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Retch в предложении (на )

  1. He fell to his knees and started to retch.
  2. Publio shuddered and choked down a desire to retch.
  3. If he was to retch now the sound would give him away.
  4. Again he had to retch to remove the darkness from him.
  5. Tried to retch but my stupid stomach would not give up its meal.

  6. The venom in his stare, the coldness of his touch nearly made me retch.
  7. Pussy started to retch, and it was all Takina could do not to join her.
  8. I staggered toward the forest, not wanting to retch in front of my family.
  9. My stomach turned and I started to retch, the surging bile doubling me over.
  10. I bent over to retch, turned to face him, wiped my mouth, and said, Piss off.
  11. It’s coming again, I retch, but there’s nothing left in my stomach to come up.
  12. Children were known to retch when he stood by them correcting a geometrical problem.
  13. The pain was so intense and the pressure on my temple so hard that I started to retch.
  14. He reached over to stroke a hand through her hair, then turned away to cough and retch.
  15. Trying to retch under the heavy weight, forces some of his stomach contents into his mouth.

  16. Occasional urges to retch and dry-heave made the internal message plain: get the hell out, now.
  17. Four men and women were asleep at various points around the room, the smell made Mischia retch.
  18. As she tried to move nausea rolled through her belly making her feel as if she was about to retch.
  19. Worse, a horrific odor reached his nose, the stench of rotting meat, which made him retch and gag.
  20. The smell was rank, so much so that the warden turned his face away quickly for a moment as if to retch.
  21. I got off the bike then and ran over to a nearby bush to retch up some of the coffee that I had drunk earlier.
  22. Now the horror and reality of the bloody apparition hit him and he had to sop and retch in the grass beside the road.
  23. They broke his will just like a stick, and made him retch repeatedly until he cried, There’s something more!.
  24. Although he was now accustomed to the corpse remnant, he still felt the urge to retch and quickly turned his gaze away.
  25. Pixie climbed onto the bed beside her, sniffed her, and meowed forcefully, as though trying to retch up his guts with each cry.

  26. She choked out tears, feeling tremendous emptiness flowing through her, trying to retch it out with each sob, each spasm of her body.
  27. Oh, leave me alone, he said angrily, and lit a cigarette, but at once began to cough and to retch, as if he were going to be sick.
  28. She stretched out on her makeshift desk bed and slept deeply for several hours, until fierce abdominal cramps and a need to retch woke her.
  29. He does his best to smile and not hold his nose and retch while he strokes the back of his baby boy’s head, the back of baby Qusim’s head.
  30. This placed her upwind of Siri and the waves of ammonia that washed over Siri’s keen sense of smell, almost made him retch as she continued her chatter.
  31. I would start with a tender kiss on the lips but soon forced her head down to my groin, where, pushing myself in too deep, she would gag and retch for respite.
  32. She passes wheelchairs, splinted arms, clutched stomachs, a person leaning over to retch into a bush, another with what appears to be a club-wound to the head.
  33. I, who had been none too well before this, felt myself retch and my Stomach contract into a shiv’ring Ball; but had I known what was to come, I should have truly bedew’d the Floor with my vile shipboard Dinner.
  34. I realized I was wasting too much time so I cut the ropes and rolled him off the board, he landed on his stomach and began to retch water, I thought he would never stop and all the noise his retching made was making me very nervous indeed.
  1. He is on his knees, retching.
  2. It was a dry, retching sound.
  3. He began retching and coughing.
  4. He started retching and heaving.
  5. He started retching and finally.
  6. Retching, Samson fell to a fetal position.
  7. Instead of retching, I threw up completely.
  8. Through with her retching and choking, the.
  9. Marcus continued his wild retching spree for.
  10. Max held his stomach and made retching noises.
  11. I lay there on my side, gasping and retching.
  12. I swallowed several times to keep from retching.
  13. Harvey lurched forward in a new wave of retching.
  14. The retching of the soldiers who came to take me.
  15. He fell to the ground, his empty stomach retching.
  16. It was all she could do to keep herself from retching.
  17. Silas found the stall where the retching was coming from.
  18. Porete), and he had to stop himself retching on a number.
  19. Darren’s stomach started to churn and he felt like retching.
  20. He was too busy chewing, as well as refraining from retching.
  21. In the background he can hear the sound of grown men retching.
  22. Waited until he was bent over retching before I came up behind him.
  23. The man let him go, and he fell to his knees, coughing and retching.
  24. The result is a retching, gory scene straight out of a horror movie.
  25. Stomach upset? I nodded and the smells set off another bout of retching.
  26. The sounds of her retching filled the silence, and I tried not to let my own groan escape.
  27. Before she could say anything else, she ran from the bed and was over the toilet retching.
  28. The wizard had tried to tell him more, but had succumbed to a violent bout of retching, and.
  29. She tried to reach for her water glass, and that set off dry retching and then a choking cough.
  30. Oh, gods, he thought, his stomach retching sickly, fighting for breath, this is a world of time.
  31. I vomited on a tangle of weeds, my retching and groaning drowned in the deafening roar of the MiG.
  32. Patiently, he waited until I was through retching before he held the other dude’s canteen to my mouth.
  33. In an instant I was down on my hands and knees, retching miserably onto the dirt in the middle of our camp.
  34. He stifled his retching and grasped the rails as the cart lurched and started to leave the courtyard of the Inn.
  35. Run, I hissed, desperate, off balance and retching, my thoughts squeezed and the worlds colliding in my eyes.
  36. It would give him…Time, Oh, Gods, he thought, his stomach retching sickly, fighting for breath, this is a world of Time.
  37. Judging by loud, rude retching noises Silas heard when someone opened the door, humans were not the only ones in the bathrooms.
  38. It took several minutes before Peteru stopped dry retching and was able to join Uretep in a shower where they scrubbed themselves raw.
  39. I felt the edges of the Persian carpet with my fingers, and, still hacking and retching, I inched on my belly toward where the door might be.
  40. Pain overwhelmed him, and daylight spun about him as he lay paralyzed on his side and vomited, retching only bile as he’d not yet eaten today.
  41. There was a smell in the air, and Ceri had to fight to keep from retching, it was a mixture of feathers, sweat and the peculiar fœtid smell of sickrooms.
  42. My stomach heaved and in a mixture of retching combined with screams from the pain of my torso convulsing I spewed into the basin over and over it seemed.
  43. She hadn’t closed the door behind her, and from it spilled the dome light and the sound of the radio, which the cabbie must have turned up to cover her retching.
  44. I stood there listening to his wife crying back in the living room, and him retching, and frankly felt bad that my instincts had been correct and my idea had worked.
  45. Feathers shellacked with dirt and bird poop and sticking at all angles, round eyes squinted shut as the robin jilted forward, retching up another wave of vomit into the toilet.
  46. We ran his ass off, had him retching and barfing because he was always answering "I'm a fighter pilot, Sergeant" whenever Fafek would holler at the class and ask what they were.
  47. He fell to his knees by one of the scraggly trees on the outskirts of the forest and threw up, retching as he coughed and spat out every last morsel of the acidic, nasty bile from his stomach.
  48. Dee Boeckmann, coach of the women’s team, then marched a number of Holm’s teammates through the cabin, pointed at the pale, disheveled, and retching Holm, and expounded on the diabolical effects of alcohol.
  49. On the horizon in every direction are thousands of hunters! Thousands! A camera from one of the hunters shows more idiots than Tres ever imagined could exist crawling around on the ground, retching and vomiting.
  50. The sight that greets the 5th regiment causes a few of them to start weeping, which gradually spreads to the rest of the group, as retching begins to take place in the stomachs of the few who started the process.
  51. I realized I was wasting too much time so I cut the ropes and rolled him off the board, he landed on his stomach and began to retch water, I thought he would never stop and all the noise his retching made was making me very nervous indeed.
  52. She met with others on her way, reds, blues, greens and grays, and unlike the children, they at least were able to mask their disgust, covering it with pleasant smiles -- though she could still see them cringing inside, their minds retching.
  53. The next shift, as Monty guided the hose, recoiling, retching from the noxious fumes, he pushed his mind away and focussed on the moment when the prisoners, surrounded by Warriors and led by Joshua, were being herded to a waiting aircraft for transportation to the birthing cavern.
  1. She only ever retched.
  2. Yessssss! She retched.
  3. He retched in the sink.
  4. Balthus retched suddenly.
  5. My stomach roiled and I retched.
  6. And horns and hats— I retched.
  7. He bent double at the waist, and retched.
  8. Jess retched, so I reached out with my hand.
  9. She retched once, twice, but she wasn’t sick.
  10. Nerissa retched up the thin gruel that was her only food.
  11. The smell became almost unbearable, Bo retched and would.
  12. He retched, great gulping retches that somehow relieved him.
  13. Garann wavered where he sat, then twisted and retched loudly.
  14. She retched, this time successfully, spewing foul-smelling goo.
  15. George retched and buried the lower half of his face in his arm.
  16. Soon as she lay in his lap, she retched, and he had his hands stretched.
  17. I retched, and stepped over their bodies, following Michael into the room.
  18. She retched feebly as she placed a shaky hand on the wall to steady herself.
  19. He moaned then retched, adding to the mess on the floor with vomit of his own.
  20. He tried to have a drink of water, retched, then stared at me full in the eyes.
  21. Tadeo swore and retched and swore some more, and within a few minutes his stomach was empty.
  22. She retched with every adrenalin driven heartbeat as he seared the ends of the severed cords.
  23. I want out of this retched land, and to do so you have to marry that useless King, he told her.
  24. Saldon retched more than once as he walked with the others, picking their way through the main street.
  25. I felt that my mouth and throat filled with his stench, and I could not breath but retched and retched.
  26. She retched onto the ground in front of her, not noticing the fact that her bile had stained the front of her shirt as well.
  27. She retched from the panic, knowing that death could be a real possibility, knowing that a TIAR recipient cannot be removed safely, even under controlled monitoring.
  28. He landed next to Harvey on the toilet seat, putting a wing on Harvey's back as his brother retched again, hovering around in the useless and awkward way of those trying to comfort sick people.
  29. Great missing gods, what is that smell?!!! Povon cried, and Silaran actually retched for a moment before Equemev cast a spell on all of them that blocked the horrible odor and the nausea that came with it.
  30. If only he could speak with her and she to him tonight, how good the night might be, and how easy to breathe and how lax the vessels of blood in her ankles and in her wrists and the under-arms, but there was no speaking and the night was ten thousand tickings and ten thousand twistings of the retched blankets, and the pillow was like a tiny white warm stove undercheek, and the blackness of the room was a mosquito netting draped all about so that a turn entangled her in it.
  1. He retched, great gulping retches that somehow relieved him.
  2. Johan rests his arm across his shoulders, and holds him as he retches again.
  3. Having had nothing to eat for nearly twelve hours she retches painfully, mainly bringing up bile.

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