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    1. ‘Most people are more vengeful

    2. So Daphne was still blinded with rage, still vengeful, still cheating and now waging war on the art world for sure

    3. This vengeful, this fascinating series of events held them in total thrall

    4. And so it was, with a vengeful wrath building in his heart that

    5. hobgoblin, a wraith, which moved, in vengeful fits and starts on

    6. This vengeful, this fascinating series of events held them in

    7. "Don't you fucking dare!” It’s a warning, a vengeful, deep throated and primeval growl

    8. It was really wild out there, a day when you could believe in vengeful weather gods

    9. vacant space with cold, vengeful, anger

    10. Despite his years of training at the Warphanage -- and his recent alleyway encounters with vengeful chopa dealers -- Alec hadn't even seen Nathalia strike

    11. Evander is an ill-tempered and a vengeful man

    12. Penelope turned to watch him leave, but returned her vengeful glare to Mercer as the other Breton merely threw his head back in very persistent snickering laughter

    13. “To stay here in the capital, parading before enforcers, soldiers, bounty hunters, and Larocka’s vengeful colleagues would be suicidal craziness

    14. They did it in order to hide their identity and try to escape the Russians who were known to be extremely ruthless, arrogant and vengeful

    15. Vengeful white supremacists, including President Andrew Johnson himself, were happy to see terrorism during Reconstruction against Blacks trying to assert civil rights and anti racist whites allied with them

    16. In the short term, one would expect to see even more violence from vengeful and jealous racists

    17. Her heart became cold and vengeful

    18. It was totally impossible to project the accidental basis for the one and the vengeful purpose connected with the other

    19. Terrorist), the case was concluded as the vengeful act of Timothy McVeigh, whose

    20. vengeful grin; his hatred for Shinra leaking through the glazed

    21. 1 He who is vengeful shall find vengeance from the Lord, and he will surely keep his sins in remembrance

    22. So you could say that we did help her, and besides, it is possible for vengeful spirits to later manifest into Obake somewhere down the line

    23. Moreover, rather than to turn away vengeful and embittered, he stepped forward with renewed faith and strengthened confidence

    24. Turning back to the trio, he found them on their feet, shocked surprise rapidly being replaced by clear signs of a change that might be shaped into a vengeful fury, although this was colored by resentment for the way they had just been harangued

    25. by clear signs of a change that might be shaped into a vengeful fury, although this was colored

    26. vengeful hatred and move towards becoming, which is its true goal

    27. For a variety of reasons I felt it would not be adequate enough to cover these things in depth for right now, I mean there’s only so much room in one book right? I think there are far more important attributes to cover in priority, because God is not primarily an angry, wrathful, and vengeful God

    28. The news gave me a brief thrill of vengeful contempt, but I kept my mouth shut

    29. I believe that Michael belabored this point about forgiveness to assuage his conscience and sense of justice in the event that he was executed--he felt that if he were to die for a crime that he didn't commit then the judge, jury, prosecution, false witnesses and executioner would spend eternity in hell paying for their unforgiving and vengeful spirits

    30. And would that be such a bad thing? Aren’t you halfway there already? Western society has already largely weaned itself away from the idea of a vengeful and jealous Dog

    31. She was ambitious, vengeful, power-

    32. was a vengeful and hateful man

    33. The wounded hunter gave Marlin and his acquaintances a final, vengeful glare as he dove

    34. Stewart in a vengeful way

    35. God is not a vengeful or

    36. God is not a vengeful God

    37. collector, a vengeful old man of wealth, – as He is presented to us by relatives, teachers and clergymen – I

    38. And having had their unintentional revenge on her body, they snuffed out her vengeful soul in the end

    39. He seemed to be obsessed with wanting to silence the Kanes – they had made an enemy of a very vengeful and determined man, one who would not stop until he had destroyed them both!

    40. On the other hand he had been listening all throughout their flight for sounds that would tell him the vengeful Wazulis of Khurum were on their heels

    41. 'Black dog of hell!' Conan drove his sword between the dusky shoulders with such vengeful fury that the broad blade stood out half its length from the black breast

    42. As this vengeful apostle looked upon the proceedings of this Sunday afternoon, Jesus seemed to him more to resemble a clown than a king

    43. The Allied bombing had been vengeful and complete

    44. Judas had long been engaged in this deliberate, persistent, selfish, and vengeful consciousness of progressively building up in his mind, and entertaining in his heart, these hateful and evil desires of revenge and disloyalty

    45. 3 How these chief priests, scribes, Sadducees, and some of the Pharisees flattered themselves that Jesus, the disturber of their position and the challenger of their authority, was now securely in their hands! And they were resolved that he should never live to escape their vengeful clutches

    46. He heard the patter of bare feet on the flags behind him as he ran more by feel than by sight, and the walls resounded to the vengeful yells of the pursuers

    47. Keta said that Sab would be vengeful and mentally unstable and I was beginning to agree no matter how normal she tried to portray herself

    48. In mind, he was suspicious and vengeful

    49. "Stalin was vengeful, he had a tortured mind," commented Travis

    50. When he is vengeful, he is known as Engai Nanyokie, the Red God,

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