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    1. The paint is peeling

    2. Paint the paste onto plants with a paint brush

    3. Retouch with paint brush when needed

    4. “In other words,” it was Nancy’s turn to interrupt, “you didn’t have time to paint

    5. Repair loose or cracked siding or stucco, peeling paint and gaps around windows and doors that allow moisture into the wood that provides an attractive environment for them to live in

    6. Peeling paint should be removed and replaced

    7. Adding boric acid to the paint will increase its effectiveness

    8. I suggest 1 part DE to ••• part Boric acid, added to water or to paint until a thick paint like texture, then painted on the wood

    9. ‘A coat of paint would put that right, Stephen

    10. There’s no denying the wallpaper has to come off … but that shouldn’t be too difficult to do and a coat of paint on the walls will soon brighten the place up

    11. if he got that far before you both lost the plot … the rooms need a splash of paint but apart from that they are okay

    12. The décor in the living room is pretty dire and tatty too, but once the wallpaper is removed, I’ll be able to paint the walls and then it won’t look too bad

    13. Liz arrives good and early, as we arranged yesterday, and I soon pack her and Stephen off to the local DIY shop to buy paint for the walls

    14. I’ll never forget the time he decided to spray paint the kitchen walls … I’d left a basket of clean washing in there … fortunately there was a fairly substantial towel on the top of the basket which took the brunt of the paint but I could have killed him when I found out

    15. ‘Have you lived here long, Stephen?’ I asked, dipping my brush carefully into the pot so that I don’t do what my father always said was the worst crime of all – coating the entirety of the bristles in paint

    16. ‘Yes, I’m sure it was all right when we came back with the paint yesterday – I’d have noticed if there was a mark like that on it

    17. Here’s my card – give me a ring sometime and we’ll paint the town red

    18. It's about three months since I first noticed a radical change in Persephone's behaviour: She is always shouting and laughing at top voice, she is trying to be clever and expert in all subjects, she is constantly asking for favours: “Type these poems for me” … “Tell your mother to sew this skirt of mine” … “Will you paint this picture for me?” … “Go to that public service and ask this or that” and so on

    19. Paint: If you are covered in paint, it means that you are a cunning person

    20. Despite years of neglect made visible by thin, almost transparent patches of rust and jaggedly flaking automotive paint, the front wing of the little Austin Metro barely flexed under heel

    21. Closing her eyes, fighting against the sharp disinfectant smell of the hospital, she forced herself to picture the interior of the bus … nauseating diesel fumes … a dingy, well used fabric covering the seats, chipped and faded paint on the accoutrements of metal … or was it plastic? She found it hard to tell sometimes … she heard again the chatter and laughter of the young people as they swayed along the aisle towards the door as the vehicle approached the bus stop

    22. coats of paint and times and days aboard

    23. his cap pushed back, paint stains drying on

    24. Flakes of dull white paint catch in the breeze

    25. there is a park bench, a stained, spray paint

    26. It’s a ritual, the milk and the war paint and the job

    27. The paint on her face is at least an inch thick,

    28. there is a tin of white paint

    29. Bougainvillea, morning glory, hollyhocks, dusty white acanthus, all waving and grinning from everyday, ordinary tins brightened with casual splashes of paint - they just wouldn't look the same in Britain

    30. She didn’t hide behind the camouflage paint any more

    31. There’s three hundred greeting cards a day for you to paint and stick

    32. I think I’ll have to give them another coat of paint fairly soon

    33. When did I last paint the woodwork in here? It must be a couple of years now

    34. ' Then, checking herself in her hand mirror, she wiped more paint off her teeth with a tissue, 'Now run along, my darling ex

    35. Following a polite if sparse cremation service held in the clean but anonymous halls of blonde wood and magnolia paint at the local crematorium, and with the memory of the pastor’s mistaken belief that his wife’s name was Aileen twitching behind his eyes, Ken carried out Eileen’s last wish, which was to have her ashes scattered on the garlic beds

    36. Doesn’t look as though it’s had a lick of paint in the intervening years, either! We join the queue for ice cream

    37. In the dream the Paint she saw was on a hill over-looking the main herd, and the wind was blowing hard, and the silken longhaired horse was reveling in the cool breeze

    38. As she prepared to head back to the Hold, she glanced up the hill one last time and to her surprise the Paint pony was watching her – with the carrots in his mouth!

    39. And after each evening she was faithfully out at the ridgeline, coaxing the paint pony ever closer with tempting delights

    40. Two days later as Rayne left the Hold the Paint was waiting for her just outside the gate

    41. He saw that she was trying to open the large doors to allow the Paint entrance into the Hold

    42. She led the Paint to the stables and put him in a stall she had been readying for him

    43. same as the sky blue colour in paint shops and is so crisp that your eyes hurt

    44. their mouths, set as they were for eternity beneath paint and glaze

    45. We’ve got to paint this place … but it should be finished by the 6th July, I should think

    46. create a full-color rendering usually took lots of paint

    47. The conflictive mind, the want of an interwoven palette of emotions to paint

    48. magnolia paint at the local crematorium, and with the memory of

    49. She can almost feel the roughness of the wooden cubes with faded paint … they belonged to her mum when she was a baby she remembered from somewhere

    50. If so, how dark would her visions be now if she could still paint them? But he had been with this woman, except for her origin in the deep medical lab, her visions weren’t really that dark, no darker than a mossy bank in the shade of thick old trees

    1. Vera and Theo took off the British flag and painted over the sign, but they kept everything else

    2. Curry: Made into a paste painted on trunk of plant to protect from insects and can also be made into a liquid and sprayed

    3. The barn, at least, looked like it had been painted recently, but it was so flimsy-looking, they probably should have just gotten a new barn instead

    4. We wiped everything off with warm water, threw away a lot of grains, disassembled the shelves and painted the pantry walls

    5. DE can also be painted on the wood

    6. I suggest 1 part DE to ••• part Boric acid, added to water or to paint until a thick paint like texture, then painted on the wood

    7. Pyrethrum: Pyrethrum can be added to the DE and painted on for additional protection

    8. Boric acid can be painted on to the wood as a form of protection against termites eating into it

    9. DE made into a paste and painted around base of rose will work also

    10. The Countess rose and walked over to the rustic, blue painted wardrobe and

    11. something made him notice the further extremes of possibility painted upon the

    12. She usually wears a white blouse painted by her, like this:

    13. I go to the painted red swings, then to the slide with the wooden pyramid on top

    14. Almost instantly after that, his flight helmet’s visor painted a patch of stars fatter and brighter than they should have been

    15. He’d seen their images painted in millimeter radar returns, grainy and monochrome

    16. " There was one with spaceships made of painted monster intestines that he thought was particularly comical

    17. There were a few tall clouds above them, painted pink by the red rays of sunset

    18. The Countess rose and walked over to the rustic, blue painted wardrobe and pulled from its hanger one of a number of simple cotton summer dresses, long and plain, cream in colour, with just a hint of flow and swirl towards the hem

    19. He had no need to pay attention to any landscape other than that small slice of the world contained between the edges of this black speedway, and yet, as he reached terminal velocity, something made him notice the further extremes of possibility painted upon the horizon, beyond the vortex that he created

    20. The painted walls were swaying tufts of long eared grass

    21. Converted from a small house at some stage in its history, the ground floor front rooms had been knocked into one characterless space painted a boring shade of blue

    22. As ever, we are in a magnolia painted room

    23. He is painted onto a thin crust

    24. Doors were painted gloss red and the hollowed doorsteps

    25. Over the bed someone had painted a few phrases on the wall

    26. The only saving grace was that the headlines painted a picture of a plucky citizen coming to the aid of a poor victim of racial abuse

    27. Its simple woodwork painted glossy turquoise blue

    28. Some miles to the south of London, nestling in the gently rolling, green swathed hills of the Surrey Downs, there stands an old country manor house, which boasts the thickest of stone walls, a small but nonetheless impressive little tower and ornate white painted wooden gables

    29. We had painted it blue - the colour of

    30. And on a wall in a smaller room were faded painted traces of dark fat grapes and twisting in through the window, grey old straying twists of some very lively jasmine, and even wild rosemary

    31. She was the proud owner of some books, a few records, a wardrobe full of clothes and a bank account with approximately two hundred pounds in it, all of which was now enriched by one ancient diamond ring and a crudely painted blue and white vase

    32. That would enable us to move in here, clearing the other cottage so that it can be painted before the new tenant moves in

    33. it was painted to look like just like the clothes and shoes that he had

    34. Billy continued to stare at his own painted body

    35. fall into the hall of the King Rat, and someone had painted all of

    36. stomach all the way up to his painted eyebrows and he felt a lump

    37. It was in a very nice pottery cup, painted with drawings of starfish

    38. This was gaudily painted wood and stucco, set in the middle of wide fields, at least a mile across

    39. saving grace was that the headlines painted a picture of a plucky

    40. The woodwork was garishly painted, but the frescoes on the walls were magnificent

    41. wit and charm, painted pictures in sublime colours, formed living

    42. diamond ring and a crudely painted blue and white vase

    43. It was painted a mixture of orange and blood-red colors

    44. this had been brightly painted, but it now faded to a point of near

    45. On both sides, the hood and the trunk the words, “WIFE BEATER” were painted in bright silver

    46. With the basics done, both girls spend the next hour studiously making themselves up to look like they don't care; hair professionally unkempt, foundation, a hint of lip gloss, a dash of sparkle, nails scrubbed, and in Leona's case painted purple

    47. Faint light from the window is shedding a glimmer on the painted plaster, making it glow

    48. “Yes, this one is dated 100,00,22,” he said indicating the eyes, “so the others had to be earlier or you would have painted them

    49. Eunice then looked down the street to the new water tower and its painted marquis advertising the 'Lodges

    50. impressive double gate, all neatly painted in black and gold

    1. be it whilst they are painting or playing

    2. He ordered his assistant to fetch some over-priced coffee from the nearby Starbucks and contemplated his next big deal, a large painting of Jesus and Lady Julep entwined in a strangely sexless pose

    3. Great for painting raised garden beds to protect flowers and vegetables

    4. “There are far more important things to worry about than painting,” he replied

    5. Here a Japanese woodblock print, there a sandstone sculpture or an oil painting, everything tasteful, orderly and serene

    6. Too far away to see exactly what’s entered the system from here, not without painting them with radar or a laser

    7. There was a very noisy week when we rehearsed to the sound of carpenters constructing the set, which made it very difficult to concentrate, followed by a weekend papering and painting the result of their labours to make it look like the interior of a house

    8. “Have you ever participated in a painting exhibition?”

    9. If you dream of painting your house, you will soon feel the need to make changes in it

    10. painting the tango into the corners

    11. Alastair offers to help with the painting

    12. There followed a week of planning and painting on torn up bed

    13. ‘I could come and help with the painting … if you don’t mind, that is

    14. energy radiated by the painting will have a positive

    15. On the other hand, a painting of a scene

    16. famous painting of Christ, where he is standing at the

    17. painting more than he is painting

    18. I remember when the first woman produced her baby, I was finishing off some painting in one of the flats and Bunty came rushing in, completely beside herself with joy

    19. It was blacker than the velvet on an Elvis painting, there was no pixel of light anywhere

    20. Yorthops had spent some time carving and painting her sign, it was very well done

    21. One painting was quite disturbing

    22. Their eyes were subtly oversized and she had used a technique to get more detail in the eyes, made the canvas smoother somehow, so it was obvious the staring was what the painting was about

    23. The painting was more like something from a scrounge’s lair in an abandoned area of Yondure

    24. George smiled and indicated a rack of rods inconspicuously set between a shelf of painting supplies and a rack of gardening implements

    25. When they had finished, George asked them to please begin painting the walls on the outside of the bungalows

    26. She roots around in the cupboard grumpily, reluctant to carry out the chore … she so wants to get on with the painting

    27. From up only this far there was still a pretty view with the late-week rays painting the turret-tops

    28. She didn’t mind if they followed her now did she? ‘Please follow me to the killer,’ she thought of painting on her cape, all she cared about was that they didn’t stop her

    29. “It’s a painting of Sun Palace

    30. Tdeshi took sign painting jobs, you would have been a good one for her to hook up with

    31. She worked on that painting instead of Dusksleep

    32. It was painting that had brought he and Tdeshi together, they had met almost her first day at North Chardovia Trades Academy when she was shown thru the art rooms

    33. While Harry busied himself with a bit of construction, he set the ladies to prepping and painting the sides of the house

    34. Monica walked down the hallway, past a painting of an old man with a long, flowing white beard

    35. Really, the only thing that seemed to be left to do was touching up and painting the houses and farm areas

    36. Rob was at her side, summoned from the Lytle White house where he’d been painting

    37. colors merged to create, it was clearly some sort of painting

    38. physically never been to the place in the painting, but she’d gone there on two

    39. The painting was identical to the image that her mind’s eye saw when

    40. ” She moved the painting aside, wrapped both arms around

    41. Heather carried the painting out as Roman shut the door behind her

    42. and nearly buying a painting in the hilltop town of

    43. painting was located, presumably so we could go and

    44. Of course the Newman Center couldn't afford his pictures but he had donated about 14 or 15 little paintings of Stations of the Cross in his own beautiful painting style

    45. The most advanced technology was painting pictures on cave walls

    46. She could not see the basin floor or Kortrax from here, but she could see his rays painting the green megastructures of Kigata Spine on the far side of the vang with a brilliant orange

    47. The Karthuum Valley had been farmland then, so that painting was distant history when this building was first built

    48. All the colors were so intense and the lines drawn so sharply it looked like a surrealistic painting

    49. Herold came to the only logical conclusion: she must sell Her painting to the Vatican for one billion dollars for charity

    50. the overal of painting, which was speckled

    1. The word from the men of his Hold that pass thru here occasionally paints a picture of a man obsessed with his own self-importance

    2. The beauty of red poppies and yellow and white daisies looked like an artist had been at work with his paints and brushes on a giant canvas

    3. He would then prepare the canvas for oil paints and mix different colours of paint in different ratios to obtain the colours he wants and only then commence painting a scene with the various levels of detail

    4. Can one really take a relativistic stance with confidence, when it comes to anything for which proof exists, contrary to that in which one believes? If the Bible tells us that we are eternal beings and our choices today affect our relationship with our Creator and that our eternity depends on the choices we make while we are alive on Earth, should we not pay attention to what is said in a document that comes from Someone who holds the world’s past, present and future in his hands? If this Person is intimately involved with you, having given you your body and having created your soul and spirit within you which will never die, who is with you every second of every day of your life and says that He knows you better than you know yourself, who even knows how many hairs you have on your head at any time of your life; should we not listen to him if he states that he loves us and wants to be in a relationship with us? If the information within the pages of this hyper-dimensional document paints a defined picture of the wonderful gift that God has given us

    5. “You see, I am a painter by training, and as such, am quite skilled at grinding mineral powders to create my paints

    6. …That wonder of geological treasures is an inexhaustible source of impressionist paints that make the sightseer sigh: “I wish I was a painter!” As in Alaska, that is a fascinating landscape, a feast for the senses, a true natural scenic orgy, a peaceful and tranquil refuge where to escape from the earthly problems that constantly besiege human beings

    7. When Michael Angelo paints the ceiling of the

    8. I’m not some Punk ass Bee-otch that spray paints on someone else’s property

    9. pipe and furnace materials, millboard, textured paints, brake linings, floor tiles, fire-resistant insulation in buildings

    10. In their paints and feathers, the natives were not hostile

    11. It's the foggy mind, the mind that's attracted to an object and paints a distorted projection onto it, that makes you suffer

    12. They used no adornments or paints

    13. Others - Give exact color (call nearest Asian Paints dealer if U dont know the color of your teeth)

    14. “Corrupt to the Core” paints a disturbing picture of the internal machinations of a

    15. Johnnie paints this picture of the dreaded 8 AM management meetings: “I remember, as his second in command, we would gather at the heavy oak conference table with no more than peremptory morning greetings

    16. paints our world with wonderful colors and smells

    17. which sees or hears, which writes or draws or paints; it is always the man

    18. A good artist, who paints the best pictures, is the one who knows when to lay

    19. That autumn paints the leaves with somber fire

    20. Next thing he'll tell me is that he paints landscapes in his backyard

    21. mix their paints on where one color bled into the next to form new

    22. Instead of the dirty off-white paints and scratched up vinyl tile that I had usually seen there was a greater sense of contemporary design

    23. Tracing the relationships of those involved often paints the clearest picture

    24. ‘’You do realize that this only paints you more as some kind of intelligence agent, miss

    25. In years past, paints were lead-based

    26. that plays darts and not a dart player that paints

    27. a year, complete with sketches - how to mix paints - hold the brush - that sort of

    28. John Grisham’s, The King of Torts paints a fine mosaic of it

    29. surprise, I took with me some beautiful watercolor paints and a deck

    30. paints them in his style

    31. He used a brush and mixed some of the paints together to obtain more realistic hues

    32. our little egocentric bee paints the Mona Lisa, it turns out that there is

    33. values of the individual people I know, but it certainly paints a pretty

    34. So he kills her, then paints that slogan on the walls

    35. First of all, textured paints and faux finishes are very time consuming

    36. The reason for this is that in small doses faux finishes and textured paints are novel and spectacular

    37. Being just another artist that paints the

    38. the beast and in verses 9 through 11, he paints a very clear portrait of the

    39. But let me ask you this—do you think that the Shrine paints itself, or stacks the disaster grain itself, or tends the breeding herds itself, or enlarges itself as it soon must? Those of us who live here must do that, as must the nearby villages we ask to help us

    40. No fancy paints allowed

    41. A French abstract movement as “art of painting”, paints a new picture out of elements that have been created by the artist himself

    42. with fungus because the paints didn't have time to fully dry, and this

    43. interesting effect: everything that another "king solomon" "paints" for a reader

    44. At the same time the master paints all the letters that the young man has carved with different colors, this time using his cat’s tail as his brush

    45. By the time he had the car packed up with ochre pigments and paints along with several cases of wine and champagne for his soon to be drunken hosts, business associates of his father’s, he was running several hours behind and that’s the only reason he was still at home when Emelie came by pounding frantically on his door

    46. He stared into his hands, admiring the calluses built up over years of hard work with canvases and cauldrons and paints and vines

    47. Never trust any body’s material ( such as sleeves, mould paints, metal

    48. Thinner based paints are used where a binder is likely to react with water

    49. Water based paints are used where binders are Organic

    50. One paints and paints

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