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    1. than a misguided drunken fumble

    2. Judaic revelation is incomplete and Islam is a false religion in the sense that we are misguided in our separatism

    3. I hope the news of his departure for Corsair Territory doesn't give the people of Alcazar any misguided feels, like something that will make them feel insecure with his future leadership

    4. In the past I'd condemned the tales of the old Cornish wreckers, the poverty-stricken coastal villagers who misguided freighters onto rocks in a grasp for survival, but now I understood and was playing my part in condemning the robbers on the Kaliantikos to their deaths

    5. "Those things aren't books," she shuttered, thinking about the horrid things, "there something from the decrepit minds of, misguided people

    6. To dream that you lose an earring indicates that you are being misguided

    7. A misguided sense of reality, rather than having woken up to the cold truth

    8. “Don’t be misled by their name, “Manna warned, “or feel some misguided loyalty by their name

    9. We had a “prophet” here a while ago whose followers stared into the sun for some misguided reason resulting in them damaging their eyes

    10. However well intentioned, this misguided approach to child rearing is characteristic of modern attitudes where level playing fields often encounter parents behaving (or reacting) like friends rather than parents

    11. dispose of all her painful memories, misguided actions, and all her suffering by breathing these memories back into the physical body,

    12. Nor do I wish to overly engage the prurient interest of misguided youths

    13. Improper registration (what apparently had happened to George) was the most common method employed, although abuse of Costa Rica’s misguided squatter’s rights laws was another popular ploy

    14. He assumed it was someone’s misguided attempt to bring him into the fold of corruption

    15. “If this is your idea of English charm, you’re more misguided than you look,” replied Nicole with a shake of her head and an almost sympathising grimace on her face

    16. they come to realize that god is not in concord with such misguided

    17. for this man and his misguided approach to being the shepherd of

    18. I can deal with the poor misguided soul

    19. Since overcoming our addiction to ego is the goal in life, and all aspects of our society use ego to mandate our rules, and our government has established deceit as their operating system, and money is controlling our lives, and our faith is misguided, our future is in plain sight

    20. or just from the well-intentioned but misguided advice of a friend,

    21. So your fears, my beautiful baby boy, are just as misguided as the concept of 'nothing'

    22. Obama, when he was attempting to foster a ‘right to same-sex unions/marriage’ in Africa at public presentations; he was nicely told to ‘pedal his misguided thoughts somewhere else’!!

    23. By using the term Catholic in marketing materials and not acting in accordance with Catholic principles, parents and students are misguided about what will be taught and ‘allowed’ to be ‘proper conduct’ within the ‘student life’ at many ‘Catholic’ schools

    24. In 1996 the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said that maybe all the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on excavation, removal of tanks treatment of soil and etc was misguided and misspent effort

    25. They are the misguided souls who

    26. Unfortunately there are always a few misguided or deluded individuals who cannot see what is best for them

    27. Perfection is for misguided fools

    28. I had to cleanse myself of a lot of misguided beliefs and realized that I can do nothing without Allah’s permission and that I should serve Allah in all that I do

    29. Their excuse: It was only misguided dictators like Stalin, Castro, and Mao who misused the lofty concepts of “to everyone according to his need, from everyone according to his ability” to detract from the ‘ideals’ of Socialism

    30. Also, remember that the Initiate has no interest whatsoever in interfering with other people through some misguided sense of ‘improving’ the world!

    31. the mass of lukewarm and the misguided

    32. In some misguided state of dream, I feared this same fate was searching for me

    33. Soon there’ll be no need to pacify your misguided sense of morality

    34. himself in the Hal of Ages! Even you misguided fools cannot deny this is

    35. I wouldn’t be surprised if the misguided creatures that inhabit this Plane could be convinced of the peaceful intentions of the Gaeans and one day author a truce

    36. These spirits are misguided

    37. Unfortunately, a misguided sense of duty made Antony decide to visit his parents first in case they were worried, so Jag drew him a detailed map of where he was headed and easily extracted a promise that his lover would join him as soon as he’d checked up on his parents

    38. just from the well-intentioned but misguided advice of a friend, you can

    39. Another misguided desperado chose this instant to charge, followed half-heartedly by his fellows

    40. In such a case you shall worship only God while you seek to enlighten such misguided earthly rulers and in this way lead them also to the recognition of the Father in heaven

    41. 4 The human heart cannot possibly conceive of the shudder of indignation that swept out over a vast universe as the celestial intelligences witnessed this sight of their beloved Sovereign submitting himself to the will of his ignorant and misguided creatures on the sin-darkened sphere of unfortunate Urantia

    42. leave by being such a twat and his misguided belief

    43. You think of Sygoss as immortal, but this is a misguided belief

    44. misguided individual had dared intrude on the lion in his lair, but stopped open

    45. It is not for God to obey the often misguided and degenerate laws of mankind

    46. Material things do not bring true happiness, they only offer misguided hope to those seeking to foster love in their empty lives

    47. You are always protected but not in the sense of the human form where you may feel it necessary to protect yourself from the hate or perceived misguided actions of others

    48. As misguided and bizarre as it might have been at times, it was there, along with the love of siblings and relatives

    49. In the case of the phone, I had a certain feeling that turned out to be misguided, even though it was not an unreasonable conclusion to make

    50. Do the misguided promoters of this theory forget the work of the

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