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Chuck в предложении (на )

  1. Chuck and I had this.
  2. But now Chuck was gone.
  3. I looked back at Chuck.
  4. The name was Chuck Hanni.
  5. I think Chuck was in a.

  6. Chuck shook his head too.
  7. At number two, Chuck Day.
  8. Chuck laughed at that one.
  9. His name was Chuck Hanni.
  10. Dubs’ stop at a Chuck E.
  11. I shot as Chuck tackled me.
  12. Chuck has also received a 10.
  13. Chuck was wringing his hands.
  14. I… Chuck had no words.
  15. Take a seat, Chuck said.

  16. Chuck! Good to hear from you.
  17. I swear, Chuck, Pat said.
  18. Phil and Chuck stood close by.
  19. Look, it’s up to you, Chuck.
  20. What? Chuck said in shock.
  21. Chuck looked at Bernie and Brian.
  22. Charlie, oh, Chuck, oh, Charles.
  23. My friend Chuck was fourteen.
  24. Christ, Chuck what do I do?
  25. Chuck, never wink at me again.

  26. Well, so did I, Chuck said.
  27. What a show off, said Chuck.
  28. Chuck was almost back to his deli.
  29. Chuck for being such a kind human.
  30. I'd pick her up and chuck her out.
  31. Please, Chuck! You're not helping.
  32. Soon the chuck wagon could be 20.
  33. Nice, Chuck said and nodded.
  34. There were only thoughts of Chuck.
  35. Get this, Chuck was her brother.
  36. I like it! Chuck said excited.
  37. Dude! Chuck said with a smile.
  38. Chuck had a crazed look in his eyes.
  39. Listen, I got a text from Chuck.
  40. Chuck and Alice couldn’t make it.
  41. And so Chuck wasn’t saved in time.
  42. Come on, Chuck, let’s have a look.
  43. I looked up at Chuck and said, ―Mr.
  44. Chuck and Phil both shook their heads.
  45. Chuck rubbed his chin deep in thought.
  46. Don’t do anything stupid, Chuck.
  47. Chuck, you’re with me and Teresa.
  48. Chuck was the next one to arrive home.
  49. Chuck couldn’t help himself either.
  50. He said, What about it, Chuck?
  51. Oh, I know her, Kurt, said Chuck.
  52. I can see 'em; chuck some 'Mills' up.
  53. Chuck didn’t answer; he only smiled.
  54. I noticed Chuck look over his shoulder.
  55. Chuck shrieked and ducked in his seat.
  56. Chuck groaned, My God, look at that.
  57. Tell me about it, Chuck chimed in.
  58. Oh yeah, but Chuck isn’t taking us.
  59. From that moment on, Chuck was in the E.
  60. Chuck said you wanted to talk to Tommy.
  61. But Chuck didn’t make it, Thomas said.
  62. What’s going on!? Chuck shouted.
  63. Excuse me, my man, retorted Chuck.
  64. Out of nowhere, Chuck must have snapped.
  65. Are you looking for Chuck? he asked.
  66. You’re sleeping with the enemy, Chuck.
  67. I saw Chuck was having the same problem.
  68. Chuck looked ahead at the engaged battle.
  69. I looked at Chuck – he had passed out.
  70. I sat there in shock and looked at Chuck.
  71. I could barely say the words; Chuck died.
  72. Chuck and Aaron feel a bit uneasy there.
  73. That’s not all, guys, said Chuck.
  74. Chuck usually lives wherever Aaron lives.
  75. As the crowd started to clap, Chuck posed.
  76. Yes, I'll chuck those in the washer too.
  77. I was doing quite a bit of work for Chuck.
  78. I followed Chuck downstairs to his locker.
  79. Chuck might have been onto something here.
  80. Chuck Norris movies, Angus, Old Silver-Tip.
  81. At least that’s the way Chuck saw things.
  82. Chuck looked one way, and I looked another.
  83. Sit down, Chuck, while I get the water on.
  84. Chuck could be trusted, even if he was new.
  85. Back at the RV, Chuck was sweating bullets.
  86. Chuck was up and dressed in thirty seconds.
  87. Chuck spun around and stopped in his tracks.
  88. Chuck takes speed before cleaning the ovens.
  89. I had gone home that night and called Chuck.
  90. Would you shut it? he hissed at Chuck.
  91. He’s staying in there, I told Chuck.
  92. Chuck hesitated for a moment, and then caved.
  93. Can I have half the paper? asked Chuck.
  94. I went back and unhooked Chuck from his seat.
  95. He looked up as Thomas and Chuck approached.
  96. As Chuck would say, this is a pile of klunk.
  97. We have to draw the line with Chuck!.
  98. Chuck, Phil and I sat around the lunch table.
  99. Chuck, what happened here? I have to know.
  100. How Was It To Have Chuck Boyk As A Client?
  1. Treb is good at chucking rocks.
  2. Then I really started chucking the old crap around.
  3. Max chucking his 50 cent cold coffee into the waste bin.
  4. Sooner or later, they would run out of boulders, and chucking small.
  5. Halfshaft pounced on the pile of stones, and started chucking them in all.
  6. I told Fiona we were thinking of chucking it, which didn’t please her very much.
  7. I wait while she goes off to find the number … I can hear Poppy chucking in the background.
  8. I mean he was the only boy that could really handle the job, I said--boy, was I chucking it.
  9. Afterwards, Monty lay on his back, Alicia climbed onto him, chucking her head under his chin.
  10. Trask unlocked his tool chest and took out a battery-powered drill, chucking a three thirty-seconds bit.
  11. He started picking things out of the pile and chucking them, yelling in frustration and anger with every throw.
  12. The half-dragon calmly pulled his boots off, listening as the orcs threatened bodily harm, chucking small pebbles at him.
  13. Bright and eager, Akhil had worked with JP Morgan as an investment banker in Hong Kong and was earning a salary running into a few crores, before chucking it all up in mid-2013 to join the Modi campaign.
  14. When I arrived in the city early this morning, I further tested the extent of my corporeality by shouting at two See-You-in-Faery girls hanging outside Chester’s while chucking a couple of rocks in their direction.
  15. I called back later to ask my mom if Hailey was strapping poultry together in bird clumps and just chucking them in the air like inefficient boomerangs, but Mom dismissed the idea and thought it was more likely that Hailey and my dad were clipping messages to the carrier pigeons my dad was training* and then letting them go.
  16. I, smiling in his face, took the letter, and immediately catching hold of his shirt sleeve, drew him towards me, blushing, and almost trembling; for surely his extreme bashfulness, and utter inexperience called for, at least, all the advances to encourage him: his body was now conveniently inclined toward me, and just softly chucking his beardless chin, I asked him: If he was afraid of a lady?
  1. And she chucked it again.
  2. Chucked poor Willie out of Chambers.
  3. BLEARGH—the beasts chucked out wads of.
  4. He chucked the remainder of his root out into the.
  5. It was at sea for ten years before it was chucked out.
  6. What? Right here? he chucked as he nuzzled her neck.
  7. I got chucked out, so I put my skills to more profitable use.
  8. Jimmy would have chucked me and I wouldn't be a WAG any more.
  9. He has fallen or been chucked from the top, and so been impaled.
  10. Nathaniel chucked everything in the back seat before opening the.
  11. Ingrid calmed him down before he chucked the Navman out the window.
  12. As Garcia walked away, Shuliette chucked the necklace to the ground and.
  13. Irritated, Mitchell chucked the knife, dangerously close to Slicky's face.
  14. He chucked it through the door, not willing to risk burning the house down.
  15. He signed to the waiting jarvey who chucked at the reins and set on towards.
  16. She came in and took her coat off right away and sort of chucked it on the bed.
  17. Tahira chucked the package inside and let the false bottom drop back in place.
  18. I hauled the bag out of the closet and chucked it onto the floor at Joe’s feet.
  19. I bought some ice for the obligatory esky and chucked a couple of large bottles of.
  20. They've realized they're all among the beech roots up there, so they've chucked it.
  21. I chucked the collar into a corner and sat down on the edge of the bed to think it out.
  22. He took the old washcloth to the head of the stairs and chucked it into the laundry room.
  23. Looks like they clocked this child with that Sunbeam before they chucked it into the tub.
  24. Jezzabell quickly grabbed a large handful of brown shells and chucked them into the bucket, she.
  25. Gavin grabbed the box and chucked it across the office, covered Robert in fish bits and coleslaw.
  26. Some of the items were pretty old, so they got chucked into the charity box for the soup kitchen.
  27. Brubaker sucked back the remains of the tall beer he was working on, and chucked the empty into the boat.
  28. Most of the foreign correspondents have been chucked out, too, including the BBC, said Will Bartlett.
  29. Colt drew close and chucked my chin up with a finger and then kissed me hotly for a moment to my surprise.
  30. I leaned forward and snatching the vibrator up I chucked it out into the jungle as hard as I could throw it.
  31. The security guard chucked us out, so we went to the Trafford Centre and did it in the shops they have there.
  32. After packing her stuff up hoping she won't mind that I just chucked it all in the case I went back to my room.
  33. I stood up and grabbed the tree to stop it moving and then I leaned against it and chucked up all over its roots.
  34. Dean’s note on to her knee, unnoticed by Hareton—but she asked aloud, ‘What is that?’ And chucked it off.
  35. All she did was, she took off my red hunting hat--the one I gave her--and practically chucked it right in my face.
  36. But I knew that in a moment that they would get quite a wakeup call when our bombs were chucked into their trenches.
  37. I was then hauled down the stairs, outside, lifted into the van and then lastly chucked into some kind of metal box.
  38. He chucked an envelope on the table and said if I kept my mouth shut I’d get the rest in two days along with my boy.
  39. He tied a rock off to it and then he chucked both the rock and the scroll out into the ocean an impressively far distance.
  40. She didn’t ask how Janice took her tea she simply made it strong and sweet and then chucked a decent dram of rum into it.
  41. She chucked the letter back to me unopened, and kicked me out of the house, morally, not physically, although not far off it.
  42. Six years of Sebastian had taught him more than a year of Hitler; eventually he chucked it, admitted he hated Germany, and wanted to get out.
  43. He leaned over the saddle and replied, in a confidential whisper, Old Moore chucked his orf, so there ain't no blinkin' gas abaht—'e knows.
  44. He had consciously chucked a relatively comfy life as the great Silk Screen Sam Bann�is�ter's son to carve his career out of the Air Force.
  45. Suffice it to say, that this is not the first time I’ve held a woman’s head over the loo while she chucked up the effects of too much booze.
  46. Fouquet pulled everything off the racks and chucked it in the general direction of the bed, a big four-poster, showing signs of recent occupancy.
  47. When I brought home Ade Palmer’s copy of the Sun just for a bit of a read of the sports pages she chucked it in the fire because of Page Three.
  48. Did I write Ballsbridge on the envelope I took to cover when she disturbed me writing to Martha? Hope it's not chucked in the dead letter office.
  49. After I was literally chucked out of the office I came home to find our daughter in bed with a bloke she works with, the chef from her restaurant.
  50. He packed up his small remaining possessions, including the cat, and chucked them into the small white rental van with the deeply-mirrored windows.
  51. Elon paused and stepped back inside, as Harold hastily chucked the heavy sack onto the counter completely unmindful of it and hurried to the back of the shop.
  52. Brendan made soothing empathetic noises and chucked the stuff he needed onto the skid, big rolls of corrugated tubing with the connectors nestling in the middle.
  53. One time, I saw a constable arrive at SAP COIN a bit worse for wear and when he opened his kitbag; his mates loaded his cricket kit in and chucked his uniforms out.
  54. No Army officer ever commanded the Police Units and I think they would have chucked him out if he tried for they did not take kindly to outsiders to say the least.
  55. If Misery or the coddy had ordered any of THEM to go up and paint the pinnacle off that ladder, they would have chucked their tools down and demanded their ha'pence!.
  56. He Eli and Johnny were carrying the bombs in our group while Nobby Clarke me and another lad had the rifles to provide them covering fire when they chucked their bombs.
  57. Besides, he had stayed in the pub till he had been chucked out at one in the morning, not that Melville-Briggs would be likely to trust his sly porter with the task, anyway.
  58. I left a few written raps that Dug had liked with him and he chucked me a painting he had done for me which hangs right here on the office wall and will move to the studio too.
  59. However, the season was come for thinking of friends at home, and at any rate Sir Godwin, who had chucked her under the chin, and pronounced her to be like the celebrated beauty, Mrs.
  60. Calmly efficient, Marge rescued John, turned to Charlie, tightened his harness, chucked him under the chin, kissed him on the forehead and grinned, ‘Who’s in a bad mood, then?’.
  61. The old blades charged off toward the lemonade booth and others took their Scarlett, measuring out the tatting and submitting demurely to being chucked under the places at the counter.
  62. No one wanted the trolley in there room, so we chucked it outside, along with Cat’s fucking wand which must have broken or something because it went off now if you even looked at it.
  63. You should be out there! You’re the one person in our family with an actual ruddy chance! And to hear you’ve just chucked it away for the sake of some girl you barely even know!’.
  64. February 2000 was the month that the tech-rich Nasdaq reached its peak valuation; hordes of investors had chucked out any concerns about a stock’s valuation and had fallen prey to the most dubious of bubble logic.
  65. I now calls upon the professor to proceed with the second part of the horation: and anyone wot interrupts will get a lick under the ear-'ole with this' - waving the hammer - `and the body will be chucked out of the bloody winder.
  66. I follow Molly into the house, trying not to feel out of place … how could I have ever thought that the owner of this could … but you didn’t know he owned this, did you, Liz? And he held my head over the loo while I chucked up! Oh hell!.
  67. At some function she was brought to his notice, and her family being well known in Germany and she herself then in the freshness of twenty-one, besides being very pretty, the great man was much interested, and beamed benevolently upon her, and chucked her under the chin.
  68. As I looked on, Albert chucked aside the deodorant whose powers I’d overestimated and the disposable razor I’d brought with some vague notion about shaving my legs and under my arms and—much to my embarrassment—the fat roll of condoms I’d slipped into my first aid kit.
  69. Langhorne knew the heretic bastards chucked the things over often enough to keep the Army of the Seridahn from feeling bored! Most of his men had acquired the survival-oriented reflex to hit the ground whenever one of them arrived, and he supposed officers should set the example in that, as well.
  70. And if life wasn’t about report cards? If it was about those last few seconds, staring at the ceiling of the dirty pub toilets, watching the naked bulb swing as Carlisle chucked the spade aside and climbed over Sally’s body, when you take stock of your own life and you ask yourself: was it worth it? I’d had twenty years of security, friends, fun and then gone out in the end in a blaze of glory.
  1. Five minutes later, the damp stairs are again squelching beneath his Chucks.
  2. I put one of my Chucks on her belly and pushed her back down into her seat.
  3. Their stained Chucks were suitably filthy, but the seams were still crisp, like new.
  4. The other knit hat wearing Bboy had feigned using num chucks in his up rock battle against his friend.
  5. He chucks the remnants of the toilet tissue into the toilet bowl but doesn’t flush, a present for the girls in flat six.
  6. The side streets were still littered with smashed cars, twisted metal, broken chucks of concrete, and over turned power poles.
  7. The rest of the pack has disappeared, canteen bound, not expecting any action until the intensive care unit chucks out at around eight o’clock.
  8. I heaved back on the bars with all my strength and got the bike moving for a few inches, but then the worn soles of my Chucks slipped on the pavement and I fell over sideways.
  9. Then, a short, little old body like me, should never undertake to wade out into deep waters with tall, heron-built captains; the water chucks you under the chin pretty quick, and there's a great cry for life-boats.
  10. She was still going over to NYU to use the darkroom, academic standing be damned, and watching those proofs dry—train-trestle murals, charred mailboxes, knotted Chucks festooning the blighted elms—she tried to convince herself he was right.

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