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Target в предложении (на )

1. I eyed up the target.
2. Ca was an easy target.
3. He had hit the target.
4. Based on a target of 22.
5. My first target is hit.
6. You can target who you.
7. Since the target was a.

8. He made himself a target.
9. This will be your target.
10. You could become a target.
11. We had to choose a target.
12. She was not far off target.
13. Matt fired, right on target.
14. The initial target of a 38.
15. So 100% of the target was.
16. Move the target line closer.
17. The type of target can be.
18. Her target was Barry Waters.
19. I managed to hit the target.
20. On May 19, my target is hit.
21. He was now Carlos’ target.
22. That takes ‘guns on target.
23. Give them a stationary target.
24. This attack poisons the target.
25. Assuming a target price of 23.
26. His every shot hit the target.
27. Tommy was his favourite target.
28. And his second target was to.
29. When the target of his attack.
30. It felt like Rykus was a target.
31. The target was clearly visible.
32. Casella would be a tough target.
33. Went straight to my target: 13.
34. My second target is hit at 566.
35. This gives a target for D at 88.
36. He said, I could be a target.
37. Profile and target your audience.
38. The plan (P2) leads to the Target.
39. Identifying the BRP target series.
40. So, my target would be that line.
1. They're targeting al folk in.
2. They did not activate their targeting radar.
3. It spun to fire with its targeting radar active.
4. He lit Myra’s ship with his targeting radar.
5. Self has ethics no targeting in psychological abuse.
6. Targeting the monster, Sephiroth spun abruptly, his.
7. I froze in place like a lion targeting a prey animal.
8. I just do the calculations for the transit targeting.
9. Nothing had been detected as intercepting or targeting.
10. Targeting Akbar one of the troops blasted away at Akbar.
11. We recommend targeting premiums of between $300 and $700.
12. The displays showed a ten second burst of targeting radar.
13. Painful and invasive procedures targeting the head or eyes.
14. Broad match is targeting keywords in a loosely defined manner.
15. Assisted White Liberals in Targeting Students with Deception.
16. Consider targeting high-end online publications with your ads.
17. Using these prices, an iron butterfly targeting a price of 50.
18. By this time the pirates had established targeting radar locks.
19. Targeting was accomplished by looking at the icon on the display.
20. There has been chatter about a plot targeting New York politicians.
21. Racial profiling is targeting suspects because their race – beware!.
22. Initially both Britain and Germany agreed to avoid targeting civilians.
23. Start by targeting keywords that have more than 1,000 searches per month.
24. Katherine stopped the recording, Myra lit him with her targeting radar.
25. If Foboko started a series of contests targeting specific author niches.
26. While their qualification would allow for either job, by targeting their.
27. Most scholarship has not focused on the immorality of targeting civilians.
28. What do you think that they were targeting in that part of the city?’’.
29. Why are you targeting me anyway? It was Cara that did this, I just helped.
30. Don’t think that his targeting technology was a fluke of the 1990s, either.
31. It required constant vigilance to keep sleazy people from targeting the cooks.
32. Also, you can maximize both the relevance of the ads and the CPC by targeting.
33. Zorn set the coordinates, targeting the top of the tower, and pushed the button.
34. I was targeting two entirely different customers with different product bundles.
35. But Miles was too busy targeting the next wave to care about the missile he missed.
36. HFs use various ways of scaling or targeting volatility to improve their portfolios.
37. He opposed the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki because it was targeting civilians.
38. Shapiro! Does the initiation of a targeting radar lock constitute an act of war?
39. In general, if you are selling futures options, you are targeting 20% to 50% returns.
40. Its trajectory erratic, clearly designed to evade their most advanced targeting system.
1. If the poison was targeted.
2. Not with targeted PPC ads on the.
3. Disbelieving he had been targeted.
4. This is a great way to get targeted.
5. You'll never reach that targeted goal.
6. What you really need is targeted traffic.
7. One office sent a mailing to a targeted.
8. Targeted acts such as this, are a regular.
9. This is a great example of a targeted niche.
10. Sixty missiles were targeted at four ships.
11. Another LLH cycle points to our targeted date.
12. Top 10 Proven Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic.
13. It could be targeted internally within your.
14. Because I had targeted users without any age.
15. I targeted the gunship in the other direction.
16. This was originally targeted for January 2009.
17. This targeted area was a large solid peninsula.
18. I think I know why your brother was targeted.
19. This is one of the reasons I was targeted for.
20. My camp was not targeted at all by the Soviets.
21. For the Latest in Easy Ways to Create Targeted.
22. This was why the Jews were targeted by the undead.
23. These sites get continuous targeted traffic from.
24. Using targeted FB ads? Be prepared to change often.
25. Also, a targeted student may deny that there is a.
26. And these are excellent, highly targeted visitors!.
27. Remember that this is extremely targeted advertising.
28. Rapes in particular systematically targeted females.
29. We have targeted many of big mansions of your country.
30. These are the targeted users you want to engage with.
31. We accepted Sarah and you were targeted along with her.
32. Why do you think you were targeted? she asked him.
33. Solo ads are perhaps the best way to place targeted ads.
34. Where these problems are experienced by highly targeted.
35. Th ese methods are targeted onincrease of inner tension.
36. If they exceeded the targeted savings then state this too.
37. Utilize these invitations to a very targeted group where.
38. And not just any traffic – you'll need targeted traffic.
39. It attracted lots of targeted customers and you have your.
40. And maybe Jacqui Harrison was targeted as his next victim.
1. We will find the targets.
2. They were the targets of.
3. Widen price targets as well.
4. There are targets for every.
5. The targets cruised by overhead.
6. I didn't hit any of the targets.
7. Search the sky for more targets.
8. The soul targets self – esteem.
9. Increase distance to the targets.
10. Decrease distance to the targets.
11. The high growth business targets.
12. I almost always strike my targets.
13. Targets? he said over his mike.
14. We have a clear vision on the targets.
15. Isolated farms were the first targets.
16. They would be walking targets as well.
17. Increase distance between the targets.
18. This attack can strike up to 6 targets.
19. Some shot targets at an archery range.
20. It is commonly believed that targets.
21. We fired 747 shots and hit two targets.
22. None of them had engaged their targets.
23. Two targets with no one else around.
24. Al of the targets need to be clustered.
25. Place targets on the floor for feedback.
26. They evaluated targets across the middle.
27. We understand that targets are important.
28. Al targets get to use their own defense.
29. Second, these plays have specific targets.
30. Stunned targets will miss their next action.
31. He raised the gun and looked at his targets.
32. Moving the extended arm between two targets.
33. In both cases targets were innocent Muslims.
34. This should comprise your overal targets of.
35. Selected targets had been clearly identified.
36. Three targets in wheelhouse with one hostage.
37. Place targets on either side of your forearm.
38. Stepping to targets with hand support nearby.
39. Scan for targets with four or less life forms.
40. We’re not going after the hard targets first.

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