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Regurgitate в предложении (на )

  1. They just regurgitate them in new forms.
  2. Our models don't just regurgitate what the company says.
  3. Meaning computers only regurgitate what someone puts into them.
  4. I don’t need you to regurgitate the bullshit you’ve heard – I need.
  5. His mind begins to regurgitate the definition of overkill, but he manages to quash it.

  6. He clutched his chest, sobbing and heaving, as if the pain could make him regurgitate.
  7. The point is their ability to memorize and regurgitate the memory in a test is about the same.
  8. Infected birds stop feeding, bleed under the skin, regurgitate food, develop tremors, and die.
  9. Now we have never chosen to run with the herd and regurgitate stupid expressions that are as meaningless as the livers of those who repeat them.
  10. She was a kindhearted woman, but -- as it usually was when in her presence -- Ome resisted the urge to regurgitate his recent air-sifted particles through his kochlar.
  11. Very good Bob, The Ghoul said, and we found scratches on the throat and his epiglottis was swollen from the constant gagging while he was trying to regurgitate the tablets.
  1. That didn’t stop the news outlets from regurgitating the story.
  2. What is the message that artist will leave? They will find themselves regurgitating and spitting hate into their images.
  3. They both knew where they were going, and to what end, so it seemed pointless regurgitating the discussion they had had earlier.
  4. But I could hear them now, satanic verse after satanic verse, uttered with that same regurgitating quality those European metal bands preferred.
  5. At first he felt a silly regurgitating the poem but then it realised it was a fitting epitaph to his friend, who had simply fallen into this battle he had begun.
  6. Each place the Hoar Frost King fed, it stripped necessary structure from the universe while regurgitating a minute mass of enormous density, like a cat vomiting cosmic bones after eating a quantum bird.
  7. The Captain now perfunctorily read a few Pray’rs for the Dead (which he recited with all the Expression of a Schoolboy regurgitating Caesar for his Latin Master), whereupon, the Execution being compleated, he directed that the Deck whereon the two Malefactors had lain be washt with Vinegar to avoid Epidemicks.
  1. She then feeds it regurgitated food.
  2. The fire regurgitated what it had consumed.
  3. Joseph regurgitated an ounce of bile on the welcome mat.
  4. I regurgitated some of the food and drink that I’d recently.
  5. After that, I regurgitated, as best I could, the poems and novels I read in college.
  6. They were packages of regurgitated animals, fur and bone crushed and formed into tiny macabre parcels.
  7. Looking on in disbelief, Bingham regurgitated a string of profanities, ending with, That’s my car!.
  8. As things become serious, he offers the hen presents of bits of regurgitated food and tries to feed her.
  9. And I? What had I dared to do, that quaked that membranous sac into regurgitated whistling and broken winds?
  10. And the result? Endless cycles of every new generation using this regurgitated shit to brainwash their children with.
  11. Now everything that had ever been said, filmed, or written about our family was being regurgitated for a whole new audience.
  12. He went in and sat down only to discover that ‘fast food’ did not refer to the service but the speed with which it is regurgitated after consumption.
  13. He shook with a violent spasm, coughed—his tongue wagged limply out of his mouth like a tar-covered snail—and regurgitated the same wooden flute that Eany had used.
  14. Ha! So they caught him! said Jai, for the white lion had evidently consumed and now regurgitated what could be none other than the elusive and indecorous Wishfish.
  15. There Duprina exploited, the class left her and regurgitated all kinds of insults of those that one could never imagine, shouted with the whole pomp of her shining jealousy:.
  16. And there was dirt dredged up and regurgitated about the reasons why he had never gotten the fourth star, and why the Medal of Honor had never been draped around his thick neck.
  17. What do you think the ‘war on terror’ is today? It is simply the same old corrupt McCarthyism of the 1930’s regurgitated and permutated into a different flavour-of-the-month.
  18. Herders of opinion, they offer pre-chewed, swallowed and regurgitated news that distills all the proffered diversity of the web into a image-spread with hand cherry-picked stories and 140-character in-depth summary.
  19. They had then gone on all sorts of adventures together, vanished into a time-tunnel in an exploding mountain, and he had been regurgitated back into the Forest (where his brother had given him a real bollocking for deserting his post).
  20. Flat green fields, sleepy villages, date palm trees, buffaloes blindfolded going round and round, turning a wheel to raise the water from the canal to the fields and others munching their regurgitated food slowly at a measured pace, serenely lying on the ground.
  21. This is analogous to traditional class competition, but the grades have been changed into experience points to trip the student into learning, and grade levels have been morphed into the language of mastery hierarchy to guise it in the allegory of a regurgitated hero quest.

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