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    1. He said he bumped into you

    2. They must have just bumped a dock, she heard rope pulling

    3. daughters and their husbands bumped along with the endless cycles of living, working

    4. With one man holding me under each armpit I was dragged out of the flat and bumped down the stairs, my shins taking a mother of a battering as they hauled me out into the morning air

    5. It came out in walking faster, he kept turning back to her and almost bumped into someone

    6. He watched as his daughters and their husbands bumped along with the endless cycles of living, working and with raising children

    7. bumped by the train to Brighton

    8. Strangely enough I bumped into Torald Rigel last month completely by chance in Cheapside

    9. Perhaps he told his mother that he bumped into someone who knew his father and she didn’t want him to meet up with us again … who knows

    10. ‘How odd that you should have bumped into him

    1. I don’t see life as bumping into familiar souls every day

    2. ’ Deris said enthusiastically, ‘Fancy bumping into you here on the beach, Lintze

    3. It was whilst wandering around ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES in the hope of bumping into Michalis at the check-in that something heavy landed on my foot

    4. She tried to sidestep to keep from bumping into him but she lost her balance, James quickly reached out and steadied her by holding on to her arm

    5. The walk last night was good for me … it was nice bumping into Anna up there as well

    6. Graham had to juggle being a taxi for the kids with running the house, poor sod, while his wife recovered … and of course, bumping into Dave yesterday … the service at the Abbey and everything … it’s given me a bit more of an insight into the man

    7. It was lit by a single big candle under the teapot in the main room giving just enough light to keep her from bumping into things

    8. She walked to the door almost bumping her mother, hoping she would pass

    9. I had an idea of who it was in front of me just by bumping his

    10. just seemed to be always bumping into each other

    1. BOOM! The plane hits another seemingly intense bump

    2. collection of shrunken Jivaroan heads, each one bobbling with every bump and twist

    3. With every turn and every bump in the road, with every jarring pothole, my bones rattled like dice in a cup, and then the endless aching began

    4. It was the bump on his head but mostly my kiss of love that brought him back, he said

    5. on skin can grind and bump her along the

    6. They had been watching the mountain grow all week from a tiny bump to a noticeable shape on the horizon

    7. Of all the people to bump into! Alastair doesn’t go into detail but I gather Barrie was less than complimentary about me which really upset Alastair

    8. bump in the darkness, he came to rest with his cheek against a cold

    9. bump, they made a fine looking couple in the all of the magazine

    10. ‘Sorry?’ I said, coming back to earth with a bump

    1. The plane hits some more intense bumps in rapid

    2. This doesn't prevent him from going steady with the daughter of the family, but their happiness won't last: While she is in the garden, she bumps her head against a tree branch; she falls down on the ground and some mutated plants swallow her up; when they vomit her she is no longer what she was: she looks like a gigantic snail-like monster, a living horror

    3. The pressure sensitive ones like his had little plastic bumps sticking out of the plank and the wood was well finished instead of rough-sawn

    4. across the turf, the lumps and bumps and mud filled holes,

    5. She bumps along

    6. Little pink bumps

    7. He removed his helmet and checked his head for cuts or bumps and found none

    8. A slight breeze hustles old crisp packets into the corners of vacant parking bays and there is enough of a chill in the air to make skin creep with goose bumps

    9. the paved road, onto the actual graves, hitting the tombstones like speed bumps

    10. "Well that's nice," Desa said, "but I think I took more bumps than that and Alan's still getting his

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    bump in English

    swelling protuberance nub knob bulge speed bump collision bounce jounce jolt jar knock thud bang clap crack crash thump slap collide with shove punch prod

    Синонимы для "bump"

    blow bump bulge excrescence extrusion gibbosity gibbousness hump jut prominence protrusion protuberance swelling knock dislodge chance encounter find happen break demote kick downstairs relegate nub knob speed bump collision bounce jounce jolt jar thud bang clap crack crash thump slap collide with shove punch prod