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Depression в предложении (на )

Depression hit her like a.
Depression can also set in.
My mother has had depression.
My depression is lifting, too.
Kate was in a deep depression.
Of course, she has depression.
It can lessen your depression.

A depression going back years.
Away with depression and gloom.
Depression can happen to anyone.
A degree of depression sets in.
The result is severe depression.
Make a small depression near it.
In addition to depression, many.
Avoid depression like the plague.
Panos felt his depression lifting.
This drove to depression, though.
Thomas sank into a deep depression.
Alexandra was in a deep depression.
During the Depression the officers.
She's in a state of deep depression.
Technically, it was major depression.
This state of depression some moms.
Some says she had depression problem.
What are the symptoms of depression?
I sat in depression until it was six.
There were bouts of depression that.
But they didn’t end the depression.
Hopelessness and depression were the.
Given that anxiety and depression are.
Thus a fearful depression hangs over us.
She was drifting into a deep depression.
They were supposed to end the depression.
The depression moved him out of the game.
Depression Performance as a Test of Merit.
The world slid into the Great Depression.
They also usually suffer from depression.
Economic depression hit in the late 1920s.
When I can't sleep, depression gets worse.
Shoulder depression with arm in abduction.

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