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Skim в предложении (на )

  1. Even skim milk is fatty.
  2. Dolores learned to skim the milk.
  3. I skim the wall with my fingertips.
  4. Skim the waters of the deep canyon.
  5. It is also not as watery as skim milk.

  6. No one gets addicted to skim milk, for example.
  7. His teeth skim my chin, and he kisses my throat.
  8. Skim the grease off the top and add the stew meat.
  9. Nigel picked it up and started to skim through the.
  10. Skim ice has formed atop puddles in the gravel paths.
  11. Tobias’s eyes skim my bare legs, making my face warm.
  12. I slowly started to skim each entry Google has provided.
  13. Bring to a boil, skim off any foam, cover and reduce heat to simmer.
  14. I skim the lingering shower water from the back of my neck with my palm.
  15. Cook on low heat for three minutes and skim off the foam that forms on top.

  16. For those who skim through the video, they may be interested but not 100%.
  17. I ask you my silly questions, as you call them, and you skim on the surface.
  18. To begin with, they could understate the money put in and skim cash that way.
  19. His blood boils as he growls back, God damn it! What happened to the skim?!.
  20. Finishing things off with a cold glass of skim milk, I retired to the dining room.
  21. So if you"re a bit put-off by the term lifestyle, please don"t skim over this section.
  22. Idly, she picked up a stone and tried to skim it … it sank … but she didn’t care.
  23. So if you’re a bit put-off by the term lifestyle, please don’t skim over this section.
  24. Acron couldn't achieve the height he desired, so he appeared to skim across the pond's surface.
  25. If they get past that point, you have a good chance they will at least skim through the rest of.

  26. I sit at the island, sip my coffee, and slide the paper over to skim through the news headlines.
  27. For example, use skim milk instead of regular milk and low fat cheese instead of regular cheese.
  28. Imagine the state of the water when, six to a tub, we had to skim the mud off after one another!.
  29. Create a good offer and compelling call-to-action, and present it early in your message – readers skim.
  30. But you often carefully skim over the descriptions of the scenery to focus on the action of the main characters.
  31. With their faces towards the active water, Mitchell felt the long nails Brook sported, methodically skim his back.
  32. In her friendships she enjoys variety, but they rarely run deep, she prefers her friendships to skim the surface.
  33. I saw the seconds-plate skim by three times and felt the ballast gather in my chest, my throat, and at last my ears.
  34. The tears well and fall as the dog barks in the hollow, the children skim after hoops, the country darkens and brightens.
  35. I skim through the diary entries for the years 1950-57 again, looking for any spark of personality, a mention of a friend.
  36. They’d moved in right in the middle of the lightless part of the year, when the sky warmed at best to the hue of skim milk.
  37. Above them at the surface, he could see snorkelers skim along the top of the ocean, with waves refracting the direct sunlight.
  38. If a healthy dessert option isn't available, try a cup of coffee with skim milk to help satiate your desire for something sweet.
  39. You would think that you could walk dry under it to the opposite hills, and that the swallows which skim over might perch on it.
  40. Not only that, but we have also been convinced that low fat and skim milk is best, when nothing could be further from the truth.
  41. In fact, the only reason he would go along with this rip-off was that as soon as they had the money, he would skim some off the top.
  42. She cast her eyes out again, wondering if he was making fun of her, watching the timid streaks of moonlight skim the face of the water.
  43. As I saw no manure, I judged that they meant to skim the land, as I had done, thinking the soil was deep and had lain fallow long enough.
  44. That kind of money, on its own or added to our 401(k), can certainly help make us rethink our daily Grande skim latte with a shot of vanilla.
  45. Tom! Where’s my large skim cap, please! Ha ha! Tom widened his eyes fractionally at Jane as he was swept off into another conversation.
  46. The heat seemed to be singeing every hair on his head, his garments stank of smoke, and perspiration greased his face with a skim of ash and soot.
  47. The car sat up and seemed to skim across the surface water like a steroidal jet ski, and still he pushed and pulled at the wheel, desperate for more speed.
  48. There was no tree they did not examine for old confessions of love carved and whittled there, no sidewalk they did not skim across as over fields of mica-snow.
  49. Herrick was just outside with his bicycle, prepared to skim off to the village to spend his leisure hours with his family, but he courteously waited to greet me and answer my questions.
  50. She was, I think, turning over in her mind whether she would give herself the relief of complete unreserve, or continue for a few more days to skim round on the outskirts of confidences.
  51. After you have read a chapter in books about investing, making money and improving yourself, skim back through with a highlighter(if they are your books) the bits that make great statements.
  52. Both flying slow and nose high, with gear and flaps hanging, looking like two bush turkeys flapping and tossing their heads as they skim the jungle forest looking for a safe place to alight.
  53. Ducks and geese frequent it in the spring and fall, the white-bellied swallows (Hirundo bicolor) skim over it, and the peetweets (Totanus macularius) "teeter" along its stony shores all summer.
  54. Yum—and with a big glass of cold whole milk to wash it all down! (Have you ever drunk that watered-down skim or 2% stuff? Man alive, ya might as well just have a slurp of country creek water rather than…).
  55. Amy's face was a study when she saw her sister skim into the next drawing room, kiss all the young ladies with effusion, beam graciously upon the young gentlemen, and join in the chat with a spirit which amazed the beholder.
  56. See, I am always anxious to get back quickly to the surface of things, anxious to skim lightly over the places where tears, happy or miserable, lie, and not to touch with so much as the brush of a wing the secret tenderness’s of the soul.
  57. Nick, of course, did not fully appreciate the significance of his find and, instead of explaining, we handed him the diaries and waited while he exchanged his funny little glasses for another pair and began to skim through the copper plate script at great speed.
  58. Barks and hoots and hands flap and skim the air,.
  1. She was skimming my books.
  2. He was in his car skimming through Mrs.
  3. And I see the vision of windsurfers skimming.
  4. If you weren't always skimming the surface of.
  5. Lords, and they all lived by skimming the tithe.
  6. The bomber leveled off, skimming over the water.
  7. That is, Frank before Marcus set him up for skimming.
  8. Are those his fingers skimming the back of my shirt?
  9. Skimming her mind was time-consuming and tricky as hell.
  10. How Peggy longed to be skimming over the snow instead of.
  11. Chevalier looked at Leonid, who was skimming through a book.
  12. Raider missed an elbow, skimming the Vapors head, who then.
  13. For main ideas only, skimming the material is already enough.
  14. She tells him the rest of the story, skimming over the details.
  15. He walks with one hand skimming a cement wall, as if for balance.
  16. It didn’t seem to bother him; he concentrated on skimming stones.
  17. Skimming through the pages, she saw a sketch of a man that the 185.
  18. Monica saw another boat skimming along the river with a water skier.
  19. Skimming on a regular basis develops your ability to learn this strategy.
  20. Andy rushed to the ‘D’ section and started skimming through the books.
  21. Exploratory reading is the halfway point between skimming and close reading.
  22. Steam shot out of the pot, skimming their heads, Musafir checked on the rice.
  23. Nicky turns the radio back on and starts skimming the ghost-channels for news.
  24. Oh, really? Alex asked, his eyes skimming my face and coming to rest on my neck.
  25. Finally, they came upon the rock bluff, skimming its face with the tips of their wings.
  26. In fact, the Nautilus was skimming only ten meters over the soil of these Atlantis plains.
  27. The stars were bright and the blue Martian ships were skimming across the whispering sands.
  28. There are even those hobbyists out there that utilize wet skimming as a part of their water.
  29. He picked up a sea-smooth pebble from his feet, and sent it skimming through the air, low and.
  30. Dawn did as he told her and a clay shot high into the air, skimming over the tops of the trees.
  31. The man of the house was skimming through the paper and taking little part in the conversation.
  32. He allowed the aircraft to drop below the deck line of the ship, literally skimming the water.
  33. Unconsciously, Garnet Reed was zigzagging towards the aerial machine skimming across the water.
  34. Skimming refers to reading quickly to gain a general impression as to whether the text is of use.
  35. He was handsome and looked a bit older than me, his dark curls skimming the tops of his shoulders.
  36. He touches my face, his thumb skimming my cheekbone, and his eyes are on mine, intense and insistent.
  37. He began skimming the material, hot off the press, as it were, and compared it with the Fleet updates.
  38. Milking was done betimes; and before the milking came the skimming, which began at a little past three.
  39. Their shuttle then flew off, skimming the flat, icy surface of Eris at low altitude while heading south.
  40. As the copter lifted and hovered forward, Locke raised his feet, a reaction to skimming across the ground.
  41. He then staged a victory flypast, coolly skimming just a few feet above the heads of everyone on the hill.
  42. At first they appeared like black specks, and now they looked like birds skimming the surface of the waves.
  43. But my grandchildren had the best idea they used their flat surf skimming boards and that worked a real treat.
  44. With the telephone clamped between his shoulder and ear, he was skimming another article on Nadia’s lost gift.
  45. She yearned for something real, for life itself—not this playing at living, not this skimming life of its cream.
  46. It is not uncommon to see swallows skimming its surface, and dipping for the water necessary to build their nests.
  47. Claire sat in the comfy leather seat across from Rupert, skimming the contract that Rupert's assistant had given her.
  48. Then there is documentation of cash skimming in Tennessee and the resulting suicides of two state officials involved.
  49. So I can help Tess with the skimming; and, as you are very tired, I am sure, you needn't come down till milking-time.
  50. He watched as the torch moved systematically, skimming over the dirt floor and probing the wall where Anne was hidden.
  51. They had just spent the better part of two hours skimming through stacks of books, and John had nothing to show for it.
  52. His portfolio had crashed, and as he sat there, shaking and skimming through his assets, he noticed something peculiar.
  53. Within months the mob is pleased with the results and blind to Avery skimming half the take before it leaves the country.
  54. The three escorts were skimming only about a hundred metres above the treetops as he continued to shadow their every move.
  55. A bartender he fired for doing a bit of his own skimming reciprocated by telling the owners what he thought Brian was up to.
  56. Lastly, I couldn't help seeing the actual shadows of large birds passing over our heads, swiftly skimming the surface of the sea.
  57. I was intensely aware of his hands on my waist, so warm through the thin fabric of my T-shirt, skimming the top edge of my jeans.
  58. Mmm? He slipped his hands beneath the hem of her sweater, skimming along her spine in a stroke that made her arch like a cat.
  59. Besides extracting the liquid, or skimming, there were suggestions about burning off the oil as well as using chemical dispersants.
  60. They came downstairs yawning next morning; but skimming and milking were proceeded with as usual, and they went indoors to breakfast.
  61. Wickland, who had been skimming the dossier again, replied, Me too, but it is interesting that he apparently doesn’t have any priors.
  62. Before I’d walked into his office, the admiral had been skimming my entire life story—and he’d made no effort to conceal this from me.
  63. When skimming was done—which, as the milk diminished with the approach of autumn, was a lessening process day by day—Retty and the rest went out.
  64. It’s started to snow and this morning, while sitting at the kitchen table, John was skimming through my journal with wide eyes and an even wider mouth.
  65. She put her purse down and began skimming through the folder to see a new document drafted which gave her fifty percent of the shares in Murphy’s company.
  66. He’d told Angie a little about the dig, skimming over the nastier aspects, saying that it had been a wild goose chase – well, it wasn’t so far from the truth.
  67. Being on a flying horse, skimming over the waves at a hundred miles an hour with the wind in my hair and the sea spray in my face—hey, it beats waterskiing any day.
  68. Belatedly, I send a thought skimming across the waves to the woman I never really knew … she’d have been about the same age that I am now … that thought stuns me.
  69. He pulled her in, his broad palms skimming up the bare skin of her back as he took her mouth in a slow drugging kiss that blurred the details of the rest of the evening.
  70. At one point she joined me in the cockpit, leaning against the transom with her head back, a smile curving her perfect lips as she surveyed the cumulus skimming overhead.
  71. He found a secluded area overlooking the northern mountains, and watched the clouds skimming across the mountain peaks, the mountains themselves looking gray and depleted.
  72. Extract coconut oil by exposing chopped white meat to heat—sun or fire—and collecting oil as it runs off, or by boiling and skimming the oil as it rises to the surface.
  73. Standing on the poop, he watched the serpent-like ship skimming lightly over the waters, and landsman though he was, it was evident to him that the Argus would never win that race.
  74. A bomb dropped by a diving B-25 struck and exploded on the NAGATO as the six RP-38Ns and six TBF-1s were coming within five kilometers of the battleship while still skimming the sea.
  75. Studying is skimming the material first to get an overview, and afterwards reading it in detail while seeing how the information presented connects to the overall structure of the subject.
  76. Strong, glistening blacks pulled at the oars of the canoe, and it went skimming toward an anchored ship, a ship commissioned by the States-General to carry black slaves from Guinea to the islands.
  77. The crooks are not satisfied with skimming what the US buys for cash; they went into borrowing money (to up the cash available) and stealing that against the credit of the people of the United States.
  78. She flipped to the page the cover said Claire's interview with Massie's boss's boss, Vendela Thomas, would start on and stared at another picture of Claire before skimming over the first part of her interview.
  79. She then looked towards the sea and opened her mouth wide from surprise: at least twenty strange machines with rotors pointed upwards were approaching quickly from very low altitude, nearly skimming the waves.
  80. The nerve of Zig, taking his time like that, then telling him, Silas, he was the one wasting time! Silas spread his wings, the underside of his wings skimming the forest floor; then he got lift, gaining altitude.
  81. In addition, the investor who uses stereotyped documents becomes a very practiced reader and can obtain vast quantities of information merely by skimming, because he knows what to look for and where to look for it.
  82. More than likely, it will just glance off our atmosphere and head back out into space, very much like skimming a stone over water, but, well, it’s hard to say, exactly, which is the outcome without further analysis.
  83. The wind was sharpening now so I shoved my hands into my pockets and quickened my pace, darting about and skimming round the corners and making good headway till I turned a corner and almost ran into a large woman chopping wood right in my path.
  84. In East Germany, courtesy of another Ministry of Information tour, he saw trainloads of crops that were the property of the people without any middleman involved, who previously got rich skimming the profits that rightfully belonged to the farmers.
  85. As Dantes (his eyes turned in the direction of the Chateau d'If) uttered this prayer, he saw off the farther point of the Island of Pomegue a small vessel with lateen sail skimming the sea like a gull in search of prey; and with his sailor's eye he knew it to be a Genoese tartan.
  86. He spoke further of the incidents of his visit, of his father's mode of life, of his zeal for his principles; she grew serener, and the undulations disappeared from her skimming; as she finished one lead after another he followed her, and drew the plugs for letting down the milk.
  87. And he did not, for he whisked the sled round, sat himself upon it, and before we had in the least understood what was happening he and it and the books for Papa and the beef for Joey were darting down the hill, skimming along the track with the delicious swiftness none knew and appreciated better than we did.
  88. The first American air attack on the fleet that day actually took place just before sunset, with over twenty P-40 fighters zooming over the beachheads at high speed and skimming the waves, targeting first the surviving landing barges and shooting them full of holes before the Japanese fighters on top cover could even react.
  89. Clare had resolved never to kiss her until he had obtained her promise; but somehow, as Tess stood there in her prettily tucked-up milking gown, her hair carelessly heaped upon her head till there should be leisure to arrange it when skimming and milking were done, he broke his resolve, and brought his lips to her cheek for one moment.
  90. She had a slight advantage, she said with a wry, toothy grin: she knew the building intimately, having crawled through its every recess and been a life-long party to the tenant rumor mill, while the knowledge of the owner’s lawyer was limited to what little the skimming building superintendent had revealed and what was public record.
  91. Robertson then saw something that amazed and confused him: a Japanese ZERO fighter that had been diving hard to try to catch up with Ingrid’s P-40, which was going at a merry 300 miles per hour while skimming the sea and never flying straight for more than a couple of seconds, apparently miscalculated his altitude or his safety margin to come out of its dive.
  92. We’re in Borneo, can’t you tell? We’re skimming the treetops now, big leaves are glimmering below us, and there are coffee bushes over there, smell them? and Marie-Laure will indeed smell something, whether because her uncle is passing coffee grounds beneath her nose, or because they really are flying over the coffee trees of Borneo, she does not want to decide.
  93. Hi, I murmured in his direction as I searched uselessly for the seat belt that was crammed irretrievably into the fold of the seat, my eyes skimming his tattoos: a spiked metal ball on the end of a chain on one arm and the top half of a bare-breasted woman with her head thrown back in either pain or ecstasy on the other; a Latin word I didn’t know the meaning of scrawled across his tan chest.
  94. He ended his flight with a low, downwind landing approach, skimming the tops of the trees in the process, flying deep into the valley where he executed a spectacular, high bank, stalling, one hundred and eighty degree, hammerhead turn back into the wind, no more than a hundred feet above the football field, and coolly finished his flight with a pin point landing on the grass, right in the middle of the pack up area.
  95. VVU-Configurations of all high-frequency UU-VVU-conglomerates and the more so FVU-Configurations of FLUU-VVU-doubles are completely structured by the synthesized Experience, which is transmuted in them in corresponding karmic Channels (it looks like skimming cream from whole milk to make dairy butter) by UU-VVU-conglomerates of all lower-qualitative Levels of the collective Consciousness of a given Stereo-Form (actually of all Formo-Types of a given LLUU-VVU-Form)!.
  96. What should he do about his skimming? Who would make the ornamental butter-pats for the Anglebury and Sandbourne ladies? Mrs Crick congratulated Tess on the shilly-shallying having at last come to an end, and said that directly she set eyes on Tess she divined that she was to be the chosen one of somebody who was no common outdoor man; Tess had looked so superior as she walked across the barton on that afternoon of her arrival; that she was of a good family she could have sworn.
  97. But these were broken again by the light toes of hundreds of gay fowl softly feathering the sea, alternate with their fitful flight; and like to some flag-staff rising from the painted hull of an argosy, the tall but shattered pole of a recent lance projected from the white whale's back; and at intervals one of the cloud of soft-toed fowls hovering, and to and fro skimming like a canopy over the fish, silently perched and rocked on this pole, the long tail feathers streaming like pennons.
  98. James Thornton’s daily offering of violets and orchids had arrived, she had about decided that she was a rather levelheaded young woman, and when, an hour after that, she found herself seated beside the devoted James, in his glaringly resplendent automobile, skimming along at an exhilarating pace over a fine stretch of country road, she had come to the conclusion that that arch-type of female foolishness, the Virgin with the Unfilled Lamp, was wisdom incarnate compared to the woman who deliberately throws aside the goods the gods provide her.
  99. Scalping tickets, making a profit, taking money off the top, skimming, all kinds of cheese, the profit motive, decapitalizing the mass-body of society, by cutting off its extra capital by selling people things in boxes that they don’t need, the TV, the boob tube that comes in a box, the entire idea of making a profit by skimming off the top, all real estate sales, all selling and buying for profit, all turnovers: turning over stock, turning over houses for profit, all financial deals like rollovers, rolling the head over, and hoping to make even more profit, all capital investment, all business investment, all images of decapitated heads on coins, bills, buildings, all art, all graven images of heads, all pots and pans….
  100. These are the concepts of surveying, scanning and skimming,.
  1. I skimmed the rest of C.
  2. I quickly skimmed the text.
  3. I skimmed through the file.
  4. His eyes skimmed through the diary.
  5. I think you skimmed the surface Dr.
  6. It was the second book I skimmed.
  7. I have skimmed through the previews.
  8. She skimmed a glance in his direction.
  9. Venkat took the summary and skimmed it.
  10. The pink boat skimmed along for the ride.
  11. Jim skimmed like a dark owl after a mouse.
  12. Ellie took the page from him and skimmed it.
  13. Emily had by then skimmed through his report.
  14. In a snakes coil – the vacuum if skimmed off.
  15. His fingertips skimmed over the bump Greta had.
  16. Anointed of the Heavenly God skimmed off as much.
  17. His hands skimmed up her back, drawing her to him.
  18. His fingertips skimmed the area below her collarbone.
  19. The years since graduation were skimmed quickly –.
  20. We skimmed through the lists of games saved on the hard.
  21. Taking a minute to gather his thoughts as he skimmed once.
  22. Fiskel had prepared while he skimmed through the newspaper.
  23. The critical ones may be skimmed to confirm that they are.
  24. You will see, he murmured as his lips skimmed my ear.
  25. She wears no make up and has skimmed her hair with the brush.
  26. Unmistakably from a glossy picture skimmed over too many times.
  27. Jack skimmed through the book, a reflection on how he wanted to.
  28. His e-box was full, and he skimmed the notes which looked urgent.
  29. I skimmed through the parts that had nothing to do with the demon.
  30. But I’ve never skimmed from the profits, honest! Cleo said.
  31. She looked over the syllabus and skimmed her notes from last class.
  32. Tomo’s boat skimmed quickly over the water towards the waterfront.
  33. He lifted them to his mouth and skimmed his lips across my knuckles.
  34. Her eyes skimmed over the bookcases filled with classical literature.
  35. A swallow came in and skimmed about anxiously, trying to get out again.
  36. My hands skimmed across his chest to lay flat against his firm abdomen.
  37. Never skimmed off the money, always done as he was told, hadn't snitched.
  38. With a heavy sigh, he opened Boston’s file and skimmed over its contents.
  39. Her body shivered and a lonely tear mixed with blood skimmed down her cheek.
  40. I skimmed across the dozens of minds packed into the safety of their barracks.
  41. The remains of the truck and the men under it skimmed past Jesse Stay’s head.
  42. Iodine is used up quickly by the aquarium inhabitants and skimmed out with the.
  43. HEBE is pure skimmed milk evaporated to double strength enriched with cocoanut fat.
  44. My shadow skimmed the ground and the people that were outside looked up and pointed.
  45. Far away, so faint that she almost missed them, two stars skimmed across the horizon.
  46. Good grief! exclaimed Algar, as he skimmed the list of terrorist bank accounts.
  47. I stepped quietly to her desk and skimmed her mind while I waited for her to notice me.
  48. The three Officers skimmed through the statements and I could see their eyebrows lifting.
  49. Her gaze skimmed the edges, the base, the pool of water with its glinting treasure beneath.
  50. His eyes skimmed my short black dress and heels, then his lips lifted into a seductive grin.
  51. He handed the records to Claire, who skimmed the forms, knowing just what she was looking for.
  52. Lucky for us, the ocean was relatively calm, and the boat easily skimmed across the dark blue of.
  53. I shivered as his practiced fingertips skimmed my back, flitting like butterflies along my spine.
  54. I skimmed and absorbed and comprehended charts and lab notes and monographs describing the pills.
  55. I skimmed through the pages while spending every moment wishing that I was outside with the others.
  56. Wickland carefully skimmed through each of the twenty or so letters for any inference of hostility.
  57. In a couple of minutes, he’d skimmed through most of the folder and he had picked up the second one.
  58. I skimmed through the class above Ben’s, jerking occasionally as I hit Dianes and Dinas, but no Diondra.
  59. He had gone back through her professional history multiple times, focusing on parts he had skimmed before.
  60. She skimmed through the rest of the docket Create a business plan and give it to me as soon as possible.
  61. The karve skimmed across the surface of the water and it felt as if Ailia’s stomach was turning inside out.
  62. People reassured my mother that although I had been shot in the head, the bullet had just skimmed my forehead.
  63. They went to Sardinia and Scotland and rode on the upper deck of a London airport bus as it skimmed below trees.
  64. Casually he threw a flat stone and it skimmed across the river, falling just short of the bank on the other side.
  65. Claire skimmed a lengthy bit about the history of California’s death penalty, then found the meat of the story.
  66. But those moments had already skimmed past on the stream of time, like the hot streams of water washing over her.
  67. His free hand skimmed over my body, up from my thigh, under the shirt, and then he was pulling it off over my head.
  68. Another thing they didn’t know was that Brian skimmed their profit and, the longer it went on, the bolder he got.
  69. The pointy missiles skimmed over her head, and there were three thuds as they embedded in the shed wall behind her.
  70. The boat was built for speed; her two paddle-wheels were like two wings with which she skimmed the water like a bird.
  71. Then our conversation skimmed various subjects, and without being more forthcoming, Captain Nemo proved more affable.
  72. I know you skimmed some money from me, but I'm not mad, because I know that, deep down, you know the missing money is mine.
  73. I skimmed through all of them and all contained sketches of me from infancy, all the way to the time before Cliff had left.
  74. You think I’m reaching? I grabbed the file, skimmed through, and stopped where I had circled something in red marker.
  75. The files of the mysterious chest freezer thief were open before her and she skimmed the contents of the initial police report.
  76. There was nothing remaining for him to stay up for, when he had finished tinkering, and had skimmed the headlines of the newspaper.
  77. The pond had in the meanwhile skimmed over in the shadiest and shallowest coves, some days or even weeks before the general freezing.
  78. You wouldn’t waste your time reading the trash at all, would you? The important items may be skimmed and earmarked for later reading.
  79. The hot piece of lead skimmed under the car and rebounded up the concrete ramp, sending the formation of pursuing guards back on their heels.
  80. Sophia gracefully took it and saw a sketch, almost the same as those she had skimmed, from the artworks her mother said, belonged to her hand.
  81. He settled down in the conference room as soon as it was quiet, and skimmed through the course notes of the previous evening's finance lecture.
  82. The post was lucrative, the salary usefully supplemented by gifts, bribes, and percentages skimmed off the top of fines and forfeited bail money.
  83. We stopped at a spot called Sidi Abdel Rahman, where the road skimmed the beach, and walked a while on the sand, shoeless, hatless and humorless.
  84. This chapter has only barely skimmed the surface of the depths of their evil, their crimes, their atrocities, their secret plans and orchestrations.
  85. But, without hesitation he skimmed over the water through the concentrated barrage to drop his torpedo accurately towards the Gneisenau's stern.
  86. He undressed my mind while his hands skimmed the surface of my skin, tantalizing and teasing, his words arousing me beyond anything I had ever felt before.
  87. I skimmed around for the watchman, a-wondering whereabouts he slept; and by and by I found him roosting on the bitts forward, with his head down between his knees.
  88. She picked up the second one to wear, Suraj stamped on the accelerator, the chapel flew out of her hand, skimmed past Jags' nose and bounced off the drum in the corner.
  89. I had somehow skimmed past this fact and would have missed it entirely had it not been for a sense of something wriggling in my memory like a twist of animated string.
  90. He had his men shine their flashlights onto the floor of the Gazebo, while he skimmed his hands across the surface of the floor, until he found what he was looking for.
  91. The new will would certainly be contested by the five children, and other than what she had just skimmed in the seminar materials, Samantha knew nothing about will contests.
  92. Places she never knew were so sensitive to touch; Damien's hands skimmed her lower back, his palms smoothed over her derrière and then squeezed, forcing a moan from her lips.
  93. The Nautilus didn't stay idle, and cruising along the coast, it advanced some ten miles farther south amid the half light left by the sun as it skimmed the edge of the horizon.
  94. Finally, in an outburst of anger, Ijyu threw everything into the trash and decided to prepare only a few slices of whole-wheat bread with skimmed milk for Kami and Yania to eat.
  95. I swerved Blue into the ditch — and by the grace of Almighty God and my three guardian angels — we skimmed a hair’s breadth by the whiskers of the giant Cadillac’s grill.
  96. I skimmed the story quickly to see if Blayney, that rat, had come up with an angle I should be pursuing or denying, and son of a gun, his story linked to a piece about Joe Molinari.
  97. Andy’s memory went into fast rewind as he skimmed over the events of the last few weeks; he debated speedily which bits he could safely put in and which it would be best to leave out.
  98. She looked like she belonged, dressed to impress in a brilliant cherry-red-and-white print Rachel Roy dress that skimmed her curves without hiding them, the hem ending just above her knees.
  99. Sophie, wearing a halter-neck red dress that skimmed over her hips and plunged between her breasts waited by the entrance, searching the crowd for the sight of James’ tousled blond hair.
  100. The profound silence of the chamber was shattered by the sound of violent curses, interspersed with unhealthy gurgling noises, as his face skimmed across the water like a bomb seeking a dam to bust.
  1. Al skims the plate down the counter like a quoit.
  2. The Fixer turns the page of the paper and skims an.
  3. I hand him my holotab and he skims through the data.
  4. Anyway, the subject skims the joy off a pan of conversation.
  5. The interiors it skims seem distorted, as in a body reduced to its skeleton.
  6. He skims the edge of the crowd and slips into a gap at one end of the small upstairs bar.
  7. I would follow the flight of a bird threading its way in the pure transparent air; now it skims the water, now disappears in the azure sky, now suddenly comes to view again, a mere point in space.
  8. As you look over the pond westward you are obliged to employ both your hands to defend your eyes against the reflected as well as the true sun, for they are equally bright; and if, between the two, you survey its surface critically, it is literally as smooth as glass, except where the skater insects, at equal intervals scattered over its whole extent, by their motions in the sun produce the finest imaginable sparkle on it, or, perchance, a duck plumes itself, or, as I have said, a swallow skims so low as to touch it.

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