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    1. He drew the cross section of how that was mounted into the tower now, it was just a sketch, the detailed drawing was in his head, this was a backup recording

    2. We had a sketch of a plan

    3. Ken started to sketch out plans for a patio

    4. Ken started to sketch out plans for a

    5. He has just endured the 'Dead Slug' sketch

    6. hour – he did not sketch the smal est gesture to

    7. For information products, sketch ideas for the cover and

    8. “No way – I can’t wear that! People will think I’m a prostitute!” Helez had said when Xonia showed her a sketch of the costume she had in mind

    9. That’s what I sketch with

    10. On this first sighting, a vertical sketch was recorded in the ship’s logbook

    11. A seated woman wearing a blouse and a long felt skirt hunched over a sketch pad in her lap, drawing him

    12. Clarence stepped forward and studied the sketch

    13. “Lisette said your new doctor is really sketch,” Hannah said

    14. Leaning against the wall of his study at home was the ‘Caroline Steepleton’ work board and along its bottom edge, he had long since drawn a sketch of a spider’s web with three figures ensnared

    15. But when he pieced together the elaborate betrayal of her former husband and saw the striking similarity of the situation with the boyfriend, he’d made the sketch

    16. Beneath it is a sketch of a bird in flight

    17. The bird sketch holds my attention

    18. Next to her bed was a pencil sketch of hills and flowers—a spring scene I

    19. He sat us down and gave a thumbnail sketch of Luis’ report

    20. Such is the picture and sketch of every luminary which Uriel the archangel, who is their leader, showed to me

    21. Libby looked at her sketch of Katherina, The All Powerful, and couldn't help grinning

    22. In a leisurely repose, the illusive mosaic of your sketch it spreads

    23. Such is the picture and sketch of every luminary which Uriel the archangel who is their leader showed to me

    24. biographical sketch is valuable for several reasons

    25. The biographical sketch of Itzig in Encyclopedia Judaica ends with the laconic note “Virtually none of Itzig’s descendents remained Jews

    26. In the Egyptian hieroglyph sketch copy

    27. I will present here a brief sketch of the evolution of these two kinds of law in the West

    28. Up front he saw Travers pull out Monaghan's sketch and compare it to the terrain features sliding underneath

    29. Before his meeting with Frederick, Court went to the O� Club dining room to sketch out his report

    30. He pointed to the sketch he had drawn of himself and said, “I saw him in that Light, and felt myself separating from him

    31. When Nuke looked at the sketch I made he said, “It’s a mother ship

    32. Even the name Flautdam rung – almost historically into a trace or sketch he’d seen before

    33. I was carrying the banner of the Australian Communist Party, complete with a very nasty sketch of a fat, cigar-chomping, boozy Churchill

    34. Harry took me over to Mrs Mullin who could have stepped right down from the sketch pad of Norman Rockwell

    35. It used a 30 second sample from a pretty unknown comedy sketch

    36. it was his sketch that was used in the track

    37. Let’s sketch the organization that we developed in

    38. "They have a very old sketch of me

    39. All I saw was the sketch of an indefinite face

    40. Looking at the picture, the sketch of her face, gods, he could remember that face

    41. to draw a rough sketch of the layout of the house and grounds, to

    42. Every sketch, canvas, drawing – everything I had worked on or could use for a painting had been thrown onto the floor and trampled

    43. That sketch hadn’t done the tattoo justice

    44. She fills pages of her sketch pad

    45. I believe there’s a sketch pad and some water colours here, too

    46. Santa looked up from his sketch and noticed for the first time that

    47. folded his sketch and stuffed it into a pocket of his red tunic

    48. Santa slid his sketch across the table

    49. sketch I have a strong suspicion that it is never going to survive

    50. “Let’s say it is a horse,” Malek replied, and the sketch changed slightly to

    1. He quickly sketched in a little space near the door and a guest seat

    2. She’d never been one for planning futures but what little she had tentatively sketched out had included Joris … or, if not him, then someone

    3. ” Aaron sketched a brief outline of their years under her care, and the effigy was complete

    4. Herold as she Furiously sketched out a “red letter” pictogram

    5. His thoughts were in uproar as over and over in his mind he replayed the scene his father had sketched

    6. When the company was assembled together at last in the Captain's ready room, the Elf sketched in for them the first gambit of the strategy

    7. A few wrinkles sketched his sun darkened face

    8. Her eyes were closed but there was a slight grimace of pain sketched across her pale face

    9. ” Maldynado sketched a fencer’s salute and dropped into a ready stance

    10. The wanted poster featured the picture the woman in the ink shop had sketched of him

    11. Adjacent to his notes he sketched small diagrams, indicating direction and indicating relationship of the subjects in his notes

    12. Officers were sketched wearing one glove, knee pads, a bucket hat and, for the ladies, a short tie

    13. I couldn’t hear what was being said but a bellicose look sketched on Bruno’s face and an intimidated and scared look drawn on Curt’s face painted the picture that something was awry in the rink’s” in crowd” circle

    14. and instead of angels they sketched in the day

    15. I climbed up to the snow line on the eastern massif and sketched in the northern shore from that vantage

    16. Although concepts of Socialism had been sketched by philoso-

    17. The virulent stuff grows in serpentine-shaped colonies like this,” he sketched freely on the paper

    18. Just sketched at this time the plan of an ideal society in which every man should have just enough land to maintain him; in which domestic life should be regulated by law and all children over seven years should be educated by the state

    19. Each pilot entered the details on his own maps and sketched out the LZ layout on the back of his mission card

    20. sketched the changes to be made while answering the many questions, all of which amounted

    21. worth keeping, and sketched the gaps in between

    22. I sketched three ravens as I saw them on the outside of the bowl

    23. Kendy sketched the hillside and the slab

    24. Within ten minutes, all of us were in the maintenance room and using a burnt piece of charcoal, I sketched a map on the wall

    25. you sketched plans on the back

    26. He sketched the options in the curves of the sunlit clouds to the

    27. He sketched a shy wave as she

    28. He sketched with a pencil

    29. ‖ Morse sketched out the new word list on his pad:

    30. the cavern are sketched buildings, passageways, trees, waterfalls, all the

    31. sketched by the deponents in their files and the definitive ones

    32. ‘’In truth, I sketched that character along ficticious lines when I wrote my novel

    33. He sketched a simple map of the lot on the back of a Krispy Kream doughnut napkin

    34. He sketched in the background to the Barclay affair, and the attempts made on his life by the Russians

    35. President Bill Minton outlined as best he could the scenario that had been sketched out by Prime Minister Weaver, while his Chief of Staff, Colin Carlucci, filled in the detail when prompted

    36. I broadly outlined the scenario that we three have sketched out at our earlier meetings, and I think I can say that, after their initial and natural shock and disbelief at the audacity of our proposals, they ended up appearing broadly supportive of what we have in mind

    37. Instead, Locke grabbed a pen and paper, and sketched the Symbol

    38. And find they did that lies in the following episode from Muhammad’s life sketched by Martin Lings

    39. Adam’s skull sketched beneath the Cross

    40. dimensional models and sketched models of chemical compounds have

    41. g The only likenesses of creative beings that can be sketched, sculptured, or

    42. in front of him as he sketched the long length of lazy

    43. She glanced at the case diagram which Humphrey had sketched, rose wearily to her feet, climbed the stairs and was about to enter her room when she heard the muted sounds of ballet music

    44. Kirstin sketched out the Paget family tree and it was surprisingly simple

    45. I made notes while he sketched

    46. In this essay so far, I have sketched out in broad brush

    47. The details were all sketched out by Vachlan

    48. In my head, I sketched out the best place for a garden—the current spot was far too rocky—where the fence needed to be reinforced, and what we could use as weapons besides the knives we had

    49. Usually she just fidgeted about, vaguely sketched the contents of a letter or two she wanted written, glanced at her engagement list, inquired--that was since the supper-party,--if Miss Cartwright didn't think she had too many servants for one woman, and when she received the cautious answer, "It's the house, really," would look thoughtful, and say nothing

    50. For a fortnight now he had sketched and sketched and splashed about with colour just as an excuse for staying on, in the desire to make love to Ingeborg, to refresh himself for a space at this unexpectedly limpid little spring

    1. Inspired, Harry began sketches of the more remarkable foundations and buildings, trying for himself to devise the methods he might employ if he were to construct the imposing structures

    2. All their sketches and ideas had been forwarded to Harry

    3. ” When they had asked him earlier to pose for some sketches he’d had no idea that he was to be naked

    4. Yavi had been in her element with Zarko as the ideal male figure for her sketches

    5. Indeed, while Heron would openly mock her little sketches as chicken scratchings, Carius always praised them genuinely

    6. He slowly flipped through the sketches while Helez looked over his shoulder

    7. Helez recalled the sketches she had seen of Zarko

    8. { See Sketches of the History of Man page 474, and Seq

    9. sketches of the African coastline which proved that she was a

    10. When Sespian set the report aside, he glimpsed the sketches he had made a few weeks earlier for a new art wing at the university

    11. In Odyssey Fulfilled, Fernández sketches once again a pleasant painting of each region he visits and presents the culture through the keen eye of an attentive and fascinated traveler

    12. His eyes took in my sketches

    13. “Yes, sir,” and then he took off with his sketches and notes

    14. The Swede had helped with some sort of home-made vodka and stories about making even more money when the war would finally end: in the poor light the single lamp offered them, he’d shown him sketches and graphs about cables and telecommunications, satellites and whatnot, stuff that Ethan barely acknowledged they existed

    15. Next to Dan sat Eva Brown, plump and pretty, clutching a book of sketches to her bosom as though it was a baby or a precious toy

    16. some prints, but mainly oil paintings and pencil sketches of technical things she

    17. It was during this time that David made several pencil sketches of his wife in

    18. Although this section on education and the following one on religion are written in the form of biographical sketches, I will use the studies of these individuals to demonstrate how their ideas shaped the culture of their times

    19. was when they would both lean over to look at the sketches for a

    20. Several prominent architects were contacted and each submitted sketches

    21. The two continued to pour over the diagrams and took another walk through the plant where Warren translated the equipment sketches they"d studied into their practical uses

    22. Internal sketches: These were dashed off by the designer while waiting for his computer to redraw

    23. While I made dinner that very evening, Jan, armed with his sketches and a shovel, went

    24. Attached you will find sketches of the crime scene and you will see that the hole in the roof which was created by the explosion is above the sofa to the left of where Angela was sitting

    25. He made several sketches, and jotted down some notes on the map, but it was all a waste of time

    26. ) She sketches everything, the teapot, the telephone, and moving on to plants and the dog

    27. engineering team and the Triton reps presented the rough sketches of a ship design that had been approved by the pilots

    28. He promised to go later when he had cleared up his affairs, and from the moment when he gave his daughter his blessing he shut himself up in his study again to write out the announcements with mournful sketches and the family coat of arms, which would be the first human contact that Fernanda and her father would have had in all their lives

    29. Her festive genius was still so alive then that when she received new records she would invite Gaston to stay in the parlor until very late to practice the dance steps that her schoolmates described to her in sketches and they would generally end up making love on the Viennese rocking chairs or on the bare floor

    30. most of the journey by making sketches which he thought were

    31. scanned the sketches he had made of the symbols into the

    32. I was making sketches of the thing and plotting

    33. this is one of the sketches I sent to him at the museum, it

    34. Jeepers, they posted my composite sketches on their

    35. a year, complete with sketches - how to mix paints - hold the brush - that sort of

    36. After all Hitler was a failure in so many ways, never commissioned, never accepted to the Academy of Art, even though his landscapes were as good as the sketches produced by the young Leonardo,

    37. This all represents a formidable design challenge, but you will find in this file the necessary technological information from the future to help you in your work, along with sketches of what I envision

    38. After Ingrid walked out of the office, Tony LeVier and Robert Gross went at once to Clarence Johnson, who was examining the pictures and sketches given to him by Ingrid

    39. Max began to pass out sketches of the

    40. “These are the preliminary estimates and sketches made by Lockheed for the space plane and by Douglas for the heavy lift transporter

    41. Bear in mind that these sketches are still very tentative and may change quite a lot in the months to come

    42. casually mention she sold her sketches for just $5 to help pay her for the

    43. It was a series of framed sketches with obvious influence from Fernanda Salazar

    44. They were her sketches

    45. I know a little about art and I can tell you we've had some pretty good offers on those sketches already

    46. “Sorry?” enquired a confused Matilda, who – having been brought up in a house with no electricity and a pathological hatred of all humankind - was not the World’s greatest expert on Monty Python sketches

    47. He chuckles delightedly as he sketches this disastrous scenario to me

    48. We were in the car heading out of the gravel driveway as I was comparing Jamie’s notes and sketches with the photographs I had from Ruth’s locker

    49. sketches depicting, what I considered to be some of

    50. sketches and her eyes lit up

    1. Her great-aunt watched over her throughout the afternoon, revealing snippets of family history, and sketching pictures from her own life story, all of which seemed to consist of too many broken hearts and broken heads, until, with the football results due in and Leonard Cohen starting to become a little bit overbearing, she turned to her young relative and asked, “Do you want to stay for dinner? There’s a DVD I want to watch and we could phone out for a curry”

    2. revealing snippets of family history, and sketching pictures from

    3. Yavi had started sketching and Zarko had felt relieved that his initial embarrassment was over

    4. Needless to say the sketching had turned out to be a success and the girls had been fascinated with him

    5. Its two upper limbs twitched before his face (still nominally protected by the suit) as if sketching the outline of his features

    6. ” At that, the two Halfling friends leaned over the countertop and started sketching, dreaming, and conspiring as they often did, especially when they were hatching their best schemes

    7. He sat at the dining room table, writing and sketching

    8. He continued sketching and noting everything he could remember about his visit to the Natural Bridge, his eyes glittering as if they had found some partial answer to his quest

    9. I’ve been sketching and painting all day

    10. on a bow, sketching in the dirt with an arrow

    11. What to do, then? Though there is not much to the art department, and she has hardly had any encouragement about art, she spends a lot of time sketching, so that she gets better and better at it

    12. Then she finds herself attracted to an art supply store, and winds up purchasing sketching and painting materials

    13. Once upon a time Benjamin Feral was minding his own business, sketching out designs for a new sculpture, when his mind inadvertently happened upon a story

    14. both of them acting chill and loose, sketching hullo waves when they happened to see

    15. Morse took out a field notebook, and began sketching the door

    16. He began turning the light off and on with his teeth, sketching out a message

    17. She watched as I began sketching

    18. ―He was sketching prostitutes

    19. ―He was sketching her

    20. ―What was Michael doing sketching prostitutes?‖

    21. Liam amused himself sketching the guitarist on the

    22. began sketching maps in the air with a scurry of hand gestures, singing her directions with the authority of an opera soloist, and of course having no doubt in her mind that I was understanding everything she was saying, even though she was speaking

    23. Greg sat under the dim, 40-watt lamp bulb, sketching out the final details to his plan

    24. Then he seized his sketching book and began furiously to draw

    25. "Don't move," he shouted in what he supposed was German, sketching violently

    26. " She traces the needlework with a finger, sketching over his wrist in a way that he would have never guessed would feel so nice

    27. “You said pencil was all right and then, you started sketching

    28. Talk of the chicken farm came back and back, the women, even at fifty, impulsive at heart, sketching on the cloudy future flocks of Leghorns, Cochin Chinas, Orpingtons; like Jacob in the blur of her outline; but powerful as he was; fresh and vigorous, running about the house, scolding Rebecca

    29. Amy was sketching a group of ferns, and Jo was knitting as she read aloud

    30. But over-strained eyes caused pen and ink to be laid aside for a bold attempt at poker sketching

    31. But she certainly did grow a little pale and pensive that spring, lost much of her relish for society, and went out sketching alone a good deal

    32. Later in the day he went out sketching

    33. He was sketching chess squares reflected in the mirrors of a wardrobe, and above them could be made out a threatening figure with his hand outstretched

    34. The day of the races had been a very busy day for Alexey Alexandrovitch; but when mentally sketching out the day in the morning, he made up his mind to go to their country house to see his wife immediately after dinner, and from there to the races, which all the Court

    35. Levin took out a ramrod and began sketching him the

    36. I played “The River in Reverse” for Allen again, and he declared the song complete, but began sketching out a horn arrangement that became as memorable for me as anything I was singing

    37. While the show got under way, Allen Toussaint had been sitting quietly in the corner of the backstage den, sketching out impromptu horn parts for my then unreleased song “The River in Reverse

    38. Slowing down so she could peek back up some random driveway that dissipated like a jet trail among the conifers, he’d understood that the imaginary life she was sketching for them—you could have a workshop, we could rent out the basement—was really a way of talking about early retirement

    39. As they approached it, a figure, conspicuous on a dark background of evergreens, was seated on a bench, sketching the old tree

    40. When their backs were turned, young Ladislaw sat down to go on with his sketching, and as he did so his face broke into an expression of amusement which increased as he went on drawing, till at last he threw back his head and laughed aloud

    41. "Oh, very well; this confounded rain has hindered me from sketching," said Will, feeling so happy that he affected indifference with delightful ease

    42. It is undeniable that but for the desire to be where Dorothea was, and perhaps the want of knowing what else to do, Will would not at this time have been meditating on the needs of the English people or criticising English statesmanship: he would probably have been rambling in Italy sketching plans for several dramas, trying prose and finding it too jejune, trying verse and finding it too artificial, beginning to copy "bits" from old pictures, leaving off because they were "no good," and observing that, after all, self-culture was the principal point; while in politics he would have been sympathizing warmly with liberty and progress in general

    43. Well, actually they make perfect sense but you have to start sketching equations and drawing curves to illustrate them and in the end they represent the part of a curve when the calculus goes what the mathematicians would call non-linear

    44. “I’ll move up to the front door…” he continued, sketching an arrow leading from the little x that represented our current position to a lopsided square in the upper corner

    45. "In the common walks of life, with what delightful emotions does the youthful mind look forward to some anticipated scene of festivity! Imagination is busy sketching rose-tinted pictures of joy

    46. Like Doré, long before him, Roy had the swift exactitude, in his traveling, running, inking, sketching fingers, that required only a glance around at London crowds and then the turned faucet, the upside-down glass and funnel of memory, which spurted out his fingernails and flashed from his pencil as every eye, every nostril, every mouth, every jaw, every face, was printed out fresh and complete as from a stamped press

    47. "I have!" said Doone, not standing still, sketching the air with his fists and fingers as he danced to his own tune

    48. sketching; I went on thinking

    49. Will began sketching her face

    50. For the most part, the English and American whale draughtsmen seem entirely content with presenting the mechanical outline of things, such as the vacant profile of the whale; which, so far as picturesqueness of effect is concerned, is about tantamount to sketching the profile of a pyramid

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