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Sew в предложении (на )

1. All my sisters could sew.
2. Now, if you will help me sew.
3. Of course; I taught her to sew.
4. She didn’t even know how to sew.
5. I promise not to sew you in a sack.
6. I don’t have anything to sew the.
7. How about I sew that up for you?
8. There is no skin for me to sew together.
9. And now let’s redress and sew that wound.
10. Before leaving I sew a button back on my pants.
11. She kin sew and fix hair good as a grown pusson.
12. When they sew him up he repeats his farewell tour.
13. We can sew the new extras' mouths completely shut.
14. She had never had to sew tiny rows of silk ruffles.
15. Radical idea! Read? Why not? Sew, cook, build, plant.
16. Ashley were away and the women gathered together to sew.
17. As soon as I said it, I wished I could sew up my mouth.
18. No, I was thinking of having you sew a little for the.
19. She taught me how to sew, both by hand and on her sewing.
20. The Sew Man and he put my logo on the pocket of each shirt.
21. She came up with the idea that she and I could sew shorts.
22. And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe to the women that sew.
23. Could you sew on this button? ¿Puede usted coser este botón?
24. I have one more button to sew on, but after that I will come to.
25. Said dwarf chose to sew up Loki’s mouth in lieu of decapitation.
26. That’s a shame she smiled, one thing I cannot do is sew.
27. The O'Neills assented with eagerness, and Betty began to sew in a.
28. Sew the opening together and bake in preheated oven for 45 minutes.
29. The next morning she went out and collected the star-flowers to sew.
30. I will need to sew you up so the bleeding stops, Bishop Peter said.
31. We could cut those out and sew them to our uniforms, jackets, and overalls.
32. Could you sew this for me? ¿Podría usted (Fam: ¿Podrías) coserme esto?
33. Communities also learn to sew school uniforms and clothing for the children.
34. I think I’ll have to be the one to sew a set on what I’m wearing, though.
35. Would they also sew buttons on her uncle's clothes? Priscilla asked anxiously.
36. First he had to make a noose and sew it into his overcoat--a work of a moment.
37. First he had to make a noose and sew it into his overcoat—a work of a moment.
38. Now fill the duck with the prepared filling and, if possible, sew up the opening.
39. Ed had learned to cook, to clean, and to sew and became a very nurturing person.
40. When I hand sew, I usually sew the item to be repaired, to the pants I am wearing.
41. How is it you don't understand that? Who helped you to sew it up a month ago?
42. Kirke wrote to you for some respectable young person to teach her children and sew.
43. And they were ready to sew buttons all over Fritzing if buttons would make him happy.
44. You could sew or play checkers, he suggested brightly, even cards, and maybe knit.
45. All were busy at home, John absent till night, and nothing to do but sew, or read, or potter about.
46. He looked up at them, and estimated their size to be about half that of the arcops he sew last night.
47. To make a seat: weave vines or twine back and forth or sew on a piece of canvas or plastic with thongs.
48. The sinner in the next booth, God sew up his mouth, was actually sitting in there devouring a candy bar!.
49. Rapidly and timidly raising his fingers to his soldier Platoche to whom he had given a shirt to sew was in that shed.
50. The major seemed surprised and slightly irritated that Colling had managed to sew on his new rank insignia so quickly.
51. The other option was to hire a seamstress to make the Mills Janitorial patch, and then sew it on a cap and coveralls.
52. After I sew the buttons back on, I think I’ll give you that shirt, it never looked like that on me, he teased.
53. For five more packs, the proprietor agreed to sew a panel into the bottom of one side to create a hidden compartment.
54. The doctor’s job had been straightforward—remove the mass, make sure it was benign, sew him up, and send him home.
55. In the darkness of the room she was able to thread a needle and sew a buttonhole and she knew when the milk was about to boil.
56. The longer she sat silent in the peaceful room, trying to sew, listening to Melanie’s voice, the tighter her nerves stretched.
57. Then I was fill’d with the bitterest Remorse, for the silk Threads unravell’d and I knew I could not sew ’em back together.
58. Well, in that case, I sure hope that surgeon used really strong cotton to sew Grunt's dick back on after his accident with the geese.
59. It would be better to find a surgeon to sew up the gashes, but she did not know where to look in this neighborhood at this time of night.
60. It had taken 35 stitches to sew his leg back together and he was starting to feel like the Frankenstein monster, he had had so many stitches.
61. These could already read, write, and sew; and to them I taught the elements of grammar, geography, history, and the finer kinds of needlework.
62. Sew, commanded Archie in a hoarse whisper and the three women, nerved by Melanie’s cool voice, picked up their sewing and bowed their heads.
63. Instead of firing the poor girl, the chairman’s wife asked the maid to sew a little bag of the finest silk and fill it with ground up Puy lentils.
64. He then fastened a couple of these together, and, taking off his coat—a stout cotton summer one—began to sew the loop inside, under the left arm.
65. Be reminded that a wise tailor does not sew a piece of new and unshrunk cloth upon an old garment, lest, when it is wet, it shrink and produce a worse rent.
66. As he paid him, the PFC said, Sarge, if you don’t want to try and sew them on yourself, there’s a Kraut lady that will do it for a couple of marks each.
67. He is a harsh man; at once pompous and meddling; he cut off our hair; and for economy’s sake bought us bad needles and thread, with which we could hardly sew.
68. Touch, sew, touch, sew her thumbnail stabbed, punched, drew, stabbed, punched, drew along their lower, upper lips until they were, thread-pouch shut with invisible read.
69. In the morning darkness, when he found a button missing from his clothes, she would hear him say: A man should have two wives: one to love and one to sew on his buttons.
70. Rapidly and timidly raising his fingers to his forehead by way of greeting, he asked Pierre whether the soldier Platoche to whom he had given a shirt to sew was in that shed.
71. She is a person we have to sew and assist Leah in her housemaid’s work, continued the widow; not altogether unobjectionable in some points, but she does well enough.
72. The king hires the tailors, and they begin to sew, having informed him that the peculiarity of their garment is this, that he who is useless in his office cannot see the garments.
73. The villagers were shuffling around trying to get a good place to see everything from; everyone was getting excited as to whether anyone had found the needle to sew the wedding dress.
74. The emperor engages them and they begin to sew at them, but they explain that the clothes have the extraordinary property of remaining invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position.
75. Place a pouch in the centre of the elastic (a boot tongue can be used) and thread or sew it into position as for the sling, tie the ends to each side of your twig and use a stone as your missile.
76. She was the best seamstress in the entire kingdom, it had been said, and even though she did not sew much anymore, due to the pain in her slow-moving hands, she had insisted on being this dress’s maker.
77. She sat down to wait for it, as one waits for a letter, and the fact was that at one time she would pull off buttons to sew them on again so that inactivity would not make the wait longer and more anxious.
78. Sharp stones served them for knives and hatchets to cut with; fish bones, and the hard sinews of certain animals, served them with needles to sew with; and these seem to have been their principal instruments of trade.
79. But what if she missed her heart or got only a part of it, fainted, and someone applied pressure to the wounds until an ambulance arrived in time to race to a hospital, have surgery, and sew her up and save her life?
80. Meg rose as she spoke, and was just going to rehearse the dignified exit, when a step in the hall made her fly into her seat and begin to sew as fast as if her life depended on finishing that particular seam in a given time.
81. As for buttons, she soon learned to wonder where they went, to shake her head over the carelessness of men, and to threaten to make him sew them on himself, and see if his work would stand impatient and clumsy fingers any better than hers.
82. How finely dines the labor that picked the cotton? How many hours toils the emigre to logo your towel? How many farms flooded, how many father's suicided, to provide the desperate fingers to sew the trendy labels that dressed my latest ego?
83. She had no bust and her hips were as flat as little Beau’s and as she had neither the pride nor the good sense (so Scarlett thought) to sew ruffles in the bosom of her basque or pads on the back of her corsets, her thinness was very obvious.
84. As for Mary, she had not much time to do anything but sew, almost the only relaxation she knew being when she took the work home, and on Sunday, which she usually devoted to a general clean-up of the room, and to mending the children's clothes.
85. There's foolishness for you! They go, the poor fellows, all in a clump, and even sew red collars to their coats! How can they help being hit! One gets killed, they drag him away and another takes his place! What foolishness!' the old man repeated, shaking his head.
86. Ingeborg brought her a footstool; brought her a cushion; brought her, in extremity, a glass of water; began to sew at a torn duster; left off sewing at it; fluttered nervously among the pages of her grammar; pored in her dictionary; and always Frau Dremmel watched her.
87. They took the key of the yard to the office and as they separated to go home Bundy suggested that the best thing they could do would be to sew their bloody mouths up for a few months, because there was not much probability of their getting another job until about March.
88. She inquired how long they had been dead: then how old I was, what was my name, whether I could read, write, and sew a little: then she touched my cheek gently with her forefinger, and saying, She hoped I should be a good child, dismissed me along with Miss Miller.
89. Confirmation that these characters had managed to reach this stage could be noted when they went about to sew some clothing not because they were feeling cold but because they could conceive and perceive out their imaged formation since their eyes were opened up to face this current phase.
90. They restricted themselves to an essential area, from Fernanda’s bedroom, where the charms of seden-tary love were visible, to the beginning of the porch, where Amaranta Úrsula would sit to sew bootees and bonnets for the newborn baby and Aureliano, would answer the occasional letters from the wise Catalonian.
91. While the children played Ruth used to sit in this arbour and sew, but often her work was neglected and forgotten as she gazed pensively at the water, which just there looked very still, and dark, and deep, for it was sheltered from the wind and over-shadowed by the trees that lined the banks at the end of the lake.
92. These he collected and tore into strips about six inches wide which he took round to Mrs Linden, and asked her to sew them together, end to end, so as to make one long strip: then this long strip had to be cut into four pieces of equal length and the edges sewn together in such a manner that it would form a long tube.
93. Dimly, I recollected that Women at the Start of Travail are said to be seiz’d with great Vigour, that some compleat entire Tapestries, and others sew Christening Gowns, with intricate Embroideries, whilst others are seiz’d with a Passion to sweep Floors, clean Grates, bake dozens of Pyes, and roast Legs o’ Mutton!.
94. There was also a Boy who could paint Pictures with his Feet whilst he play’d on a Violin with his Hands, and a Girl born with neither Arms nor Legs, who nonetheless could thread a Needle and sew with her Teeth (the little Black Prince held the Fabrick for her); and finally, there was a Boy cover’d all over his Body with the Bristles of a Boar.
95. From that moment until the icy morning when Fernanda left her house under the care of the Mother Superior there was barely enough time for the nuns to sew her trousseau and in six trunks put the candelabra, the silver service, and the gold chamber-pot along with the countless and useless remains of a family catastrophe that had been two centuries late in its fulfillment.
96. The next morning, at nine o'clock, he entered Franz's room, followed by a tailor, who had eight or ten Roman peasant costumes on his arm; they selected two exactly alike, and charged the tailor to sew on each of their hats about twenty yards of ribbon, and to procure them two of the long silk sashes of different colors with which the lower orders decorate themselves on fete-days.
97. It should not be stinted in size, but large, well-arranged, and well-equipped in all its departments from the primary upwards, where they can be taught everything a girl ought to learn, not only in books and in a Christian life, but taught to sew, knit, darn stockings, to make good bread, and keep house with order and neatness, and do everything needed to be done in a Christian home.
98. It's about three months since I first noticed a radical change in Persephone's behaviour: She is always shouting and laughing at top voice, she is trying to be clever and expert in all subjects, she is constantly asking for favours: “Type these poems for me” … “Tell your mother to sew this skirt of mine” … “Will you paint this picture for me?” … “Go to that public service and ask this or that” and so on.
99. Such a mother, who brings forth children and nurses them, and will herself, rather than any other, feed her offspring and prepare their food, and sew, and wash, and teach her children, and sleep and talk with them, because in this she grounds the business of her life,—only such a mother will not seek for her children external guaranties in the form of her husband’s money, and the children’s diplomas; but she will rear them to that same capacity for the self-sacrificing fulfilment of the will of God which she is conscious of herself possessing,—a capacity for enduring toil with expenditure and risk of life,—because she knows that in this lies the sole guaranty, and the only well-being in life.
100. Without us, there are no Pyrates, no Pyrate Ships, no Merchantmen to seize, no Sea Captains to capture, no Sailing Masters to set Sails, no Gunners to man the Cannon, no Cooks to stir the Stew, no Carpenters to build the Masts, no Sail-Makers to sew the Sails, no Drummers to make you merry, no Quartermasters to divide the Booty! Go your own Way without Women and where will you replenish your Crews? Will you seize Women and use ’em as Breeding Stock, then throw ’em to the Sharks? Will you seize Children and use ’em as Cannon Fodder? So hath it been for the whole History of the World and sure this is no Democracy! But if you truly mean your Motto, ‘A Deo a Libertate,’ and if you truly mean to make a Libertalia, in Spirit as in Name, then you must honour your Mothers as well as your Fathers, and accord that Sex a Place both in your Hearts and in your sacred Articles!.
1. There was a sewing machine.
2. I must get this sewing done.
3. Then she started the sewing.
4. Their mother sat sewing below.
5. Now Anne ceased her sewing to.
6. Rosie was in the bedroom sewing.
7. I see a sewing kit on the dresser.
8. Ellen’s sewing box in his hands.
9. Karstadt has arranged sewing rooms.
10. A Stitch In Time (sewing tips and.
11. She was sewing at broderie anglaise.
12. There has been sewing in five rooms.
13. She stood underneath the sewing room.
14. She set about to sewing and altering.
15. Aunt Min casually continued her sewing.
16. Patsy enjoys her sewing group nowadays.
17. A woman was sitting at the table sewing.
18. So there they are sewing leaves to clothes.
19. It is sewing a new patch on an old garment.
20. There was a sewing machine in the work room.
21. She’ll wear herself out nursing and sewing.
22. His only refuge was Amaranta’s sewing room.
23. I was outside sewing clothing for the children.
24. At the very least, sewing the seeds of dissent.
25. Do Brownies still have to earn a Sewing badge?
26. I was allowed to spend more time on the sewing.
27. Gwenda stood up, her sewing falling from her lap.
28. I can and I will, though I'm not fond of sewing.
29. I used to do a bit of sewing in my younger days.
30. They had left Aunt Martha sewing in the kitchen.
31. It’s more than pattern-making and sewing courses.
32. And every spare minute they sit sewing and laughing.
33. We were at my Aunt's, sewing for the charity-bazaar.
34. Her mistress was sitting up in bed, sewing languidly.
35. When Alice saw her she stood up and dropped her sewing.
36. He’d been a sewing machine dealer before he retired.
37. She sat like a stump, grumping and sewing determinedly.
38. Hazen, and slept on a cot in the sewing room with Minna.
39. She was sewing beads back on to the green evening dress.
40. Your sewing is just like your writing, she’d say.
41. The sewing rooms were many stories up in these buildings.
42. Beside her sat another woman sewing a coarse canvas sack.
43. She taught me how to sew, both by hand and on her sewing.
44. She sewing circles, cotillion clubs and musical societies.
45. What was the good? What was the good? Sewing irritated her.
46. When John entered the room, Rosie was in the bedroom sewing.
47. Sammy runs like a sewing machine and after a while he stops.
48. There is a new and better sewing machine for you, Mrs Beaver.
49. Two hours later her father came to get her in the sewing room.
50. I set up my sewing machine and tool box in the corner of the.
51. Biddy looked at me for an instant, and went on with her sewing.
52. I recognise the needle as Maria was often sewing and knitting.
53. Her sister, Alice, was sitting in the kitchen sewing stockings.
54. Katie was on the couch sewing when Carmen entered the living room.
55. The coroner drew a few strands of sewing thread from their bedding.
56. I was hired to operate a sewing machine and fabricate seat covers.
57. She removed her glasses and placed them with her sewing beside her.
58. Our sewing classes are this week finishing their work for the year.
59. Clara was so busy staring, she let her sewing machine stitch wildly.
60. There was a McCall sewing pattern laid out on a small folding table.
61. It was around that time that Amaranta started sewing her own shroud.
62. One of the machines he liked and approved of was the sewing machine.
63. I read to them, and teach them things to sing while they are sewing.
64. Louella and Tilly took over filling and sewing one bag after another.
65. Maryanka with her head uncovered sat sewing by the light of a candle.
66. Essentially, once my brain wrapped itself around the art of sewing, it.
67. She stopped sewing, let the tablecloth fall to her lap, and began to sob.
68. He dug it into his forearm with a sewing needle and some printers’ ink.
69. By the time they fished it out, no doctor would bother sewing it back on.
70. Jo helps me with the sewing, and insists on doing all sorts of hard jobs.
71. When she awoke one morning, she saw him sewing a button on his shirt in.
72. She was sewing and thinking of how he would buy a sheepskin for a fur coat.
73. He started sewing and Ailia felt the needle every time it punctured her skin.
74. Spindle: The pin used in spinning wheels for twisting the thread when sewing.
75. The cars had old chairs and sewing machines and washtubs tied to their roofs.
76. Doesn’t matter, it’s not like I have a sewing kit to repair our clothes.
77. After the young gentlemen had been at the trouble of sewing the sheep-skin on.
78. The first two sets of rows (four tables) had two sewing machines on each table.
79. She was sewing, a task which her reclining position rendered somewhat difficult.
80. You can certainly have a sewing machine in your house; and it is just as certain.
81. The girl was responsible for sewing her own dress, and matching bow for the hair.
82. These words came back to Meg, as she sat sewing in the sunset, especially the last.
83. Ruth left off sewing, and, letting her hands fall into her lap, sat looking at him.
84. He was sitting by the window of his two room home, sewing, when he caught glimpse.
85. I nervously paced around behind Phyllis as she continued to browse over the sewing.
86. Chin up and all that sort of rot; I’m going to join the troops in the sewing room.
87. Merriwether was doing, or painting china and sewing and keeping boarders, like Mrs.
88. Imada looked and pointed at Ava, made the motion of sewing with a needle and thread.
89. Pat sat down in her sewing chair and picked up a half-embroidered cloth with a sigh.
90. I've stolen $30 from the cigar box in mother's sewing closet, and I'm leaving town.
91. There was a young lightskinned Hazara woman sewing a shawl in a corner of the room.
92. He pushed open the sewing room window and shouted a rough command to his daughter:.
93. I "forced" my way in through his front gate so I could put my sewing machine inside.
94. She opened the sewing room where Florentino Ariza saw her for the first time, where Dr.
95. All The other members of the Ladies’ Sewing Circle for the Widows and Orphans of the.
96. Their wedding was set for spring and Unni had just recently started sewing Ailia’s dress.
97. No one in the house realized that at that time Amaranta was sewing a fine shroud for Rebeca.
98. The sewing machine is a heavy duty one for leather and that's the most expensive single item.
99. He had meanwhile settled himself at his table, put on his spectacles and taken up some sewing.
100. Oh, my dear Mary, Elizabeth murmured, laid her sewing aside and pulled me into her arms.
1. I sewed my own clothes.
2. Sat at the window and sewed.
3. The pair played cards, sewed.
4. And sewed sequins onto the frame.
5. I sewed them up while you were out.
6. The lining had been sewed up again.
7. She sewed, knitted, and read about.
8. New Cloth Sewed to Old: Matthew 9:16.
9. She apparently sewed, as well as other jobs.
10. I believe it was in that very rag I sewed them.
11. He stripped the bark off as she sewed in silence.
12. He baked, cooked, sewed, planed, and mended boots.
13. I believe I sewed it up in a cap of my landlady's.
14. And the other fifteen hundred I sewed into a little bag.
15. I tore it up, and I took the notes and sewed them up in it.
16. One day she sewed a shirt for him and when Reema wanted to.
17. They have cooked, cleaned, sewed, served and been ready for.
18. The doctor sewed up my wounds with silk, and they began to heal.
19. Carefully, he sewed all the wounds closed, and once again washed her hand.
20. The grinder’s last stage sewed the top of each bag shut with cotton thread.
21. Charlie sewed it, but the pillow lost most of its feathers and was rather flat.
22. He mended her toys, made her puppets from cardboard, or sewed up half-torn dolls.
23. The hundred-rouble notes were screwed up in little rolls and sewed in the piping.
24. My robe was two square pieces of cloth sewed together with arm holes, and neck hole.
25. Where did you get the material, that is, the rag in which you sewed the money?
26. The room got darker, Juliet sewed on, and Anna talked and told all she saw in her mind.
27. After Mother sewed it, I rubbed it with the oils boiled from the wool after gathering.
28. I could move only one arm, Corguf had both arms and a leg and had sewed up his other leg.
29. But there was a distinct sincerity sewed within her voice that was hard for him to ignore.
30. At Reichenau, he gave lessons in mathematics, while his sister Adelaide did wool work and sewed.
31. Basque and Nicolette tore up linen and prepared bandages; Nicolette sewed them, Basque rolled them.
32. He pulled the skin of the scalp across the wound and sewed it together with swift, precise stitches.
33. This year I have made toy wagons from wood for the boys, and Helga has sewed dresses for the girls.
34. She tied her shoelaces carefully, having first sewed up two runs in her one pair of good stockings.
35. The breeches were torn in the seat, but Sam Stoops’s wife sewed them up for me, he announced.
36. She pulled out a pair of black shorts with suspenders attached, and a cropped top sewed to the suspenders.
37. He scraped everything out, tidied up the ragged edges, doused it with peroxide and sewed it back together.
38. Eugenie sewed without raising her head, and did not use the workbox which Charles had despised the night before.
39. How could I go to sleep again when nothing is done! For I have done nothing, the loop is still where I sewed it.
40. The colours of his uniform, as well as the numerous stars sewed onto it, revealed his military status; a general.
41. It ses underneath the pitcher that 384 hooks and 384 eyes has to be joined together and sewed on cards for one penny.
42. His hands shook as he sewed, but he did it successfully so that nothing showed outside when he put the coat on again.
43. Betty sewed on my captain’s badge, and dusted off the medals, of which I had two or three, and put them on my tunic.
44. And outside the towns there was little business to be done: peasants built their own houses and sewed their own shirts.
45. She preferred to carry her little hat of sewed straw, with its long white strings, in her hand rather than on her head.
46. In the distant past a primitive scientist sewed up a body out of parts and struck it with lightning and it came to life.
47. The basis of his costume was long gray underwear, to which were sewed hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs in red and black.
48. The policeman carefully lifted a piece of ragged khaki uniform with a couple of stripes sewed on which confirmed the grim facts.
49. Akulina had carefully sewed all the holes in the hat, but it burst out in other places owing to Polikey’s removing it so often.
50. Tridden's voice rose and fell, and a darning needle sewed along the air, stitching, restitching designs both golden and invisible.
51. The doctor turned in at the portway and saw the man lying on the bunk, and the man was tall and his flesh was sewed tight to his skull.
52. They went downstairs in silence and took their accustomed places by the window and sewed for nearly an hour without exchanging a word.
53. But not to worry, the plastics guys sewed it back together and they think you will have an excellent result, though there will be a scar.
54. I even made a run for student council as an Independent, which was a futile effort since the fraternity guys had the candidacies sewed up.
55. It was less than a foot long, sewed up in canvas, sealed in red wax with his father's seal, and directed in his father's hand to Mrs Angel Clare.
56. Four long, narrow tree trunks sewed together with fraying twine did not constitute a boat in Ganesh’s mind, but no one could doubt its efficiency.
57. Shoved it in you and sewed it shut! He grabbed up the package and stomped into the house where he tossed the envelope on the table and called Brian.
58. He had to admit that thinking of her as being sewed up out of Tdeshi’s body parts and jolted to life with lighting wasn’t conducive to erotic thoughts.
59. Then patchwork or towels appeared, and Amy sewed with outward meekness and inward rebellion till dusk, when she was allowed to amuse herself as she liked till teatime.
60. Marya Ivanovna sewed it up herself ; and when I had a new coat made here I took it out of the old one and sewed it up in the new coat; here it is, feel it, I'm not Ij^g !.
61. There are two things to which he plays Tantalus, and which he always desires without ever attaining them: to overthrow the government, and to get his trousers sewed up again.
62. And the other Prudencia, the Widow Arellano, the amorous one, who would rip the buttons from his clothes so that he would have to stay in her house while she sewed them back on.
63. He was always telling us about a lot of creepy guys that go around having affairs with sheep, and guys that go around with girls' pants sewed in the lining of their hats and all.
64. All was forgotten beneath the instinctive regret of such a long habit, and from time to time whilst she sewed, a big tear rolled along her nose and hung suspended there a moment.
65. She had now no peace until she discovered where this ball was concealed, and then she made some fine silken shirts, and, as she had learnt of her mother, she sewed within each a charm.
66. It was not a happy evening, for though they sewed as usual, while their mother read aloud from Bremer, Scott, or Edgeworth, something was wanting, and the sweet home peace was disturbed.
67. Semén sewed together a piece of paper, ten inches in length, smoothed it out, knelt down, carefully wiped his hand on his apron so as not to soil the gentleman's stocking, and began to measure.
68. And so I fiendishly counted out the half of that three thousand, sewed it up, calculating on it, sewed it up before I was drunk, and after I had sewn it up, I went off to get drunk on the rest.
69. The ladies sewed while Archie lay full length on Scarlett, Wade and little Ella though the back yard to Melanie’s house and the two the parlor sofa snoring, his gray whiskers fluttering at each rumble.
70. What’s most amazing is that, in seven days following our conversation, I emphasize, on the seventh day, when his father was opened up during the surgery, there was no tumor, and they sewed him up 231.
71. When she received pictures of the most recent fashions in the mail, they only proved that she had not been wrong about the models that she designed herself and sewed on Amaranta’s primitive pedal machine.
72. She sewed seventeen hours a day; but a contractor for the work of prisons, who made the prisoners work at a discount, suddenly made prices fall, which reduced the daily earnings of workingwomen to nine sous.
73. For her part, Fernanda interpreted the disappearance as a reprisal by the invisible doctors and she sewed a pocket of casing to the inside of her camisole where she kept the new pessaries that her son sent her.
74. The children experience two emblematic moments they had not experienced before: 2:7 And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.
75. For a week they remained there, and the ape-man, keenly observant, learned much of the ways of men; meanwhile black women sewed white duck garments for himself and D'Arnot so that they might continue their journey properly clothed.
76. He, no doubt, thought that prisoners who died in the Chateau d'If were interred in an ordinary burial-ground, and he conveyed the dead man into his own cell, took his place in the sack in which they had sewed up the corpse, and awaited the moment of interment.
77. In the meantime, the passengers in their boredom held swimming contests, organized hunting expeditions, and returned with live iguanas that they split open from top to bottom and sewed up again with baling needles after removing the clusters of soft, translucent eggs that they strung over the railings to dry.
78. He had with him a tin trunk with his clothes f or the mountain wastelands, the illustrated novels that he bought in pamphlet form every month and that he himself sewed into cardboard covers, and the books of love poetry that he recited from memory and that were about to crumble into dust with so much reading.
79. Tránsito Ariza pulled apart and then sewed together again for him the clothes that his father decided to discard, so that he went to primary school wearing frock coats that dragged on the ground when he sat down, and ministerial hats that came down over his ears despite the cotton batting on the inside to make them smaller.
80. Then he prepared a cake-confectioner's little sugar-bellows and squirted her empty head full of little whipped cream and crystal ribbons, stars and frollops, in pink, white and green, and on top he printed in a fine pink scroll SWEET DREAMS and put the skull back on and sewed it in place and hid the marks with wax and powder.
81. She did not understand why women complicated their lives with corsets and petticoats, so she sewed herself a coarse cassock that she simply put over her and without further difficulties resolved the problem of dress, with-out taking away the feeling of being naked, which according to her lights was the only decent way to be when at home.
82. His shirt of coarse yellow linen, fastened at the neck by a small silver anchor, permitted a view of his hairy breast: he had a cravat twisted into a string; trousers of blue drilling, worn and threadbare, white on one knee and torn on the other; an old gray, tattered blouse, patched on one of the elbows with a bit of green cloth sewed on with twine; a tightly packed soldier knapsack, well buckled and perfectly new, on his back; an enormous, knotty stick in his hand; iron-shod shoes on his stockingless feet; a shaved head and a long beard.
1. Yes, plainly: I often hear her: she sews in one of these rooms.
2. She sews up the wound with a coarse black thread and a needle heated over a candle.
3. Yes, sir: there is a woman who sews here, called Grace Poole,—she laughs in that way.
4. Luke 5:36-39- “He told them this parable: No one tears a patch from a new garment and sews it on an old one.

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