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Rake в предложении (на )

  1. He's a bit of a rake.
  2. Turn out on cake rake.
  3. James could rake the hay.
  4. And her father was a rake.
  5. I fished about with a rake.

  6. No rake or shovel is required.
  7. Dolores could rake the hay too.
  8. Will went up to the hole with his rake.
  9. He put down the rake and looked at her.
  10. Will stuck the rake into the pile of leaves.
  11. When you rake through the embers of other.
  12. Rake over the mulch lightly to even it out.
  13. With what? This looks like she used a rake.
  14. Then she thought it was possibly a rake or a spade.
  15. The groundskeeper rested the rake on the ground and.

  16. He was a real rake and all, but he knocked women out.
  17. Will continued pushing the rake into the indentation.
  18. Rake it, so that it would be absorbed by the grass better.
  19. Enter a pregnant Woman, carrying a sheaf of oats and a rake.
  20. And don't they rake in the money too? Bequests also: to the P.
  21. You have nothing left to do but kick back and rake in the cash.
  22. Mining Bees in the lawn: Their mounds can be removed with a rake.
  23. The beast twisted in midair to rake a massive paw across his back.
  24. Tom was already on his knees, digging with a hand rake in the dirt.
  25. It was my chore to rake the carpet with a leaf rake every weekend.

  26. You think me an unfeeling, loose-principled rake: don’t you?
  27. It seems, that having drank too freely before he came upon the rake.
  28. He finished cleaning out the sty with a few more passes of his rake, then.
  29. Grandpa leaned on his rake and regarded her silently for a long few moments.
  30. Taking a rake down from the wall, he skewered the meat, intending to move it.
  31. There you see how dearly these fine young ladies love a rake and a scoundrel.
  32. Her fingers found the front of his bare chest and began to rake with the nails.
  33. There now, I like your Denisov though he is a rake and all that, still I put it.
  34. Zach reached for the rake, but had to retreat as Boglehob swung the scythe at him.
  35. Then Boglehob swung again, and again the Captain blocked the attack with his rake.
  36. She does not let the rake out of her hands, and moves about with great difficulty.
  37. Peering upwards, Edwin saw why: Zach’s fingers were losing their grip on the rake.
  38. She hurled the rake at Daddy with all her might in a desperate attempt to take him out.
  39. And no sooner do we apply it then we rake the whole narrative off the list of parables.
  40. He had the rake in his hand, giving him added reach, turning her own weapon against her.
  41. Iván finished the mowing, told the girl to rake it up, and himself went to cut the rye.
  42. Perhaps the most common misconception about affiliate marketing is that one can rake in.
  43. These companies often rake in a large amount of money selling worthless information and.
  44. The Captain thrust the rake, but Boglehob deflected the blow with the handle of his scythe.
  45. All of these men helped rake the fires out from ten of the forward boilers after the crash.
  46. Every Sunday afternoon Scott would rake them off the back lawn while Ingrid swept the porch.
  47. He dumped the leaves in the current and used the rake to help the water break up the leaves.
  48. What you need: a bow rake to remove stones, break up clods of earth and smooth over the soil.
  49. He found a plastic thing that looked a little like a miniature garden rake without the handle.
  50. You came unescorted so you could choose from all the available females here, you rake!.
  51. What was in that bottle of Doc's? Never again! Not after a rake of pints and Southern Comfort.
  52. Do you know of any mechanic's tools similar to a rake or a fork?' Llewellyn admitted he didn't.
  53. Know when to rake it for the house’s cut of the profit and know how to accept a toke from a player.
  54. This is a good place you’ve chosen here Corporal Lamb you should be able to rake them from here.
  55. You’ll have to kill me first, said the Captain, aiming another thrust of his rake at Boglehob.
  56. The pain was incapacitating, but she managed to rake her nails across his wrist, trying to free herself.
  57. So butchers rake the tongues of bison out of the prairie grass, regardless of the torn and drooping plant.
  58. The market will always be there, and likewise the casinos will always be there to gladly collect the rake.
  59. Yet he was no Monster either; he was no more than a Spoilt Rake whose Selfishness had always gone uncheckt.
  60. Did you check the local hardware stores to see if anybody had purchased a rake within the last few weeks?
  61. There now, I like your Denísov though he is a rake and all that, still I like him; so you see I do understand.
  62. For several years I’d graze three or four head of cattle, and would mow and rake hay with horse drawn equipment.
  63. Before all, the material of time ripped apart with fiery swathes and out stepped a tall, thin almost rake like man.
  64. He is prematurely bald from selfabuse, perversely idealistic in consequence, a reformed rake, and has metal teeth.
  65. When you start gardening, there are certain materials that you would need such as a rake, pots, shovel, and such.
  66. He reached out towards the rake again, but the cat lunged at his hand, ripping four deep lines across his knuckles.
  67. Derek Hill, there is no such thing as a Rake, I do not believe you were sailing in the area and were run off course.
  68. He was such a rake as a young man! Those sort of people, madame, have not the least regularity; he's burnt up with brandy.
  69. The rake and hoe will require manual effort, but they can’t be beaten to smooth top soil, make rows or chip away at weeds.
  70. He reached for a rake that was leaning against the pig house, and Penelope began grunting and woofling as soon as she saw it.
  71. It was all Veronique could do to make sense of the pain searing her ass flesh, then the pleasure of feeling it rake her body.
  72. Next, he used some of the claws on his left paw to rake the ropes on the side of the tree, which seemed to have a greater effect.
  73. Jelion Rake was a 28 year old salesman from Oakleron, Flintwood, who got married only a few months before his body was discovered.
  74. O they gave my open, trusting Face a sinister Look (which perhaps increas’d its Allure—at least for a Rake like Lord Bellars).
  75. This failing to keep their rendezvous seemed to her an insult, and she tried to rake up other reasons to separate herself from him.
  76. But then the scarecrow’s leading foot trod on the fallen rake, and the long wooden handle shot up to knock his head off his shoulders.
  77. The rake! Bryony squealed at Zach, nodding her head at the Captain’s discarded weapon that had landed on the ramp next to the trailer.
  78. The Captain aimed another stab of the rake at his adversary, but Boglehob dodged the blow and jabbed his scythe at the Captain’s left flank.
  79. Carl Tiflin still drove her to a light cart, and she pulled on a hay rake and worked the Jackson-fork tackle when the hay was being put into the barn.
  80. Why, in Coxtart’s Brothel, I had seen many a Rich Rake spend as much for a new Peruke or a Mock-Maidenhead as would feed a Country Family for a Year.
  81. Would I then go his mother’s way? Oh, what a dreadful prospect that would be! And that might rake up the past wounds to compound guruji’s pain!’.
  82. Yashvin, a gambler and a rake, a man not merely without moral principles, but of immoral principles, Yashvin was Vronsky's greatest friend in the regiment.
  83. The nettles were as thick as the grass and ivy stuck an octogenarian rake to the wall of the outhouse, which had a little stained glass window in the door.
  84. Yashvin, a gambler and a rake, a man not merely without moral principles, but of immoral principles, Yashvin was Vronsky’s greatest friend in the regiment.
  85. Factories around the world, especially in China and India, began to churn out extra HCFC-22 in order to generate extra HFC-23 so they could rake in the cash.
  86. The big-time plantation owners could have paid workers a decent wage but instead chose to rake in the profits by utilizing workers who were subservient to them.
  87. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to go to a reserve where there are tons of them and rake them up in a pile and jump on them like they’re a furry leaf pile.
  88. She scoff’d at Fine Manners, took her Pleasure where and when it pleas’d her, like a Rake, but underneath it all, she had the Pyrate’s Honour and an Honest Heart.
  89. After the rain had left off and the water had dried up they decided to make hayricks; and in order to do it quicker they decided that two women must rake to each scythe.
  90. I came to think that if it were up to him, I would have been thrown to the marbles of the burning hell, ravaging my flesh with a sharp rake to make more infamous my pain.
  91. As Europe recovered from the effects of the Great War, many American investors saw their chance to sink money into European rebuilding schemes and rake in a huge profit.
  92. A wealth of combed and clipped mustache gave him the appearance and attitude of a French rake of the nineteenth century, and incidentally concealed his crooked front teeth.
  93. Brother Ahlphanzo Metyrnyk coughed harshly, despite the wet cloth he’d tied over his face and nose, as he stirred the fire with a long-handled rake to encourage the flames.
  94. When I looked from the dovecot I could see far away a blue line which I knew was the sea, and I grew furious to think that our enemies had this secret conning-tower to rake our waterways.
  95. It does not seem to be used like the blade of the sword-fish and bill-fish; though some sailors tell me that the Narwhale employs it for a rake in turning over the bottom of the sea for food.
  96. The old woman, evidently only anxious lest she shall be driven away from her work, will not let the rake out of her hand, though it is evident that she can barely move, and only with difficulty.
  97. Britta continued to undress Hugh, opening the buttons of his shirt, pausing to rake his chest with her fingernails, and then dropping to her knees in front of him to pull his boxers down to his ankles.
  98. Lord Bellars had no Wish to have his Sleep interrupted by a squalling Babe—for no Rake nor Man of Fashion would endure such Distractions; thus the Infant was sent to Griffith upon her Birth and left for near three Years.
  99. So what is it that allows a super affiliate to make hundreds or even thousands of sales when you struggle to make 5 sales of the same product? Why is that that super affiliates rake in the cash while you struggle to get by?
  100. Waiting for another burst to rake again the car she was using as cover, she then popped her torso up, her shotgun leveled and pointed, and fired a slug at an upper floor window where she knew that one shooter was firing at her.
  1. Raking the lawn – 345.
  2. Morel was heard raking the fire.
  3. Must be raking it in hand over fist.
  4. Page raking and the amount of active.
  5. With raking fingers, he combed the grass.
  6. Her hands clawed out, raking at the crisp air.
  7. Was he raking leaves? I hope he finds it soon.
  8. They will be raking up everything against him.
  9. He burst into the cold wind raking West 57th Street.
  10. I dove at the monster’s eye, raking it with my claws.
  11. She plays a jaguar, raking her six-foot scratching tree.
  12. Hi, Thane, said Jesse, raking over him with his eyes.
  13. He kept his eyes on the sand, carefully raking straight lines.
  14. He was raking leaves in the large courtyard outside the food.
  15. Free to continue raking in the money and dealing out abuse to people.
  16. He backed her up against the edge of the sink raking his hands through her hair.
  17. Without warning, he swiped Brightness across the snout, raking her from eye to nose.
  18. Thirty-five winner, said the spinner, while raking the losing bets towards her.
  19. Carl continued raking and snarling when he noticed a sensation on the top of his head.
  20. The middle-aged ranch-hand stopped his careful raking and stuck his fork into the ground.
  21. But if not, there is no object in raking up this scandal against a dead man, foully as he has acted.
  22. The study had to run for another two months before they could start raking in any profit from Suprame.
  23. Still frenzied, the big hog ran under the bull and started raking the beast‘s belly and under parts.
  24. And when those long raking scratches were revealed, Medraut said, surprised, What happened to your arm?
  25. Lestiboudois was raking by her side, and every time he came near she lent forward, beating the air with both her arms.
  26. As the beast raised its arms he slashed down at its belly then avoided the raking talons that tried to rip at his face.
  27. Had he planned it this way to make up to me what I’d endured at their hands? He continued raking them with his scorn.
  28. Just as she reached it, Woundwort himself appeared in her way, reared up and dealt her a great, raking blow across the face.
  29. He is Papa's younger brother, and spends his days in a bank, handing out and raking in money through a hole in a kind of cage.
  30. The jock inhaled a gulp of air, releasing it slowly through his nostrils, raking his hair with his fingers the way he did often around me.
  31. Remember when we got home raking up the fire and frying up those pieces of lap of mutton for her supper with the Chutney sauce she liked.
  32. Down the line the corporal strode, pausing before each man, raking his eyes over him, and barking, Name! When he reached Louie, he stopped.
  33. Jason who had remained silent throughout got up and walked to another of the boulders nearby and began raking the dirt around the base with his hands.
  34. In spite of the bitter wind that was raking the churchyard every person who had been inside the church was waiting outside to see the pastor come out.
  35. A Japanese machinegun then started raking the sandbagged positions occupied by the command group, shooting from the roof of a warehouse 300 meters away.
  36. He would have loved to have seen the look on the poor poker players’ faces when Charley and Henri started raking in the points and money from their game.
  37. Mitri took off his ragged coat, laid it out of the way near the fence, and then began to work vigorously, raking the corn together and throwing it into the machine.
  38. The male immediately spotted his ploy and wheeled around on him, and Edgar yanked himself up on the vine to just barely avoid talons raking through just-vacated space.
  39. The panic threatened to overwhelm him; he sank to his knees beside the fall’s river and dropped his head into his hands, raking his fingers through his over-long hair.
  40. Overpaid doctors are raking in small fortunes labeling kids bi-polar and ADHD, and then prescribing a variety of powerful drugs; as if parenting now comes in pill bottles.
  41. This caused it to emit a ghastly roar and rise up upon its hind feet; its huge front paws raking the air as its lips curled back in a vicious snarl, revealing horrific fangs.
  42. Despite the bullets still raking their car, Janet reacted swiftly, an adrenaline surge flowing through her body and partially negating the paralyzing fear that was gripping her.
  43. It was just enough to throw them aside to avoid a huge paw coming up through the hatch, it's three inch long claws raking the floor where Barnes had been standing a moment before.
  44. Under strong jets of cold water he lathered himself thoroughly, raking the cake of soap across and under his fingernails, and rubbed himself hard all over with a coarse hand towel.
  45. And certainly two handsomer or gallanter beasts than the pair of raking chestnuts, long-striding, racelike, with white-starred faces and single white hind feet, never looked through a bridle.
  46. Still standing with his back to the counter, Ralf yanked out the butcher knife he’d fumbled from the drawer behind, clumsily raking the blade across his side and goring himself in the process.
  47. Nightfall quickly opened a lead and Edgar scurried to keep up, but he lost his hastened grip on the sloping scrabble and slid down several yards, raking at the rock with fingers sorely lacking claws.
  48. His eyes kept flashing, and his hands shaking; yet all the while he staked without any sort of calculation—just what came to his hand, as he kept winning and winning, and raking and raking in his gains.
  49. He actually thinks that the more he wears that costume, the better he will become at being the ultimate Mysterieau character, Suong said while casually yet seductively raking her right hand through her raven locks.
  50. At this distance of time I cannot remember whether I ever gave a thought to Polina; I seemed only to be conscious of a vague pleasure in seizing and raking in the bank-notes which kept massing themselves in a pile before me.
  51. Instead, she lit into everybody else in the church and gave them a fearful raking down, calling them right out by name and telling them how they all had behaved, and casting up all the quarrels and scandals of the past ten years.
  52. My stomach turned again and for a moment I thought I had gone soft, but this wasn't a body I was raking out of the coals, this was my Rosie, and I had to keep running, when I wanted to be weeping my heart out over where she lay burning.
  53. A short while later he was raking through the remains of the nest, grunting his disappointment when his search proved fruitless, but as he turned from the debris, a glint caught his eye– something down in the bottom of the nest twinkling up at him.
  54. Sorus had conjured an invisible barrier about himself, absorbing the raking blows from the enraged Soul Beast that seemed to grow feeding from his magic, although, from the desperate look on his face, it didn’t look as if his magic would hold for much longer.
  55. Madame Bovary senior was plying her scissor without looking up, and Charles, in his list slippers and his old brown surtout that he used as a dressing-gown, sat with both hands in his pockets, and did not speak either; near them Berthe, in a little white pinafore, was raking sand in the walks with her spade.
  56. Yes, I can remember raking in money by thousands—but most frequently on the twelve, middle numbers, to which I constantly adhered, and which kept appearing in a sort of regular order—first, three or four times running, and then, after an interval of a couple of rounds, in another break of three or four appearances.
  57. Now instead of Noriega we have independent free-lancers rising up as powerful drug cartels, in direct competition of our own low-handed government, which continues the charade of enforcing anti-drug laws and eradicating illicit trade, while all the time, raking in billions of dollars in their own illegal trafficking endeavors.
  58. I was fully old enough now to be apprenticed to Joe; and when Joe sat with the poker on his knees thoughtfully raking out the ashes between the lower bars, my sister would so distinctly construe that innocent action into opposition on his part, that she would dive at him, take the poker out of his hands, shake him, and put it away.
  59. The old man's wife rakes together unceasingly, her kerchief loosened from her disordered hair; she carries the hay, breathing heavily and staggering under the burden: the cobbler's mother is only raking, but this is also beyond her strength; she slowly drags her feet, in baste shoes, and looks gloomily before her, like one very ill, or at the point of death.
  60. One night, she heard herself explaining to a date, out on Broome Street with the busboys carrying out the night’s first trash and the players at the mah-jongg club raking their tiles together like scrimshanders sorting whalebone, about the seating arrangements at her place, and the possible awkwardness, and how they should probably just move straight to fucking.
  1. They raked at the torch.
  2. My hand raked the grille.
  3. Dad raked his hand in the ivy.
  4. Evan raked a hand through his hair.
  5. His eyes raked over her momentarily.
  6. Her blade raked across his forearm.
  7. The talons of the Fell Beast raked.
  8. His sharp hoof raked her drooping face.
  9. What? His gaze raked across my face.
  10. His eyes raked the crowd and found Annet.
  11. The blow raked across the armors surface.
  12. Jacob, too, heard them, and raked out the fire.
  13. He raked one hand over his smoke-blackened face.
  14. Eve raked a long, sharp nail down his naked chest.
  15. Up above, the steeply raked seats in the balcony.
  16. Ralph raked her with his eyes as she lifted it out.
  17. He raked one edge of it across the beast's forearm.
  18. She saw it in the way his gaze raked down her body.
  19. He raked his throat rudely, puked phlegm on the floor.
  20. That made Nancy smile weakly, as cough still raked her.
  21. The pain raked through my mind like a razor-sharp claw.
  22. He had raked in a lot more than a government job salary.
  23. She paused and raked a damp lock of hair out of her eyes.
  24. Compost should be raked into lawn and then watered well.
  25. We grinned at each other as Sue raked the tip of my penis.
  26. His glowing eyes raked her face, his lips twisting into an.
  27. She raked back her hair and stared blankly up into his face.
  28. They fed the chooks, raked out their yard, filled the water.
  29. From 1995 to 2005, billionaire Ted Turner raked in $590,823.
  30. She cringed sickeningly as his eyes perversely raked over her.
  31. The lion sat on a wooden dais a fin above the finely raked sand.
  32. He raked her with his gaze, still spinning the jack to lower it.
  33. The remaining friends cleaned, raked, and helped their neighbors.
  34. The lion raked me with its claws, ripping off a chunk of my coat.
  35. Bile rose in the back of my throat as his eyes raked over my body.
  36. Liz couldn't help shuddering as his cold eyes raked over her body.
  37. Another big oil company, ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP), raked in $13.
  38. Red lights raked the crowd gathered behind catenaries of police tape.
  39. At last he rose, fetched in a large piece of coal, and raked the fire.
  40. But a trap had been set and the Peugeot was raked by machine gun fire.
  41. He raked a hand through his hair, which was doing that sexy, spilling.
  42. Bok stepped clear of the trees a moment later and raked the car with fire.
  43. Nobody wanted to play poker, Pick chimed in as he raked more money.
  44. In my private email I raked Bush and his neo-con bastards over the coals.
  45. They raked the Guardian line and lightning came from within the cave as well.
  46. But his black eyes raked her in no lover-like way and he was laughing softly.
  47. She laughed as she raked her talons down the left side of his face and grabbing.
  48. He raised a hand and raked it through his dark hair, then swung around to face me.
  49. The talons raked his breast, ripping through mail-links as if they had been cloth.
  50. Nation of Kazakhstan’ raked in over 26 million its opening weekend and went on to.
  51. Well, here's your bad luck! We've raked in all this truck and eight dollars besides.
  52. The story of Modi’s wife, Jasodhaben, which Derek raked up, is worth reflecting upon.
  53. His white teeth gleamed startlingly against his brown face and his bold eyes raked her.
  54. The dragon raked its talons down the back of the vampire, tearing the skin to the bone.
  55. Now shadows of the Park’s trees, newly in leaf, raked the windshield of his squad car.
  56. Godwyn raked the crowd for the face of Caris, which he had spotted a few minutes earlier.
  57. She was a bit icky about crossing the ant-lion field, so he raked it smooth and laid the.
  58. It wasn’t until Zar raked his claws across the foreman’s face that the laughter stopped.
  59. I had raked in thirty thousand florins, and again the bank had had to close for the night!.
  60. Sir Robert raked away the old leaves with his cane, revealing two globular gray-brown objects.
  61. She could almost feel the missing streaks of skin where Paul had raked his fingers up her leg.
  62. They spun around the two remaining ships and as they passed, raked the ships with their lasers.
  63. Changes were made, testing was carried out to extremes and consulting firms raked in the dough.
  64. Lasers raked the Swordsman ships as Hawk Squadron blasted through the center of their formation.
  65. In my mind, she was an immortal executioner who continuously raked her axe against my brain stem.
  66. Automated lasers mounted on the roof raked the access routes until the helicopters destroyed them.
  67. Jeanne’s eyes filled at once with tears and she had to sit back down, her shoulders raked by sobs.
  68. Yet never once did the player throw him a glance as he staked and staked, and raked in his winnings.
  69. That must be great for you? He smiled and raked his fingers through his hair before continuing.
  70. Lucia’s eye raked the congregations as she tried to commit to memory the hundreds of people’s faces.
  71. And the leaves were raked regularly, and the little chapel, quite a building, was swept clean every day.
  72. I swear that I touched, raked, scarified him with only one thing: the smallest fingernail of my right hand.
  73. He raked his hair from his face and fingered the sunburned skin that was swelling his right eye almost shut.
  74. By the year’s end the Firemen had raked the autumn leaves and white xylophones away, and it was no more fun.
  75. Her wrists raked painfully against the letter-box as the thing inside tugged her further and further towards it.
  76. Siri watched as the animal raked through the ragged clothing and into the fat-laden flesh of the now dead woman.
  77. It appeared he could not look away at first, as his eyes raked her with desire, as his lips parted with an exhale.
  78. It wasn’t as it would have been in Switzerland where every square-meter of grass would have been carefully raked.
  79. Ay, Montcalm has raked the woods for his inroad, and a whooping, murdering set of varlets has he gathered together.
  80. This was a valuable lesson at the time, and helped me avoid getting raked to death on the short side for many years.
  81. I tried picking it up by grabbing the sides of the shell, but it had very sharp claws that it raked against my fingers.
  82. OLD JACK raked the cinders together with a piece of cardboard and spread them judiciously over the whitening dome of coals.
  83. The resort they stayed in had a long sandy beach that was raked by the staff every morning before the guests went to use it.
  84. His fingers traced the ragged grooves of three long but thin scars, as if a large tom cat had raked talons across his skin.
  85. To hell with that! he raked his fingers through his hair in a peculiar way that reminded me of Charles when he got angry.
  86. It must be remembered that PBS is hardly a self-supporting outfit, despite the untold billions raked in by Barney and Big Bird.
  87. The demon swung around, attempting to shake the warrior free, its teeth raked through his armoured shoulder and into his flesh.
  88. He began to pull books off a nearby shelf one at a time, then suddenly raked the remaining ones off with his arm in frustration.
  89. I whimpered when his teeth raked down the column of my neck, but his teeth were normal, and the whimper was from desire, not fear.
  90. Fritz must have got wind of it, for when they were about half-way across the enemy guns opened fire and simply raked No Man's Land.
  91. He struck the mare with his front hoof, and while she staggered under the blow, his teeth raked her neck and drew an ooze of blood.
  92. But they could not break the iron wedge, and from the wooded knolls on either hand arrows raked their close-packed ranks mercilessly.
  93. In truth he did not enjoy such revelry, but the dice rolled in his favour and time after time he raked in money off his new acquaintances.
  94. She walked out heading to her room and I went down the stairs untangling the mess she made with my hair, I raked my fingers through it smiling.
  95. Jonathan watched the houses fly by, backyards filled with broken leaves waiting to be raked, piled high and jumped on by some spoiled Greenwich kid.
  96. What they got instead was machine gun fire that raked their decks and superstructures, killing or wounding the sailors that were visible to the trawlers.
  97. Stumbling backwards, Brokin's assailant did his best to dodge the swiftly moving claws as they repeatedly raked across his snout, but with little success.
  98. Walls of the palace surrounded the churchyard though the walls were raked levels to allow hours of daylight to penetrate the stain glass windows of the church.
  99. Knox leapt over the hood a split second before machine-gun fire raked the front of the car, blowing out the front tire and destroying the headlight on that side.
  100. What happens now Elm? His face became more awash with confusion and she realized what thoughts were going through his mind as his eyes raked over the grey blanket.
  1. This is great! He rakes in the chips.
  2. Bäcker’s gaze rakes across the rows.
  3. Rakes in the ashes? Is there any safety.
  4. Christian rakes his hand through his hair as he gazes at me.
  5. When I lived there, the hooks were used to hold mundane things like rakes and shovels.
  6. Both Kuragin and Dolokhov were at that time notorious among the rakes and scapegraces of Petersburg.
  7. Both Kurágin and Dólokhov were at that time notorious among the rakes and scapegraces of Petersburg.
  8. The boys, who still had their yard cleaning tools, sat everything down on the ground except their rakes.
  9. Our ponies paused in the center of the village; people stopped to watch, rakes or vegetable baskets in hand.
  10. In addition to the elaborate arrays of saws, scissors, and hammers, there was a barrel filled with wooden rakes.
  11. The tower contained implements, such as spades, rakes, watering-pots, hung against the wall; this was all the furniture.
  12. The old woman of fifty rakes away without stopping, and with her kerchief awry she drags the hay, breathing heavily and tottering.
  13. It hurts like the burn in his lungs as he holds himself back while she rakes her fingers through his hair and her tongue presses into his mouth.
  14. Examples are Bonsai tools, pruners, extended reach tools, propagating pots, rakes, knives, hoses, shears and snips, power tools and other tools.
  15. Rakes, those male Magdalenes, have a secret feeling of innocence similar to that which female Magdalenes have, based on the same hope of forgiveness.
  16. Thus I began to spin out an amusing Tale of Star-cross’d Lovers, compleat with swooning Virgins, rough-hewn Rakes, lustful Sea Captains, and ruin’d Courtiers.
  17. When the other feller finally shows that he’s got only a pair of nines and rakes in all the money in the world, this Moe Green goes into hysterics, and aint recovered yet.
  18. The men mounted their horses and Catkin sat a moment in his saddle as he glared up the long street at the crowd of townsmen who were holding axes, rakes and scythes as their weapons.
  19. Of what is this production composed? I am told of the land which produces the grass; of capital (scythes, rakes, pitch-forks, carts which are necessary for the housing of the hay); and of labour.
  20. Still, she was oddly contented here, among all these old tools she could picture in their dad’s hands: rakes with bent tines, axes of every length, shelves packed with jars filled with screws and nails and washers.
  21. The old woman of eighty only rakes the hay, but even this is beyond her strength; she slowly drags along her feet, shod with bast shoes, and, frowning, she gazes gloomily before her, like a seriously ill or dying person.
  22. Now my Fears were quieted again, for this devilish Club seem’d nothing more than a Group of bor’d Rakes pursuing their usual Pleasures of Wine, Women, and Gluttony, albeit in monastick Garb and deep within the Bowels of the Earth.
  23. This book is a drag-net after the false premises of men, and if it rakes to the bottom, uncovering the secret sources of error, exposing the evasive and elliptical nature of arguments relied upon to establish the doctrine, it is the friend of all who love truth.
  24. It was for his interests that every laborer should work as hard as possible, and that while doing so he should keep his wits about him, so as to try not to break the winnowing machines, the horse rakes, the thrashing machines, that he should attend to what he was doing.
  25. In the winter of '46-7 there came a hundred men of Hyperborean extraction swoop down on to our pond one morning, with many carloads of ungainly-looking farming tools—sleds, plows, drill-barrows, turf-knives, spades, saws, rakes, and each man was armed with a double-pointed pike-staff, such as is not described in the New-England Farmer or the Cultivator.
  26. The old man's wife rakes together unceasingly, her kerchief loosened from her disordered hair; she carries the hay, breathing heavily and staggering under the burden: the cobbler's mother is only raking, but this is also beyond her strength; she slowly drags her feet, in baste shoes, and looks gloomily before her, like one very ill, or at the point of death.
  27. Metallic, tattered moonlight shatters across the road, and a white horse stands chewing in a field, and a searchlight rakes the sky, and in the lit window of a mountain cabin, for a split second as they rumble past, Werner sees Jutta seated at a table, the bright faces of other children around her, Frau Elena’s needlepoint over the sink, the corpses of a dozen infants heaped in a bin beside the stove.
  28. Should any unwarrantably pert young Leviathan coming that way, presume to draw confidentially close to one of the ladies, with what prodigious fury the Bashaw assails him, and chases him away! High times, indeed, if unprincipled young rakes like him are to be permitted to invade the sanctity of domestic bliss; though do what the Bashaw will, he cannot keep the most notorious Lothario out of his bed; for, alas! all fish bed in common.
  29. The Age had granted him Pleasures unabated, had indulged his ev’ry Whim—whether lustful or pecuniary; thus he had ne’er learnt Self-Control, Self-Rule, or Moderation of his Passions: Married young to a timid Heiress who could not raise her Voice to him, school’d in Scandal amidst Whores and Rakes, how could he practise that Humility which manifests itself in Kindness? I fervently believe that the Rules I impos’d upon his Impulsive Nature did his Soul more good, i’faith, than his whole willful, Pleasure-seeking Life before he found me in the Hell-Fire Caves!.
  30. The moment I reached the door, I ran forward with my stick raised, but not with any design of striking man, woman, or child, when a ramplor devil, the young laird of Swinton, who was one of the most outstrapolous rakes about the town, wrenched it out of my grip, and would have, I dare say, made no scruple of doing me some dreadful bodily harm, when suddenly I found myself pulled out of the crowd by a powerful-handed woman, who cried, Come, my love; love, come: and who was this but that scarlet strumpet, Mrs Beaufort, who having lost her gallant in the crowd, and being, as I think, blind fou, had taken me for him, insisting before all present that I was her dear friend, and that she would die for me—with other siclike fantastical and randy ranting, which no queen in a tragedy could by any possibility surpass.

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