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Relegate в предложении (на )

  1. After the slaves were emancipated, some officials tried to relegate former slaves to a status inferior to that of ordinary citizens.
  2. It may be objected that the suggested arrangement would really give a bondholder no better legal rights than a preferred stockholder and would thus relegate him to the unsatisfactory position of having both a limited interest and an unenforceable claim.
  3. As the moment drew to a close and the rush of adrenaline subsided within his body, the reverend was quite satisfied with his explanation which he had conceived ad lib and decided to relegate that to the files in his memory just in case future circumstances should warrant its use again.
  4. The spiritists taught that the kingdom would be ushered in by the great judgment of God which would relegate the unrighteous to their well-deserved judgment of punishment and final destruction, at the same time elevating the believing saints of the chosen people to high seats of honor and authority with the Son of Man, who would rule over the redeemed nations in God's name.
  1. This has a lot to do with the ancient habit of mentioning only the names of the men when telling a story, relegating the women to mostly anonymous roles.
  2. What we saw was a world thoroughly dominated by a British Empire that gradually pushed aside both the United States and the Soviet Union, relegating them to the rank of secondary powers.
  3. Instead of attacking across the Elbe towards Berlin with Montgomery’s 21st army group, which had been specially prepared for this task; Eisenhower, held back to permit Bradley the leading role, relegating Montgomery to guarding Bradley’s left flank.
  4. As indicated in Chapter 8, a swing trader is perhaps more likely to use a limit order to buy at the bottom of a trading range, and a limit order to sell at the top of a trading range, thereby relegating the stop order to the role of protection against getting it wrong.
  5. The whole body of prophecy is now supposed to prove only when interpreted with due caution, that 'the Lord delayed His coming,’ that wisdom consists in proclaiming the doctrine of the 'evil servant,’ and in relegating the expectation of the Lord’s return to a generation that shall live at the end of the Millennium!.
  1. The few men were relegated to.
  2. The doubt could be relegated to history.
  3. An armchair had been relegated to the window.
  4. Relegated to the periphery by the unforeseen.
  5. The past few years, they’d been relegated to cool.
  6. He relegated the fish to the lowest ranks of the animals.
  7. It’s well known that vampires are relegated to the night.
  8. The seventh step involves an idea that has been relegated.
  9. In fact, I play so badly that I was relegated to standing mere.
  10. No doubt, the basic issue of sanity was relegated to back seat.
  11. Conflicts are relegated to the realm of the forgettable or the.
  12. Our precious flag was then relegated into that of an object only.
  13. Newtonian theory, albeit relegated to approximation, still thrives.
  14. Until that moment, the wound had been relegated to the back of his.
  15. The Spirit has never abdicated His authority nor relegated His power.
  16. It was overthrown because they relegated the Hanjen to inferior status.
  17. Sarah quickly agreed – her role of late had been relegated to finding.
  18. Violence and intrigue had been relegated to the forgotten memories closet.
  19. But she has been relegated to no more than a statue in the rain with a gun.
  20. They’re usually relegated by the state to immigration and border security.
  21. Since this involves much consideration, it will be relegated to another chapter.
  22. You are relegated to picking past piles of toys in the machine until you find a gem.
  23. But the Commodore will be relegated to the scrapheap of ignobility in his own country.
  24. Those without penises are forever relegated, by definition, to inferior status and are.
  25. Bright, hopeful futures are relegated to Disneyesque animations, if they're told at all.
  26. The days of horror in the Palace of Casalduero were relegated to the trash heap of memory.
  27. Since then, reincarnation has been relegated to the fringes of Western society; a concept.
  28. If Hartle died, Sim would probably be relegated to a lower-status position in the Ministry.
  29. By this time in the story, most of Peter’s clock paintings had been relegated to the attic.
  30. Instead they were usually relegated to indoor rowing tanks, poor substitutes for the real thing.
  31. Being relegated to a desk or to rear area duties for the rest of the war could also destroy her.
  32. Patches was relegated to the basement with the old fish tanks and other paraphernalia of past pets.
  33. She had been relegated to second class and was already promising herself she would never do this again.
  34. The battleship was now relegated to secondary duties such as offshore bombardment and convoy protection.
  35. There indeed were great profits but none of the states saw any of it as it was relegated to the upper class.
  36. But for the Daily Post, fourth-largest paper in Chicago, relegated to the suburbs, there’s room to sprawl.
  37. However, as men returned home and Christianity rose in power women were relegated to a more subservient role.
  38. He assumed he would probably never see her again, and relegated any thought about her to the back of his mind.
  39. The bomber was relegated to errands, and the ground crewmen began prying parts off it for use on other planes.
  40. Psychosurgery remained, at the time, a small field and was relegated to a few institutions in the United States.
  41. The war, relegated to the attic of bad memories, was momentarily recalled with the popping of champagne bottles.
  42. He had relegated their own observations to verifying what they could of what they were learning in the classroom.
  43. As with all pilots who are relegated to a passenger seat, Court was aware of every control movement the pilot made.
  44. This task should not be relegated to the preacher for in most instances he does not know nearly as much about the.
  45. However, an influx of competitors in the following decades relegated Diners Club to only a small corner of the market.
  46. She had been relegated to doing TV commercials by the end of the year and felt that perhaps her movie career was over.
  47. Bennie, relegated to a desk job on order from Eshkol, could only watch all this and swear at the stupidity of this war.
  48. When I returned I perceived that my paraphernalia had been relegated to the bench behind, and the place taken by Operoff himself.
  49. After learning about Viktor Frankl’s concept of Logotherapy, I relegated the goal setting process to hogwash and wishful thinking.
  50. Rather, its role should be relegated to producing an instantaneous trend line where the selected cutoff period is relatively large.
  51. Was a burglary more important than a murder, or were murders so common in the city of Atlanta that they relegated them to detectives?
  52. Masks were circulated with my face, and were a pretty popular little Halloween seller for a few seasons, but then were quickly relegated to thrift stores.
  53. But that all changed with the 2007-2008 financial crisis that relegated even the most blue-chip stocks to penny-share status, and therefore ripe for recovery.
  54. It made me feel as though our problems, while not gone, were at least relegated to the back burner, and my poor beleaguered brain could take a small vacation.
  55. Not only had Jason promised his paper for his uncle Bruce, another event inspired him to pursue this subject—a subject usually relegated to the dustbin of history.
  56. This was mostly a journey to the farmhouse on the slopes above the vale, to inquire how the advanced cows were getting on in the straw-barton to which they were relegated.
  57. The trenches were now static and the fight now was relegated to small skirmishes although we gained more land from these than from either of the two big battles put together.
  58. It was almost as though this prompted her mind to recover a small detail lost in the drama of the previous night’s events and relegated to a dark recess of her subconsciousness.
  59. If so early the sense of vision is neglected and relegated to be the handmaiden of other senses, it is no wonder that in the average adult it is in such a shocking state of neglect.
  60. Her case number remains unknown—none of the patients’ names are revealed in the study—and her outcome, like the other failures, is relegated to footnotes and vague references.
  61. His friend nodded his head in approval: in Athens, women had few precious rights and were not supposed to go around by themselves, being relegated to their houses unless fetching water.
  62. He was well-liked by the officials who had been relegated to this remote outpost of bureaucratic service, but he knew that the training the young ones received was improving every year.
  63. She, on the other hand, kept him relegated to an impersonal regime of formalities and never made the slightest gesture that might allow him to suspect that she remembered him from her unmarried days.
  64. At one end section of the rows of seats and desks sat representatives of Germany, Italy and of their former allies in the war, relegated to the role of observers at talks that would decide their future.
  65. Knowing all this took away some of the mystique that had always surrounded this place and relegated it in his mind to nothing more than a place of ill-gotten gains for which he had nothing but contempt.
  66. It turned out that he knew enough, and presented things in a fairly true light: the tragedy of Shatov and Kirillov, the fire, the death of the Lebyadkins, and the rest of it were relegated to the background.
  67. Suddenly, the words dredged up a faint, obscure memory that had been buried in a dark recess of Feltus’s mind, having been relegated there as irrelevant at the time though they were now of great significance.
  68. He’d not even considered seeking out his original physical instance---likely some void aberration like Forquessas in any case---as he could scarcely imagine again being relegated to a single, finite existence.
  69. I was also attracted by the possibility of escaping the petty attitudes towards women that were too common in my time, attitudes that severely restricted the dreams of women and relegated them to secondary roles.
  70. Does that mean that I could be snubbed as well and relegated to the tail of the procession? The Overseer and I came here to pay our respects to a worthy monarch, not to be used like political pawns by your Church.
  71. I said to myself, that I had so divided labor, that writing, that is to say, intellectual labor, is my special employment, and the other matters which were necessary to me I had left free (or relegated, rather) to others.
  72. In one of her attacks of simplification, she had relegated to the stables the radioconsole that her husband had given her as an anniversary gift, and which both of them had intended to present to the Museum as the first in the city.
  73. With Úrsula relegated to the shadows and with Amaranta absorbed In the work of her winding cloth, the former apprentice queen had the freedom to choose the guests and impose on them the rigid norms that her parents had taught her.
  74. The British Government may well have relegated the question of the future of their richest colonial possession, but the problem would just not disappear as many had hoped with the signing of the Joint Declaration three years before.
  75. To us, with our corrupt conception of things, it seems, that if a steward has been relegated to the position of a peasant by his master, or if a minister has been sent to the colonies, he has been chastised, he has been ill-treated.
  76. Feeling that he was being sidetracked by unrelated matters that were probably of little consequence now that the recipient was dead, Wickland dismissed the speculation and relegated his curiosity to the back of his mind for the time.
  77. This was in spite of the fact that all the action in the movie at the hotel featured incest, promiscuity and even an action on the part of the family dog that usually is relegated to immature boys in film, based on too many burritos.
  78. But if the Germans chose to fight in the rugged Italian terrain, they might provoke a protracted campaign that would probably require the Allies to increase the resources in a theatre relegated by the Combined Chiefs to subsidiary importance.
  79. As a result, the Wii became a global success, having outsold the Xbox 360 and relegated PlayStation 3 to third place, thus making the Wii the first Nintendo console to outsell a PlayStation console, and the runaway market leader of the seventh generate of consoles.
  80. Evidently, those individuals who had anticipated intense scrutiny from the press were grossly mistaken, for the absence of the media from police headquarters indicated that the story would be relegated to the local section of the paper rather than garnering a front-page headline.
  81. At one time, that gave the Langhornites unquestioned primacy, but the Schuelerites have relegated the order of Langhorne to a primarily administrative role, and the head of the order lost his mandatory seat on the Council of Vicars several generations back (in the Year of God 810).
  82. Relegated, as he was, to one corner, and sheltered behind the billiard-table, the soldiers whose eyes were fixed on Enjolras, had not even noticed Grantaire, and the sergeant was preparing to repeat his order: "Take aim!" when all at once, they heard a strong voice shout beside them:.
  83. Gertrud was once more relegated to a cart, but she did not look nearly so grim as before; she obviously preferred the Professor to his wife, which was a lapse from the normal discretion of her manners, Gertruds not being supposed to have preferences, and certainly none that are obvious.
  84. He was an attentive student of Chairman Park, who treated him to additional lessons in financial management by making him a director of his local bank, and then chairman of the bank’s advisory body, a position the educator held until the bank was relegated to a branch by its final owner.
  85. Feltus motioned for Lowell as he sprang to his feet, his tiredness having been relegated to the back of his mind by the sudden surge of adrenaline that sent a trace of panic through his body, and made for the door with a surprising lightness and vivacity that a man of his size usually failed to possess.
  86. Therefore it is that the evil principle of violence relegated to authority is ever increasing, and the evil becomes in time worse than that which it is supposed to control: whereas, in the individual members of society, the inclination to violence is always diminishing, and the violence of authority becomes less and less necessary.
  87. To-day, when all questions are probed to the bottom and the standards of faith receive the most liberal interpretations the startling verse has been relegated to the rear to await the next kindly revision as one of those things which cannot be quite understood, but which, meanwhile, it is carefully to be noted, are not to be understood literally.
  88. As long as Úrsula had full use of her faculties some of the old customs survived and the life of the family kept some quality of her impulsiveness, but when she lost her sight and the weight of her years relegated her to a corner, the circle of rigidity begun by Fernanda from the moment she arrived finally closed completely and no one but she determined the destiny of the family.
  89. Though it was widely considered primitive and lacked the embellishments of the grand monuments of the social elite that would last ages, the simplicity of this serene, removed setting evoked a humbleness, a humility that was far more powerful and overwhelming than the statues and fountains that served as a lasting memorial to those who now were merely dust, consumed by time and relegated to memories of the living.
  90. Traffic is unnerved at the activity on the side of the road, a little bit of slow down, but nothing too significant, the ones who saw the start have passed, the laws are slow to respond to things like this, their main job is relegated to clean up and making the arrest when the final word came down, fact was they probably had their hand in it too, just a little better at playing poker, whistle blowers are everywhere but spin has the headway and the players know the game.
  91. Today, the Oracle is relegated to a footnote in history,.
  92. We may recal details that we thought had been relegated to oblivion – telephone numbers, sayings of elders,.
  1. A society without the commons of a healthcare system relegates all its citizens to Mr.
  2. As you may know, within the first few years of life the thinking mind relegates the Being mind into the background.
  3. It relegates such work to the category of art bad in its subject-matter, while, on the other hand, it includes in the category of art good in subject-matter a section not formerly admitted to deserve to be chosen out and respected, namely, universal art, transmitting even the most trifling and simple feelings if only they are accessible to all men without exception, and therefore unite them.
  4. It may be asked of us, Do you indeed believe that regenerate man passes into endless being; or that true faith carries with it a destiny so different from that of common men, as you would assign to it? For who that reflects on the community of the human race in all its conditions of temporal existence, on its common origin, on its physical, intellectual, and moral unity, on the historical, ancestral, and social causes which determine so much that we call character, on the many excellences of the bad, and on the manifold imperfections of the good—can fail to stumble at a doctrine which places the seal of indestructibility on the foreheads of some, and relegates the unsaved remnant of mankind, with all their virtues, struggles, and woes, to the realms of the perishable, and the doom of irremediable destruction?

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