in my head.
imprinted upon you that has been marred by sin.
· At infancy we are imprinted by our parents.
Indelibly imprinted on the fabric of eternity,.
imprinted to the Homo sapiens; the naked primates.
Section Two Name to be imprinted on Certificates.
can be imprinted with a company’s name and logo.
Everyone is imprinted with that answer from birth.
The press doesn’t have to read what is imprinted.
He eats her up, teeth marks imprinted on her nipple.
imprinted pens, they think that would be cool (Wow.
Allys could see the worry imprinted on his countenance.
Energy Enhancement Video Course is imprinted with the.
Imprints in the sand.
Then, if two imprints.
Imprints of delusions.
imprints of 110, 114, 125.
and even horseshoe imprints.
The imprints were identical.
book imprints for lack of interest.
other imprints at the scene of a crime.
Famous examples of imprints include the.
as they left, the imprints in the dust of.
lay the imprints of Sacobie's round snowshoes.
‘’Look at those imprints in the bodywork, Kimi.
Sweeping away the corrugated imprints impatiently,.
Experience imprints itself on the face, the hands, the.
Because of the imprints of conceptual thoughts that grasp.
mistaken awarenesses because, due to the imprints of self-.
as a form of community building, would those imprints have.
through the force of the imprints of self-grasping ignorance.
Imprint/s There are two types of imprint: imprints of actions.
functions to release our mind from delusions or their imprints.
the imprints of self-grasping ignorance accumulated over time.
Obstructions to enlightenment The imprints of delusions, which.
arises from meditative equipoise, however, due to the imprints.
emptiness is undefiled by the imprints, or stains, of these con-.
it refers to processes such as the removal of memory imprints or.
imprint on the mental consciousness, and these imprints are karmic.
meditation accompanied by reflective analysis These imprints are not.
Yangsi Rinpoche distinguishes between karmic imprints and karmic seeds.
literature These imprints are thought to be etched or imprinted in the.
are imprints in the mind or mind residues that give to the mind a certain.

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imprint embossment depression impression impress form