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Sight в предложении (на )

  1. Not a soul in sight.
  2. I ran to the sight.
  3. It was a funny sight.
  4. Not a tree in sight.
  5. It was quite a sight.

  6. What a sight it was!.
  7. I looked at the sight.
  8. It was a grisly sight.
  9. No phone box in sight.
  10. It was a sight to see.
  11. Call the Fac in sight.
  12. But the sight of him.
  13. What a sight that was.
  14. It was a strange sight.
  15. It was a horrible sight.

  16. It was a curious sight.
  17. It was a bizarre sight.
  18. Still no post in sight.
  19. The mere sight of his.
  20. Tamlyn out of her sight.
  21. He caught sight of her.
  22. He caught sight of Hal.
  23. It was a terrible sight.
  24. Not a very pretty sight.
  25. She was nowhere in sight.

  26. He was nowhere in sight.
  27. It was an amazing sight.
  28. It was an awesome sight.
  29. It was a wondrous sight.
  30. He flashes out of sight.
  31. You are a welcome sight.
  32. It was an idyllic sight.
  33. It was nowhere in sight.
  34. The Hospital is in sight.
  35. It wasn't a pretty sight.
  36. Tim was nowhere in sight.
  37. Mom giggled at the sight.
  38. It was a beautiful sight.
  39. There is nobody in sight.
  40. Sig was nowhere in sight.
  41. It was a remarkable sight.
  42. It was not a pretty sight.
  43. The sight did nothing to.
  44. It was a terrifying sight.
  45. The sight of him stuns me.
  46. Out of sight, out of mind.
  47. There hiding out of sight.
  48. Sight and sound are what.
  49. Beth was nowhere in sight.
  50. His sight began to restore.
  51. There was no one in sight.
  52. And what a sight it was!.
  53. Not a car yet in sight.
  54. It was love at first sight.
  55. It’s not a pretty sight.
  56. Our sight is not absolute.
  57. She was well out of sight.
  58. It was a despicable sight.
  59. He had yet to sight a car.
  60. It was a magnificent sight.
  61. Darek gawked at the sight.
  62. It was a vile sight to see.
  63. It was a sad sight, indeed.
  64. Brock was nowhere in sight.
  65. We heaved a sight of relief.
  66. Ritter was nowhere in sight.
  67. He cheered up at her sight.
  68. There was no help in sight.
  69. Laura caught sight of his.
  70. It wasn’t a pretty sight.
  71. It became a gruesome sight.
  72. Eddie was nowhere in sight.
  73. There's not a goat in sight.
  74. I was stunned at the sight.
  75. It was a sight Aerith had.
  76. Carter hated the sight of.
  77. Bateman paled at that sight.
  78. Not a single guard in sight.
  79. The sight of the boundfats.
  80. The needle was out of sight.
  81. That race was quite a sight.
  82. I recoiled at the sight of.
  83. They were in sight of a cave.
  84. He was an impressive sight.
  85. Soon they were out of sight.
  86. There were no cars in sight.
  87. I heaved a sight of relieved.
  88. Andore laughed at the sight.
  89. He was furious at the sight.
  90. At least, not at first sight.
  91. There are no ravens in sight.
  92. But there was no one in sight.
  93. Not a very interesting sight.
  94. Take that out of my sight.
  95. They were a remarkable sight.
  96. Scattering just out of sight.
  97. An image hovers in her sight.
  98. He couldn’t get the sight.
  99. The sight of the impossible.
  100. Mirsk finally came into sight.
  1. That was the final sighting.
  2. He motioned toward the sighting.
  3. In other words, a visual sighting.
  4. The Godfrey twins claimed the third sighting.
  5. We investigated and reported every sighting.
  6. The sighting of evidence is more significant.
  7. Worship of Mary and the reported sighting of her.
  8. I remember my first sighting of a Himalayan cat.
  9. It was and that sighting completely changed my life.
  10. This sighting may be closely related to the horse mauling.
  11. The boxes weren’t the only sighting that Smitty had that day.
  12. Curious more likely for they came within sighting distance of me.
  13. Ganid was becoming adept at sighting those who appeared to be in need.
  14. The sighting left the castaways with one important piece of information.
  15. Shakespeare reminds that the sighting of one of them does not a summer make.
  16. This sighting was a confirmation of the seriousness of the present situation.
  17. You can achieve that result by sighting on Polaris at night as I said earlier.
  18. An alarm gong had sounded upon the sighting of such a large number of strangers.
  19. On this first sighting, a vertical sketch was recorded in the ship’s logbook.
  20. They had a prior relationship with the victim, a possible sighting at the scene.
  21. He didn’t need any special sighting system to take advantage of that precision.
  22. We’re checking CCTV around the Hyde Park area for a sighting of Michael Barnes.
  23. After the B-24 sighting, they spent another frigid night, then a long fourth day.
  24. This was a perfect spot out of the weather and any possible sighting from the air.
  25. That patrol would have certainly reported a sighting at the entrance of Morgan Creek.
  26. The deciding factor proved to be a reported sighting of a folklore festival in Trabzon.
  27. They would fly by helicopter to a site close to the last sighting of the renegade tribe.
  28. That can be achieved by sighting along it to Polaris at night and fixing it at that angle.
  29. I immediately pulled off the interstate to investigate since this was not a normal sighting.
  30. Officer Yeoman, stood to attention on sighting the Commander, except for one rating who was.
  31. He and the rest of his column had covered almost four miles since sighting the convoy’s lights.
  32. The exclamation is the result of her first sighting of the wolf as the animal lopes into her vision.
  33. But it also doesn’t make sense that the national press would not cover a story of a UFO sighting.
  34. Or maybe to see if a KGB assassin was sighting his laser scope in on her forehead at that exact moment.
  35. It always seems that once there’s one cougar sighting, suddenly there’s lots of cougar sightings.
  36. With the thought of a pair of our most ancient grandparents’ first sighting of each other, I stopped.
  37. He did not have much time from the moment of sighting the Gneisenau to the dropping of the torpedo.
  38. After a moment of shock I managed to get out, That is our first sea monster sighting it would appear.
  39. And out of sixty two sighting and chases, I have only managed to knock one of these things out of the sky.
  40. A sighting in a Spanish port and a copy of a ship's register, the Valentin, bound for Bideford, some days ago.
  41. At the moment when the soldier was sighting Marius, a hand was laid on the muzzle of the gun and obstructed it.
  42. So far, one vague sighting by one of the three rape victims was the slim and only clue to the identity of the rapist.
  43. They could move around the area undisturbed, and apart from what Mikael Blomkvist told us we’ve only got one sighting.
  44. VO: It has been approximately 15 minutes since I got the call, and 10 minutes before that is when the sighting took place.
  45. They spoke shudderingly of how one, sighting the dread, slimy kraken, might never see land again for the curse that was on him.
  46. Phoenix local government refused to investigate the sighting because they believed it fell under the military’s jurisdiction.
  47. The birds had eaten their fill of her, but there was no one else on the island, and there has been no sighting of her anywhere.
  48. The bravado that had accompanied the false train sighting has now evaporated – he knew that the next encounter would be for real.
  49. I have an experience of missing time, and this person’s photo of a UFO sighting outside of Denver area coincides with my experience.
  50. The ruse had succeeded, and the German squadron had been able to continue on its way undiscovered until the time of the Spitfire sighting.
  51. Supposedly it was also beneficial to learn about insects for there were billions, and a sighting could relate to a biting sting from a wasp.
  52. There had been no sighting of wargs all day; it seemed they had kept their part of the bargain, more out of fear than ethics, Manfred thought.
  53. The Germans, on sighting their adversaries, changed back to their original positions; Bismarck once more taking the lead with Prinz Eugen astern.
  54. Worry identifies us with wild life, being perpetually threatened, sighting danger but unable to identify the direction from which it may emerged.
  55. They were discussing the sighting of me at the wedding, and everyone was really excited to finally have a lead in the case, even if it wasn't much.
  56. Since the attack, which left the horse torn up and bleeding badly, there has been at least one cougar sighting, according to Constable Doug Griffiths.
  57. It wasn’t likely to matter to Clyntahn that there’d been not one single reported sighting of a Charisian galleon after the Battle of the Kaudzhu Narrows.
  58. Paget has a history of violence and members of the public are warned not to approach him but to contact the police immediately in the event of a suspected sighting.
  59. The chase by the Security patrol had jolted him, making him realize that he was now a fugitive or would be as soon as they reported their sighting and chase of him.
  60. Upon sighting them, some confusion became apparent in the enemy ranks, as ships that were initially on their way to intercept Ancor were now turning back to intercept Krane.
  61. Some deep part of me relaxed at the sighting of no ancient city of advanced technology, but I re-tensed at what I thought for sure to be the signs of agriculture upon the land.
  62. Truscott and Meadows had already left, rushing to the scene of the reported sighting, and Loofah was to catch the train to the next town where the two policemen would meet him.
  63. She’d been interviewing a hostile Ben Scully when Grant Tripp had arrived on the scene and she’d observed his abrupt U-turn when sighting the police vehicles on the property.
  64. I think I understand now, I said, why The Witnesses Log myth had such an impact on you: it must have been like sighting land after being lost at sea for 192 ALICE HICKEY.
  65. The two princes were kept in the Tower and and after the summer of 1483 there are no recorded sighting of them and they were never seen again and there is no record of any funerals.
  66. Could it somehow have been Jenks after all? Could Jill have been right? Was he manipulating us, right from the start? Had he set everything up, even the sighting in Pacific Heights?
  67. Youssaf, positioned somewhat ahead of the procession like a serpent’s tongue, sensing the environment for signs of danger, had shown signs of great relief upon first sighting Moshe.
  68. Otherwise he would have run full into these yellow fiends instead of sighting them from afar as they smelled out his spoor like human bloodhounds, with whatever uncanny gift was theirs.
  69. I long’d to go up on Deck to see if the Cassandra might be sighted, but Cocklyn swore he would call me at the first Sighting of her and, more than that, would make certain I boarded her if such were possible.
  70. And he would have discounted the sighting as a result of his confused state were it not for Erlandr, whose eyes now met his and in whose retinas he could still see, emblazoned, the same green-skinned little man.
  71. First sighting of an infinity fish in its natural environment – such a wonder! It was fleeting, of course, for it fled as soon as it saw the capsule, its tail fin being the only think visible, but the experience will remain with me for the rest of my life.
  72. In 1838 the Frenchman Dumont d'Urville stopped at the Ice Bank in latitude 62° 57', sighting the Louis–Philippe Peninsula; on January 21 two years later, at a new southerly position of 66° 30', he named the Adélie Coast and eight days later, the Clarie Coast at 64° 40'.
  73. And, lying lowermost and cool, sighting up through the dim echoing tunnel of well, Cecy heard the iron suction of the pump handle pressed energetically by the sweating old lady; and water, amoeba, Cecy and all rose up the throat of the well in sudden cool disgorgement out into the cup, over which waited sun-withered lips.
  74. And, lying lowermost and cool, sighting up up through the dim echoing tunnel of well, Cecy heard the iron suction of the pump handle pressed energetically by the sweating old lady; and water, amoeba, Cecy and all rose up the throat of the well in sudden cool disgorgement out into the cup, over which waited sun-withered lips.
  75. So there’s nothing in these lines other than sighting marks,.
  1. Philander was very near sighted.
  2. That was a little short sighted.
  3. Once he had him sighted, but it.
  4. They became short sighted, living.
  5. I’d sighted above the floodplains.
  6. It was luck that he had been sighted.
  7. His gun sighted on its massive head.
  8. This is both short sighted and foolish.
  9. They were long sighted, while most of us.
  10. Norbert was not clear sighted enough, or.
  11. And the whale is sighted and shouted to view.
  12. Freeze if you have not already been sighted.
  13. By far sighted me with a sweet look, hoping.
  14. Not man's love, often short sighted or self.
  15. Once whales were sighted and the captain gave.
  16. The white van was sighted by a six-year-old kid.
  17. Magda sighted the kid but didn’t introduce him.
  18. Nothing! Then her eyes sighted radiation inland.
  19. She nocked it, sighted it, and let the arrow fly.
  20. Speaking of the moment when the Carpathia was sighted.
  21. Most men would have done so, whether blind or sighted.
  22. He didn't want anyone having a sighted advantage on him.
  23. Up betimes, and to the deck where land has been sighted.
  24. The fact that Onni was the only one to have sighted the.
  25. Magic bolts flared towards me as soon as they sighted me.
  26. My eyes are my own and a little short sighted, at that.
  27. She says a large man in fatigues was sighted in the camp.
  28. Looking up new species sighted in the drifts helped fill.
  29. Looking about in desperation, he sighted a horse tethered.
  30. Tom wiped the babbitt surface and sighted along it sideways.
  31. Silent film but a sighted friend spoke her to me one matinee.
  32. A little less than 30 minutes later Rah sighted the lone scout.
  33. I sighted down the scope of the rifle and squeezed the trigger.
  34. Dusk hazily descended as we sighted the meadow through the trees.
  35. Pocock sighted along the pine keel and invited Joe to do the same.
  36. I told him at least fifty different types of UFOs have been sighted.
  37. I watched two Phobos transits yesterday and sighted Deneb last night.
  38. Even if they were sighted, the villagers would think that they were.
  39. Opportunities for growth are sighted and the firm may begin raising.
  40. The last time they were sighted, some weeks ago, the plants had not.
  41. As the Spitfires dodged the enemy fighters they sighted the big ships.
  42. This place is a ghost town when compared to when we first sighted it.
  43. The Canadian sighted nothing new on the horizon, neither sail nor shore.
  44. The econterrorist Moneykiller has been sighted and tagged in western O.
  45. From there we'll follow their sighted route to the airship's destination.
  46. A single-stack steamer was sighted at 1059 to the East of the formation.
  47. Charlie Wicker slid forward in the tree stand and sighted through his scope.
  48. Worse still, Doon had been sighted within hours of the stranger’s arrival.
  49. That is how short sighted and selfish and exclusive enemies of the rich are.
  50. It had been twenty nine hours since Bismarck had last been sighted in Norway.
  51. What a combination, a sleuth that had pudding for a nose, and a near sighted.
  52. A touch on ‘rec/send mail’ and he grunted as he sighted ‘incoming mail’.
  53. We sighted this shore last night, and knowing nothing of these galleys, we were.
  54. Churchill sighted the pistol with a sigh and a grimace and counted down three two.
  55. The captain sighted the camp against the pinkening sky, exactly as he’d planned.
  56. But he still had to work on the assumption that he would be sighted sooner or later.
  57. But when the old man raised the rifle and sighted it on the left eye of his faithful.
  58. The early forecast of his earning a shed load of money was dramatically short sighted.
  59. Eh, she sighted reluctantly as she grabbed his hand and let herself be pulled up.
  60. As if his hand had a will of its own, the gun rose up and sighted between Cliff’s eyes.
  61. The rational man—like the Loch Ness monster—is sighted often, but photographed rarely.
  62. One morning, near the port of Cartagena, they sighted the tall red hull of a trading ship.
  63. Searching the heavens, Ailia sighted a shooting star in the pitch-black, light-speckled sky.
  64. Clothed by seven eyes strengthened by seven horns, newly sighted seekers walk meekly within.
  65. When the two groups sighted each other, the followers of Moses said, We are being overtaken.
  66. Norm stated that this would be a test, just like any other and called them all short sighted.
  67. I am with Mary while the ocean rolls unsteady beneath her and land is sighted on the horizon.
  68. She sighted a woman, whom she believed to be at least eighty years old, standing with a cane.
  69. We clung to the almost submerged wreckage and gazed hopefully towards the vessel I had sighted.
  70. As time passed they became anxious and told their parents they had not sighted him for some time.
  71. It was as though they’d been expected when in reality he’d sighted their car from his window.
  72. The soul expresses personal opinion to regulate the rating of people by over – sighted emotions.
  73. As the vessels drew ever closer, observers on Prinz Eugen and Bismarck sighted the British vessels.
  74. They sighted what they thought was a fishing smack on the horizon, showing dimly in the early dawn.
  75. This submarine was sighted firing a torpedo at the Oklahoma and was promptly depth charged and sunk.
  76. Enemy sighted!!! Thataway!!! The blind man pointed behind and to his right at what he had seen.
  77. As he sighted her, at long last, still in a state of shock, his heart sank into the depths of agony.
  78. With this culture also brought along the stigma that only the minds of the sharp and the sighted can.
  79. Form up, form up!! Standard Formation Three!! The hssswwx have been sighted, and we have to get ready.
  80. How is it pointing? asked Nicholas, riding a hundred paces toward the whip who had sighted the hare.
  81. Once more they sighted and fired, and as they stood grouped, watching the effect, I ventured to join them.
  82. But when he sighted her stepping out of his father’s parnasala, as his fears resurfaced, his heart sank.
  83. He then sighted his MAT-49 submachine gun and started shooting short bursts at the incoming enemy soldiers.
  84. One of their fellow students was placed in the tower of the school to alert them when the riders were sighted.
  85. She suddenly sighted through her FLIR cameras a long convoy of trucks rolling along a road towards the border.
  86. An APB for the Honda and the Buick had paid off when both cars were sighted on the 101 Freeway just after three.
  87. Suddenly, he sighted thick blonde hair compressed against the rim of a pilot's hat, with face slightly turned away.
  88. I needed nothing more and steadying my breathing I pulled the rifles butt close into my shoulder and sighted on him.
  89. Chatta brought up the high powered rifle and squinted, as he sighted through the scope at the retreating snowmobiles.
  90. Some Cossacks of Dokhturov’s detachment reported having sighted the French Guards marching along the road to Borovsk.
  91. Or by wondering how far sound went and how far the sky goes, or if animals ever get headaches if they're short sighted.
  92. But the disadvantage was that the ships would have to leave Brest in broad daylight, where they were sure to be sighted.
  93. Some Cossacks of Dokhtúrov’s detachment reported having sighted the French Guards marching along the road to Bórovsk.
  94. Resting the barrel in the crook of a tree he sighted through the crystal glass that brought the distance in closer to him.
  95. When the German liner Bremen reached New York the account of its having sighted bodies of the Titanic victims was obtained.
  96. He was very short sighted and had one leg shorter than the other which meant he was exempt from conscription into the army.
  97. It is usually in the months between May and October that these animals have been sighted frequently along the western coast.
  98. I positioned my rifle again and thought to myself that he had probably sighted on the foolish Lieutenant again and I was right.
  99. My rifle had one of the new orthoptic sights fitted to it and I sighted on an olive tree in the distance just to get my eye in.
  100. The Orcs from the tunnel and the others marching down had sighted one another, and both parties were now hurrying and shouting.
  1. And we saw the sights.
  2. He set his sights on a.
  3. We set our sights on it.
  4. He flipped up his sights.
  5. Along with the sights of my.
  6. We got used to the sights and.
  7. Dunk had seen such sights before.
  8. Simonstown and see the sights and.
  9. The sights and how the place looked.
  10. Without it, no sights were possible.
  11. Smith still had the man in his sights.
  12. But Tom aligned the sights with care.
  13. The captain has the beast in his sights.
  14. In Venice, they tour the main sights: St.
  15. The children breathed in the sights and.
  16. His brain reels at the sights he’s seen.
  17. Day set her sights on a group of children.
  18. Penn raised his sights to the man’s head.
  19. My sights were firmly set on Craven Cottage.
  20. Meanwhile, I have another stock in my sights.
  21. Chambering a round he placed the sights to.
  22. Marie now had another agenda within her sights.
  23. Desiree' was all eyes as she took in the sights.
  24. Now show me the sights, Ned said cheerfully.
  25. She bubbled over with all the sights Grant had.
  26. But their sights had clearly been set too short.
  27. Sights and sounds flowed meaninglessly about him.
  28. It poetically described the sights they had seen.
  29. That is, until Ken began to set his sights on her.
  30. I looked around the familiar sights and felt empty.
  31. They waved at Joey until they were out of his sights.
  32. All of the sights had been visible from miles away.
  33. Relatively short and had open sights for snap shots.
  34. In their totality the sights and insights overflowed.
  35. I thought I had him in my sights a few months back.
  36. I think I’ll see a few of the sights, he lied.
  37. Pamela’s eyes were busy taking in all the sights of.
  38. He only defers them until a Day when the sights stare.
  39. There are sights and sounds that can never be forgotten.
  40. Righting himself, Locke saw Hiss had Ames in his sights.
  41. Rory had him in his sights but couldn't pull the trigger.
  42. With that in mind, Delaney decided to set his sights on.
  43. Every day we walked through new lands and saw new sights.
  44. I hope you at least saw a few nice sights in the process.
  45. It was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.
  46. Hereafter I shall show you many such sights as—this!'.
  47. I aimed down the sights, and shot him in between the eyes.
  48. But, no Hundreds of people came to see the sights, and Mr.
  49. I lined up the target in my sights, and it moved all over.
  50. Water sights shared by other pigeons and infected parents.
  51. Spender followed him in his pistol sights but did not fire.
  52. Despite her pain, Elowen drank in the sights and sounds of.
  53. They have several sights they wish to see in Vienna that day.
  54. It's all good baby now let's set our sights on some nummies.
  55. All around, the most beautiful sights of Cracow could be seen.
  56. Jack continued his chase and set his sights on the other car.
  57. The next hour or so was a blur of sights and sounds for Thomas.
  58. Zoe aimed her pistol, and having Eva in her sights, she fired.
  59. It is still one of the most hilarious sights I have ever seen.
  60. Windzer waited, taking in all the ominous sights and sounds of.
  61. Alex enjoyed showing Hope the sights that his town had to offer.
  62. He moved the rifle to the side until the boat was in his sights.
  63. He lost consciousness and returned to the same sights and sounds.
  64. Both unholstered their sidearm quickly training their sights on.
  65. I think setting my sights on you was actually my saving grace.
  66. In many ways this was one of the funniest sights I had ever seen.
  67. Soon, the familiar signs and sights of Castle Rock came into view.
  68. Today the sights and sounds of KwaZulu Natal still stir the soul.
  69. I made a few inconspicuous inquiries, as we toured the sights.
  70. Pioneering channel, and several of the interactive betting sights.
  71. Be careful not to fall yourself into the sights of my men, though.
  72. Seems like there's a lot better sights than that in New York City.
  73. This self assessment will tell you whether your sights are set too.
  74. Looking down the barrel of the Mossberg, I had Harris in my sights.
  75. The chief-gunner ranges and sights his piece and selects a fuse of.
  76. In this new work, Fernández advises readers to elevate their sights.
  77. Okay, Tammas said, taking in all the strange sights and smells.
  78. I was so enthralled with the sights, I almost stumbled over a child.
  79. He had taught her how to hold it and line up a target in the sights.
  80. He remembered these sights not without some filial emotion, though.
  81. He saw the girl get out and then the two of them were in his sights.
  82. I cleared the last landing and had the door to the lobby in my sights.
  83. How different from the sights and sounds of the big city! I loved it.
  84. I only wish I could come more often but Suzy has you in her sights.
  85. I have to warn you that even worst sights will probably come soon.
  86. Stewart in his sights, he tried to create a hole, but it did not work.
  87. The Japanese have the bad habit of constantly flying across my sights.
  88. Joey aligned the iron sights on the crossbow with the head of the nuta.
  89. Forward of the rear sights there were two tabs that laid into the top.
  90. Bahit positioned the bow beneath his chin and aimed down its iron sights.
  91. In austerity and poverty-stricken Greece such sights were becoming rare.
  92. I walked around the compound drinking in all the barely familiar sights.
  93. I stared out into the night taking in the sights and sounds of the city.
  94. Enthusiastically, he pointed out particularly beautiful sights to Joshua.
  95. He walked on down the street enjoying his beverage, taking in the sights.
  96. For them, the visual stimulation of the sights afforded them during their.
  97. Kemp was responsible for putting Billy Ray on the street and in my sights.
  98. Bahit trailed an avidactyl along the sights of his crossbow and fired once.
  99. This is my concept of a perfect combination of gun, ammunition, and sights.
  100. From your kitchen come sights, scents and sounds that signal the appetite.

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