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    1. there is something wrong if this is the testing of your faith

    2. there is definitely something wrong with your relationship

    3. commitment, then you’re wrong! Because the C is not commitment, that’s important, you have to be committed but that's not the C in the ABCs of

    4. This time it's for the romance of being who I really am, who I am without the distractions of an early death and resurrection in an experimental environment, a starship expedition that went wrong and the founding of an industry to deal with

    5. Mind you, I stil chose to send her to the wrong one – after all, what did the cheeky cow think I was? ; A walking information booth?

    6. You will have to go a very, very long way to prove me wrong on

    7. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I scream, opening the chamber and emptying it

    8. I don’t want you to tell them what they are doing wrong and that’s why they are having an argument

    9. “Is there something wrong with him?”

    10. “Is something wrong, doctor?”

    11. “College? What’s wrong with college?”

    12. Plant the proper planting for the season Planting the wrong type of vegetables and flowers in your garden at the wrong time will encourage snail activity

    13. did to David was wrong

    14. If the bird died then everyone would leave since something was wrong

    15. There is nothing wrong with retiring from a lifelong career, but to cease working in

    16. "And you drew all over his face! What is wrong with you?"

    17. will never detect when we have wrong motives

    18. "What's wrong with you! I have to leave! I can't stay forever!"

    19. “What’s wrong with old?”

    20. So right from the beginning we are providing them with the wrong inputs

    21. The question remains--when your grandchildren seem to have developed a different system of right and wrong than those of your youth, what is the proper response? Young in every generation have necessarily to change the way of life to get over stagnation and prosper

    22. "What's wrong with her?"

    23. "Ain't nothing wrong, sweetheart

    24. One has to highlight the rules of God about what is right and what is wrong in respect of serious problems like drugs, alcohol, pre-marital sex etc so that they can have the moral courage to refuse on their own

    25. Even constructive criticism can sting when it is delivered at the wrong moment, for example immediately after the mistake

    26. Planting during the wrong time of year also exposes plants to insects that would not normally affect your plants, if they planted at the right time

    27. ‘Correct me if I’m wrong, but what you are saying is that you couldn’t stop it hurting but at least if they were happy, it would be a positive outcome

    28. The answers should be appropriate and one should be prepared to indicate the lack of knowledge in respect of the specific query rather than give a wrong or incomplete answer

    29. “He wanted me to tell you he said ‘hi,’” I finally say, but I find it’s the wrong thing to say

    30. There is nothing wrong in having them but what is wrong is getting too possessive about them or getting attached to them

    31. it was totally the wrong sort of gun, of course, but nobody minded that

    32. 'Anyway, it’s all wrong, Molly

    33. "What's wrong? What happened?"

    34. "What's wrong with you?"

    35. Every event, including the ones we call wrong, is an Act of God

    36. ‘That sounds serious – nothing wrong between the two of you, I hope

    37. It is just a creation of our forefathers and saints to stop us from doing what is considered ethically wrong

    38. Why, something wrong with the

    39. Travis could tell by her expression that something was terribly wrong

    40. Now, it would be wrong to let you think that there were any sudden great

    41. I don’t know the woman, but I daresay Liz is in much the same state … of course, I could be wrong about that, though from what I gleaned when she rang the other day and what Stephen has told me, I feel that is unlikely

    42. they assumed that previous x-ray analysis was wrong, but i knew

    43. Was I wrong?"

    44. prayed and asked God to explain to me what was wrong

    45. We probably didn't even need to go that far to get them, there's nothing wrong with his

    46. "So what went wrong?"

    47. It was the wrong confession of my lips

    48. guidance when He begins to uproot this wrong mentality

    49. She knew she would get a lot wrong

    50. But Betsy was wrong

    1. You don’t know how many others were wronged

    2. I’m the wronged party

    3. Thom suspected Alan was the other man in Ava's life, and if so, more power to him, it was Ava who wronged him, not Alan

    4. To dream about justice refers to feelings that you have been wronged or treated unfairly

    5. In modern law there is no such thing as a “just war,” which is a League of Nations term, but black folks had been wronged and were highly motivated to take up arms

    6. belief that we’ve harmed or wronged others and that others

    7. others wronged you disempowers you because it

    8. Her cells sung; all of them conscience of being wronged

    9. 2 But for that they did not hurt them now, of whom they had been wronged before, they thanked them, and begged them pardon for

    10. Elena: I want the souls of all those that have plotted against me and those that have wronged Mikael and Elijah

    11. He hid his deeds because he thought the Council might turn against him, after all, he wronged one of the members of the Council by acting the way he did, he wronged Viktor

    12. She knew he was right in being suspicious now, but he had not wronged her, not even once in their lives

    13. They have indeed wronged you, but something has happened to you, you have changed, you have turned into this person I can’t recognize

    14. Verse 17, the natural inclination is to try to pay someone back if they have wronged you; Paul

    15. In those days they shall be led off to the abyss of fire, and to the torment and the prison in which they shall be confined forever; And who ever shall be condemned and destroyed will from then on be bound together with them to the end of all generations; And destroy all the spirits of the reprobate and the children of the Watchers, because they have wronged mankind

    16. What he had said was not merely the outburst of a wronged man, it was the truth

    17. At the end, he shook hands with me and empathized, “I feel sorry that you have been wronged


    19. In those days they shall be led off to the abyss of fire and to the torment and the prison in which they shall be confined forever; And who ever shall be condemned and destroyed will from then on be bound together with them to the end of all generations; And destroy all the spirits of the reprobate and the children of the Watchers because they have wronged mankind

    20. Never has an elf ever been so wronged by another, as you have been wronged

    21. I have really wronged him

    22. But it was one thing to forgive in principle and quite another to retain the same generosity when the man who had wronged him was actually here

    23. “We will follow you, Jemelda,” he said, “until the man who has wronged us is most truly dead

    24. 2 And all the people which heard and the publicans justified: God for 3 they had been baptized with the baptism of John; But the Pharisees and the scribes wronged the purpose of God in themselves in that they were not baptized of 4 him; And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven is 5 snatched away by violence

    25. It has spread chaos wherever it has gone, and not in retaliation for being wronged; it had no parents

    26. 7 Then Judas the betrayer when he saw Jesus wronged went and returned the 8 thirty pieces of money to the chief priests and the eiders and said I have sinned in my betraying innocent blood; And they said to him And we what must we do? 9 know you; And he threw down the money in the temple and departed; and he went away and hanged himself; And the chief priests took the money and said We have not authority to throw it into the place of the offering for it is the price of blood; And they took counsel and bought with it the plain of the potter for the burial of strangers

    27. we pray for God’s blessing on those who have wronged us, this

    28. through us to those who have wronged us

    29. 7 For because they wronged the innocent they shall be slain and judgment shall destroy the unrighteous; but he who listens to me shall abide trusting in hope and shall rest securely from all evil

    30. Chantal often commented on my ability to forgive those who’d wronged me in the past

    31. that someone has wronged us then we are truly

    32. me? I’m not the one who has consistently wronged you

    33. In one incident in the recent past numbers marked a tragic turn of fate with its numerals; it marked the scene of a multiple murder enacted in the motive of wronged revenge…

    34. ‘But, then can’t I understand? Well, what a sensitive soul he turned out to be! How he hugged Shanti’s statue as though to solace her soul! What a way to pay homage to the memory of the woman he had wronged! Won’t I know what it took me to control my impulse to take him into my arms, more so, when he was in tears? If only I could have embraced him endearingly then, what a solace I would have given him! And what a nice feeling it was to caress his back! Bogged down by his sentiment of guilt, maybe, he would have missed the warmth of my affection for him

    35. v Give him your pain and forgive those who have wronged you

    36. A couple of other things I have been wondering are whether or not this was a case of self defence or maybe these guys had seriously wronged him?

    37. There is much strife on your planet but there is always a need for those in a human existence to learn to forgo violence and hatred when they have been wronged; just as there is a need for those in a human existence to learn to stop hatred and violent actions

    38. telling yourself that you deserved being wronged

    39. vengeance on those they perceived to have wronged them

    40. those who wronged, with a wretched punishment, because they

    41. To tell you the truth, I wronged the elderly couple

    42. the wronged individuals have only become infuriated and upset

    43. the other squirrels whom I helped had wronged others and themselves for that

    44. He’s just helping the people who have been wronged

    45. What could I say, at least at this point in the postscript, I thought with no facial or contrary response, for all that needed said, Paul said it; I had wronged more than a few, but more importantly, I had wronged the Grace in which I’d lived

    46. They were met at the door by Peg Green who had spent the week with the dirty end of the stick as she called it, tracking down one hundred and eighty nine wronged investors

    47. But tonight, listening to the conversation going on in this family, he was wondering if indeed there was some other secret regarding his birth? Was he a tri-brid instead of a hybrid? Had Ansh and Vaidehi really used this woman Mini and wronged her so horribly? His mind was puzzled at what to believe or what not to believe

    48. Though such actions as invasion, enslavement and sacrifice are unjust, there are no races, nationalities or ethnic groups whose ancestors haven’t wronged others in the past

    49. better to be wronged than to retaliate

    50. We think we have been wronged

    1. So, anyone talks about the prophets wronging or mistrusting them, he indeed, denies the statement "Al'lah is All-hearing, Omniscient", or in other words, he thinks that Al'lah, the Almighty, chose Adam haphazardly, or knowing nothing about him, and this is of course, untrue

    2. And he entered his garden, wronging himself

    3. "Friend Sancho," said the duke at this, "the island that I have promised you is not a moving one, or one that will run away; it has roots so deeply buried in the bowels of the earth that it will be no easy matter to pluck it up or shift it from where it is; you know as well as I do that there is no sort of office of any importance that is not obtained by a bribe of some kind, great or small; well then, that which I look to receive for this government is that you go with your master Don Quixote, and bring this memorable adventure to a conclusion; and whether you return on Clavileno as quickly as his speed seems to promise, or adverse fortune brings you back on foot travelling as a pilgrim from hostel to hostel and from inn to inn, you will always find your island on your return where you left it, and your islanders with the same eagerness they have always had to receive you as their governor, and my good-will will remain the same; doubt not the truth of this, Senor Sancho, for that would be grievously wronging my disposition to serve you

    4. treasures to offer her, for mine are given to Dulcinea, and the treasures of knights-errant are like those of the fairies,' illusory and deceptive; all I can give her is the place in my memory I keep for her, without prejudice, however, to that which I hold devoted to Dulcinea, whom thou art wronging by thy remissness in whipping thyself and scourging that flesh--would that I saw it eaten by wolves--which would rather keep itself for the worms than for the relief of that poor lady

    5. I bring money, and that's the main thing, got by my own industry without wronging anybody

    6. And you know, I said, that the old servants also, who are supposed to be attached to the family, from time to time talk privately in the same strain to the son; and if they see any one who owes money to his father, or is wronging him in any way, and he fails to prosecute them, they tell the youth that when he grows up he must retaliate upon people of this sort, and be more of a man than his father

    7. they could safely accomplish, I had still no notion of wronging mine: for,

    8. I never had a single thought of wronging him" (which was true), "till I

    9. Without adding to the guilt of my infidelity, that of an audacious defence of it, in the old style of a common kept miss, my answer was modest, and often interrupted by my tears, in substance as follows: "That I never had a single thought of wronging him" (which was true), "till I had seen him taking the last liberties with my servant wench" (here he coloured prodigiously), "and that my resentment at that, which I was over-awed from giving vent to by complaints, or explanations with him, had driven me to a course that I did not pretend to justify; but that as to the young man, he was entirely faultless; for that, in the view of making him the instrument of my revenge, I had down right seduced him to what he had done; and therefore hoped, whatever he determined about me, he would distinguish between the guilty and the innocent; and that;for the rest, I was entirely at his mercy

    10. Even Izz hoped she would win, and, though without any particular respect for her own virtue, felt glad that she had been prevented wronging her friend when momentarily tempted by Clare

    11. "You are wronging me by too readily believing him," said Bulstrode, oppressed, as by a nightmare, with the inability to deny flatly what Raffles might have said; and yet feeling it an escape that Caleb had not so stated it to him as to ask for that flat denial

    12. In the first place, there is one improvement which these gentlemen of the police ought to make, and that is, to prevent prison contractors from wronging poor people

    13. And, take note, he won't be wronging Mitya, but doing him the greatest service

    14. Before the baby was born, and afterwards, when she was nursing him, I used to stay away for days and days, and come back drunk, drunk, and love her less and less each time, because I was wronging her so terribly

    1. with the sting of small wrongs and slights

    2. ‘But two wrongs don’t make a right, Katie

    3. Marriage is about more than sex and whatever the rights and wrongs, Alastair married Karen and promised to be faithful to her

    4. Casting away the instability, fixing the wrongs

    5. As always, I conclude that, whatever the rights and wrongs of it, I love that man and as long as he wants me I shall be there for him

    6. It was at that most inopportune of moments that Ralph Stanley, in an insane attempt at exacting his revenge for the non-existent wrongs suffered at his nemesis's hand, also approached Harry from an alleyway off the dock's tarmac

    7. People were safe and alive, far be it for him to blunder in righting wrongs that were not even considered wrongs by many of the people involved

    8. I presented it to a publisher who snapped it up and I made the best sellers list taking the number one spot but I was fully involved and committed to right the wrongs of that long ago war

    9. A brutal but natural longing for revenge for past wrongs, rather than a re-echo from Seneca:

    10. You know the old saying, "Two wrongs do not make a right

    11. He is a black man, who seems to be focused on the social wrongs of the past, so keep that in mind and don’t say anything that might offend him, or there is no hope that you will get what you want

    12. ” Truman tried to emulate an angered Jesus off to right the wrongs of the world

    13. If that is you, why be a partisan party follower? Why makes excuses for wrongs done by those you once voted for? Why devote yourself to any political party, except to hold its feet to the fire and live up to higher principle? Why would any such person of good heart and intentions focus on fluff and ephemera like “leadership qualities” and supposed statesmanship? Why focus on anything but whether people will live or die because of wars threatened or prolonged or avoided or ended, or policies or politics that inflict or relieve human suffering? Why care about anything but these concerns?

    14. This implies that whenever someone wrongs

    15. And all the wrongs that destroy the land

    16. It’s never over with Marcus; the wrongs he committed are too great

    17. sins against Me wrongs his own soul; all those who hate Me love death

    18. And that it was altogether impossible that such wrongs should be done to them, that had committed it to the holiness of the place, and

    19. Without the institutions of civil discourse there is no procedure for the redress of wrongs

    20. We must always be the soldiers that throughout history have corrected the wrongs and kept our ship on course

    21. Roger wrote a long reply to that letter, disavowing any wish to defend Watergate, but maintaining that “though two wrongs don’t make a right, they cry for equal treatment”

    22. They were old-country socialists…and unions and left-wing thinking of that simple soul that was so Jewish in those days was translated to their children…young Jews with a gift for writing wanted to use it to right wrongs,

    23. Ralph has that to add to the wrongs he has caused to happen, and the problem of the emeralds still to consider

    24. It brings justice and clears the past of its wrongs

    25. 10 Then the high priest told him that there was such money laid up for the relief of widows and fatherless children: 11 And that some of it belonged to Hircanus son of Tobias a man of great dignity and not as that wicked Simon had misinformed: the sum of which in all was four hundred talents of silver and two hundred of gold: 12 And that it was altogether impossible that such wrongs should be done to them that had committed it to the holiness of the place and to the majesty and inviolable sanctity of the temple honoured over all the world

    26. Their ancient stories, those told near the well at evening when the work was done, spoke of a sacrifice that would heal all wrongs

    27. It was hardly enough to protect her but the gesture felt like something far older, a protection from wrongs they could not see

    28. Earlier this year, he had been outlawed by the Fjordane Assembly for his many notorious wrongs -- which meant that anybody who wanted to could kill him without penalty, even if it was a sneak-killing

    29. 32 And he said again to his apostles whoever hears you hear me; and whoever hears me hears him that sent me and whoever wrongs you wrongs me; and whoever wrongs me wrongs him that sent me

    30. Lord Ashtar said his Command was preparing to come to Earth in order to correct many of the wrongs perpetrated by an extremely wealthy conglomerate of people who have promoted fear of extraterrestrials in order to undermine the efforts of those who came here in human form to help save our planet

    31. whoever wrongs me and receives not my sayings there is one who judges him: the word that I spoke it shall judge him at the last day

    32. "But as for you Hermas remember not the wrongs done to you by your children nor neglect your sister that they may be cleansed from their former sins

    33. For they will be instructed with righteous instruction if you remember not the wrongs they have done you

    34. For the remembrance of wrongs works death; And you Henna have endured great personal tribulations on account of the transgressions of your house because you did not attend to them but were careless and engaged in your wicked transactions

    35. also the most logical way to counter our wrongs, our conduct,

    36. screamed loud enough, the sound of their wrongs would surface

    37. ” This observation coincides with another of his statements: “Only by focusing on abstract categories that live on can redressing wrongs of history be made to seem plausible

    38. because of the wrongs they have committed or have caused, to

    39. responsibility to rectify the wrongs of this world – look for situations you can improve, nothing more

    40. She walked through the house, trying to turn back the hands of time, wondering and wishing that she could go back into her childhood days and spend time with her father; wishing that she could undo all the wrongs and make them right

    41. And if they can justify their overzealous greed by saying it’s revenge that they were after for wrongs done to Japan by the United States about seventy years prior, then so be it

    42. When great wrongs are to be righted, when the public heart isflaming with passion, that is the occasion for memorable speaking

    43. The greater wrongs that rankle sometimes yet;

    44. Matthew was well versed in Britain’s colonial history in Ireland, but found it futile trying to explain the wrongs that were done to a people that were hardened by present events

    45. She suffered all the woes and wrongs and brutalities that man has inflicted on woman throughout the eons; and she endured all the spite and malice of women for woman

    46. Make not the mistake of only condemning the wrongs in the lives of your pupils; remember also to accord generous recognition for the most praiseworthy things in their lives

    47. Divine love does not merely forgive wrongs; it absorbs and actually destroys them

    48. Salvation does not slight wrongs; it makes them right

    49. This was the woman who sought revenge for all the wrongs done to women for all of history

    50. It allows us to see the wrongs that others teach

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