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Peck в предложении (на )

  1. Peck in The Big Country.
  2. I will peck his eyes out.
  3. It was just a peck, really.
  4. And not a peck on the cheek.
  5. I gave him a peck on the cheek.
  6. The Peck Mountain strip mine.
  7. Lucy gave him a peck on the cheek.
  8. They kissed very briefly, a peck of.
  9. That little peck he couldn’t hold inside.
  10. He gave me a peck on the cheek and bounced.
  11. Kinsley a peck on the cheek as she floated past.
  12. Eva Peck has created several websites with spi-.
  13. We then gave each other a quick peck on the lips.
  14. Morgan danced over and gave him a peck on the cheek.
  15. I got about the same, a pick-up hug and a peck on.
  16. Kami, hearing this, gave a peck to Yania’s forehead.
  17. I gave Sue a little peck of a kiss on the tip of her.
  18. Then we gave each other a peck on the lips and chewed.
  19. One peck of green tomatoes, put through a food chopper.
  20. In seeing her pain; he gave her a peck on her forehead.
  21. Sue and I gave each other a quick peck on the lips and I.
  22. Oooohhh, a peck on the lips! I think I just got an orgasm.
  23. D'you remember how he cursed at us and tried to peck us?
  24. To him, a peck on the cheek was sex, to me, it was much more.
  25. Right now he seemed to be Gregory Peck in Twelve O'Clock High.
  26. And she quickly, shyly, delivered a peck on his bristly cheek.
  27. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before standing upright.
  28. Maurice took his hand full of corn and let the hen peck from it.
  29. I tried to call you, he said giving her a peck on the cheek.
  30. They peck at his mind like wild birds and he cannot shake them away.
  31. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and disappeared into the house.
  32. He invited me in and as I walked past him, he tried to give me a peck on.
  33. One of Ebright’s later oarsmen and devoted disciples was Gregory Peck.
  34. Maud had few friends, but she had a confidante in her assistant, Samantha Peck.
  35. Charlie slung his arm around Mal’s shoulders and gave him a peck on the cheek.
  36. Kirk of Star Trek; Charlton Heston as Moses and Judah Ben-Hur; Gregory Peck as.
  37. There will always be those who will peck at us trying to chip away at our resolve.
  38. You are nothing less than a vision my love, and gave her a peck on the cheek.
  39. The bird eyed it with her hard, bright eye, and suddenly made a peck into his hand.
  40. After giving the girl a playful little peck on the cheek, George slid out of the bed.
  41. Helen Roach put her arm around her husband’s waist and gave him a peck on the cheek.
  42. Zach gave up trying to untie Bryony’s legs, and let Edwin peck at the twine instead.
  43. I left her at her bus-stop with a peck on the cheek and her promising she’d phone.
  44. An avidactyl peck Joey on his hand and held on, ripping the clothes and the skin on it.
  45. Short finished the call and hugged Star, gave her a peck on the cheek, smiled and left.
  46. He walked to a sleek, silver feathered griffin who gave him a friendly peck with its beak.
  47. He had obviously meant that he wanted more than merely holding hands and a peck on the cheek.
  48. She put her hands on his shoulders and stood on tiptoe to reach up and peck him on the cheek.
  49. He gave me a peck on my lips and told me that he wasn't mad at me for not having sex with him.
  50. Peck Sloane, associate producer at Maximus studio, and his wife, Emily, killed in same accident.
  51. Her eyebrows draw together in confusion, and he swoops to peck her cheek before setting off again.
  52. Her first witness of the day was Samantha Peck, a woman who had once felt like part of the family.
  53. Could he tell? Apart from the usual peck on the cheek, I’d never locked lips with anyone before.
  54. She nodded, giving him one last peck and noting, as she did, the pistol stuffed into his waistband.
  55. With a twinkle in his eye, he laid a brief peck on Regina’s cheek, causing her to blush profusely.
  56. He watched the Russian stagger back to the computer and peck awkwardly at the keyboard with dead hands.
  57. The Buzz Schulte quote is from Gary Fishgall, Gregory Peck: A Biography (New York: Scribner, 2001), 41.
  58. He struggled to pry Marie from his face as she continued to rambunctiously peck at his lips and cheeks.
  59. With two steaming mugs in her hands, she hugs me, careful not to spill the drinks while I peck her cheek.
  60. As he watched they clinked glasses and Reynolds leaned across the table and gave him a peck on the cheek.
  61. She paused, turned, lifted her face for a kiss, and, after getting a peck, said, Everything okay?
  62. Sufficient quantities of hay should be stocked inside the coop to enable the chickens to scratch and peck.
  63. Then again, he thought while glancing back, that wasn’t just a peck on the cheek she had just given him.
  64. As we were leaving she came round from the bar, gave Al a peck on the cheek and said, Sorry, honey, I’m.
  65. Among his recent productions is the screenplay of Moby Dick, directed by John Huston and starring Gregory Peck.
  66. And I want to marry you, too, he told her, giving her a chaste peck on the cheek and an encouraging smile.
  67. She moves her hands, fingers lock behind your neck, another little peck and she lets a hand run down your chest.
  68. What are a bills? They are the bills of birds that peck at shiny objects; it is the obsolete undead lust for gold.
  69. While Sean leans in to give me a peck and a hug, Zachary roars the engine, and my heart warms to its alluring sound.
  70. But the most he would give her was a quick peck on the cheek, and even that was like he was doing her some big favor.
  71. He gave her a peck on the cheek that gave her more thrills than she had had in the last four years and then stood up.
  72. And the Wicked Witch said to the King Crow, Fly at once to the strangers; peck out their eyes and tear them to pieces.
  73. I could sense that Derrick was uncomfortable as he only gave Kristen a small peck, which seemed to agitate her even more.
  74. How wonderful to have you here in San José, Gordy! she gushed and offered her hand and cheek for Edward to peck at.
  75. He found some pretty interesting material about the Peck Mountain mine site and slurry pond, enough to get Donovan excited.
  76. The birds had started to peck at the skin around the bullet hole, but I don't care: I hadn't planned to donate it to a museum.
  77. On the other hand, if she permitted one chaste peck, he might bring her other lovely presents in the hope of getting another kiss.
  78. Alexander Peck, teacher, writer, and editor, has lived and worked in Australia, the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
  79. Humans are not designed to act as birds! Birds sit on branches and watch and twitter and make meaningless sounds, and peck at things.
  80. Laurie screwed up his face and obeyed with a gingerly peck at each little cheek that produced another laugh, and made the babies squeal.
  81. They will peck out your eyes, the Doctor said aloud, thinking of her, and Lorenzo Daza turned around to ask him what he had said.
  82. What do modern humans peck at? They peck at the Earth in hatred: destructively destroying it inch by inch with bulldozers, chainsaws, etc.
  83. I thanked her with a peck on a withered cheek, and regretfully declined – it had been wonderful but I was promised to a Camp in Scotland.
  84. Three sestertii equal to about sixpence sterling, was the price which the republic paid for the modius or peck of the tithe wheat of Sicily.
  85. Maybe they’ll attack him, tackle him, peck out his ravaged liver, but so what? It would at least be an exit Rich Groskoph couldn’t steal.
  86. They want us to die so they can eat us! shouted Kami while several vultures began grabbing her shirt with their claws, trying to peck her.
  87. I’d stopped in there in 2004 to see the beautiful hand-painted bass-drum head that Peck Curtis had played with Sonny Boy on King Biscuit Time.
  88. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, I need a shower and while I’m doing that I don’t suppose you’d mind starting breakfast would you?
  89. Tim held out one hand, palm up, and the bird regarded the hand for a moment before continuing to peck the sand, now inches from the boy’s right foot.
  90. A goodbye kiss is a peck on the cheek or a chaste one on the lips! I told you it was all or nothing, because it would be too complicated to be halfway.
  91. His wife had been up since dawn and at ten, after a quick peck on Sean’s cheek and a cautionary nod at me, she stumped up the stairs to the waiting taxi.
  92. Why this infliction? Would birds come then and peck like the boy with the basket of fruit but he said no because they ought to have been afraid of the boy.
  93. Donovan also found the records, a treasure trove of incriminating documents that detailed Krull’s cover-up of the Peck Mountain site and all its problems.
  94. A bird is so created that it is necessary for it to fly, to walk, to peck, to consider; and when it does all this, it is satisfied and happy; then it is a bird.
  95. He kissed her on the lips as they parted, not a long, lingering kiss as he would have liked but a quick peck so as not to unduly antagonize the watching parents.
  96. First it was the typewriter: where hundreds of millions of humans hunted and pecked at keys, now it the computer where hundreds of millions hunt and peck at keys.
  97. He seated himself on a low retaining wall beside her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, not wanting to break her concentration by giving a more thorough greeting.
  98. They immediately perched on Pinocchio's nose and began to peck at it with such zeal that in a few minutes his enormous and ridiculous nose was reduced to its usual dimensions.
  99. Then he gripped the handheld navigation device that was wirelessly locked onto the location of Hank Evans's implant and began to peck harshly on the tiny keys with his thumbs.
  100. Some further ceremony seems called for, but what’s he going to do: lean down and peck him on the forehead, as if Daddy really were a child? He can’t even see the face anymore.
  1. It's the Pecking Order thing.
  2. Pecking Order: Law of the Coop.
  3. Where in the pecking order does the.
  4. That same old silly Pecking Order again.
  5. He started pecking at the inside of the sack.
  6. It had a sign reading PECKING GRAPPLER-BIRDS.
  7. Blake started off by pecking her on the cheek.
  8. Silas examined one, pecking it with his beak.
  9. He was quick, clawing and pecking at my shins.
  10. I was awakened by a gentle pecking on the nose.
  11. Bowing and pecking are not signs of human love.
  12. Now, a single card would decide the pecking or-.
  13. The pigeon was pecking at crumbs on the little table.
  14. Chickens in the wild live according to a pecking order.
  15. Maybe plants don't like you pecking away at them either.
  16. Pecking at the earth they hate for untold millions of years.
  17. Hunting and pecking at things: is what birds do instinctively.
  18. Don’t you know there is a pecking order on this farm?
  19. Animals have a pecking order, but only a basic, instinctive ego.
  20. That's much better, he said, pecking her on the cheek and.
  21. Men have a pecking order as well, but I have not seen the catty.
  22. They were contemporaries, competitors in the military pecking order.
  23. I was too afraid of those pecking hens and the pain of their sharp beaks.
  24. As for safety procedures, those are well down the financial pecking order.
  25. An apothecary was a mere merchant, well below a prior in the pecking order.
  26. It was still scratching and pecking the floor when he was within its reach.
  27. A swarm of seagulls swooped in and started pecking at the stray pizza slice.
  28. And then a flurry of other words and thoughts chopping, pecking at his blood.
  29. Loofah tried again, pecking out the letters on the snapping teeth: 'FIGURES'.
  30. He sat and stared at a tiny wren sitting in his garden and pecking at the grass.
  31. It’s just that I— Terminus fluttered over him, pecking Andrew on the head.
  32. Yeah, but I just got the picture of you with a roadrunner in your hair pecking at.
  33. With the reassignment, other changes had taken place in the pecking order of command.
  34. There were some gold and some white fowls pecking under the apple trees of an orchard.
  35. The geese complained as he pushed through, honking and pecking as they surrounded him.
  36. Pecking Grappler-Birds swarmed out, quickly filling up the space of Subterranean Layer 53.
  37. The ducks and geese weren’t at all shy, pecking and quacking at their visitors for bread.
  38. Women still have the nesting instinct, and men and children still have the pecking order.
  39. He was a friendly sort of fellow, grinning at me and then gently pecking me between the ears.
  40. With her eyes wide from my quick offensive, she tried to counter attack, pecking at me wildly.
  41. They are signs of reptile birds pecking at each other in spite and irritation, in hate and fear.
  42. A strange idea was pecking at his brain like a chicken in the egg, and very, very much absorbed him.
  43. The chickens flew at Dawes and Katya, driving them back with a furious frenzy of pecking and flapping.
  44. Fifteen minutes into the meeting it was apparent that there was no real pecking order in this family.
  45. Concentrating intensely, Kami commanded that all the seagulls on the beach start pecking the aggressors.
  46. It was a surprise that they’d stolen her shredded marmalade if she was that high up in the pecking order!.
  47. Those wise and brave men entrusted us with ensuring Homo sapiens never again became top of the pecking order.
  48. The clucking reached an excited crescendo as the chickens surged forwards, pecking ravenously at the fallen grains.
  49. He’d never used a credcom before, but soon worked out how to turn it on, his dirty fingers pecking at the screen.
  50. Jackals are the sneakiest sneaks, the worst cowards, and the worst weaklings of the African predator pecking order.
  51. Where do you think the culture of vicariousness came from? It came from birds pecking at living mammals dying in pain.
  52. Washington, as in the director of homeland security? It gave me a bit of a kick to see Molinari as part of a pecking order.
  53. Now all businesses have workers pecking away at cash registers, and organizers, and anything that has a keyboard that can be pecked at.
  54. We observe the behavioural dynamics of ‘the pecking order’ in many species- sex drive and the survival needs of food, water and shelter.
  55. But Sohrab had wandered to the window, where a half-dozen pigeons strutted back and forth on the sill, pecking at wood and scraps of old bread.
  56. Frustrated, Joey put the knife in his mouth and fired a Noiburst at the avidactyl pecking on his foot the other bird had stretched out in its talon.
  57. He pulled out the ancient keyboard and began pecking at the keys with his index fingers until Simon's monitor brought up the log of his brain activity.
  58. Then he disappeared for a week the only indication he was still in the office was a continuous pecking away at a keyboard sounding like a man possessed.
  59. These large fowl were pecking, knocking over, picking up and puking on the ones closest to the bottom of the refuge, but also those who already starting up.
  60. Why had she left? What was the sense in this? So many questions flying about in his head, then pecking away at him like a flock of trapped, panicking birds.
  61. On the floor a net had been thrown down and several dead pheasants lay there, while a hen tied by its leg was walking about near the table pecking among the dirt.
  62. English culture is permeated with undead reptile-bird culture: the slang term for the male penis is pecker: A blind bird beak pecking at something it wants to get into.
  63. While the prospect of boating across it shocked her water phobic psyche, Rao’s coaxing of her, which bordered on pecking, amused the travelers and the boatmen alike.
  64. She has a bird-like style of conversation, pecking away at the subject in a way I find most engaging, and a school-monitor style of dress which I can only call "saucy".
  65. Early one morning that September his wife, Hazel, arose to find Ulbrickson already awake, sitting in his pajamas at an old typewriter, assiduously pecking at the keys.
  66. They have, moreover, the extraordinary habit of pecking holes in the eggs, whether of their own species or of their foster parents, which they find in the appropriated nests.
  67. Insane reptilian birds: pecking At this shiny material of inorganic death… once hidden deep in veins under the earth: pieces of ate, eight: gold coins cut into eight pieces.
  68. I noticed that there seemed to be something of a pecking order with the Choson on the top, the Leni lenape and Hasinai in the middle position, and the other two on the bottom.
  69. In the distance, you could see the little red roofing of the village’s hovels and further away the figure of a few pines pecking the leafy clouds that the wind was dragging fast.
  70. The most complex hierarchical development in animal societies seems to have been an alpha male surrounded by a coterie of slightly lesser males arranged in some kind of pecking order.
  71. This rabbit dead, the Abbe Adelmonte has its entrails taken out by his cook and thrown on the dunghill; on this dunghill is a hen, who, pecking these intestines, is in her turn taken ill, and dies next day.
  72. What matter were those figments of some computer’s imagination, puffing about their silly tribal pecking orders when he was standing on a world which had outgrown such savagery thousands of years in the past?
  73. Somehow managing to pull a pink cloud away from his face, he saw that the peg was actually a seagull's head, which ogled him maliciously with its black beady eye while pecking at his fingers with its hard yellow beak.
  74. Tearing free of the talons, the robin attacked the crow, pecking at its eyes with such ferocity that the crow cawed in terror, frightening the crows in the nearby rookery, so that they all took off as one, turning the sky turned black.
  75. The General, Chestnut, Rambo, and Rusty were the most stubborn of the herd, all constantly vying for the upper ranks in the pecking order, and Therese didn’t like having to hit or kick or growl at the animals to get their cooperation.
  76. This gave the apes and monkeys of Africa the mistaken impression that these insane birds of death: the stupidest, dumbest birdbrains alive: were returning to worship the devastation of Volcanoes and pecking at this material called flint.
  77. A fellow director in HR told me that many of our key-punch ‘girls’, young women who worked eight hours a day pecking away at a typewriter keyboard, had deliberately omitted their degrees on their job applications, afraid that we would think them over qualified.
  78. He pulled her hair whenever she came near him, upset his bread and milk to plague her when she had newly cleaned his cage, made Mop bark by pecking at him while Madam dozed, called her names before company, and behaved in all respects like an reprehensible old bird.
  79. The bodyguard that was doing the night shift on the bridge of the yacht was a relatively junior one in the pecking order of Roman Abramovich’s small army of bodyguard, thus had been given with two other junior bodyguards the shift when the threat would be the least.
  80. His entire medieval culture was being taken over by the industrialized nations around him, and his reaction was to bury his head in the sand as deeply as possible and pretend it wasn’t happening, while being dominated by his imperious German royal hen of a wife pecking him to death.
  81. Who were the Cro-Magnons? They were the first modern men to improve ancient tools which had not changed for millions of years; they were humans infected with the undead spirits of crows and magpies; pecking at things making tools obsessively all day with their Hunt-and- peck method of bone/flint chipping.
  82. I imagine that some of my first nightmares were about those shrieking hens pecking and biting off my little sausage fingers as I tried to gather eggs for breakfast (this may or may not, also, be why I slept with a pocket knife underneath my pillow for the majority of my youth — to keep those psycho chickens from making num-nums out of my nose pickers).
  83. A sky-hawk that tauntingly had followed the main-truck downwards from its natural home among the stars, pecking at the flag, and incommoding Tashtego there; this bird now chanced to intercept its broad fluttering wing between the hammer and the wood; and simultaneously feeling that etherial thrill, the submerged savage beneath, in his death-gasp, kept his hammer frozen there; and so the bird of heaven, with archangelic shrieks, and his imperial beak thrust upwards, and his whole captive form folded in the flag of Ahab, went down with his ship, which, like Satan, would not sink to hell till she had dragged a living part of heaven along with her, and helmeted herself with it.
  84. In the pecking order of things,.
  1. He pecked me on the lips.
  2. Aidan smiled and pecked my lips.
  3. He pecked her cheek and vanished.
  4. Who pecked out his eyes as they grew.
  5. I winked at Bree and pecked her cheek.
  6. Marie pecked him lightly on the temple.
  7. I know, Levi stated as he pecked my nose.
  8. He pecked at the keys with one extended figure.
  9. Pon held her again and pecked her on the cheek.
  10. Sure, she said and pecked him on the cheek.
  11. I pecked her lips twice before I ended our kiss.
  12. He pecked her on the cheek and said, I’m off.
  13. The bird pecked frantically, slashing his knuckles.
  14. She approached, quacked and pecked at the boots of.
  15. And pecked at his head, which killed him quite dead.
  16. She passed him his keys and pecked him on the cheek.
  17. Bullets of rain pecked vigorously at the windshield.
  18. The fowl pecked at the rabbit, and the next day was.
  19. I then pecked at the ground and began to gather twigs.
  20. Rhone melted as her moist lips pecked at the side of his.
  21. Returned birds pecked at seed on the floor of the aviary.
  22. I pecked her lips once, not wanting Nathan to see our PDA.
  23. And the Greeks could paint fruit so that birds pecked at it.
  24. I could have kissed the chickens that pecked on the common;.
  25. She pecked her father on the cheek and promised to call later.
  26. The words just came to him and he pecked them out onto the paper.
  27. She practically pecked his father to death, until they separated.
  28. With a few graceful steps, she moved near him and pecked his cheek.
  29. They stood and looked in my eye or pecked at my shoe significantly.
  30. Lily pecked my lips and leaned away before I could deepen the kiss.
  31. Loose sand grains, that had taken flight in the breeze, pecked at.
  32. Daddy, dignified in his summer-weight wool, pecked her on the cheek.
  33. He pecked at the cardboard, trying to break in, get to the egg timer.
  34. He pecked her on the cheek and headed for the door, Tyrone behind him.
  35. The seagull then pecked at Daniels foot and gave a huge yawn at Slinks.
  36. She hugged Samantha, pecked her ex properly on the cheek, and sat down.
  37. Moving down he pecked and kissed her savouring every essence of her body.
  38. He raised his body and then pecked my lips before pulling himself off me.
  39. He grinned and then pecked my lips, our first PDA in front of his colleagues.
  40. Saffyre threw up her hands to protect her face as they pecked viciously at her.
  41. Birds pecked at the corpses, but they recognised the men by the clothes they wore.
  42. Out of the hood hung lank shreds of brown, at which the hungry birds pecked and tore.
  43. They squawked and pecked at each other as she broke a trail from the tire to the coop.
  44. After they had fed the lonely seagull it came up to Jezzabell and pecked her dull black shoes.
  45. Crows always pecked a corpse’s eyes out first, he had heard, but maybe the tongue went second.
  46. Fearing that wasnt enough I pecked her on the lips and told her that I loved her ever so deeply.
  47. Loose sand grains, that had taken flight in the breeze, pecked at his cheek causing his eye to squint.
  48. If you could climb up and take one small bite, it would look as if a bird had pecked it, she said.
  49. The horses were eating oats from their movable troughs and sparrows flew down and pecked the grains that fell.
  50. They developed an addiction for experiencing vicarious pain, the pain of living flesh pecked at by dead beaks.
  51. She opened the door, and without as much as a squeak Jeff appeared from the dark stairs and pecked her on the lips.
  52. Before I could answer she ruffled her hand through my bristles, pecked me on the cheek and shut herself in her room.
  53. Their faces were dotted with red pinch marks, and their clothes riddled with holes where the chickens had pecked at them.
  54. There was a wide-eyed pause, then he pecked his nose in the direction of the flapper on the opposite side of the circle.
  55. James shifted, pecked a good morning kiss on the back of my shoulder and patted my bottom, before abruptly rolling away.
  56. Well I best be off, and he pecked me on the cheek as he left for the power station with cheese and crackers in hand.
  57. They couldn’t recognize him immediately, the roosters had pecked out his eyes, ruining his cheeks and lips, all a mess.
  58. The eyes could have been pecked out without altering their gaze, as if they were still desperately holding on to something.
  59. The turkey pecked at a lump of dung and found that it actually gave him enough strength to reach the first branch of the tree.
  60. They were so familiar that at length one alighted on an armful of wood which I was carrying in, and pecked at the sticks without fear.
  61. By observing which of them were pecked by the birds we avoided all danger of poison and added a delicious variety to our food reserve.
  62. Especially while sleeping when the human subconscious mind can be attacked and pecked at by the conscious minds of these undead filth.
  63. Now all businesses have workers pecking away at cash registers, and organizers, and anything that has a keyboard that can be pecked at.
  64. It was hard because they felt glued shut and foreign to me, but there was something moving nearby and then something pecked my leg hard.
  65. The short, incredibly thick-headed, stupid Russian bearded scum was a hen pecked husband who was dominated by his Germanic aristocrat of a wife.
  66. Swallowing reflexively I rose up on my toes and gave him a quick kiss that landed off-center so much so that I more or less just pecked at his cheek.
  67. The falcon took his toothed beak and viciously pecked one of the man’s eyeballs repeatedly in the socket as the man screamed and writhed with pain.
  68. Paul took a bite at his forgotten apple, looked at the miserable cabbages in the garden, pecked into lace by the fowls, and he wanted to pull them up.
  69. First it was the typewriter: where hundreds of millions of humans hunted and pecked at keys, now it the computer where hundreds of millions hunt and peck at keys.
  70. He was standing with Derrick, Josh, and Alicia at Claire's locker, glaring at Cayden and Claire as Cayden pecked Claire's lips, but once Claire turned back to face them, the glare disappeared, making him seem as if nothing bothered him.
  71. I had hardly noticed them when I waited for Will during his check-ups; I had read magazines, pecked out messages on my phone, strolled downstairs for too-strong hospital coffee on an overpriced concourse, worried about car-parking charges.
  72. After every explosion: birds: birds of death: carrion birds: vultures, Ravens, Crows… came back to these areas of devastation: and hunted and pecked at the shiny pieces of flint… which the destructive volcanoes of the Inorganic Baby Earth had vomited up.
  73. A blonde Swede brushed her teeth while studying the notices tacked to a decaying corkboard; a black backpacker with bright red braids kicked back reading a Lonely Planet guidebook; and a waif of a girl who looked like she couldn’t have been more than sixteen pecked out an e-mail at an aging computer terminal.
  74. But as soon as the drum beat and the prisoners massed themselves at the great gate, out ran the geese after them, cackling and flapping their wings, then they jumped one after the other over the elevated threshold of the gateway; while the convicts were at their work, the geese pecked about at a little distance from them.
  75. When I stepped back and became more of an observer than a participant, when I watched my cousins interact with those chickens in the same ways that I did when I was younger, it was quite clear to see just how important those chickens truly were (even if they did smell like poop and pecked at my hands whenever I’d pick one up to hold it).
  76. That genetic retard, that-hen pecked husband of a freak with his massive inferiority complex and his massive stupidity and stubbornness, and his willingness to ignore all facts and reality in his fucking attempt to ‘keep up personal appearances’ signed his own death warrant and committed political suicide when he decided to take over the running of the war and his army personally.
  77. Sitting in her wicker rocking chair, she would recall the past, reconstruct the grandeur and misfortunes of the family and the splendor of Macondo, which was now erased, while Álvaro frightened the crocodiles with his noisy laughter and Alfonso invented outlandish stories about the bitterns who had pecked out the eyes of four customers who misbehaved the week before, and Gabriel was in the room of the pensive mulatto girl who did not collect in money but in letters to a smuggler boyfriend who was in prison on the other side of the Orinoco because the border guards had caught him and had made him sit on a chamberpot that filled up with a mixture of shit and diamonds.
  78. So I’ve got it out and away from my body, trying to avoid getting pecked to death, and I climb up on the wobbly toilet seat and very slowly when the wingbeat subsides put bird and board and then my head out through the transom, where the sun is just coming up, praise be to the dashboard Jesi, red morning, streets beginning to articulate again, but there’s no time to commune with you, New York, I disengage the wing from the glue, and then I’ve got to do the legs, too, but soft, so as not to rip anything, which occasions another flurry, and all of a sudden I’m furious at the position I find myself in, I don’t know if I mean in the bathroom or in this city or as a human being or what, but I’m yelling, ‘Hold still, goddammit’—and everything I ever told you is a lie if the thing doesn’t go completely still, pluck pluck, the legs come unstuck, and without thinking I open my hand and it just … plummets.
  1. He pecks you hesitantly on your.
  3. She wondered if these little pecks would ever stop thrilling her.
  4. Risking a few pecks on her mouth just for the smile I would receive.
  5. Mohammed comes around to John’s side of the limo, pecks on the window.
  6. The Pecks live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia where they continue to write.
  7. And while I'm dumbfounded with shock, he leans forward and pecks me on the lips.
  8. Howard? I laughed playing with the little bit of chest hair that was on his hard as rock pecks and abs.
  9. More than thirty gulls descended on the small group of little monsters, giving them strong pecks with their beaks.
  10. They started with small pecks at first and before long they were rapidly probing each others mouths with their tongues.
  11. Mistaking the Nautilus for the corpse of a whale, some of them alighted on it and prodded its resonant sheet iron with pecks of their beaks.
  12. Soren would steal pecks from Ailia, but she knew he was holding back, not wanting to embarrass her or the others with their display of affection.
  13. I'm tired to death and I don't believe the rooms will look much better than before we started-- though I shook out pecks of dust in the graveyard.
  14. In the sycamores there was an uproar of linnets, sparrows triumphed, woodpeckers climbed along the chestnut trees, administering little pecks on the bark.
  15. But fourteen-pence was in those times the price of a bushel and near two pecks of wheat; which in the present times, at three and sixpence the bushel, would cost five shillings and threepence.
  16. Two shillings, therefore, was the price of two bushels and near two pecks of wheat, which in the present times, at three shillings and sixpence the bushel, would be worth eight shillings and ninepence.
  17. There have been the Leylands, Polly Pecks and the like over the years, but that is still pretty unusual, and massive collapses such as the 2008 folding of Lehman Brothers, one of Wall Street’s largest banks, are thankfully rarer still.

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