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Repair в предложении (на )

  1. Back in the Repair Shop.
  2. Repair of a burst on a.
  3. Streum had to repair it.
  4. To Repair Your Wireless Set.
  5. The truck was beyond repair.

  6. All appeared to be in repair.
  7. Repair the second 4 machines.
  8. The repair service was used by.
  9. The car’s in the repair shop.
  10. Sleep helps repair the body and.
  11. Hades: I need to repair the gates.
  12. It would cost a fortune to repair.
  13. I called all of the other repair.
  14. The road was wet but in good repair.
  15. The tissue won’t hold the repair.

  16. Maybe everything was beyond repair.
  17. The roof was in bad need of repair.
  18. He spoke of its being out of repair.
  19. The repair was hastily and badly done.
  20. The body shuts down to repair itself.
  21. Priority One: repair all damage done.
  22. They were all in need of some repair.
  23. On the other side was the repair shop.
  24. His body was trying to repair itself.
  25. Only some form of truth will repair it.

  26. Folic acid can help repair this damage.
  27. Parts to repair them are not available.
  28. Paying the repair bills was killing me.
  29. I have come after them and made repair.
  30. Even if we have the option to repair a.
  31. GOD and I ask you to repair these things.
  32. However the best way to repair the ridge.
  33. May repair, though filled with grief;.
  34. Duct tape can also be used to repair coats.
  35. I've been trying to repair these sphere-.
  36. The repair had made her late for the tram.
  37. The 66th Infantry was damaged beyond repair.
  38. The cost to repair it would be astronomical.
  39. Ish dumped the bats for repair on the floor.
  40. There was no repair going on in his section.
  41. In addition to automotive repair, they pro-.
  42. The candidate will repair a rift in the team.
  43. The saga of my roof repair (or not) continues.
  44. He hoped his repair job held up to inspection.
  45. Half the MMARV’s were damaged beyond repair.
  46. It’s designed to repair this kind of damage.
  47. In the evenings, he worked to repair our home.
  48. It cost the landlord over $7,000 to repair it.
  49. Repair Franchise and had since moved to Durban.
  50. D’ata’s heart was shattered beyond repair.
  51. For that monument was clearly in need of repair.
  52. It was turned up in ploughing to repair a road.
  53. He helped repair our loom when it was overused.
  54. Klete is sending out a repair team as we speak.
  55. The rest of clothing was in dire need of repair.
  56. Are you good at mechanical repair as well?
  57. Middle-class row houses badly in need of repair.
  58. Having to repair the road in the hot afternoon.
  59. Check for leaks and repair or replace as needed.
  60. Jerusalem, and began to build and repair the city.
  61. He must sometimes even repair his set under fire.
  62. Sometimes it is necessary to repair a tile with a.
  63. And we have also been told that we cannot repair.
  64. Tip 91: Repair shoes instead of throwing them away.
  65. There are a number of credit repair scams out there.
  66. Two picket ship tenders were damaged beyond repair.
  67. Someone has to put out the rubbish and repair stuff.
  68. You’ll need to paint the repair to match the wall.
  69. One of those arrested worked in the repair shops of.
  70. Probably there was a repair kit in one of the trucks.
  71. The gang-rape aggravated the situation beyond repair.
  72. It took me 30 minutes to find the leak and repair it.
  73. The gate has been tied together in a makeshift repair.
  74. It was in less repair and was under Roman domination.
  75. A small repair like the one in Castle Owens wasn’t.
  76. Back to the shop, so I can repair that plow right.
  77. You have a good heart, but it’s in need of repair.
  78. Hopefully, it wasn’t punctured beyond repair by now.
  79. Then all he has got to do is to endeavor to repair it.
  80. I found a shoe repair place in the local shopping mall.
  81. This place was able to repair my wife’s shoes for $6.
  82. Stanley drove a taxi that was always in need of repair.
  83. Our bodies self repair and last for thousands of years.
  84. You have to stop and seek to repair the balance of life.
  85. Do nothing but attempt to repair a shredded reputation.
  86. A little time ago a clock repair man told me this story.
  87. It had not been built many years and was in good repair.
  88. Many states have laws regulating credit repair companies.
  89. He followed his wire back and made the necessary repair.
  90. Technocom provided internet and computer repair services.
  91. Now I prayed that the repair would hold until we got to.
  92. Sometimes there are other broken relationships to repair.
  93. The one most common repair in painting is cracks in walls.
  94. The houses were mostly in bad need of repair, the lesser.
  95. The wood was solid, the frame and windows in good repair.
  96. It would cost more to repair that than the rear of a car.
  97. If we want to repair our credit, we have to deal with the.
  98. Shortly, we made it to a repair shop west of Oklahoma City.
  99. The heal seal attempts to repair the wounds but Edison is.
  100. The house seemed to be in worse repair than the garage had.
  1. No repairing that, he thought.
  2. I saw the other two repairing.
  3. Shopkeeper: That comes from repairing them.
  4. Poor bugger slipped while repairing the roof.
  5. Jack spent his days repairing and updating the.
  6. I’m only repairing my bike in order to sell it.
  7. Any chance of repairing the cooling vanes?
  8. I saw Chuck repairing windows as I let Bubba out.
  9. He looked down again on the arrow he was repairing.
  10. He jerked away and went back to repairing the plow.
  11. She looked over to see Dunit repairing his lost arm.
  12. Repairing today’s vehicles is more complex than ever.
  13. Defeat it by resting and repairing your mind and body.
  14. I said, I don’t know a thing about repairing computers.
  15. There was no way of repairing that link if he were dead.
  16. Repairing her car for a few more hours THE IDENTITY CHECK.
  17. And he would keep on repairing it, no matter what the cost.
  18. He said you don’t know anything about repairing computers.
  19. Oh, I meant to tell you yesterday, the harrows want repairing.
  20. Protein is involved in growing, repairing, and replacing tissues.
  21. He spied Olin engaged in the work of repairing a passenger car step.
  22. Silkworms were repairing small tears and elongating the wide sleeves.
  23. The Department of Transportation workers finished repairing the fence.
  24. Emily looked up and saw the wooden plank repairing, and soon she was.
  25. Today instead of repairing a toy I’ve helped to repair an individual.
  26. The Builder kept on building and repairing and protecting the sky barrier.
  27. We were set to repairing the kiln in which the bricks were baked in summer.
  28. Repairing an epispadias epispadias is normally done in the early childhood.
  29. I have tried repairing shoes using glue, but this has never lasted very well.
  30. Without constant repairing and renewing, your house would disintegrate into a.
  31. Suddenly a whizz-bang burst above us as we were repairing some shattered lines.
  32. Repairing the nerve was such delicate work that it took eight and a half hours.
  33. The first job I got with Chris was repairing the arms on a front end loader bucket.
  34. He worked for the electric company repairing transformers and was paid quite well.
  35. Mid-way through repairing a plow, hed dart from the shop, going no one knew where.
  36. He could faintly hear hammering in the distance, like someone was repairing a pier.
  37. The structures reminded Hevel of the metal implants used on Earth for repairing hips.
  38. He looked deeply into her eyes and it was as if she could feel Him repairing her soul.
  39. He has no more intention of repairing your shoulder than he has of making you his heir.
  40. But when all this was created no 1 had time to enjoy it—they were always repairing it.
  41. Building and repairing tissue requires adequate amounts of calories and protein to fuel.
  42. Communication was established at rare intervals, and repairing the line was a full-time job.
  43. Her arm is covered in blood, but the magick that animates her is already repairing the wound.
  44. One of the workers, WORKER 3, repairing a sprinkler, watches them as they get out of the car.
  45. Repairing holes in walls is cheap and makes a big improvement to the appearance of your house.
  46. Look at your situation and your money in a society in which building and repairing his seeking.
  47. Three of the soldiers were repairing the glass on the door where the zombies had broken through.
  48. We had a man in his late fifties – maybe early sixties – in the office repairing a wooden desk.
  49. I am repairing him even now, as I give him the blood that he needs to maintain normal function.
  50. There was a plumber working outside repairing the guttering that ran round the bottom edge of the roof.
  51. The repairing system is working on the steer­ing problem, it should be rectified soon, said Dexter.
  52. All the work he had done repairing himself had probably just been undone, but for once it didn't matter.
  53. Alilia cast a determined Restore, bringing the cards back to their places and repairing the broken gifts.
  54. This caused the cells that are repairing the damage to her heart nerve to be released into her bloodstream.
  55. But it appeared that the carpenter was repairing the harrows, which ought to have been repaired before Lent.
  56. For the hairline cracks use latex caulking as we did for repairing the line between the wall and baseboards.
  57. Once, when they were repairing the balcony of the town-hall at Toulon, one of those admirable caryatids of.
  58. Old engines and machinery had been collected, and these people were salvaging and repairing what they could.
  59. We can keep repairing the three machines we’ve got but as production increases those machines won’t cope.
  60. He’s an electronics expert who was repairing one of your time scooters, which you left behind in your haste.
  61. I was repairing there after a long day of work in the hopes of briefly but intensely engaging with family life.
  62. The system of repairing the high-roads by tolls of this kind, it must be observed, is not of very long standing.
  63. Dorro, you nearly gave me heart failure! I’m repairing the very delicate mechanism of a clock for Osgood Thrip.
  64. I pictured her organs repairing themselves and her blood cells reproducing, forming new blood to replace the old.
  65. About this time the car that they had bought began to give them trouble and they found it wasn’t worth repairing.
  66. Typically, those Koorivars would be the engineers and technicians in charge of maintaining and repairing their ship.
  67. The ruddy-faced stablemaster, Ehric, looked up from the stall he was repairing and nodded at Aesa, a nail in his teeth.
  68. Since the value of these old boards was so low, repairing or upgrading anything became a difficult logistical problem.
  69. Kurt and Brian devoted all of their time to cleaning up Frank’s house and repairing the damage caused by years of neglect.
  70. In order not to become bored, he dedicated himself to the task of repairing the many things that needed fixing in the house.
  71. All the personnel used in maintaining, repairing and arming our aircraft and helicopters will stay in their present occupations.
  72. He was sitting fully concentrated on repairing and cleaning the arrows, Alaric had collected, and she helped him absent-mindedly.
  73. He"s been repairing the roof, see? I"ll take off a couple of tiles, put his builder"s apron on him, carry him up and throw him down.
  74. So what if we lied about repairing your ship? So what if we used the gifts you shared to build the Atomic Bomb? We had a war to win.
  75. We have been repairing the old Roman city wall as best we could during the last few weeks, but it will not be enough to stop the Vikings.
  76. I drifted aimlessly through one year of repairing radios, but there were no spare parts available from factories which no longer existed.
  77. In the meadow beyond, flocks of sheep are cropping the grass, and an old negro is busily engaged in repairing a breach in the stone wall.
  78. Polikey’s shirt was all ready, nice and clean, but his shoes badly needed repairing, and this fact caused his devoted wife much anxiety.
  79. The convicts were set to building, digging, bricklaying, or repairing Government buildings, locksmith's work, or carpentering, or painting.
  80. Repairing and modernizing nearly 600,000 bridges across the United States will not occur overnight and will take years upon years to finish.
  81. Try computing how much it costs to buy a new car every four years, and compare the cost to buying only one car and repairing it for 40 years.
  82. Merthin mulled over the design of the tower as he went about his more mundane work, repairing the bridge and building new houses on Leper Island.
  83. For margined traders, much like with the condor, the call time spread and the one-by-two ratio spread work wonders in repairing an iron butterfly.
  84. Gomes imagined her sitting on the couch repairing a dress or a pair of shorts belonging to one of the children when someone crept into the lounge.
  85. He spent the rest of the day phoning around builders until he found a team that could start the following day repairing his dilapidated buildings.
  86. I had to proceed to Rankin, Texas where the company was repairing and rewrapping a pipeline for Conoco Oil Company from Pampa, Texas to San Angelo.
  87. While Desa had her academic life, Alan opened the lower abandoned area up by repairing stairs and railings and opening up a few walled-over doorways.
  88. Some carried away in wheel-barrows the rubbish that filled the ditch, others threw up the earth, while masons were examining and repairing the walls.
  89. On the edge of the bridge, with his legs dangling in the water, sat a man in his shirt-sleeves, who was repairing something connected with the bridge.
  90. Hours later, he stitched and stapled the boy back together after finding the nicked vein in his liver and repairing the punctured lung and torn bowel.
  91. They had a real nice paint booth so I had to paint all the new equipment and old equipment that needed it along with repairing all the broken equipment.
  92. They sent to the shop for a new pane of glass, and the man stayed late that night and put it in in his own time, thus bearing half the cost of repairing it.
  93. The fund destined for replacing or repairing, if I may say so, the wear and tear of the slave, is commonly managed by a negligent master or careless overseer.
  94. Max could hardly refuse such a job, a bit of intrigue, free holiday and this was a way to pay back the debt he owed The Organization, for repairing his eyesight.
  95. There was a merry chatter of peasant women over their linen at the pond, and the ring of axes in the yard, where the peasants were repairing ploughs and harrows.
  96. Lord Farman is repairing his defenses, though that strikes me as akin to the man who claps his pregnant daughter in a chastity belt when her belly’s big as mine.
  97. The President, the United States, the Chesapeake, Essex, John Adams, and others, were repaired at the navy-yard at this place, besides the Congress, now repairing.
  98. It was a long process, repairing everything that had to be repaired to get life support working so the hard-wired interlocks would let the main controls be operated.
  99. The next few days were spent by Kantos Kan in teaching me the intricacies of flying and of repairing the dainty little contrivances which the Martians use for this purpose.
  100. But as wonderful as healing magic could be, it did strange things to a person's body while repairing it, uncomfortable things that some people just never could get used to.
  1. Now my fault is repaired.
  2. I repaired to my stateroom.
  3. The P I ships were repaired.
  4. It has been crudely repaired.
  5. Thither I repaired, glad at.
  6. Then I had the guitar repaired.
  7. It repaired my ship in seconds.
  8. The shell was repaired yet again.
  9. Soon, the radio was repaired and.
  10. Columns rose and repaired themselves.
  11. We repaired to their house for coffee.
  12. But a pity, that ship can be repaired.
  13. When the ship is repaired, alas….
  14. He led me to the house he had repaired.
  15. The Constitution was repaired at Boston.
  16. I’ll see to it your window is repaired.
  17. I’ll take the repaired one, I said.
  18. We will have it repaired as soon as we dock.
  19. She had repaired his soul, so she owned it.
  20. It must be repaired, instantly and securely.
  21. Parts of me can always be repaired or replaced.
  22. The guardrail now has two repaired spots on it.
  23. The ship was being repaired at a leisurely pace.
  24. I’ve repaired all the damage, Jurak said.
  25. Somewhere along the way they also repaired an ACL.
  26. It can be repaired, but until then it is unusable.
  27. The artillery has already repaired all its losses.
  28. They can be repaired, but the time loss will mean.
  29. There's always something that needs to be repaired.
  30. Vincent had also repaired his watchband that Sparky.
  31. Then we repaired to Jimmie’s to finish the evening.
  32. I hear one can get knives repaired there in the summer.
  33. Somewhere along the way they also repaired an ACL.
  34. The power lines should be repaired today, he said.
  35. The barricade had been not only repaired, but augmented.
  36. These exteriors should be properly repaired or replaced.
  37. Here on these high rocks my memory myth repaired itself.
  38. Two weeks passed while the ship was supplied and repaired.
  39. Millo round about, and Joab repaired the rest of the city.
  40. The internal roads had been repaired, the edges clearly.
  41. We repaired to dinner and Carlotta and John soon joined us.
  42. Once repaired, they would return it via overnight delivery.
  43. Old costumes were repaired and in some cases new ones made.
  44. When the lines are repaired, we will put your call through.
  45. Ella, Vaughn and Mike drive off the base in their repaired.
  46. I’ll brace it, and then tomorrow, I’ll have it repaired.
  47. Unless the ‘holes’ in his performance, could be repaired.
  48. The ship was repaired again in a remote fleet service center.
  49. Of course it had not been repaired since Randy had smashed it.
  50. There they found a wall about to collapse, and he repaired it.
  51. In short, where the Roman ladies repaired on one single night.
  52. Sabrina closed the shell and noticed where it had been repaired.
  53. Once the foundations of the tower are repaired, it could be.
  54. But for now there’s a ship to be repaired and order to be.
  55. Along with the stitches I will have repaired wounds in a few days.
  56. It broke down, couldn't be repaired, so its owner jus abandoned it.
  57. Once we have them, the long range radar should be repaired in a day.
  58. As the days darkened with threat of war, being wise, he had repaired.
  59. We went along with the camera rehearsals and then repaired to the bar.
  60. The rails and bridges have been bombed and have not yet been repaired.
  61. John watched the fish while Theodore and I repaired to the sweat lodge.
  62. They repaired the joint and its splice; then the cable was resubmerged.
  63. We have five damaged ships which, once repaired, will require ten crew.
  64. Even her broken nose had been repaired and her missing teeth regenerated.
  65. We repaired to Shamballa at the appointed time, and were received in the.
  66. He had had the secret openings of the two doors to this passage repaired.
  67. Provided the repaired foundations were sound, the cracks would not reopen.
  68. In the drawing-room, whither she then repaired, she was soon joined by Mrs.
  69. After him repaired also Shemaiah the son of Shechaniah, the keeper of the.
  70. Grandchildren of appropriate age are having the home renovated or repaired.
  71. The manmade pond had not been filled in as she had suggested, but repaired.
  72. Transporters had been repaired, obviously, but the warp drive was still out.
  73. He'd repaired the errors (in the master, he said) and everything was OK now.
  74. Stranded, we were towed back to Palaborwa to have the motor vehicle repaired.
  75. Armed and provided with some strengthening liquor, they repaired to a room.
  76. The insect sphere had been repaired and new shuttles were parked at each port.
  77. The man who repaired farm implements at the back of Sanders’ General Store.
  78. Waterways and airways do not have to be continually repaired, and overhauled.
  79. All the more advanced medical equipment was simply being repaired and reused.
  80. It was almost finished being repaired and would be ready to leave in two days.
  81. It I promptly repaired, and still the engine would not respond to my cranking.
  82. I forgot where I had knocked into the cage and someone had repaired my damage.
  83. These ancient shattered halls that I traveled through could never be repaired.
  84. The small hut isn't completely repaired, as if it was an unfinished renovation.
  85. After him repaired Azariah the son of Maaseiah the son of Ananiah by his house.
  86. In his spare time, he collected and repaired pocket watches and had several in.
  87. With luck, none of them would be repaired in time to fly out and spot the fleet.
  88. By Saturday 13th March (two weeks away) I will have repaired the faulty catch.
  89. By lunchtime Id cleared out the studio, repaired the door and replaced the bolt.
  90. Katie did the cooking, cleaning, laundry, repaired the house, and paid the bills.
  91. He was the priest at St Mark’ s, the church where Merthin had repaired the roof.
  92. When I hand sew, I usually sew the item to be repaired, to the pants I am wearing.
  93. In the morning, he’d help me get someplace where I could have my stove repaired.
  94. Getting shoes repaired can be much less expensive than buying a new pair of shoes.
  95. We painted and repaired and trimmed until it once more resembled the house we’d.
  96. They stumbled upon the Witch, and her cottage repaired with sticks, mud and thatch.
  97. And that’s assuming all four of Ahbaht’s can be repaired out of local resources.
  98. Some bones in my shoulder were broken, but they have been repaired with bone grafts.
  99. While this was taking place, Tam repaired the wiring and restored the communications.
  100. He said that he repaired appliances to make a living and was working out of his truck.
  1. The many repairs that were.
  2. There were quite a few repairs that.
  3. Helping out with any repairs on houses.
  4. They should be able to make the repairs.
  5. I want to look at Elfric’s repairs.
  6. The repairs you did seem adequate to me.
  7. I'd rather be in charge of my own repairs.
  8. It would be a waste for one or two repairs.
  9. We will feed and then start on our repairs.
  10. While repairs were done to the crystal gold.
  11. You want to find a house in need of repairs.
  12. Yes, for the repairs, explained Galeron.
  13. The repairs on the 86 were at a critical point.
  14. Close up all the safe harbors to seek repairs in.
  15. The others are helping the nanobots with repairs.
  16. The man who did shoe repairs for Kline’s store.
  17. Volkheimer installs and repairs rooftop TV antennas.
  18. Repairs were difficult and not all were successful.
  19. They said it would take three days for the repairs.
  20. They could even make repairs of existing satellites.
  21. He will give you a list of repairs that need to be.
  22. We can see the repairs he’ s done on the cathedral.
  23. Youve made this house a real home, with the repairs.
  24. Improvements of rent, by new buildings, repairs, etc.
  25. The Chesapeake, for want of repairs, is now in harbor.
  26. When closed for repairs, he’d always see ‘red’!.
  27. The repairs were made and Anna had a hot bath waiting.
  28. The ship needs repairs and the crew needs some R and.
  29. Sir, I have affected all repairs on the IKV SaLing.
  30. That way, I could tell Mom what repairs might be needed.
  31. We gave the manager a modest pay rise, a list of repairs.
  32. This indicates family dramas, perhaps repairs in the home.
  33. Sometimes there are unexpected repairs needed in the home.
  34. It was a deliberate decision to make field repairs easier.
  35. They can make repairs and renovations to rundown properties.
  36. Now for the glue: watch this, in case you have to make repairs.
  37. So it’s a case of running repairs as and when problems arise.
  38. At the end of ten days in dry dock, repairs had been completed.
  39. Here is where repairs to the avionics and upgrades are made.
  40. The repairs they had seen on the way into the city were overdue.
  41. Seeing that he was blockaded, with repairs delayed and with the.
  42. On the shore there were a few of the ships grounded for repairs.
  43. There were many repairs to be done, but they would have to wait.
  44. Your ship and crew will now be assimilated to facilitate repairs.
  45. The full repairs were made to the levee, in such a fashion that Mr.
  46. Easier last minute repairs had been done to the one she was now in.
  47. Our early warning long range radar is damaged and down for repairs.
  48. The engineering staff is making what repairs they can to your ships.
  49. That means no night travel unless we can stop somewhere for repairs.
  50. Unless there are many repairs, then it justifies buying it this way.
  51. I told her next day I had to send the car to the agency for repairs.
  52. He stored the little electric mower in the repairs room by the creek.
  53. He was working on repairs to a hull resting upside down on sawhorses.
  54. The body repairs and builds new tissues in a process called anabolism.
  55. How badly was the tender damaged? Can they handle the repairs?
  56. You can also take shoes to a cobbler or shoe repair shop for repairs.
  57. All activities not related to station and ship repairs came to a halt.
  58. The repairs done, the Liguria was finally ready to leave for Australia.
  59. Real estate investing requires dealing with tenants, repairs or house.
  60. There will undoubtedly be repairs that you may run into on your project.
  61. In remote places, where repairs and maintenance of the mowers becomes.
  62. There could be major repairs or construction work happening in the home.
  63. Think of this as urgent repairs to the ship’s hull, without which the.
  64. The compound was rather old and certainly in need of some major repairs.
  65. Guards removed for repairs or maintenance shall be remounted before the.
  66. You need to come in for repairs and be debriefed, General Dudley says.
  67. In the paper next day they put the closure down to temporary repairs and.
  68. In many instances the expense for repairs was equal to the original cost.
  69. Alexander and Valerie checked in with engineering for repairs and rearming.
  70. Duncan started telling us about another high-end yacht that needed repairs.
  71. You’ll be paying for the repairs to yonder wall, Chipset said the.
  72. You will need to hire a properly licensed plumber to handle those repairs.
  73. Often this shows repairs, renovations or construction going on in the home.
  74. Or that there was bad weather that prevented your repairs from going ahead.
  75. He will accept 50,000 for the quarry but he will not do any of the repairs.
  76. It anchored near the Arsenal; it was fully equipped, and repairs were begun.
  77. The top of the barrier is steel panels, the same ones used on road repairs.
  78. Often there is a need for repairs in the home as hidden flaws get revealed.
  79. It may seem more expensive, but it's cheaper in car repairs in the long run.
  80. In his usual efficient way Captain Morgan organized the hull repairs on the.
  81. Even in high school people sent for him to make little repairs on their cars.
  82. If we should need supplies or repairs it would be very handy to put in there.
  83. Repairs are being made, and classes should resume tomorrow at the usual time.
  84. I had to spend $600 the last two months for repairs to my car and motorcycle.
  85. After repairs, the Scharnhorst', only got into Norwegian waters in March 1943.
  86. But he would need to land in order to be able to safely carry out the repairs.
  87. Generally this shows that construction or major repairs are going on the home.
  88. It needs extensive repairs and we do not have some of the parts in our stores.
  89. At least, with their scoutship down for repairs, she could use Ingrid and Tom.
  90. In the meantime, make what repairs you can and I will continue to snoop around.
  91. Apart from minor repairs, older tents may need re-treating with a canvas sealant.
  92. It could be that you need some extra cash for urgent repairs such as a new roof.
  93. They built a list of odd jobs, repairs and the like, on the kitchen notice board.
  94. They walked to the end of All Hallows and examined some repairs to the south wall.
  95. Adam is alright because you can’t hurt a faery, and he’s helping with repairs.
  96. A few things were desperately needed repairs, it was only fair she paid for those.
  97. The putty knives are used in making our repairs, such as filling nails and cracks.
  98. The church itself said that as the funds were low, the repairs would have to wait.
  99. Further repairs lasted until June, and she was again attacked by the Fleet Air Arm.
  100. I made a note to contact the guy who did the minor repairs for the condo residents.

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