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Выберите язык, затем введите слово ниже, чтобы получить примеры предложений для этого слова.

Aim в предложении (на )

1. I aim at his balls.
3. This is a main aim.
4. The aim of the exit.
5. He then took aim and.
6. He took aim and fired.
7. She had an aim in life.

8. If you main aim is to.
9. It was his childish aim.
10. The aim of the website.
11. I aim to test him on this.
12. The aim of the Classicist.
13. Yes, that is the aim of art.
14. Vision is about taking aim.
15. Justice is this Queens aim.
16. Be careful where you aim.
17. The aim of individual power.
18. And finally you should aim.
19. He ran in front of their aim.
20. Caesar did not lower his aim.
21. They understood the aim of Mr.
22. But… they could still aim.
23. Depending on what you aim to.
24. He was taking careful aim at.
25. My aim is to find an antidote.
26. Greeks used it in the same aim.
27. Yes, but you never see the aim.
28. The aim in life is to be happy.
29. I’d aim and then throw very.
30. We aim to please, Miss Steele.
31. The aim had been fairly correct.
32. What is the entire aim of tennis.
33. That is the ultimate aim of Yog.
34. By this time, Bear had taken aim.
35. His aim was steady, empty of fear.
36. Her aim was to show my groom’s.
37. Arjun should aim his mind at Krishn.
38. Yes, it's an aim worth working for.
39. The other aim was Peace with Honor.
40. The aim of art is moral perfection.
1. Although he was aiming for.
2. Rob wasn’t aiming for them.
3. Rozek asked aiming the question.
4. He was stuck aiming for the can.
5. I was aiming at moral elevation.
6. Michael rushes at him aiming the.
7. I was aiming for Jeff’s head.
8. She warily shot at me without aiming.
9. Aiming with holy, pure affection.
10. Try aiming for that trailer over there.
11. I walked down the aisle aiming the guns.
12. I've just been aiming at a nearby moutain.
13. I walked down the stairs aiming my M9 from.
14. Blues head shot down in a flash aiming to.
15. His gun never stopped aiming at that one man.
16. Deon clenched his fists, aiming insults at her.
17. If they grow bolder and advance, keep aiming.
18. He was still aiming Andy though when he said:.
19. This is the perception you should be aiming for.
20. He sprang up then and ran without aiming his gun.
21. Aiming at his center is the least likely to miss.
22. You wont kill the heku you are aiming for, but.
23. Testing his aiming skills, he threw a plate at us.
24. We busted out laughing and walked in, aiming our.
25. He swung around, aiming a fist at my head but my.
26. I’ve got no way of aiming when I need the toilet.
27. With one hand, he raises his rifle; aiming at Miles.
28. I fired the Sig aiming for the wall in front of him.
29. He was actually aiming at the goat next to that one.
30. He was aiming for the scene of the crime, and so on.
31. Unlike him, David made the shot that he was aiming.
32. Some maniac just unloaded two rifles without aiming.
33. The ape swiped at her, blindly, aiming for her voice.
34. Show yourself! he called out, aiming his weapon.
35. He swings his gun, aiming it at Claire in the backseat.
36. My hands are getting tired; I've been aiming for 2mins.
37. Don’t move! I shouted, aiming the rifle at them.
38. Nicole realised who they were aiming for and shouted:.
39. He lashed out with his whip, aiming for Manfred’s neck.
40. I wasn’t aiming for the trash can, she said angrily.
1. I aimed at the lock.
2. I aimed my spoon at her.
3. He kept it aimed at us.
4. She aimed right for us.
5. He aimed the gun at him.
6. He aimed the gun at them.
7. She aimed it at his head.
8. He grabbed it and aimed.
9. The gun was aimed at him.
10. She aimed at his forehead.
11. But show trials aimed at.
12. A rifle was aimed towards.
13. I aimed, and shoot for the.
14. They aimed at the Universe.
15. I had my M9 aimed before me.
16. Pat and Suwanee aimed their.
17. Anyway, he aimed to find out.
18. I drew my M9 again and aimed.
19. The camera was aimed at the.
20. I aimed my camera at the TV.
21. She aimed straight at my head.
22. A shot aimed directly at Mira.
23. Andy aimed his gun at the door.
24. The pose is aimed to activate.
25. I aimed at his side and fired.
26. He aimed a kick at the Luggage.
27. The sailor aimed his gun at him.
28. Will aimed and then fired twice.
29. I jumped out with my M4A1 aimed.
30. What were they aimed at?
31. I walked in with my Judge aimed.
32. She aimed the pistol at his shin.
33. I should’ve aimed for the head.
34. He aimed his gatling-gun at the.
35. I dove out of the way and aimed.
36. Eke smiled and aimed his gun away.
37. Sue aimed as I watched the spot.
38. I aimed at the next and shot him.
39. The skeletons aimed their weapons.
40. The exercise is rather aimed at.
1. That I aims to do.
2. I had no more aims.
3. Our best marksman aims the.
4. One of your aims should be.
5. She aims at Gervais’s legs.
6. She then aims the gun at my head.
7. The law aims at reforming—.
8. The Methods and Aims of Magicians.
9. She had two immediate aims before her.
10. He aims one of his cameras at Shannon.
11. Miles aims his arms out and shoots a.
12. Roger's client lies down and aims his.
13. A Vanguard Aims in the Right Direction.
14. It aims to suggest rather than describe.
15. Uriah squints one eye as he aims the gun.
16. Himsa aims at the elimination of religions.
17. The aims of the said examples are with a.
18. M: He always aims directly at the ‘ultimate’.
19. Bullhead pulls out a revolver and aims it at Otto.
20. Formerly he had sought Him in aims he set himself.
21. The girl's aims were of the noblest, he knew that.
22. It is part of The Donkey Sanctuary which aims to.
23. It is a credit to him that he stood for those aims.
24. M: The self is universal and its aims are universal.
25. But this relationship goes both ways, and the aims.
26. Then she turns her turret and aims her camera at me.
27. Casaubon's aims in which she would await new duties.
28. Davis releases his side arm and cocks the barrel; aims.
29. This method aims to put the subject in full relaxation.
30. The present chapter aims to delineate the merits and.
31. Both these aims were to be attained by the same effort.
32. Everything about him aims to the core of who I am, who.
33. The tree coaching model aims to support the coachees in.
34. Usually somewhat different aims are ascribed to courts.
35. Starsi confessed to his deep respect for the aims of the.
36. The courts have their aims: either the correction——.
37. He actually aims at your elimination as a factor in con-.
38. The coach has four main aims when implementing the narrative.
39. The other skelborg she passed aims its primary weapon at her.
40. Motivational interviewing aims at helping coachees to explore.

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